our cosmos is life's creation

75 - Personal tomograph of time

a dream for 2011
a visual sponge - to engrave to memory

Ingraving to memory evry detail
Five month old grandson looking at dust particles - Ingraving to memory every detail like an absorbing  sponge - I see you, but you can not see me, For that Image you have to look in a Mirror.
I see you, but you can not see me, For that image, you have to look in a Mirror.

especially for our grand children

"Los abuelos"

grandparents proudly take charge of the education

open the doors of magic and aaauw.

always a helping finger to hang on too

to discovering the world out there

a visual plane where nothing escapes observation

“chispa para estar en todo”

ideals of truth, beauty, goodness and the first of all is love

he teach, by displacing the toy just out of reach

make it disappear and reappear when needed.

help by peeling the prickly pear,  to reveal the nicest fruit

 a treasure-trove of flavors to share.

all the many ways to say mMmm o juk

to make sounds to ape our surroundings

the sounds things make, becomes it's name for a while.


world - earth day

much later,
 he teach them the basics of martial arts
where agility and grace in movement starts
teach them basic rules
"never attack from behind, or without warning".
don’t you dare to touch the face or head
 a grip around the neck or pulling hair.
the genitals and mammary glands is out of bounds
the solar plexus firm as a rock, or remain your soft spot.
to stand your ground and defend your reach

"Sticks and stones may break my bones,

but ugly scorning words, will never touch me,"

goes a playground rhyme, to help children cope with the bully 
Shield your aura impenetrable and strong with pride in the truth
if you want to know what is going on in your neighborhood.
Just ask the 10 year olds
the worst scandal and insult is to be confirmed as a "liar, cheat or a thief...".
to obtain that what is not rightfully yours

destortorted  vision

Ordinarily, thought expresses itself in words,

 feelings, gestures, cries, interjections, change of tone

It finds its complete and classic expression in music

the symbolist want to transfer the role of sound to words

to make of them the instrument

for translating and suggesting emotion through sound alone

 words have to act, not as signs,  but as sounds, in a rap song
symbols of logica flowing with the music, is the heartbeat of Life
listen with great care to the mesage bare
"musical notes in the service of an impassioned psychology."

Readers Request – "Speak about your own some more".
my memory is lost images of moments in time
tied to my senses
today I have just seen my own tomography - TAC
all of a sudden I perfectly understood, the inner workings of my being, as the perfect balance of many organisms working in unisome  to achieve perfect harmony and balance
serenity becomes timeless
visual insight is profound understanding as to the state of your surroundings.
because sight is three dimensional, you can place objects such as inner organs - at will in that visual field by bio-logica, taking into account relativity and perspective to focus 
like a cosmic map in imagination, and engrave to memory for a long long time.
imagination is like
the moves of chess, thinking ahead in time against an unidentified opponent
or making things fool proof, so the living won't kill themselves
like computer programs to arm molecules in cyberspace - and with a 3D printer make it to happen
it is  about taking the chemical experiment, to cyberspace

power transfer drive chain
to take it apart in your imagination

Such as the components of this drive train image on the right below - This takes real time as the dimension expands unto reality - with feel if touched, smell of lubricant, and the sound of power.
Rov's moving enormous mass against gravity.
 with perfect control.
imagination is the ability to create and control in a abstract realm - 抽象的领域 - like the moves of molecules in a nano realm. - or string many symbols together to tell a story. ej. arming a global cell structure, finding your nitch to resonate in unisome
togetherness - 团结 
and the music goes on, while you  move things in your mind - to will it to happen.
Like making your dream come true..使梦想成真一样..

coma cluster - take note only two nearby stars.
Today this image looks familiar as if with insight what it is - Life Structures, like molecules moving in time

Continue with a Tomograph Personal

Life in V838 Mon
You do not have to see the whole picture to Know

When I saw the first Hubble images on my first digital big screen - they transported my imagination for a hole day of 14 hrs. Everything looked so familiar as if I had seen it many times before. I live in a very visual world . My memory is a chain of images of all the important things, right down to the first ray of morning sunlight, through a slit in the curtains of a smoky kitchen,  one winter morning at sunrise, on the African high-veld plain. Here now if I close my eyes I can still see very clear the images of floating  dust particles mixed with the fabric fibers from my blue baby blanket, no more than 10cms from my eyes - against the smoke and flames sparking - coming from the wooden stove
my first expierience in relativity, objectivity and perspective - whau - what an impresive world.

Many young blue stars
A place where dreams are made.

To this very day I wait for that first ray of light, like a ritual, to start a new day.
Awakening with the first bird call to announce the coming of a new day
Another day to do something good for the living
 all the living nature.sharing our Life space at this moment.
 Like watering the flowering garden - feeding the fish in the pond,
the wild, white winged pigeons coming to share the crumbs from our table.
admiration - for their grace, and the flow of harmonious movement 
just like Da Vinci, I admire pigeons flying straight up
with full power against gravity
Now in my old age,  my best reward is to admire this scene every day,
 right from my living room.

So many Spacial molecules turning in Space.

Common Chemicals

This discovery of vision and space full of particles is engraved there somewhere.- take into account exposure to these engravings everyday for a period lets say two years. Played a dominant role in my spacial memory of auras and spheres - I always just knew space is a place where things have a  influence sphere - attract each other and others repel. There was later on, time for my first experiments - like blowing or shaking my blanket causing incredible changes like whirlpools - when I got to know about chemistry - everything just fell in place - just like molecules under a microscope, string them together and turn them around, and around - because I have seen this right before my eyes, so many mornings waiting for the first horizontal rays of light, to this very day. I am a day creature. Although I have exceptional night vision. Very aware of eyes focusing on me. In observation - in the cross-hairs. If it is too many eyes - I freak out. I guess you can call it shy, or autism if you wish. Directly opposite of stage people who just love to be in focus - I get blocked out - as if a short circuit in the hippocampo of the brain, shouting -  fly away. Dino time bird instinct.  And following the next link, please observe her eyes speak "you're in focus and ON the air"    The biggest nightmare off them all. This moment is when my system switch off and I freeze up in time - Can not hear, think or speak a word - To play dead is also a Dino-reptile instinct right from the hippocampo. Catatonic. The trick is to switch on and off, at will. When the coast is clear. It is an art to go your way, unobserved without calling attention..

Listen to the voices of the Living


Names do not always tie-up with my images, but sounds do – as 7yr old I could imitate any bird, and played games on them. 
Timelesslong time ago I have stopped looking in the mirror at my toothless face.
although, I have found with time the shades of blue in memory is changing
becomes awash in transparent blue.
only takes form if I focus on detail.
focusing multiple sense memories overlap in detailed imagination with sound, color and movement
You do not have to see the whole picture to know what it is,
with profound insight it becomes like a rose, with unfolding petals.

Vonnie von Wielligh 1945
Around this time I stopped speaking

Around this age on the right I started to stutter and finely stopped speaking. At the same time my stept mother came on the scene. She was a Alfa Female. With a razor sharp tong that cracked like a whip lash. She never was unkind to me - taught me to play many games including chess, always called me to taste the food to detect the baking powder, spices or salt - identify the origin of a bad smell in the kitchen etc. Finely she ended up with hundreds of trofeos as rewards for her mastery as champion chef, flower and other decorations. In honor of Ma San - "Susanna Johanna Boshoff van Nylstroom se wéreld" - Yes, she also made the best "Koeksisters in ons kontry." She will not forgive me, if I do not mention here, she was always cheating in the games we played, you must be sharp to catch her out.
The game was really, to outsmart each other. Just like in real Life.

Many worlds beyond

To be focused, sharp and concentrate,  never let your attention drift for one moment - Because if you do, you're check-mate.
 Like in chess, to have an image where everything is at all times.
  She inspired mental agility, the loggia behind to make things happen "analytical deduction and chemistry basics." And I remember all the experiments to make the roses last longer. The ginger beer we brewed on the windowsill, in a giant transparent wine bottle that came from Italy. For hours I was watching how the whole grains start forming an expanding bubble,  then slowly raise to the top expel the carbon dioxide  falling back to the bottom, to start all over again for the race to the top.  Had my own chemistry lab at the age of ten. She opened a world of imagination and know how insight. Looking back. Today as a stepson, admit she was a alfa pillar in our family and community - did not stop speaking, until the school bus picked me up at home on the farm. Wished to let her know that in south east Asia I have found people,  that count in groups of five just like me. Further on in my travels I have found people writing with symbols of ideas, just like icons, tags, if it is visual  symbols, it is so much easier to remember.

Many eyes

Symbol for a rock

The saying "Jack of all trades master of none", makes me smile. As I speak many tongues but can not write anyone of them -  as I am unable to translate  sounds into letters that float out there. If I try phonetic it is even worse. Latin and inglish is "confundible". It is so much easier to remember images and symbols as in Chinese - see how much you can remember.     I have never tried to master words as a tool to paint, so others can see. Please forgive, if I can not remember all your faces or names - but your eyes yes.   So many many friendly smiling eyes, happy eyes, hungry eyes, shifty eyes, desperate eyes, depth-less eyes, pleading haunting eyes, evading eyes that refuse to meet, ice-cold-stone-face-eyes, greedy eyes, disrobing eyes, and the worst, empty starring eyes I wish not to see or remember but would like to define
as can be seen on TV - a hungry Somalia

Hungry eyes, hopeless and empty, where the embers smolder and dying

As in Africa Somalia today 20110910

is a nightmare where I am tied down to watch everything in real time

If you can not help someone, you can only wish them well

pray for them, to see the light, or some-one look out to share in their misery.

The story throughout history - when hunger strikes man sell himself in slavery.

Willing to work only for food. The incredible resilience of a life

Tibetan om


very desturbing to see mothers mourning by the dead
days on end - I find heartbreaking sad.
The mothers of all creatures mourning
 days on end beside their lifeless young
Even our restless house-sparrow, keep calling them by name to feed... "Como gallina culeca"
These  things hard to take is better not seen - "Awa was raised by Aia" - She taught him this, by covering his eyes with her hands. Deep rooted culture dictate not to look at the obscene, it's better not seen to engrave all detail, only identify partial content like a wink - like looking with a blind eye - turning your back on the horror around - or set out to change the world into the era of light, insight and vision. To be able see anything, any time we want, as long as we want.

Neuronal Cells
human NT   2 Neuronal cells 6 weeks old

eye set

And here today as seen below - it is a blank page in blue - take note no depth of field - imagination will place it there, as imaged further down, as the flowering of passion. or a complex drive-system consisting of many components - putting it together in the mind where imagination reveal the details all around


Blank flat page without depth
Blank Page in my mind - Imagination create depth

If you liked Schubert - Clik here for Mozard

a Cane flower you can smell miles away

It is like trying to describe the music of a 
The strings tied to your heart
or the smell of chocolate laced coffee.
Or the taste and smell of a fresh apple, off the tree just right. But you can bring it back by association with your other senses. Each sense have a memory. Like the touch of silk in my finger tips - and sight, seem to ping with a wave of curves, smells, the feel of ripe fruit, and how it taste. Controlled by our hippo-campus, the section of the brain where all long term memories comes to light

 Years later, when you smell the same molecule it rings a bell - just appearing in the blue with image and all the colors. That pheromone molecule is captured by your sense and incorporated in your cell structure must vibrate in resonance somehow - ping with one that is there.

Hear the music out there.

beauty for a One night stand
Incredible beauty for a One night stand

When images find it’s eco the ping resound like looking for a word - It appears out of the blue. Smell the roses and with your minds eye you can see the flower it came from. With practise you can even tell the color of the rose - they do not smell the same - the changing frequency and charge of an oozing aroma particle as it starts wilting

Ej In the image on the right above is a night flower with an Aroma that covers an hour’s walk to get to the source,  the reach of the aura is an hour’s walk in any direction... 

Smell brings back an image to memory by association, that is a Creation in the mind.
The Flowering of pasion

Dream Castles in Space.

Dudley “It is quite easy to recall to the memory a painting in a distant location and see the various colours chosen by the artist. OK let’s call it the inner eye. One can ‘see’ these colours in the imagination without the involvement of light waves”. Isaac Newton in a letter to Harry Oldenburg wrote:”… to determine by what modes or actions light produceth in our minds the phantasm of colour is not so easie.” 

Dreamers  Cave - Nature's own Tomograph of millions of years in time
Dreamers Cave

Auras of life

In Idrea we call it the  power of the imagination. It is a creative force in the mind that interprets images engraved in the memory, and through intelligent reasoning project images in the imagination and you can see the moments in history.  A tomograph of future time you make in your mind, like interpreting a space rock with impact craters. Like when you smell esters o pheromones, just a few molecules make you recognize what it is and where you have smelled it first,  it ping, with one that is there in your gene makeup – smell brings back an image to memory by association,  a creation in the mind where only partial content is needed for insight of the whole. 


Precious Fragrance and Incense Oils

Is also connected with taste. A wine taster has a filing cabinet to classify comparative Tastes, Aromas, and Colors. A Chef is a master who knows how to combine these molecules in culinary dishes, to the envy of the connoisseurs. Personally I find Wine with the taste of ironoxide a very annoying after taste. Like fruit tasting like can. With age imagination improve, thanks to a large data bank of image Information –
With practice every sense becomes sharper,
you instinctively know what is going to happen
if a shadow pass overhead.

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looking at me
He look you straight in the eye - Predetermine your intentions

bearded dragon
He interped your intent looking at your eye - Doubt makes him scramble for Life.

Like when you suddenly look a critter in the eyes you just know - he is alive
 and taking pictures of you
he is trying to difine your intentions,
Just a moving Shadow is needed to spur to flight
triggered by the instinct of a Dino brain, Blind Fright, as fast as you can, to oblivion. Like the red-eyed pigeons from the wild, collide against the Cristal windows of my home – the humming birds too. Makes me sad. They just don’t get used to city life. But the house Sparrows Yes – not a fly in my home.

Red eye pigeon


If you recall a sculpture (something of your making) and stop by that image for a while, for a moment you can hear the music and the voices and if you slow time, you see how it was made and hear what they were singing. And now we are looking at a DNA molecule and we find it contain many pheromone spores from the past as part of our genetic makeup. We must have a very clear picture in our minds in order to interface with our digital world to control with the imagination – to Ping like a internet signal.



Share another confidential memory

Around 7yrs old in grandpa’s absence, in a wish to know about the effect of his Whisky.

Forceful I downed halve a glass of this fire water

Needless to say – It made me very very sick 

vomited myself dry,

even with nothing there

Now more than 60yrs later – the smell of Whisky even on the breath of a person,

Is tied to my stomach just like the smell of death.

Triggers a signal of flight to get away.

So vivid in the imagination it can follow me around,

and I smell the Whisky on my clothes for hours with my tummy tied in a knot.

Esencia de Olores

Then Grandpa in Hospital the smell of cancer was engraved.

I refused to get near a hospital for 60yrs - recently they wheeled me in, feet first.

I am sure my nose have saved my life many times over.

A simple rule – if it does not smell right – my stomach refuse.

Nearly gone only once with paté in Pnom Phen, Cambodia.

It was not passed over fire – basic rule. Instinct warned 

 "But the Restaurant is French - surely know what they do".

The war between instinct and what your heart tels you.

As always – when it is about love and occult motives.

 You know you are going to burn - but just love every moment of it.

Dream Maker
Insight into the Era of Light and Vision

A brief comment of Tesla at a time of hubris:“I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success, the approaching moment of triumph".

You live for days and months on pure adrenalin you fabricate in your system in the brain the dopamina neurotransmitor. To get high without the Drugs. Pure Auto motivation to Creativity - Or when you alow yourself to be transported by "von Beethofen se instrumentale uitwerkings" I resonate with his music - To do with Temprament Artezanal. To make, and hear the music in your imagination. To make and Create in the mind neads delicate Harmony that Resonate.

The Drive to make a dream come true makes you feel ex... Your arterial pressure goes to two fifty. And your heart just stop under the strain - everything goes dark - this happened to me - Drive can burn you out just like any drug. Beter to take it slower with time to think, enjoy trips in imagination, listening to the music and watch the children play.

 The sound of our colmena is music to the ear.

Food for Imagination - Infinate layers of time - like a Tomograph of earth.

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