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78 - War on the killing machines

Insight into the cultural history of Assyria
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1. The double helix laws

are an order established from the beginning of time.

They are even reflected in combining the 99 names of Allah

    which spells out l-i-f-e.

“La genoma humana infinito y pequeño”

replicating at explosive speed

brings into being

a sacred order in the makings of matter,

to give this rock a soul

The Internet of Things.

Matter under control

 "The Machine",
 it uses "electrons for processing, photons for communication, and ions for storage."We are entering the era of Iones and Light 

2.  life re-create the state of Matter

 to bring a controlled order into being

to grow out of this barren rock towards the Light,

our collective memory in space time

and collective dreams for our Bio-Cosm Idréa.

Beauty is in the ideal of the creation

of perfect harmony, as a concept

creating our heavenly Paradise

3.  life  re-create the state of Matter,

bring a controlled order into being

to grow out of this barren rock towards the light

our collective memory space time

collective dreams for our Bio-Cosm Idréa

 The realm of harmonous beings with the power of One.

4.   Oh! Heaven is not a place of sidewalks paved with chocolates or gold,
where the sun is always shining and it’s never wet or cold!
No, Heaven is just any place where good men get together,
And do their work and having fun in any kind of weather.
They are busy doing of the work the Lord needs them to do!
No, Heaven isn’t just a place to linger and waste the whole day through
It is where men do the work the Lord is needing them to do
5 . Out of chaos there came order without a name,

and it was alive and resonates in timeless harmony.


which is the cosmic being by bio-logica

called our Living  God - observe Her presence everywhere.

A nation of love has a different religion of all religions.

For lovers, God alone is their religion and rule their lives.

Religion and state is the same,

evolving around our Living God, the creator of all.  

6.  The religious states:

do not concern yourself about the Vatican and Islam

because they have to make the same choices.

Idréa as a way of living,

 is cultural evolution of all mankind

towards cosmic consciousness:

an awareness of life - all around,

 like a thousand flowers come to Bloom.

7.  "In the name of LIFE"

 Is a plea that cannot be denied
 "There shall be no more wars amongst the human tribes"
Try Dialog

Do we know what to do to the War-mongers,

those who stir hatred and revenge ?

seeds of discontent

 for greed and power?               ( Avatar )

war mongers
Do you realize you have declared war on the world.

massive nuclear explosion

8.  Do you realize you have declared War on the World?
You cannot call a man on his honor and bully a mullah into submission.

We do not need, or want them to demonstrate

you better believe they have a nuclear weapon.

 "It is better to leave the fire-dragon asleep,

and do not bite his tail.
"Leave them with the trump card
 It is well we offer to buy all their production of 20% Uranium
they need the collateral.

9.  The word 'jihad' literally means inner struggle and to strive for perfection.

to struggle for a good cause, like Idréa.

"Jihad is the struggle for Idréa as a state of mind"

It is a noble concept

within most cultures that emphasizes a personal struggle within yourself

to be a better person,

 in our striving to perfection

 to be a better husband, better wife, better worker, better neighbor, better friend, 

Hassan Rouhani
we trust you will make wise decitions as to our future
we trust you

10.  It is good to strive to be better,

to be the best, to be named a winner,

bestowed with a rose, as the highest honour.

Nobody can do it better or faster than you.

 It is to have self esteem, which is enkrateia

just like grooming,  personal pride,

 to keep the feathers you came with nice and shining.

11.   Speaking for Idrea 
 We suggest Israel and Iran both sign a Promise to the World. 
 Not to Cross the Red Line 
 We belief you have it, we do not want to see a demonstration,
 that secret’s safest place is deep deep in that mountain
 where it should stay

H-Bomb Explosion

12.   Only the truth lever concessions – flex muscle and show off’s to provoke ....
    Please understand - military might is out of bounds and off limits.
"Hate and revenge cannot drive out hate - only love can do that" .....  MLK
To forgive, and turn the other cheek, as Christians do. 

13.    The dignity of mankind is inviolable.

The duty of the tribal family is its protection:

 To look out for each other

- Togetherness -

and Stop killing each other.

We are One Human Tribe

Together we can move everything in its place

by Bio-Logica.

14.  Get a clear picture what their godess stands for

and defend her realm

and grasp the make-up of the concept

 by bio-logica.

“The ancient of the days is alive, is alive”

This means – we the creatures of the forest

and the living everywhere

we are all alive now

 part of the whole.

 We make the things happen in tomorrow's dawn.

It is daybreak into the Era of Light

Ostap playing the bandura
Self esteem to bring harmony to your audience
self image

15.  God is not an abstract concept,

 but something you can observe
with all your senses all at once, 
 hear the music
smell the perfume of life.
Islam had yet to define Allah as a living God.
Find out that to be green,
you have to bring Life into your world.


16.  Defining the love for life

also means to place the mothers of their nations first.

There is no other God but Life

All life is one, and sacred.

Pope Francis speaks for the Americas

With the blessings of us all

Homs Syria

17.  By Reader Request- Please in the name of God - Speak for His Children of Syria.
This one hurts – We are crying for the people of Homs - be sure it will leave a festering scar in the collective memory of your tribes for generations - what happen to the voice of the Arab-league. ????  Where is the mossat – now, you can gain some real friends
It was written
“When the war-machine turn against his own creators
The time have come to take on the war machines and it´s makers.
We know it is all about money making

18.  To make people believe

 they need arms to be safe

as the media knows

"If you make the lie big,

 make it simple, keep saying it,

and eventually they will believe we need arms."

It is a lie - why would we want to kill each other

away with the arms

Remember – together, with intelligence

including all the medias of communication,

all of Africa too - ubuntu.

 "the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity"

Technology to change
Technology to change in something useful
Change the arms into tools for the Living

19.  Let us make war on the killing machines :

Silence the tanks!

 and stop the guns right down to their source - we do not need them,

not even to protect our honor.

Eradicate all the war machines, weapons and arms to kill the living.

Let us make sure to leave the

 code implanted in their electronic brains

"To serve Man,

and never ever, fire against your creators

 or other life forms"

 is a Universal Law.

War Machine
War- on the war-machines

20 . To make people believe, they need arms to be safe - as the media knows
"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe we need arms."
Remember – together, with intelligence – including all the medias of comunication,
all of Africa too
Let us make war on the killing machines meaning to silence the tanks
 and stop the guns right down to its source - we do not need them
not even to protect our honor - it is well to turn the other cheek

Tradition of power to invade, take what you want.
 Fallen brave Warrior
It is time to fall back soldier, go home.

21 . "If you live by the gun,

 you will die by the gun nor will you be a hero."

I can asure you

 you will always find someone faster

 and smarter than you

 a sniper better than you.

Just like Russian roulette

it is a stupid game where you never win.

To the machines as to the humans, the first and only law is:

Do not waste healthy Life - it is called genocide.

  "Thou shall not kill without hunger"


22.  Convert them all,

and take out the stinger to make them serve the living. 

We are still talking about machines.

The arms factories are to feed mammon

The money god, absorbing all our wealth

 making killing machines, like scorpions, for money.


Destroy all the weapons
Let us destroy all the weapons on earth

23.  Absolutely disgraceful to see,

 how great nations shamelessly

exploited small third world countries,

with the extraction of their natural resources

 who in return receives arms as payment.

What happened to the UN?

24.  Just say it

 "There shall be no more weapons

 for the mass destruction of life

on the face of the earth

only tools to serve the living".

Siera Leoni

25.  "observe how they are giving the children of Africa

 toys to play with"

to kill everything that moves.

This is dealing in absolutely shameless exploitation.

And then - they veto the UN resolution over Syria because of self- interest...

“ Russia you have blood on your hands, also  in  Ucrania”


26.  To other world leaders:

“It is stupid to receive arms as gifts, presents or payment – even for favors.”

This form of power is an insult to intelligence and must come to an end.


27.  In the Tribes of Idrea

Giving a weapon to someone is a maximum test of honor:

“Go kill yourself because you have brought shame to our tribe”.

Refusing the weapon

 means you are walking away from it forever.

Not as a coward,

but as man smart enough to walk away from violence and war,

to join another tribe somewhere

and gain their respect and privileges.

If you live by the gun's law

 you will die by the gun.

Symbols of Might and Power
Pandora Conseptual  art.
All about Greed very well presented

The culture of brute force must come to an end like a bad gene or a false god

 "La cultura del matonismo debemos eradicar".


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