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How Your Furnishing Choices Affect Your Office Renovation Budget

how-your-furnishing-choices-affect-your-office-renovation-budget.jpgThere are several factors that directly and indirectly affect your office renovation budget – such as whether you need permits, if you will be shifting to an open collaborative space, if you need to hire an architect, and the list goes on.

However, there is one factor in particular that is surprisingly influential, yet perhaps not as obvious as those listed above: furnishing choices. Below, we highlight some of the options that will be evaluated as part of your budget planning process.

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How an Office Renovation Boosts Employee Morale

how-an-office-renovation-boosts-employee-moraleIf you think that employee morale is important but not essential to the bottom line – then think again. An article featured on concluded that:

Less engaged [employees] are less productive, less customer-focused and prone to withdrawing their efforts and adopting counterproductive behaviour. This may manifest itself as neglect, gossiping, theft and other disruptive behaviour. Ultimately, they’ll leave — whether it’s a recession or a period of growth.

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How Space Planning Helps Define Your Office Renovation Budget

how-space-planning-helps-define-your-office-renovation-budgetAs you may have discovered through your research or by speaking with partners and peers, there are many reasons to renovate your office – and all of them have to do with improving the bottom-line.

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Is Open Office Design Right For My Business?

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