our cosmos is life's creation

80 - Supremacy of objective reason is bio-logica

comparably to our social structure
Where individual effort  account for the strength of all
evolution of our social structure

Atlas suport our cosmos
the implication of capitalism
what happen if atlas shrug

And the intelligent mind of man have insight into his future.
from ruins and the ashes of "Atlas Shrugged"
new worlds, with other values will rise
progression means - helping the living
  to mutate into superior beings
 all inter dependant as a food chain
 in a more efficient growing, healthy organism
it means co-evolution of multiple beings
caring for each other to get along
 in uni-some towards a bigger whole is togetherness.
our ideal reality is bio-logica.
idréa growing towards the light in real time



milkyway - Galactic Alighnment

2010 - tremors, floods and mudslides killing many
Back where we started long ago.
Man must learn to make their houses in the floodplains high, as our forefathers always did.

The past slips by and fade away

 flows away like water

in a desert land.

everything stream away from this moment

like dust blowing in the wind.

 and we observe how it disappear into oblivion.

the voice of one man. shouting against the wind

listen and hear the unspoken voices    of all the living

echoing in the dark chambers of the mind.

 vision is a world without words

 look and you  just know - the truth.

words that speaks to the heart -  are the only ones with meaning

 They will disappear if I do not listen and write them down.

Mammon with the Helmet of Thor - Thor Sounded the mighty Horn of the Media calling the people to fall in line.        And so they did
Thor Sounded the mighty Horn of the Media calling the people to fall in line. And so they did

And there was a battle of cosmic proportions without one drop of blood. Mammon with the helmet of Thor not to hear the voices of the pleading. Sounded the mighty horn of the media calling the people to fall in line. 
       And so they did.
Now we know the Media is a mighty power that can be bought with money to shape and control peoples minds.
If only it was with the goal to teach the good, and unite,

thor helmet

we have mentioned it before

IDREA is a very visual world

where everything is

transparent and known

 It is to bring insight into the unknown

so that only the true results - conclude  in

logica based on wisdom with objective reason,  to guide the future of all.

 Supremacy of objective reason is bio-logica.

Ayn Rand with her nicotin.

Día de los difuntos
A day to remember a lost love

On Wikileaks – Everything in line with our IDREA.

For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known. (Luke 12:2)

Reader request: Brief words on “Atlas Shrugged by  Ayn Rand 

Her biggest mistake  – She did not practise what she preached.

denying the existence of her own life and health.

her deductive logic failed her to the end

failed to recognize LIFE as an deity to identify with
recognize the creator in all as bio-logica.
Her supremacy of objective reason 
failed to deduce and define her own place in the whole
and so she remained without love or a God. In a cruel cold world of greed, without friends to cry for her on the days when we remember the dead - she never took us into account.
 We - the little people, living critters and beauty of nature all abound. 
To say "I" love you - first, discover the identity of "I".

Atlas shrugged objectivist

Hina Rabbani Khar
Pakistani Foreign Minister

It was Ayn Rand who wrote

  that Christianity is

 "the best kindergarten of communism possible"

and so she denied the existence of love and the  brotherhood of man,

 Love as a power

to out money in serving the living.

Yes free individual enterprise is the way to go but it takes a man with a big generous loving heart,  not using the Living as stepping stones to the top. If you are an example of your own teachings of the good, you will always have, like a fountain that never goes dry. The Religion of us all, as driving force. Love as a power to rule our lives. Observe al around - LOVE do not exist in the eyes of the Law and most people - Basic right of the living is to pursue love and happiness

Triumph of Life

I wonder what she would said 

 if she witnessed the Chilean mine incident.

 "All that money overboard for 33 Lives".

Idréa is a place where 

Love for Life is the supreme virtue -

a genetic code is the power of love.

 The passion to Live - can not be bought with gold

In Idréa gold always was the excrements of the gods.

Matter belongs to a different reality, it is the potters clay, to shape and form, to sculpt the structures of Life

For more detail on Atlas Shrugged - Objectivism

With conflick indicated in yellow backgrounde
Objectivism is a philosophy defined by Ayn Rand (1905–1982).

2010  day of the dead

One Brave Lady.
A very Valient and Brave Warrior and allways a lady.

Atlas shrugged and left many fallen heroes on the byways.

the dreams for Idréa

scattered every where, awash in tears.

time goes on and the words of Awa is lost in the wind.

and the woman will be liberated to speak for the living,

they are the speakers for Idréa..

their soft voices comes to power.

the voice of the god within


The untold love story of Aung-San-Suu-Kyi
Symbol of all the woman denied freedom of speech.
The choice - your country or your family

Mothers bring Life into the world and most of the time care alone for them. Now she realize - she might as well pick the father for his attributes - pick the best - This is evolution. The eyes of a mother only see the transparent motives of her offspring - seeds she planted there. They have insight and take responsibility for the future we call the Ideal Reality.

Remember, the hands of the person who rocked the cradle.

Humming softly to let you know you are not alone.

Knowledge - there is another soul out there

caring about my well-being. Is a Belief that makes me strong.

To remember the mothers of mankind.


The birth and freedom of Woman starts in the cradle.  Teach your children to honor the mothers of your nation.

Bearer of Light
Light from the Heart

Bearer of Light
The Brave Lady of Myanmar.
Bearer of Light in the high mountains of Burmania.

Man will respect the soft voice of their Mothers - because they speak for the future of the Living...

Suu Kyi vowed that just as her parents had served the Nation, so, too, would she.

Never tiring in her crusade to break down the tyranny of dictatorship in her beloved homeland of Burmania, the alternate name for Myanmar.

   "It's a form of apartheid," she said. "In Africa, it was apartheid based on color. Here, it is apartheid based on ideas and Power. It is as though those who want and speak for democracy are somehow of an alien inferior breed, and this is not so."

2010 Nov 5 Deepavali Festival in Asia
An explanation for those who wants to know -  "Diwali" is a contraction of sanskrit "Deepavali" , which translates into "row of lamps". Diwali involves the lighting of oil lamps to celebrate the triumph of good over evil - light over darkness is insight - Shibani Joshi
Our best wishes with your festival of light

To be Gratefull for the Life and inner light we Share.

Southeast Asia celebrate the festival of light

Dipavali on 5 Nov 2010.

Here in Costa Rica Central America we will celebrate our local festival of light on the second Saturday of December -  It would be nice if some time in the future  the whole world celebrate together - a festival to inner light - A Festival to all LIFE - Something like we are celebrating the New Year...

Just change the concept.

every new Year - starts a new Life - or symbolic intention for the future

 a time to set goals for future time - just like wishes.

It is the light in the heart that counts.

and there will be light in the mind of man  - world wide.

Rangoli decoration in many colors.

Festifal of Inner Light 2010
Light  is a Knowledge for you to take - for free - DIVALI 2010
The light bearer - It is a Knowledge for you to take - for free.

A King said the following - wonder if anyone heard his voice.

 'It is well-known to everyone that you are at a crossroads, a fact that necessitates your uniting the ranks, rising above your wounds, distancing the shadows of differences, and extinguishing the fire of abhorrent sectarianism.

"Our hands are outstretched to you. Let us work together for the security, integrity and stability of the land and brotherly people of our World".

Yeats said about, "Too much pain can make a stone, of the heart."

The real heroes in human life are silent, unnoticed ones who draw no attention to themselves but through their daily acts of love and gentleness and compassion keep the tissue of humane presence alive and vital

Without giving money or fame, a second thought.

large ganet
this is Love for Life -Too much pain can make a stone, of the heart

Saved Gulf disaster victims
To all those other many faces who cared - Thank You.

Within the word compassion is passion.

There is an intrinsic connection between passion and compassion.

Those who are compassionate, are people whose passion and imagination are fully alive and vital.

Someone who feels no passion is in pain, a pain that is always a lonesome pain.

 One of the loneliest things is to encounter somebody whose longing has been numbed.

The fire in their eyes goes out as the tears and ability to cry - so sad to see.


Larry King Live
Larry King and all the CNN staff     Thank You
Thank You Larry IDREA will remember you

Frederica Whitfield
yes we remember - with gratitude
We must mention Ted Turner by name

The past slips by and fades, flows away like water, in a desert land.

Everything streams away from this moment like sand blowing in the wind.

 and we notice how it disappears into oblivion.

The voice of one man. shouting against the wind

Listens and hear the unspoken voices    of all the living

Echoing in these dark chambers of the Mind.

 The world without words - just knowing the truth.

Words that speaks to the heart are the only ones with meaning

 They will disappear if I do not listen and write them down.

Dilma cuenta con el voto de mujeres.
Viva Brazil

Criticism, as it was first instituted by Aristotle,

was meant as a standard of judging well,

intent to promote the desire to improve.

the objective is to observe those excellencies

which delight an intelligent reader.

Brazil is a place where LOVE reigns
Brazil is a place where LOVE reigns

Mujer con Vision del Futuro.

President Rouseff    our congratulations.
The best wishes of our ideal reality

Con Amor a todo los Brazileños.

Industria y Petrobras is the Heart of Brazil.
Tecnology - Petrobras is the Heart of Brazil.

Someone, to impress and down shout the Ladies, have started a Fire.

I do not think he can stop it. What do we do with an arsonist Pinhead.

Shouted blistering words, stir anger and hate - divide - make you loose your good friends.

Logic Reason - is words from soft voices with meaning, that counts.

Mr. O, You have the Media, the most powerful means, to make it right.

You       made it for the Republicans. Congratulations.

Ok, that does not mean all republicans are blinded by the glitter,
Only those incapable of tears.


Please speak, for the One and only God – the LIFE of all the Living

You know it is the truth - as everybody knows, who have shed a tear for dog.

Speak to unite our Ideal Reality, not divide with Fire.

Cause you will go down in history as the Biggest Pinhead of them all.

RR. Why FN - There was a time when their TV signal with an open mic reached my cage loud and clear

Untill someone took them off the air

the American Dream
Looking at the one and only God. This is the American Dream
United under one flag, looking at the one and only God

In this Norman Rockwell Portrait of America no one's face is twisted in anger.
No one looks warily at the next person.
Everyone looks forward, shoulder to shoulder under one flag.
 United we stand        looking at one and only God.  This is the American Dream  
 our  ideal reality called Idréa.

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