our cosmos is life's creation

77 - The era of light

2012 - Era of Light, Insight and Vision
Era of Light, Insight and Vision

Out of chaos there came order without a name

and it was alive and resonate in timeless harmony.

our cosmic being by bio-logica

Entropy determine direction and speed of growth.
Thermo Dynamics - Rumbo Cristalino

1.  In togetherness we will find peaceful serenity
to do what we do - the best
always with pride to serve - is a frame of mind
to feel and show your worth
to have a special cell function, in the "bio-mass"
 and nobody can do it better than you

Symbol of the Speaker for Life
Awa Hand down the Mask
Usekór is the spokes person of GOD

2.  we all strive, to give our best
as a way of living
to shine and stand out
 as the brightest among the stars
with music and dancing
 in a song, like rap, you can say anything you want
 to praise the lord
or poke fun at the king - laughing is a cure all
especially, if you can laugh at yourself
3.  Here the dream must stop.
 As Awa must take leave, to tend to his own.
Hand down the mask of Usekór
now you have the light - go girl, go

Awa the dream maker
Awa's very last wish - that somewhere on these pages you will find your dream to belief in - as a gift
A whole hearted gift to you, with no strings attached.

4.  Awa can not follow you
 into the "Era of Light"  that started now
 as his turn to speak
 have came to an end
Will spend some time to clean-up his act.
And as always he must have the last Word
 PS - Yes, I have been shouting at you in red to improve the reach.
I am very sorry,   please forgive, if scourged
I promise, as time goes by, I will change it to a whisper in your ear
Please listen to the music with great care    it will not cost you a coin
Awa's very last wish
That somewhere on these pages you will
find your dream
to believe in
as a gift

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13 - Life and double helix creations
18 - El Siwá de los nativos costarricense
61 - After thoughts on 2010.
76 - Last page for 2011
77 - The era of light
24 - Afrikaanse Stories en Dinge.

Auras seen with Reflected light

You can actually pick what you want to see


Colusion of two drops in fractions of time

Reflected light from Auras in suspencion

Stock Photos as Demonstration of concepts included in this writing. such as Colmena, Electrons, Photons, Cosmic clouds,
including one demo of the lingo of the eyes.
Just click once on the link below - the pointer open the images without click

Oak seeds is called acorns
30 min long  narration about a man who planted Trees.
A Story about a man who planted Trees

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many worlds beyond

piedras sia
Cultura cultural de los Ticos

red on a blue sky

historia cultural
The history cultural de Costa Rica

History of the mask
matter, fibre and colours from nature

substances from nature

Guided Targeting
More on this order -  called Intelligent motion - meaning to push into place by shear willpower
Very clear objectives to empower.
Dream Catcher
Native American in harmony with all the creatures of nature - Just like love is a lenz to bring together all the living.
Just like love, is a lenz to bring together all the living.
World of substance
Link to the world of substances from  nature
 the ultimate key to all life forms - DNA
Click for more on the key to all life forms - DNA
Dreams for a perfect world
Link to dreams for a perfect world.
Double Helix Creations
More on life and double helix creations.
Iridescent Cosmic Auras
The Attributes of Cosmic Life
Blue Anemone Electrifies
Life right here in our Cosmos IDREA.
Nano boquet
Our Dreams for a Perfect World
Purple nudibranch
The Maker of Dreams for IDREA
Life on planet earth
more Life on planet earth
Global-net of communications
Global-net of Light as Life's Energy grid.
Energy as a Reward or a Right
Energy sources and  Petroleo tied to Money

Guided Targeting
To control our space in Universe.
Link to a demo of concepts
Link to a demo of concepts included in this writing. such as Colmena, bubbles, Electrons, Photons, Cosmic clouds. Micro Lenz
Promise of IDREA
New Life with the promise of IDREA

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Festival de la Luz San Jose Costa Rica 2011
Enlase a "Festival de la Luz "
Festival de la Luz San Jose Costa Rica 2011

Insight into the cultural history of Assyria
Following link plea of Syria

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Looking in to the small

Magical ideas for future dreams

the energetics of life

ethics in harmony

Dream again extreme




Aura de vida cosmica

The worlds of the micro y macro cosm

My view of space 25jrs ago

Smell the aroma of life

Dreams for a perfect world