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Flat Wire Under Carpeting: Advantages and Logistics

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These days, convenience is king. The goal is efficiency, and we’ll do almost anything to get it. It’s even seeped over into design. Modern design options are rife with features meant to lessen the burden of daily living: built-in storage options that enhance organization; cabinets and closets that can be easily accessed with pull-out and soft-close drawers; motion-controlled/mood lighting that saves energy, as well as time; ergonomic door levers that enable hands-free entry and exit from rooms; and more! Indeed, one of the biggest trends in current design involves the installation of updated outlets and wiring so that home and office occupants have quick access to electricity, whether it’s to charge their phones or plug in other electronic devices and appliances. Take a look at why positioning flat wire under carpeting has become the thing to do in today’s design world:

The Advantages of Placing Flat Wire Under Carpeting

Installling flat wire under carpeting has many benefits:


Flat wire allows you to run electricity underneath carpeting and other types of flooring materials so that power is available at any point in a room, not just along its walls.


Flat wire that runs under carpeting (or other types of flooring) is safer than an extension cord, which can pose a tripping hazard and/or potentially overheat and cause a fire.


Placing flat wires underneath your flooring improves the appearance of a room, removing the need for countless cords to snake around the floor and create an eyesore.

The Logistics of Installing Flat Wire Under Carpeting

The convenience of having electricity available anywhere in a room — even smack dab in the middle of it — has made the installation of flat wire underneath carpet a common request during new home and office construction and remodels. Luckily, it’s not a particularly hard task to accomplish. Whether placing flat wire under an existing floor or designing a new space with hidden wires from scratch, nearly any office or home can rid itself of the need for exposed wires, making their space a lot more functional and a lot more attractive. 

If running a flat wire under carpet that has already been laid, you will need to decide on where you want the wire to be placed, measure an amount of wire that will cover that distance, and then cut and thread it underneath the carpet using fish tape. Of course, you should first verify that your flat wire is safe to install underneath carpet, has been removed from any power source(!) and won’t interfere with any old or exposed wiring already underneath the carpet. A professional designer can help you if you run into trouble; sometimes it can be a bit tricky lifting the portion of the carpet from the wall so that you can begin threading your wire. A designer or other construction professional can likewise help you with any new wiring designs, allowing you to place flat wires around your space without any hindrances at all!

The Key Interiors Advantage

Installing flat wire under carpeting maximizes the efficiency of a home or office, allowing its occupants to access power at just the spot it’s needed. It hides the mess of extension cords that often exist in spaces that haven’t been carefully designed and prevents unnecessary hazards that can threaten human lives and a building’s integrity. To learn more about the benefits and logistics of using flat wires to improve efficiency, productivity and style, please contact Key Interiors.

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How Door Frames Can Make Your Office Stand Out: The Underrated Potential of Door Frames for Office Design

door frames

First impressions are important. For businesses, they can be critical, often affecting the acquisition of new clients and customers before anyone even walks through a door. That’s why it’s crucial for companies to pay close attention to their physical surroundings. Whether we like it or not, appearances matter, and the offices in which clients and customers find themselves as they look for certain products and services can — and do — impact public perception of a business’s standards, integrity and overall value. An easy place to start making a good impression, then, is with the actual front door, the very first thing clients and customers see when they approach an office. Take a look at how door frames can make offices truly stand out:

Highlight Branding

What better way to greet customers than with an eye-catching front door! Just choosing something as simple as an enlarged door frame can help you distinguish your office’s exterior from those surrounding it. Add in your own specific logo to the door itself, and you further transform a functional necessity into an advertising opportunity, highlighting your branding so that its hard for people to forget your company or your products.

Maximize Security

Door frames can also serve a practical purpose, keeping your business safe and secure. A sturdy, well-built door frame not only defends your office contents against invasion and theft, it can serve as protection against potential debris and/or destruction should a natural disaster (like an earthquake or tornado) strike. Installing a substantial door frame (perhaps made of metal or thick wood) signals to employees and customers alike that you care about the safety of all your office’s occupants, making you further stand apart from competitors that don’t showcase a similar regard.

Improve Functionality

A door frame that is in proper working order necessarily adds to the functionality of a space, as well. The many components of a door frame — including, but not limited to, the jamb, casing, head, threshold and transom/side lights — provide structure to the door itself, supporting it so that it swings freely and evenly. And modifications to any of the door frame’s parts can be made that facilitate better hingeing, locking and security mechanisms; improve energy efficiency; and actually make it easier to move in and out of a space. Many offices, for example, choose to install features such as door pedals and remote entry devices to their office door frames in order to speed traffic into and out of their buildings.

Add Interest to a Space

Finally, door frames can be used to add interest in a space. Unique door frames make an office memorable and, therefore, increase the likelihood that customers and clients will not just remember it, but also your products and services. Impressions are especially noteworthy when they are impressive, after all. Think about designing your office with one or more distinctive door frames (maybe with imposing transoms or intricate door panels with windows) so that you catch and keep the attention of the people who visit your office and hopefully entice them to return!

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about using office design to improve your productivity and capture the interest of the people you serve, please contact our team of professionals at Key Interiors. We understand how good design impacts good business and can help you choose design options that maximize your own objectives and, thus, increase your ROI.

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