our cosmos is life's creation

76 - Last page for 2011

Last page in our book of dreams and prayers for the future

Era of Light, Insight and Vision
era of light, insight and vision

night-blooming Cereus
one night flower from Jungle Mama  - not created for human eyes
incredible delicate beauty - day-creatures never see

1. Idréa wish to invite
where ever you may be on new year's eve

just light a small little flame and join us.

united in thought for one moment

It is a moment to be aware

of your own inner light

2. To see your future bright and clear


to start 2012 - entering the era of light.

with insight into our cloud, of being  alive now - in touch - by our finger tips

to our world wide web - to every mind

To the Internet of Things

The most beautiful images of nature - at the tip of our finger

You will find our ideal reality as a very visual world

as eye-speak shines from the windows of the mind.

 each critter have a mind of its own

 see the light of the living out there

understand the voice, speaking to your heart

listen to the voice of the god within

you just know,

we are only one

Rekindle your Life for another year
Rekindle your Life for another year.

barrio china tico
China town in San Jose,  Costa Rica

together we shine..

we join in a celebration to Life.

in memory of the only One

 we share with this one night stand moment

as the flower on the right - at the break of dawn, she is gone.

 "while we’ve been sleeping - our hearts were beating - so much closer than we ever knew - beneath the noise there’s an inner voice - whispering clear and true" - "togetherness"

as a frame of mind

Festival of Light 2011
Entering the era of light - starting in 2012
Festival of Light, San Jose, Costa Rica.

flying golden dragon
The making of a flying  dragon - aurora boreal for the Chinese new year.

Golden dragon against blue
understand the coming of the golden dragon as entering the era of light

By RRequest - Speak on Chinese Daoism

as a "way of  belief in our Idréa

where we plan to make things to happen".


One thing admirable about Chinese mythology is

its down to earth sense of humor.

for every starched civil servant in heaven

there's a mocking fable

or unexpected pun.

following musical demonstation as a blend of cultures in music

...The closing ceremony of the World Games in Shanghai

observe a World dance of many cultures

An expresion of dearness
love is another power to change
papua new guinea

Building our Idréa

moral ethics in concepts they can known and seen..

around life as the only god of a humble tribe.

The collective mind out there is globalization

Xi Jinping was very clear on that. We need rule of law and democracy

Xi Jinping y Peng Liyuan
Thank you for the colors

We wish to thank the oriental creators of fables

for an educational treasure trove on morals and ethics

 With mention to "Ice Age"

Visual fables for the younger generation to honor all life

to awake empathy as a virtue

Instead of a coldblooded brutal killer as a role-model - or to see a cheater as the winner in the video game

Is an example of creations for money only - with no morals -

 "El matonismo y brutalidad no tiene cabida en las Americas y deje de existir" - after all, only cowards and thiefs use arms.

china dream
In individual effort of all is the power to change

Most Chinese gods and goddesses

are deified humans

just like in most cultures on earth

meaning they're as prone to mistakes as ordinary people.

But rather than airbrush out the embarrassments

Chinese revels in them as another conclusion of the truth.

the higher you fly the harder you fall
 in reference to arrogance
Keep your feet firmly on our Mother Earth.

Lao Zi the Official
"It is better not to speak of things you do not understand."

yin yang
A sacred order and balance that must be preserved
matter and genetic material intertwined in perfect harmony

Add to all this confusion

the bureaucracy of heaven,

 and all the legions of civil servant gods,

 and more esoteric philosophy

than you can fit in a wok,

and now you have a pantheon

 you can really get your teeth into.



Life is a Maze
Look again objectively with reason
The Way cannot be found by seeking it.

Written Chinese consists of symbols

visual images illustrating an idea or a thing.

 one chinese symbol

can mean a whole sentence in english.

 each one of the four hundred

basic characters contains a concept,

and by putting them together, without sound

 more complex and abstract concepts are formed.

 ('small' + 'heart' = 'beware'). Meaning you can read a soundless book of just concepts. - welcome to a world of symbologia.

 With time, it is my intention to link up these images to places to go.

Chakana presents the three planes of consciousness

Inca Tribe
A symbol later becomes a link to their culture - to be researched.

symbols, avatars and images will become the prominent internet surfing tools - presenting a problem for the rest of the world.

who are used to looking at marks on pieces of paper

seeing what they sound like

 Go here for the Ode an die Freude (Ode to Joy) Beethoven


Speaking aloud the sounds of concepts and ideas is like music to our ears

to sing the concepts like a rap song

observe - when singing you can speak the truth - even poke fun at the king

The concept easy get lost, carried away in the ocean of sound.

Becomes like bird chattering - just music no meaning.


peng and xi
So nice to see you in blue

Chinese, "Song of the traveling daughter":

外有个世界 Men wai you ge shijie"Outside your door the world is waiting

心中有个声音 Xin zhong you ge shengyin"Inside your heart a voice is calling

四方等你来呀 Si fang deng ni lai ya"The four corners of the world are watching

游女游女 You nu you nu"So travel daughter, travel ...  go girl, go"

Shine for our name - now you have the insight.

The light shining from her eyes felt like a place I could remember forever.

ethereal blossom of a Nightblooming Cereus
One night stand not ment for human eyes

demonstration folklorico tico

now, to translate these sounds into words you can understand

something called sensible conclusions

such as in bio-logica

to bring clarity by means of objective reasoning

leading to logical concepts. 逻辑概念

now, be sure to find many cultures and traditions 文化和传统

all the many ways, to reach the top of the mountain,

from where you can see far and wide - as an objective

meaning to have profound objective understanding and insight

into the expanding light-aura of knowledge.

知识是now we are entering the era of light 2012

and in China they call it the Flying Golden Dragon..

Lao Zi
Observe his ears

Lao Zi's counterpart in copan

LAO-ZI said:

"It is better not to speak of things you do not understand."

Daoism is a highly philosophical school of Chinese belief,

formulated by LAO-ZI in the Sixth Century B.C.

 and still going strong today. It holds that the Universe,

 far from being a complex web of tangled events,

 is actually very very simple.

 All forms of matter and being are merely manifestations of YIN and YANG surrounded by QI energy.

Meaning, matter and genetic material intertwined in perfect harmony.

A sacred order and balance that must be preserved

Manifestations of YIN and YANG
Intimate moment - Will continue Until this Rock comes Alive
SúlaSibú's most Intimate moment -This also happen on Cosmic Scale.

Yin Yang Power

Energy and Mass

To understand the way is to live in harmony with creation,

you must free yourself of all complications and seek

'The Way'- cannot be found on any road signs

 but is located right next to the "path of least resistance".

the easiest way to harmonize with the flow of the living

 In DAOism, it is better to let things happen naturally

 than to strive after them.

This is known as Wu Wei.

It also means "effortless" and "growth"- plants grow by Wu Wei, they do not make efforts to grow, just do it right

The Wu Wei would therefore be a natural way of doing things, by natural laws of the bio-logioca

without forcing them to devices that distract from its harmony and principle.

Idréa we say -as demonstrated by Qu Yan - "do not allow the current, in the river of corruption to carry you away or gaze in the Sun" - foolish actions

Out of chaos there came order, and it was alive.

Go with the flow of time
 wise men knows without going, Sees without seeing,
"Cherish no worries and keep away from fame and gain"

Chinese Humor

the Zen calligraphy Wu Wei has been represented as a circle.   O
the harmonious continuation in a
cosmic sense must be followed.
intelligent reason must re-create
the whole order of the Universe following the Wu Wei
which is bio-logica  - shows the way to the light
life grows toward the light
it is all about the voyage towards the light
only admire with your eyes to engrave to memory and don’t touch

move on, and leave nature's beauty for others to enjoy too

The fat lazy one sitting on the gold

a symbol for the god of our cosmos
HunabKu god of our fathers before them

"The most effective course of action is always to do nothing." which means
"The Way" cannot be found by seeking it
because it is the God within.
failing to see this.

all we can suggest is that you find a gentle stream

 and gaze upon it until your mind is flowing in harmony.

if that doesn't work, try reading the

Pinyin Dao-De-Jing o "Tao-Te-Ching",

which is full of wisdom and doesn't have any long words in it.

the wise man knows without going

sees without seeing - does without doing.

meaning the wise man makes the things to happen 

by the knowledge of  YIN  YANG, surrounded by QI energy,

just remember, Wu Wei must remain in harmony 

 which is knowledge of the genetic code,  and its workings infinite and small,

it is that fine line separating the order of these two realities by intellect as bio-logica.

Symbols of Time
Since the time of Noah it means - there is a place with  Life out there
There is Life out there

YIN Yang in blue

intelligent reason must re-create

the whole order of the universe following the Wu Wei -

which is the Life force

being alive, is the only reality now

intelligent life is at the center of all.

In Idréa we are

the life-force that makes the things to happen

do not sit and wait, wish, hope or pray, before your time slips away in a fool's paradise


Hanukkah Costa Rica

Festival to the delight of grand parents

By RRequest - Speak on Corporal Punishment

Fast and cheap justice - If based on honor and pride

Teach humility of drive and determination - consideration

resilience and character of steel. to be gracious and harmonise.

I grew up in the old school system

with roots in Sparta  when the stoics became sages


Voluntarily you report at the principal’s office for punishment.

For not doing your homework - one lash - to start the day.

 If the teacher catch you out it is triple - worst of all - executed by the heartless Janitor/coach on the afternoon shift.


Light Festival of Hanukkah

Voluntarily you report     to Justice 8 O’clock in the morning to be cained,

"For not having ready my recitation in front of the class."

Meaning, man-up, and bend over to receive - on the bare cheeks of your sitter.

The indicated cain strokes with 10mm caña india whistling in the air.

 Without a scream or tear take your punishment

 Stoic like a Spartan you enter the classroom without a word,

Red faced you go sit on your pain without a wink...or a tear

 This was max honor - to stand for the truths and not to hide - to know right from wrong and be a sage

The best is, you learn perfect control of a massive infusion of adrenalin - Enkrateia

Honor strengthen ties between peers and cultivate a pride with humility as a team.

Kids who know about spanking, do not throw tantrums to shame their mothers, or behave bad in public


the scolars of Atenas

Enkrateia, is the virtue to have self esteem

Jenna, it is the cure for a chronic broken heart

It is the will to live, ego, self-respect, is tied to the instinct of grooming

 to look the very best with the feathers that is yours from birth......

as a power from within - that should be nurtured to grow into confidence - to heal a broken heart .

.bbelief in yourself, is the inner strength 

also meaning, you have to love yourself one drop more than others

To look for the very best - for your own well-being.
a little self interest first to be OK, sharp and focused tip top shape
Only this way – with the objectivity - little distance - like drops
You can give your very best performance to the rest
dedicate effectively and persistent - we count on you.

bridal procession

Opened many eyes to reality with a bang on the nerve ends

Smack on the behind,  is the way babies come to the world.

Normally once is enough - clapping your hands is a reminder.

Get your act together you are in the real world now

The objective, order and discipline conditioned - self  esteem and worth..

Wisely - do not spare the rod to spoil the child.

or "bend shape and form the Oak when a sapling" it takes loving care.

The condition is - it must be based on a resilient honor and pride  - elastic

This is a culture where character is being formed with real Life values.

Instead of fining you money – the escape of a coward - Money can not make everything right.


Ten ball Juggler
Mastering perfect timing, force, direction and spacial insight
Intellectual Agility.

nesting dolls from russia
Each one is ment to be a Dream
May all of them hatch. to see the colors.

Also, “it is better to hurt you - before you kill others”.

"To stop you - on your reckless trip in orbit".

The objective to inflict pain is to teach you

To take full responsibility for your every doing - accountable

Not to break your will

or destroy your ego and auto-esteem - humiliate to the nothingness of death crawl is ungodly punishment

Heartless bullies derive pleasure to see someone squirm break down and cry - to take their masks off in public - Like our school janitor. Ok If we have to inflict pain as consequence - it is better by robot where you punch in your weight, age, size and severity. = in % of strength. If there is no other way to make it up

, .

Teach to have honor and pride in yourself and your actions 

the kind of honor that can not be bought with money or gold, only by reason of the logica.

Man of your word  - giving your very best at all times is honorable

If you do not have a word - nobody pay attention - you're not allowed to speak or trade.

So man-up and take responsibility for your wrong doings

"thou shall not steal or lie"

I have a Dream is the stone of hope.
Out of the mountain of despair raise the stone of hope.
MLK Memorial

Let us remember some of the Dreams of MLK. Yes, He was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness,”Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars... Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.Wisdom born of experience should tell us that war is obsolete. We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools ... If we assume that life is worth living, if we assume that mankind has the right to survive, then we must find an alternative to war. I submit to you that if a man hasn't discovered something he will die for, he isn't fit to live. I still have a dream, deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed:
'We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.'  and all Life is Sacred
‘The dignity of mankind is inviolable. The duty of national power is its protection.

Therefore it is important to know right from wrong

 If you have wronged, you turn yourself in

 or make it right, before it is found to do harm

The unwritten cultural rules of our community - do not stoop for a handout.

Therefore, look out for each other and giving - "ser atento"

To be kind to all the minor critters and protect them from harm

and so,  a very humble honor help to bring order in resonance 

so, we can be proud of our Idréa and the way we are

and shine for our dream

Lets remember a radiant heart.
Ungodly Punishment - destroying Dignity, Honor and Pride

Ungodly Punishment

is to destroying the dignity, honor and pride 

Then let that person die a torture death on the cross. year after year

This ritual have no place in the Americas of a proud living God, where torture is despised.

as it is to inspire pity, appeal to the bleeding hearts

To make followers feel guilty for his death – "died for our sins" ?

This dogma belongs to a sick humility of chronic broken hearts

There are those who shamelessly fester on this quality of Man

Feeding on the grieving with death care


Yes, our role-model, god image must have dignity, honor and pride 

Encrateia is the name of this mask

 an instinct of grooming,

that can be observed in most dominant species as a driving force of evolution.

Overturn the tables of the money changers

The true story be known - He was a protester, ransomed  for 30 silver pieces -

 By the bankers and money changers, whose money-tables he overturned in the temple.

In protest, because they used the House of God as a market place to make money.

Where they sold Life for the burn offerings.

Burning pigeons (genetic material) instead of the paper money.

Very profitable to make the rules in the exchange of relative values

Like charging entrance fees for a gateway to heaven.

He was pointed out to the police, with  treacherous kiss 

 Judas smiling, holding the silver pieces in the hand.

On the other extreme is the coward without honor, self-pride.

The Police must go for him in chains

Tie him to take him away screaming his head off

This is the lowest Shame of Humanity.

The gutless wimp when facing justice


"It is a heartless sin to tie down and beat a Asno refusing his burden".


So is ungodly discipline - like spanking with a open hand - or fist

Never ever the head or face

 once upon a time, this was a challenge for a duel to death 

Try talking him into it, like with a carrot, you leading the way.

You can’t convince a believer

 because his believes is not based on evidence, but on a rooted need to belief in something.

You can lead the horse to the water - but can not make him drink if not thirsty

Or tell the obese to loose weight. means smaller potions less often like once a day

teach them from small

We have came aware that  many  have been killed, tortured and beaten for speaking for IDREA

In the name of public disobedience

This makes me very sad

 if I close my eyes, I can hear their screams of agony

  echoing in the dark inner chambers of the mind..

 It breaks my heart seeing how they are being beaten and sprayed for just sitting there peacefully

very disturbing I can not focus to think or write.

internet explorer


With holistic education the basic three R’s are to educate for:

 relationship, responsibility and reverence for all life.

Is a philosophy of education based on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in Life, through connections to the community, to the natural world,
Exposed to humanitarian cultural values, such as to be sharp, atento, useful, courteous, share, grateful, gracious, noble...como metas,
"Chispa, astusia y agilidad en todo sentido"
Worth demonstrated through pride in your work and peacefulness.

Shiba in a Sari discrete
Insight is to know it is Shiba with a Sari - This image is very educational and so is her page and tips on Tags - giving is a way of living and so nice to see.
When you do not see the whole - but Know.

We must push brute force and violence into isolation
 turning our backs - deny attention, nobody wants to be ignored.
The tradition of the wild wild west - Where the rudest with a gun is the  biggest hero
Video games with splattering blood - pulling triggers without second thought or a wink
Just taking what you want is all teaching the wrong morals that should be eradicated
Holistic education call forth from Idreanos an intrinsic reverence for life
 and a passionate love of knowing and to learning from nature.
As a way of Life in our Cosmos of Aw.
We live in a very visual world, be assured every critter out there can see and remember your every move
The creative mind have a visual memory, with time, words disappear in the transparency
A world where the aura of many souls resonate  as ONE
Children of the light shining for our Cosmos.
Look and see the radiance of reflected light from the living every where

Times-square 2012
Together we shine in blue is so nice to see

 But now we have Internet
Where they will learn in a spiraling endless chain of information.
The secret is, to know where the stepping stones are to cross the river.
and listen to the music you like - to keep you company.
Please take note we are creating
a world of visual symbols to link things together - to make it happen.
Internet is our nerve systemthat make us act like one, with excess to all information gathered by man.
Looking out we see the universe in evolution to come to order in resonance - when time comes to stop.
Looking in - we see the beginnings at atomic scale - things happening in real time to replicate.
Matter falling into place like potters clay - we give form and shape.

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