our cosmos is life's creation

El Aura Azulado

cosmic embryo
It was a tragedy for the living.
cosmic chernobyl

Whole hearted gift
Making the heart sign above our own
New World Hand Gesture

1.  Our cosmos is Life's creation

also called our ideal reality,


2. It is a dream of perfect harmony - among all living beings

to be in resonance with our surroundings

to listen to the good music from  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

while we manipulate in an abstract realm,

such as  Yutu the jade rabbit.

from the infinitely small

 to the scale of our sun Díwo

with Siwo our moon.

Sibo the creator is alive

Right here on "Iriria la nina tierra"

The realm of the living god


New stars with new worlds are born
the birth of new worlds

3. We are growing out, into the light of knowing.
The era of light and insight
to gain control our universe
but first of all, the universe within.
 A microcosm of organs, cells, molecules, viruses, microbes, bacteria,
and Phages feeding on them.
And you will find many (very nasty ones, like COVID -19)  causing the fall of many brave warriors.
Others insects airborn deases genetics like Zika, Malaria y Dengue hemorrhagic.
All is able to coexit in the same organism.
Insect born viruses causing genetic mutations and birth defects 
And there is a war against viruses, 
 all the strains alive in one human life in a delicate balance. 

Many worlds beyond
even more remarkable, the stars which have been called nebulous by every astronomer to this time turn out to be groups of very small stars arranged in a wonderful manner
just imagine all the many worlds within

4. Find the purpose to serve

aplication in the  whole

comes to harmony in resonance with the music

beyond reasoning

emerging from the infinite and small - Surayibi

the microcosm expands into the macrocosm.

5. Life is a state of matter = energy with intelligence

very much alive.

Sibu the Creator, is a living god

who change the surroundings in a harmonious order,

consciously, with reason, as in bio-logica.

a flowering nebula
Inside the Orion Nebula

  6. We plan the timing and sequence of coming events from right here,

our mother earth, Iriria la nina”

the center of intelligence 

Life is the living God,

HunabKu, our cosmic being 

 is the only one life we share.

In togetherness we will find peaceful serenity,

 to do what we do

the very best.


ocean view on a special night
airial view of phytoplankton blooming right here on our mother earth
life is blooming on Iriria

7. Always acting with pride to serve

is a frame of mind,

or mindset, if you wish,

to feel and show your worth in your way of living

- your lifestyle -

your own special cell function,

in the bio-mass we call Idrea.

8. And nobody can do it better than you.

"We need you"

and can't reach our goals without your special contribution

 9. "We all strive to give our best - as a way of living"
If you want to share the music - join them
 you do not need a coin to make it happen

Horsehead-and Orion Nebulas

very much alive
pacific jellyfish

10. Give form and shape to your passion - make it happen - as in karma yoga:

Means to get out of your comfort zone.

It is a mind set, found in most of the cultures on earth: the collective consciousness of the human tribe

- bio-centrism -

is consistent with the most ancient traditions of the world

which say that consciousness conceives, governs, and becomes a physical world.

 11. Let us strive to grow towards the light.

To grow and come to flowering

many a thousand flowers come to Bloom - mileniums

Our voyage towards the light is deeper insight

 into our cosmic being


 12. It is well to start our new world Idréa

 with music and dance - it is the heartbeat of the living.

13. The radiance of the brightest
is the flowers of our human tribe
flow of time in Idréa
To have a special cell function in the bio-mass called Idréa
making reality based on our dreams

neuronal cells
human NT 2 neuronal cells 6 weeks old
First thing to do - establish communication - shake hands to ping

dance and music is the heartbeat of life
observe how it is getting faster with the time
we must always make the right moves
those movements, that really count
14. It is all about timing the sequence of events towards a goal
just like a ball game or game of chess
or a dragon-boat race to win
and to remember Qu Yuan for what he stand for
karma yoga is the way to go


15. Because now we know for sure,

Life can count on Dìwo,

our Sun, for a very long long time.

Remember, we are the children of light

as the whole of our being

 is made from genetic matter

and sun energy, in the very food we eat



Carina in our neighbourhood

delicate beauty very much alive
Creation of light energy

16. The first we need - and have
is communication
to do things together
 is so much more effective 
the power of us all
directed to the goal
is our religion
by means of our  WWWeb of neurons to each cellphone like in a cloud 
instant communication promotes fast dialog
to bring things to light.
also to make things happen, in a abstract realm 
just like a muscle movement
17 . But, first of all,  we must know where to go
the direction to throw in our weight - lean into push
 so that our cristal clear dream can flower into our ideal reality
karma yoga is, to create the dream on the wing
Sorry for a sneaky bush in the story - but well done to convey the idea of insight

Actin Nucleo
The very first thing that embryonic stem cells do, without any effort at all, is that they make neurons, our cell make up reflect the presence of multiple organisms working together in harmony
Replication of the DNA molecule

18 . Living is to have a dream
to create your very own reality
creation of your own heaven right here now  From this moment onwards on.
Is karma yoga
each one of us, creates his own 
it is the reach of your radiant influence sphere - Aura
very highly charged  .
repulsion or attraction in relation to our ideal reality

19 . "Oh! Heaven is not a place of sidewalks paved with gold,

where the sun is always shining and it’s never wet or cold!

No, Heaven is just any place where good men get together,

And do their work and having fun in any kind of weather.

They are busy doing the work, the Lord needs them to do!

No, Heaven isn’t just a place to idle, the whole day through

It is where men do the work the Lord is needing them to do"

and the auras alike, flock together in paradise

to drift away in the cosmic Bio-Logica
called Idréa, as been told so many times before

cortex neuron activity
Image of cortex neuron activity

 20 .  Where there is two or three gathered together

in “the name of love”

There is  a godliness, in the midst of them, called the higgs boson, 

 It is that ,what gives weight to love in the eyes of the law

an attractive force stronger than gravity

Brings the creation of serenity sublime to power

to resonate in harmony

 Yes, love is the power to rule our land

this law of life is our religion 


21 .  Love is the power

to over-rule everything in our live's

the decisions we make  today,  

will be the laws for tomorrow,

as reflections of insight

22 . It is all about love and understanding

as a power to create

 perfect beauty for the eyes of another

To impress by conduct and gain admiration in the eyes of your beloved

aurora painted in gold

23 . Cosmic consciousness, is our religion

Means to be incorporated into the total combination y assembly of life in our cosmic bio-mass by logica

life incorporate, by digestion of matter at atomic scale

the recreation into genetic matter by replication of the DNA molecule.

Bio-Logica happening at explosive speed

Call it a foodchain if you wish

24 . Love is that power making the universe going around

Love is the center if gravity for genetic offshoots

an attractive force - keeping and bringing things together

that force keeping things from flying apart into chaos

matter in harmony resonate in timeless serenity .

the cosmos of our making

decisions made today, are the religion of tomorrow.


Musica de fluata Andina

Venus in conjunction
Venus, our sister planet stands together with sister stars - observe the presence of dark matter alive in between,  the foreground..
Observe the presence of dark matter

25 .  When the page turns for the Mayan calendar ........., as foretold by the ancient and very old Awas, and now 2012 confirmed, it is alive. A  celebration in the night sky, after a rare transit over the face of Diwo our sun, 
Venus, our sister planet,  comes together with the turtle, 
this confirmed wisdom will bringing harmony and unity  to our tribes to enter the era of light as the future of mankind
     Venus influenced humans since first recorded in ancient times
Observe in image on the right - the presence of dark matter very alive in between, on the foreground..

Day Break in the ural mountains russia
Together, we the Living await the first rays of dawn.
Together, await the first rays of dawn.

Central valley by night during the Light Festival
So that Sibú can see and count the multitude of our brilliance  You do not have to see the whole picture to know what's  it all about
San Jose - central valley and the lights of Sibú.

26 . We are now entering
the "Era of Light, Vision, and Insight".
 Meaning knowledge is insight  confirmed- just like Bio-Logica
Global awareness is insight into coming events such as draught, flooding or global warming
acting as one humane creature with a heart to change the course of destiny.
 One human tribe make things to happen.
27 . Let us enter the new era with - "Candle Light"
 Symbol of our inner light called "a living soul"
So that Sibo can see, to count the multitude of our brilliance 
Meaning in togetherness we shine brighter, as one life
"Brillan con la luz de todos".

Cruz "Tau el Dios Viviente"
Symbol of life with double helix since ancient times.
"Cruz Tau" - Vida Eterna - "Dios Viviente".

Ethereal blossom of a Nightblooming Cereus
Not created for human eyes - Glory of a one night flower from Jungle Mama
Incredible Delicate Beauty most day-creatures never see

The Sacred Knowledge.
A small flame as a Symbol of LIFE we share
Worthy of tender care
Looking at the future of IDREA
Looking at the future of IDREA - To Create Riches

 28 . Life is that what
brings order and harmony in resonance 
 life is that, who is plucking the strings.
life change the Universal laws 
such as to move mass against gravity. 
 Life makes his own laws. Tau's Laws.
29 . It is the result of the supremacy of objective reason
 .Out of the chaos there came order without a name,
and it was alive and resonate in timeless harmony.
"La bio-logica de las cosas"

Ethereal blossom of a Nightblooming Cereus
Surreal beauty created for a One night stand of glory - not for the eyes of Man.
Moments in Time - that day creatures never see

Symbol of the Speaker for Life
Awa dóne the mask of Usekór and decree in the name of LIFE
Usekór the spokes person of GOD Decree

30 . Therefore if you speak for life, you dictate,
 with a voice that brings honor to life as to a
"proud and merciful goddess." - Yes, life is feminine
Speak for "Idréa" our Cosmos
with conviction and authority.
31 . Now, be very sure, it is to be called conceited  and arrogant, unless it is confirmed to stand as the truth
and that, depends on you.
 Awa donned the mask of Usekór, symbol of the spokesperson of Sibo,
 the Living God of the Tico Tribe called Sibowak
And "Iriria nina tierra"

32 . It does not matter who is behind the mask

it is the concept of Life with a voice.

In the beginning was the word,

speaking for the living

without a voice to speak for themselves.

33 . Yes, he was a "drum major for justice, peace and righteousness” Was only one of MLK's dreams 

Elegance and perfumed flowers
cambodian khmer dancers

Flute player


34 . Take down a musical instrument.

Let the beauty we love - be everything we do

 to echo in resonance

"I have a small drop of knowing in my soul, let it dissolve in your ocean."
the words of “Mowlaana,” our master “Rumi”
35 . There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground
But don’t you dare to twist my arm

Sunset over a tree

36 . These following three aspects are

listed among the "inalienable rights" or

"sovereign rights" of man:

"life, liberty and the pursuit of love and happiness"

37 . Ok, let us call it "God given rights"

meaning subject to Gods-Laws, 

 the rules of life in terms of the double helix structure as bio-logica

38 . This concept must be very well defined, and also understood

as inter-tribal laws for communities, guilds, cells and so on.

That which unites a group with a common goal, their religion and God.

Insight into the plea of Syria
Following link plea of Syria


39 . Share the same path
meaning religion is the state, as the only way.
Meaning of love in the ladder of importance
 in our value systems.
The rules of this game in terms of love.
40 . As the captain of this ship
man must be the last to abandon the wreck
because he have intelligence and insight
 gracefully he bow  to all other critters
to be a humble and graceful God
Also mean to be the last one to go down in action towards our common  goal

skilled artisan potter during the production of a vessel of clay

canonball flower
Susan you truly capture all those moments I wished to remember with no Nikon Around - and now with a led screen it comes Alive
Thanks to our Jungle Mama.

41 . Share the same path - religion is the state, as the only way.

to be a humble and graceful god.  

Man is the first one to get down to action towards our common goal.

"All the riches of our earth will be at the disposal of LIFE."

All belongs to God

where the riches called matter is our potter’s clay

to form and shape our future,

42 .  When man with one mind, empowers his own destiny

starting with his mother earth, pacha mama

he empowers and takes control of all the dark matter out there.

To give it soul means to make it come alive,

subject to Life's control by skilled artezans.


festival of light san jose costa rica enter 2012
Our new year´s wish, to bring light and insight to a global mind

Bannana flower
Evry finger have a Bannana flower

43 . The call of man - To bring order in our creation
 entering this concept as a culture for global networking. Where order and sane values reign
Get organized - to share words of agreement with our counterparts, to speak with one voice. To isolate the perverted sick minds - knowing where they spend their time on the net is knowing their mind set - Progression is a spiraling growth of achievements - like grades in school with pass-words..
44 . Our new year´s wish
to bring light and insight to a global mind
Togetherness in our future efforts is so much easier if we share the same dream - to have ordered lives.
 "Juntos podemos"

glowing iridescence

45 . Rest assured Idréa does not have enemies out there.

Life does not destroy,

 only incorporates into the genetic make-up,

getting absorbed into the bigger whole

also called the Bio-Mass.

The enemy is a Life that feels threatened by your presence for it's own future,

where coexistence is unimaginable

intill dialog comes to reason by logica

46 . To recognize a cancerous growth pattern that is not compatible

with sane progression

Are we going to war over the mining rights or the power over space debris and rocks out there?

We had better start thinking about that.

As we are going to send many swarms of "Mandarin Wasps"

 to explore and empower of the star dust out there?

Matter under control are the building blocks for tomorrow.

Festival de la Luz San Jose Costa Rica 2011
Enlase a "Festival de la Luz "
Festival de la Luz San Jose Costa Rica 2011

beauty from Bali
the many faces of youth

47 . To safeguard and serve our living God
with Honor and Pride
dedicate our lives where our hearts belong,
to the last breath and remains.
It is all we have - only one life to give with honor and pride - as our word.
Together we bring order and control ...
to the codes for the genetic make-up of Our Biomass
the codes for a healthy sane community - called

See the Way of Life.
Chinese Humor is a Way to see Life

Mexican wooden masks
Many masks - each representing a God.

48 . The culture of our Tribal family 
Mutual confidence, close knit shared togetherness,
A man's word is worthy and you can trust and count on it
 without papers, signatures, oaths or pledges - transperancy
The Word of a MAN.
49 . Here the dream must stop - Awa must take leave to tend to his own.
and hands  down the Mask of Usekór
"Awa can not follow you into the era of light
 as his turn to speak, has came to an end"
20120000.00 - Will spend some time to clean-up his act.

Oak seeds is called acorns
narration about a man who planted Trees.  30mins
A Story about a man who planted Trees

jellyfish pacific

50 . Let us strive always - to better serve and
shine for our dream.
To acomplish those things that are important
 to promote the progressive evolution of
our Life-chain here on earth
after all - we are "Only ONE"
Only now, we communicate at the speed of an iPhone 6.
To shine for Idréa where good morals, music, order and cleanliness is divine.
To bring harmony in resonance, by assisting each other
like getting rid of things like Camilo's cows

To continue on this subject here

Awa the Dream Maker
Observe how one strand of hair can bring together a rebelious beard - Togetherness is the Power.
A Whole Hearted Gift to You.

51 . My Gift is a Dream - of togetherness

with ties to the heart – like ours.

Echo the words “Let my drop dissolve in your ocean”

In a nutshell and mainly dedicated to the younger generation,

the heroes of tomorrow's dawn.

Our grandchildren must grow up

with the seeds of ideal values,

with strings tied to the heart,

all centered around our living god.  

52 . Yes, let us make dreams for Idréa,

the ideal reality for a perfect and better world for all.

Find a dream to grab onto

or let them just go away in the void

like those lost in time.

 The importance of Living

is to have a dream to follow.

  To have the role model

and mask of perfection to identify with

     and to have a God to speak for.

53 . It goes with your inner guiding light,

 to show the way in all future decisions.

The inner light makes you see

 the sacred Life in all our cosmos. 

See the light of all the living:

 Here on Earth there is a name for It:

the bio-Mass of genetic material,

everything with lots of light energy in its make-up,

as everything we eat comes from Light.

54 . All those alive this moment

 are that which make our Aura and Cosmos 

within the reach of our control on this planet.

Must mention here -

to me the most beautiful new year's 2011 gift

which makes my heart feel assured.

Walking in the park, suddenly I hear a native six year old

echoing some of my words in perfect English.

The meaning is obscure today,

but will open like the petals of a lotus flower

in tomorrow's dawn.

55 . May many thousand flowers come to bloom in our Idrea.
Please do not give me flowers,
 pedestals or frames behind glass.
The Greatest Honor you can bestow on me
 is to echo and speak my words that count.
To resonate together
as we bring order and harmony to our Idréa.
To Live this life
and shine for our dream of perfection
is to be a proud example to others
 as a bearer of the light
and have the admiration of all who follow.

They also come in green and blue
Tropical Red Makaw The top of the Dino fam.
Known to outlive man. With Good long term Visual Memory, exceptional intelligence.

56 . Silently knowing

 without mentioning a name - after all
it is only a Dream of Perfection
 with the name of our ideal reality
Our Karma is in the creation of beauty

in the Ideal of perfect harmony

as a concept
57 . It is this sacred knowledge that sets you free,

to be a creator of harmony.

Just like Music to our ears.

To shine like a hit-tune in the clouds

and echo around the world.

It is only the deeper meaning of the words that count:

 words from LIFE

Speaking for the Living

 58 . Now I understand why the Messenger must be nameless and faceless:

to protect and hide the source.

Otherwise like a fountain on the African plains,

it gets cluttered by so many sharp cutting hoofs

which changes everything into mud.

Idréa is an abstract concept in the making.

Just like a growing crystal

 entropy determines direction and progression.

Out of chaos there came order, without a name,

and it was alive and resonates in timeless harmony.


 59 . Man will come to realize, to change priorities as far as the applications of matter are concerned

when he starts running out of rare earth material in the next 50yrs.

The Living find dominance over the material world from our Mother Earth

growing out into space as a healthy living cell called 

"Idréa - our cosmos of life's creation"

Where all the living shine together for the era of light.


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