our cosmos is life's creation

79 - Awas reflect light from our past

Awa is the title for an retired profesional

Light is insight
light from our past
insight into the unknown

Columpio Veracruz
First love

1.  Once upon a time

the living started to speak,

writing words in the book of time.

Man spoke and started to write

the history of time

engraved in rock.

The story of humanity is the story of all of us.

2.  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was from God,

and the Word was God.

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.

 We have seen his glory…

first love
the spring time in life is first love

ohatu y tokubei
symbol of eternal love


3. Man had became responsable

 and very aware of his actions,

meaning, aware of his impact on his surroundings,

to have honor and pride in his creations,

to create the images of perfect Gods

 carved out of rock.

The image in imagination is what you see.

Just chisel away the rest.

4.  When we are dead,

seek not our tomb in the earth

 but find it in the hearts of men.

Only those who have loved,  attained Godliness.

"Whoever does not love,

 does not know God

because God is love."  

Where there is love, there is life.


The image in imagination is what you see in this rock - just chip away the rest
The man who defeited Rome

5. Four forms of interpersonal love have traditionally been distinguished based on ancient Greek precedent:

the love of kinship or familiarity - storge,

the love of friendship  - philia,

the love of sexual and/or romantic desire - eros,

and self-emptying or divine love - agape.

 6. Modern authors have distinguished further varieties

of romantic love.

Traditions have also demonstrated

 variants or symbioses of these states.

7.  Love may be understood as a power,

a power to change, 

 to keep all the living beings together against menaces 

and to facilitate the concentration of energies

focused on a mutual objective as a goal.


the writer in rosette

9. The central value in human life

 which we may term,

 true love

means that which seeks the best for others

and the betterment of life in all its dimensions.

10. True love means living for others,

 giving without thought of a return.

It's source is transcendental,

 beyond your Self.

The person who practices true love

 taps into an inexhaustible reservoir of life power.

carved out of rock
a stone statue dedicated to knowledge

11.  The various philosophies and religions of the world speak of this value with a variety of emphases, aspects, and concepts, such as: compassion, grace, justice, charity, liberation, righteousness, and agape love.

Platon por Rafael
Meaning - to love without possessing the object of your love
Above all is platonic love

12.  It is beyond just a perspective,

depending on the angle of observation,

which, while recognizing that certain of these aspects

may sometimes be in tension,

opposing interpretations,

conflicting objectives,
Like the words "Reincarnation"
or  “Recycle”
we may find it better to regard the positive consepts
overruling in all of them,
 as aspects of a single divine and universal desire 
to find and have true love
Is to be united with the supreme being

13.  To be loved by someone who really cares

is the aspiration and hope of most human beings,

the manifestation of the best in human nature.

Observe the nature
 of all the loving creatures of life's creation 

the scholars of Athens
school of Athens

14.  From the scholars of Athens we have the following conclusions

Logika through dialogue


In the Symposium,

 Plato draws a distinction between

a philosopher and a sage (sophos, σοφός).

 the difference is explained through the concept of love,

Also  the origin of the concept of Platonic love.

which lacks the object it seeks - not a possessive nature

therefore the philosopher - literally lover of wisdom in Greek

does not have the wisdom they seek.

15.  The sage, on the other hand, does not love or seek wisdom,

 because he already has wisdom.

According to Platon, there are two categories of beings who do not do philosophy

sages and gods – because they know


16.  Socrates concludes that the highest purpose of love

is to become a philosopher or

 literally, a lover of wisdom.

To become a writer of Wisdom


17.  Later the Roman Stoics focused on promoting

 a life in harmony within the universo

over which one has no direct control - erroneously enslaved to destiny.

This abstract concept resonated in many eastern cultures

but the play of Nature was not regarded as an “enslavement”.

Papa Francisco
tu eres uno de lo nuestro y bienvenido en todo nuestro hogares
our prayers is your blessings

19.  Most Christians believe that the greatest law

  is the first commandment:

"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart,

 and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind,

 and with all thy strength”

a total dedication to God.

In addition is the second commandment:

20.  "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself".

 These are what Jesus Christ called

the two greatest commandments

21.  Love is patient and kind.

 It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

It is not rude, it is not self-seeking or possessive,

it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs

because love is forgiving.

Love does not delight in evil

 but rejoices with the truth.

 It always protects, always trusts,

always hopes for the best,

and always perseveres towards eternal love.

narendra modi
Leader of the biggest democratic Nation on earth
a flowery welcome to Modi

guru Nanak

22.  In Sikhism love means - love for the lord and his creation.  This is one of five virtues that is vigorously promoted by the Sikh Gurus. 
The other four qualities are:

 Truth (Sat), Contentment (Santokh), Compassion (Daya) and Humility (Nimrata).

These five qualities are essential to a Sikh and

 it is their duty to meditate and recite the Gurbani

so that these virtues become a part of their mind set.

23.  In Buddhism Metta or ‘loving kindness’ refers to detachment

and unselfish interest in others' welfare.

Bodhisattva is the concept of salvation within,

dedicated to unselfish love for others.

24.  Nothing is more precios

than moments of serenity

strolling through the Garden of the Living

the Garden of God - our Idrea.

25.  Time to observe all the flowering faces around

in the joy of living is that is shining from their eyes,

where trusting eyes abound,

with confidence fused into togetherness - Ubuntu


26. There are so many deeply touching moments in time:

It is those moments when time comes to a stop,

when eyes meet – with mutual insight

and vision speaking to the heart

with no need for words.

Awa the Maker of Dreams
Wish you togetherness in our Festive Season to Inner Light. "Brillan con la Luz de Todos"
To Enter 2012 the Era of Light, Insight and Vision

27.  Take note – nobody seems to observe the presence

of a stroller through God's garden,

strolling - hands behind his back.

They think - "The gardener has always been there ".


28.  I wonder, if in all the many ways I have said the same thing,

my grandchildren are any wiser.

I shall keep trying again and again:

to define an abstract concept of divinity.

to awaken self awareness

to make them aware of their own aura and God within.

29.  There is no greater Love than to give your Life to friends,

to be centered around ties to the heart.

The saddest part about Love,

 in the eyes of the Law and many people,

is that love does not exist with rights or consideration.

A Power that can only be achieved by togetherness

A world of giving your all - all the time effectively.

now We are not referring to dancing.

It is not so much about just moving like Zumba

but also to make the right moves.

30.  To make those moves that really count,

the power of togetherness, is the power of one.

With an aura in an abstract realm like ours - in Space

to make the things to happen, 

 timing the sequence of events,

aware you are in charge of creation here and now,

31. We create Idréa as a concept of a perfect dream.

Yes, to shine for our reality

to become a karma yogi.

32.  Passion of Living is persistence towards our goal.

For example, we moved enormous rocks by the sound of music and dance.

On the word “Yaaa” we start walking

and the rock came in movement with us,

and the water flowed from the breaded strands of behuco

as they stretch and stretch.

Together we are stronger - in unison with music and song

Ostap playing the bandura
nobody can do it better than you

33.  Our politics is our religión

Religion is our politics

Decisions made today are the religion of tomorrow.

The laws of Life brings harmony and serenity to all the Living:

a reverence for Life.

Our religion must rule our decisions for tomorrow.

34.  Do not expect to get rich caring for each other….

the only gain is lots of friends.

But in togetherness we will find worth, peace,

 Strength and serenity, to evolve in resonance.

To have high dreams …

which are very good investments for LIFE.

35.  Another essential is education

to be kind and smart - opposed to El Maton.

Kindness, the ability to co-operate is important

 for everything that has to do with success in life.

Team-building, leadership, focused creativity

to teach people what they should know to better serve the Living.

This is true Jihad also known as Idréa


36.  How to program and operate a machine working in the abstract realm like space

As at home - as a person,

to create a controlled, clean and orderly environment

 is Godliness.

37.  Like a Mother Ship with a Robotic Crew for Satellite Maintenance

bring order and clean up the mess out there:

refurbishing, refueling, recharging a satellite

and moving into the right orbit.

38.  Asteroid hunters and space tractors hauling enormous rocks

to their destination,

 as in space so here on earth,

tunneling on the trail of rare earth elements. .

39.  Climate control is where we have to gain control of our ocean temperature

and to farm the creatures and critters of our oceans for food.

Rosat and other Space Craft
Is it not worthwhile to have a mother ship with robotic Crew to upgrade and refurbish them - Seems such a Waste of effort - How about Space Haulers to move things into place - to Bring Order out there
How about we refurbish them with modern Tech

Observe Dark Matter
Observe Dark Matter which is Alive in the foreground
Venus in Conjunction Haiku

40.  IDREA is to be aware of all the Living around you at any moment,

meaning the range of your concuisness

the totality of the Biomass.

including the sounds of our

Colmena Idréa.

To have insight

 into their state of being:

 “Alive and well just like me”.

41.  Cosmic consciousness connects at the speed of thought

Insight faster than light.

A Sacred Wisdom, just knowing how things should be.

By clever, deductive reasoning

is the Creative Power pushing things into place like good chess moves.

42.  Where things should be - by all the many reasons of

Bio-Logica – the voice within

to bring order and harmonious resonance into our Living Space

the habitat of the Children of Light.

43.  Let speak of the God within:

We say it again as have so many before.

Go to the ants, see how they work as a whole

and get wise.

Look at their social structure:

together they act as one very formidable creature.

See them farming and cultivating their gardens.

Observe how each individual is different and is task orientated,

all from the eggs of the same mother queen.

Your role in society is determined by

what hormones you are fed as an infant.

44.  Culture strives for perfection to bring order into creation.

Objectives as bright and clear as the eyebrow of Ra.

“Start with the upbringing of every person”.

Learn that Life is precious - and first of all

learn to give and care for the oldest ones,

the ancients of the day.

Living means to be dedicated to Life and share with all.

45.  Respect the pride and dignity of all the Living.
Idrea is a frame of mind to achieve perfect harmony
Like good music to our ears – like the heartbeat of the living.
46.  The concept of beauty is in the ideal of perfect harmony.
It begins in every home,
and encompasses the siwa of the community,
just like culture
a way of being by the engraved laws of Time.


47.  The culture to be an Idreana - just like a karma yogi.

Dedicated to share and serve all the Living around you

Co-evolution is a tag we have embraced.

We are serving our invisible Living God.

At least be aware of His Presence and needs by Visual instinct.

48.  To Love, is to give in the form of creating the means

to fulfill those needs without expecting anything in return.

First, in imagination, the Logica pushes things unto place

Bio-Logica Así Será.

 Man is in control of his destiny – he is smart enough to stack the pack.

To achieve order and harmony takes dedicated energy,

directional energy towards our common objective.

49.  Take Control of our Cosmos where the right building materials are precious,

the vital components in our Cosmic Life structures.

If you have a firm conviction – and are sure it is right - stand up for it.

The supremacy of intellectual reason will show the Logica once again.

Yet what is true today, tomorrow is a myth.

The change of time ...


50.  Idrea is an abstract concept in the making.

Just like a growing cristal

entropy determines direction and progression.

Idrea is the true result of the supremacy of objective reason.

51.  Man is in control of his destiny – he is smart enough to stack the pack.
To achive order and Harmony.takes dedicated energy.
Directional energy towards our comon objective.
Take Control of our Cosmos where the right building materials are precious
Vital - Components in our Cosmic Life structures.

A satellite galaxy of our own Milky Way
Large Magellanic Cloud

Many young blue stars
For evry new Life a Star is born.

52.  If you have firm conviccions – and sure it is right - stand up for it.
The supremacy of intellectual reason will show the Logica once again.
 What is true today, tomorrow is a myth, the change of time... 

53.  Idrea is an abstract concept in the making. Just like a growing Cristal

 Entropy determines direction and progression.

Idrea is the true results of the Supremacy of Objective Reason

dominant wolf eyes
Fitness means to be dominante. Like our dominant wolf.

By RR Speak on Terror and the Powerful. (Jihad)

This concept goes back to the time when man and wolf started to share the same food sources meaning the left overs of the gigantic carnivores of those times.

To understand LIFE you must look at the Roots of Life in Nature.

Those things responsible for Evolution

Such as the survival of the fittest and smartest

Fitness means to be dominant. Like our dominant wolf.

Fear in his hart, do not exist only his whim .

Man learn many things from his best friend.- to this day they are inseparable.

Here a video link 2min to Playing with Dominance - terrorize to submission to take her bone -

Please note not one drop of blood.

Anabus take care of the Under World
Man's best friend waiting in the shadows to clean the bones
Since the beginning of time waiting for the left overs of Man.

Keeper of the Under World
Dreams - Anubis keeper of the Under World.

To hold that position he must terrorize all who dispute his authority as leader - the only father of the offspring.

Don’t you dare approach him with your tail proudly waving in the air.

If you dare look him in the eyes mean confrontation.

To lower your eyes is to submit to a superior power.

The higher his authority the lower you bow

If it is his will your must crawl in the dust or let blood.


There was a time when man and wolf hunted together - the wolf waiting in the shadows for the leftovers.

Man discovered from his best friend to be Alfa you must have your opponents trembling and terrorized. To rule by fear.

But then – Man discovered to dominate and control fire

even to hold the wolf at bay -

With time wolf came closer to share this fire.

Terrorize as in Avatar

It is not the loudest voice but the smartest.

On the Pacific Irlands you tell your openent

What your father and grandfather´s hidden powers will do to him

Inless he submit to you as leader of the pack.

Here following a link to 3min of Video Life in the pack

Take note ALFA re-asure his dominance.

There was a time when it was important to have a show of Power to submission

as in AVATAR. or Massive Military and Naval Operations to bully North Korean into submission- all so transparent now.

Also to terrorize a potential invader or threat to your Pack (Fam) or food (Wellbeing)

To stand up for those things vital to the wellbeing of your tribe - nation.


By RR why havn't you mentioned North Korea

 Cause I was sure you would close your eyes on reading this.

Provocation from the first. Show off power. Calling a man on his honor to humiliate him in the world eye.

 As a matter of fact – you are biting the tail of a sleeping dragon.

Calling his bluff as if it is a poker game – involving the Lives of millions.

Be sure next time you will get the ace of spades in the shape of the bomb.

You can’t keep on winning with violence or bulling someone into submission, like in Avatar..

Try reason for a change by giving insight and knowledge

We will remember Steve Jobs


Speak to the right people

The ideal solution. Withdraw the fleets from the China Sea you do not need them anymore.

They are much better utilized as rescue, or Oceanic exploration for climatic control to churn up cold water from the deep


We are of the opinion – Idrea should make it up to them – with the best gift there is.

 Knowledge they can understand.

Provide every person in the country with communication devices connected to the WWW.

Knowledge brings insight to make you see and be free...

We will learn to speak as one voice

The wish of the Living.

50.   Idrea is an abstract concept in the making.

Just like a growing Cristal

 Entropy determines direction and progression.

IDREA is the true results of the Supremacy of Objective Reason

Symbol of Autumn

51.  And the old leaves start falling as the light goes dimmer.
To go back to mother earth where we all belong.
To go back to the infinite and small.
From where New LIFE will come forth,
Growing towards the light that feeds us all.
It´s true - evrything we eat comes from the energy of sunlight - Children of Light. 
Right here on mother earth our LIFE will come to flowering.
This Concept was defined by Egypt's Sun King: Amenhotep III - at the same time echo these words with the central american natives
Meaning our genetic make up right down to DNA have incorporated in it's make up energy from our sun and light-spin - the Living is  the children of Light.

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