our cosmos is life's creation

81 - Intellect as a concept

Many young blue stars

For every new Life, a star is born.


Aura of Zen is the oneness of living
This mystical experience in recognizing, all life as sacred

By RR – Please define very clear your view on intelligence.

Cosmic consciousness

 I guess you knew

Nothing to do with speech or the world of words or numbers -

but a continues expanding awareness and insight

Like climbing out of the dark cave

growing towards the light

the scope and range of our insight.

Intelligence is the ability to learn something

don’t repeat the same mistake tomorrow.

The eye of Horus - also the symbols for measures
The eye of Horus is made up from the symbols of the six senses and the measures of everything even right and wrong. Take note the symbolic long tong in every sense of the word.
The sixth sense, the brow of Ra was reason, consciousness and thought - that bright and clear to see

   It is the sum result of the multiple memories

corresponding to the six senses

is all that make up - intelligence.   

 Have been such, since Egyptian times

It is the capacity to focus your sense memories,

on a single phenomena,

 to have insight through objective reason on the wing.

Meaning these sense memories overlap, even substitute other senses

 If you see a partial symbol you know the rest.

 like a blind finding his way around seeing with his ears.

The deaf reading your lips filling in the words from sight memory

To have insight into the whole picture

Even without all the details revealed.

Cosmic Consciousness as Bio-Logica

Sia pebbles
It´s a game - how many pebbles in this pile ??
an aid for imagination to reason, whisper the right words

Oak seeds is Acorns
Following a narration about a man who planted Trees. 30 mins long.
A Story about a man who planted Trees

To me it is a world without words

just knowing the facts.

ej how many pebbles here on the left 

Knowledge of the obvious, Relativity..

ej. the origin of a sent, smell or flavor

 to see Motives and Intentions behind actions

 see Transparent clear objectives

Therefore, the sixth sense - Like Bio-Logica

Knowing what is going to happen

knowing the future by Logica

To have Insight through objective Reason.

Turbinen schaufel
For the eye that knows - Profound insight into a Tomograph of time
Insight through objective Reason.

Understanding as Bright and Clear as the Brow of Ra.

and the seventh - Total consciousness - to resonate with the heart beat of LIFE

To be One with the whole - 

Consciousness of our Cosmos IDREA.

Knowledge and Insight have always been compared with the

Light Sphere of a candle light.

As far as your vision allow you to see in the dark unknown all around.

Knowledge is an ever expanding insight into the unknown

a growing Aura of Light as bright and clear as the Brow of Ra..

Insight at the speed of thought is knowing the Bio-Ligica.

Our location in the Bio-Mass

Man with the Owl
Man with the Owl and the burning Oak Sapling
Mouning by the ashes of the Creative Force

Once upon a time I set out to trap a male example of a certain specie in his

natural habitat Central Americana.

 With the objective to have a closer look at his make  up and nature -

as the nature of Life Attributes occupy my mind and much of my time.

I gave up after a month of trying every trick in the book of "Fair Play" to outsmart him.

Just to find all traps have been destroyed and the lures urinated in disgust day after day.

Only much later I found out why - that in his domain, he never let any intruder out of sight,

watching his every move with insight and understanding what he is up to.

Here I must admit there are many creatures on Earth

Intellectual smarter and faster than me.

Superior mental and physical agility.

They even determined my shrewdest intentions making me feel transparent.

Nothing to hide.

Studied the attributes of the Living. Some heart breaking memories. Such as loyal couples for Life and friendships, adoption of diff species sharing the same roosting place, nest, cave or den. The habits of grooming and those who don't. The presence and expression of dearness, tender caressing, observed playing with Dolphins, Elephants, Horses, pets like cats and dogs, certain dino/bird and macaco species - as a form of expression - to be loving to others by nature is so natural - yes Bio-Logica.

All this without one single word or number.

Just communication by touch, smell, sight and vib's.

Yes they speak with their eyes.

We share good long term visual memory - Recognition 

only need to see something once

Such as, how to undo a knot on a string.

Agile Harmony
Enjoy Music and movement  with agile grace and Harmony to be admired.
Demo of Agility

Let's add - Intellect is the range of your awareness and insight
to fathom Cosmic Consciousness, is to see how you fit, to serve in the Bio-Mass by Bio-Logica.
ej. in the wild, the distance critters allow a stranger to approach - Alert Barrier - Mountain sheep have a range of 2Km - the same as birds of prey. a deer 20mts a house sparrow 2mts. also observe you can walk right pass at close proximity,  if you pretend not to see them - only take to flight the moment they feel the weight of your gaze.
Just like me - I freeze up and play dead or take flight
By the Way - I have shared suroundings with the feline specie over many years - a way of being by nature, I have always admired, for their Independence, grace, elegance and show of affection - there it stopped.
Violent conflicts result because of habits. Like when the males come to mark territory in my bedroom -  smells for weeks - absolutely inforgiveable, nothing smell worst than a male cat markings. They are nocturnal and play by night when I want to sleep. Then in daytime, they curl up and sleep in a cuddly furry-ball -
beautiful images of grace and elegance to remember.

Memories corresponding to the six senses
1… Taste is Narcissism, The long slurping tong of Horus  – Something sensual about it, a vibe of auto gratification – change easy into a vice.
Interpersonal  Linguistics – intonation, volume, tone of voice, to dramatize or touch a soul.
Indulge in the taste of words – Such as a charismatic speaker of many words - a Profession as old as Man - find him in any public square - or on the medios of comunication dominating the airs.
and they put up a mask to dramatize and fright the children with doom and gloom, Oral diarrhea called "Kaf ".  This name with tribute to my Oupa Klaasie. Who normally added - "they Like the flavor of what they speak so much, they can´t stop slurping".  observe the slurping long tong in the eye of Horus - today we call it, a loose-tong, spreading echos of the fabrications of a fertile mind. They fell in love with their own orations - and just can't stop listening to themselves.

Juggling bals

Spacial images of Molecules
Learn to form and turn Spacial images of Molecules in the imagination

Knowledge grows with spiraling dominance 

there is the battle between the good and bad 

we must be responsible what we leave on line.

The golden rule... The living must always be the survivors because superior intellect prevail

and the alliance of all the other living out there, is our friends

together we digest the universe to create order in harmony 

One Aura of the Living

Discovery Games - History of those with Fame.
All Education - such as History should be as nice as this discovery game.
The most influential People of our times

many  molecules make substances

To be in control of your own Ship (Organism) right down to Atomic Scale. To control the elements and substances to fulfill the  needs and healthy state of your Being to obtain optima conditions for a healthy mind for progressive creativity.  Meaning at that point where you dominate the material world at molecular level.

Cranial bone structure

Where you can arm artificial organisms from Atomic Scale – to fulfill a need or demand. .Right down to the point where we flip flop electrons where we need them to be.

At the end of every Technical Branch is a Maestro Artezan.

Real people, each a professional - expert in his field defined by his Aura.


Anatomical Landmarks
Name things right

DNA Double Helix Life
Exploring The Cell and DNA
Exploring The Cell and DNA

Now the smallest Aura is an electron somewhere in the

retinal ganglion cells. or is it the Hipotalmus where long term memory is stored)

Capture a photon spin reflected from a red rose

memory which is included in the electron Aura.

Medical Animations
Discover the Magic in your hands

And this aura expand one of the seven notches (each 10 Angstrong) to where this photon spin is held as a link to the pheromone smell which is a charged vib, linked somewhere in our cell structure that goes ping with that spin .

 seeing is smelling is seeing is tasting and you can hear the sound, if you bite a apple, just right, from the tree. You feel and see it is right.

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Dominate the ball in every sense of the word
You hold the future of Idréa - Have a look at a world of symbols
Symbols for the young generation

Abell 2744 Pandora Cluster of Galaxies
Abell Pandora Cluster of Galaxies one of the biggest and oldest Life colonies in Universe
Spanning thousands of light years

If Your Dream is Love for Life,

You can fly on the wings of the Dream Goddess.

Soul is your Inner Light, making you aware of all Life around you.

Living Souls Communicate by vision.

The communication of Souls

just like love speak without words

but read and interpret that what enter through the eyes

Soul is your Life, just like a flower

Aura is the extent of your invisible perfume

Smelling the Aura of the Roses.

Is to be Aware of the Aura of another Life.

Art of Origami
To make so many petals by hand teach patience and Agility.
Common sence

This knowledge is awareness of the same

 and sacred LIFE we share by the


To be aware of a LIFE out there

even if we can not see it, you just know it is there

and feel the weight if it's gaze.

It is a sacred knowledge called the wisdom of the inner light

the Voice that Speak from our heart - gut-felling if you wish.

Trust the voice of your heart, it just might save your Life

it is the voice of the god within


Remember, we have six senses to detect Life

 if we use them they get sharper.

Yes, you can surly taste and smell if it is dead

The Aura of the death is decaying of genetic material detected by our flavor sense. Sealed

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