our cosmos is life's creation

82 - Time goes on - as moments in music

Man with the Owl
Man with the Owl and the burning Oak Sapling
Mouning by the ashes of the Creative Force

a hunting owl
A controled very silent landing on the food

1. Life is - just like in music

It is all about timing the sequence of happenings

Ordinarily, thought expresses itself in words

 Feelings, in gestures, cries, interjections, change of tone

It finds its complete and classic expression in music.

 The symbolist wants to transfer the role of sound to words,
to make of them the instrument

for translating and suggesting emotion through sound alone

 words have to act not as signs but as sounds with profound content

"musical notes in the service of an impassioned psychology."


2.  To mohawk and Crew in NASA

We are proudly cheering with you.

It is a controlled landing

of Intelligence in a abstract world.

A Creation of Man  

3.  It is not the first time

man control things in an abstract reality

Our objective should be

to control and plan the outcome of everything

in the abstract realm

remember - life is the intelligent power to change the destiny


4. Bring under control and create purpose

is to control our destiny in time

By all our bio-molecular-nano-machinery


Life is - a planed order,

in harmoniuos resonance, by bio-logica.

It is all about the timing and sequence

to call the order of happenings

ordered creation by intelligence - Pita's Cosmos

in the abstract realm of the micro to the macro cosm

Mohawk and Crew
To mohawk and Crew in NASA - we are cheering with you

5. The new Law

 LIFE with intelligence must  be in Control of everything out there  

An Objective goal is our religion, as clear as music in resonance

With Technology, shape our future

Science is an active process of observation and investigation.

 “How Do We Know What We Know?”

By Evidence, to get insight and understanding

the expanding Aura of our collective knowledge

Life in the pacific

6. Away from the void of our very dark past

Enter the era of light, visualization and insight

Understanding to the origin and goals of ideals as cultural

 each one of us, is a cell in the cloud...

with a voice that carry weight

together we shine for our Idréa silently

with knowledge of the way


trace of the vela pulsar
The Vela Pulsar Path - over a two year period
Gama source

7. Examine the processes to expand our horizons

To look and see the creation of light as bio-logica

 revealing the ways in which ideas and information

become common knowledge and understanding.


8. We strive to reach the top of the spiral

Looking out over the  surrounding valleys

Knowing their content is to have all the truth

“is the range and scope of my knowledge today”

Imagine a perfect tomorrow

make all our best future dreams come true

coming to flower in tomorrow's dawn

go girl go - shine for our name

remember - if you flirt

you might get raped

don't call unwanted atention you can not handle


9. To Create Wealth

We must invest wisely in Idréa

the upbringing of the new generation

where we apply money to promote a healthy sane society

Where Money Serve the Living

Where every life have a promissory bond with a worth that shall not be negotiable for matter or gold.

 meaning money can't buy you a Life.

Many young blue stars
For every new Life a Star is born

10.  Where each newborn have a Bond with a price tag of a million at birth

In Idrea we invest this Bond at 2%, meaning a cash income of 20,000 a yr. now if you have two, mean 40,000

For the Care Takers and

Teachers of Idrea

Until Her coming of age -

gaining the “Diploma de Madurez”.

To take Responsibility of this treasure.

When you are ready to take charge of this wealth to reproduce only two, 
 and ask to be sterilized as responsible and smart mothers do
when genetic Fate and Logica speak
11. Give some love and care for the old,
when they become like babies again,
 needing lots of loving care,
 not to come to a abandoned lonely end.

12.  To make our Cosmos Idrea a better place for ALL.
Where We Dedicate to our Living God LIFE
To Serve the Living promoting Co-Evolution 
Promote and Create now values, in Cultures

We Thank and Remember a Supreme Artezan
He present the symbol of Togetherness makes us closer.

Comunication of the Sacret Knowledge of all.
Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge

13.  Thanks to a Supreme Artezan
we wish to remember Steve Dobs.....
Who had the drive to make His Dream come together

The Tweaker taught us one golden rule for the Technical World

“Always have five Options on the Table”
 and lots of Drive make it happen. 
14. And the best news of all
Some-one else's Dream
"Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge".
 This is a giant leap for mankind.
About to enter 2012 - all connected to the machine, acting as one - is the New Era of Light Insight and Vision
"electrons for processing, photons for communication, and ions for storage."

Look at a Tomagraph of Time

Tibetan om

16. Really meaning - Sacred Knowledge is free from Money
To enter the Era of Light
 is a world of symbols and avatars opening doors with  key words that you earn with competance
to the Disposal of everyone as a light to show the way.
The expanding Aura of Insight.
Really - to the disposal of all Mankind - even the very distant Island of humanity have a chance to know the truth as stepping stones
to climb out of the darkness of ignorance
Enjoy the expanding light of knowledge -
just like the Light of our sungod Diwo - that bright and clear

17. Knowledge is Power to Create the unknown -
or Make your own dream.
Find your niche in the community -
Pecking order or ladder of command
Specialty like a Black Smith or Farmer
To fill a need - Is take responsibility to create a dependence without chains....
It is good to be indispensable to your pupils.
Until they know the way and can walk by them self´s

Debate of Ruling Powers.
papiro muestra rey y reina en el perfil con symbolos jeroglificos egipcios
Papyrus drawing exhibit ruling symbology

18. Intelligent Reason must re-create the
whole order of the Universe

Intelligent Double Helix Life is Re-Creating the Universe from the Inside Out - Atom by Atom. - such as in electronics.... genetic make-up of species.- Aesthetic Creations to please the eyes -

Always Strive To Perfection.

Nano Layered Technologies  Arming functional organisms molecule by molecule - try very hard to get away from duplicating the human form - We need them functional, practical, to do what they are supposed to.



Chakana Inca
The inner sphere of the Infinite and Small
Flowering Insight Symbol
like petals opening - revealing reality.

19. To bring Everything to Order and under Control - Is a LIFE Law.

 Bring Harmony to resonate like good music in our ears.

This Order is called Intelligent Motion,

 meaning to push into place - will it in place.

To bring into harmony to resonate

     like the sound of a String Quartet..    

20. We pluck the cords and so

make the things to happen in Resonance.......Echo

We must be responsible Creators of our Cosmos

In Idrea, double helix Life is our Deity,
and the Creator of all
Such as  the Creations of Man.

The results of the Supremacy of Objective Reason

 is Bio-Logica

Out of chaos there came order, and it was Alive and resonate in harmony.

Birth of new Stars
Spacepics Naciendo Jovenes estrellas

Yes we must  Control  our Space

21 - LIFE is changing the Elements of the Universe into Life structures.
This is the Replication of the DNA Molecule on universal scale
Re-Creating from the Inside out
Meaning Recombining the Elements and Energies
From the Smallest Photon, Electron, Atoms, Molecules,....
The Replication of Double Helix Creations.
Is the replication of LIFE
which is a Growing Harmonious Order in Resonance.
Meaning to Bring order in our Cosmos Idrea.
A Divine Creation - by mankind.
22 - Today 20111031 the total of Mankind is 7 Billion Souls
We wish them to speak in one voice for our Dream World Idrea
Speak for Life - our 0nly God
Social Democracy with reward system based on capitalism
 where every person have one vote to cast for their spokes persons
This Life must come to flowering,  proud and beautiful.
where order and harmony resonate
like good music to our ear.

In the beginning LIFE starts producing Protein
Nano World - DNA Double Helix Life everyone unique Fragile but Resilient to Survive - in this image repairing damged strands.
Double Helix code creating Order and Harmony

23 - As can be seen in this image on the upper right, the DNA Codes for protein formation. In our cells, proteins are the labourforce. It is proteins that get everything done.
Proteins make new cells and destroy old or diseased ones.

This is a man made model for the future
Helix Creation: triple helix designing a new molecule
Helix Creation: triple helix designing a new molecule

24 - Proteins break down our food to release energy.
Proteins organize the transport of useful chemicals between cells.
Often, these useful chemicals are themselves proteins.
Molecular chains we can now see on a screen

Ebola virus
Ebola virus is a very infectuios desease
Ebola virus is a very infectuios desease

25 - As well as doing things, proteins are the building blocks for most of the living beings…
The ingredients of a protein are amino acids.
To build a protein we need to build a long chain of amino acids.
There are 20 different types of amino acids, so there are lots of different protein chains we can build.


Today Man has the intelligence to take responsibility and control,

Of this (unseen world) Microcosmos all around us, as Bio-Logica

We must program and link the Food Chain together, (Including Energy Production)

The code and instruction for this gene (Food Chain), all fit in any super computer we already have today.

A Transperant Magic World
Water world a jellyfish beauty

Control ocean currents and temperatures (wave pumps from the deep).

Seed and cultivate our land and seas,

To be completely in control of the world climate.

Every sequence carefully planned.

Bring water to the desert lands.

Recombining all the elements of the universe
Water world  Jelly  Crobes
Cold light. in a watery world

The food chain in an ecosystem is a mechanism for transferring energy on a large scale.

Life is a form of energy with intelligence, and know how to concentrate and focus on one point.

Control starts where the food chain starts,

Recycling organisms, and converting all the Elements of the Universe, by Bio-Logica

Into useful nutrients, and energy for Double Helix Structures.

All the way down to the Pathogens, and Life Poisons

- Viruses, Bacteria, Protozarios, Priones, Fungi, and Worms.

Our God Life is very fragile, and subject to invasions from every where.


Butterfly black yellow

Yes the Double Helix feeds on the living.

Yes, Life recycles the living of inferior importance in the name of Progressive Evolution.

Intelligence is on top of this pyramid to fodder on the living,

 to evolutionize, on the other extreme we have a gigantic Hungry Black Hole .

The Measure is always – Importance in relation to the Progression of Life.

Therefore, if an organism is not beneficial for the progression of Life.

It should be removed and recycled.

Enormous Gravitatinal Lenz spanning many galaxies
 LARGE Gravitational Aura of LIFE
Like so many drops of LIFE.

Progression and Evolution of LIFE is first of all.


Yes, The progression of Life is first of all.

Life is the center of our Cosmos here now.
Everything else is relative to LIFE only. 
If you are connected, and enlightened, all is Logic conclusions,
even if you can not see the Double Helix LIFE.
 you must have insight in what it is, as a concept.
  Our God LIFE, is very fragile, and subject to coruption from every where.

Click here for more on Ethics,  Aura and Soul
Click here for more on Ethics, Aura and Soul

There exist certain double helix structures that have a profound effect on the human organism.

 In a very small portion down to the size of a virus.

Such as Natural venoms as proteins, fungus, algae, alkaloids, amino acids etc.

. Ej the effect of the Blue Green Algae on Humans. Precipitate the release of stem cells from the bone marrow. Through a natural process, these stem cells then travel in the bloodstream to areas of the body where they are most needed. Natural Attack and Repair Stem Cells”

a fungus out of the head of a underground caterpillar
a fungus out of the head of a underground caterpillar

High in the Tibetan mountains, in springtime, from the fields right below the frost line bloom a fungus out of the head of a underground caterpillar. Intake triggers the blooming of the Natural defense and immune system of the human body.

What about the magic mushrooms and peyote from the high mountains, used in religious rights.

To became aware of the presence of Life with all your senses.

All at once.

Insight into the workings of Life as an organism

A very Profound experience only once in a life time.


If you smell the roses - you just know, it is from Life.

If you can see and touch them, you are in the presence of God.

Venus in Conjunction Haiku
Observe the presence of "Dark Matter" Meaning Life,  in the Foreground

LIFE is the only Creator,
The Double Helix relocate the elements of the universe in a ordered way
into Life Structures.
LIFE change Baryonic Matter
into “transparent” Cristal Temples,
right down to the Nanoscale,
LIFE maintain a control over the functions
 off our Cosmos as Bio-Logica
Biomass called Dark Matter.
The preservation of a harmonious Life, is first of All.

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Directional Plasma Thrust
Heliosphere  Plasma    Blast
The Trace of a Space Tractor.
Was this the beginning of the Double Helix story
Egyptian  Goddess of   Dreams Sekeeta
Egyptian Goddess of Dreams Sekeeta
Where there is harmony and order there is LIFE
Try to identify the gravitational cosmic lenzes
Try to identify the gravitational cosmic lenzes

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Transparent and iridescent LIFE, Etheric Auras of living creatures
Etheric Auras of living creatures

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Wisdom of the Owl

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