our cosmos is life's creation

74 - Idrea looking at our future

Picturesque Venus Transit Our Helios.
Observe the transit of Venus in front of our Helios - the same will happen in 2012
Just like in 2012.

Idrea looking at our future
Idrea looking at our dream  for the future.


and grand parents as in so many cultures take care of their grand children's education

they open the doors of magic and auwww.

help them to discovering the world out there

a visual plane where nothing must escape observation

with their eyes, following every move

 “chispa para estar en todo”


Promise of IDREA
New Life with the promise of IDREA

he teach, by displacing the toy just out of reach

make it disappear and reappear when needed

peeled the fruit to reveal, a treasure-trove of flavors, to share.

making sounds to ape our surroundings, all the many ways to say mMmmm o yik

the sound things make, becomes things names for a while.

the world of vision, symbols and gestures are born

and so, they dominate, face reading, gestures and sign language

Observe they understand dancing, rhythm and rhyme  long long, before speech

eye speak is instinct that can be traced to our primates

cupping the head by hand, means - you are not alone - count on me

The school of Athens
the scolars and scribes of Athens

Platon por raphael
and above all is love

he teach them the Martial arts

and basic rules to take care

agility and gracefulness in movement

never attack from behind or without warning.

don’t you dare to touch the face,

or the head, pulling hair

a grip around the neck - is to be an awful bully

the genitals and mammary glands, is out of bounds

the solar plexus firm as a rock

or remain your soft spot

to stand your ground and defend your reach

shield your aura impenetrable strong with honor in the truth

if you want to know what is going on in your neighborhood

just ask the 10 year old's - "ellos estan en todo"


Wealth of Idrea is knowledge
Magic in your hands


 to create wealth

invest wisely in Idréa

the raising of the our new generation

where we apply money to promote a healthy sane society.

where money serve life, and all the living

where every life have a promissory bond - with a net worth
meaning put a price on her head - to be cared for - to get paid.
only for the brilliance of a coin man will care for the living ??????
wealth is to keep them alive and blooming like the roses
man wants a reward to serve his god. ??????
how about only good health, food,  loving care to make you belong, and needed to make you happy...   
human privilege  today is - to be connected to Internet with an iphone 5, or a touch screen. Now even inmates have them

See the Way of Life.
Chinese humor is a way to see Life

     Create wealth with clear objectives and the evolution of thought

focus groups to string together concepts and ideas.
to reason out the best way   "No they can’t" – but together, we can

 religious fanatics can outweigh, if combined with love of God.

togetherness of the human tribe

The power of the masses needs direction in the form of GOD

it is noble to serve our god 

 which is the life of all the living.

 dedication to the matters of the collective mind - just like globalization - the communal mind creating our future 

 making the things to happen in a certain order and sequence is programming our future

the creation of our Idréa.

Aten disk

From aten flow the life energy

Nefer-nefru-Aten - Nefertiti, living forever

Akhenaten to be the first monotheist and scientist in history

Nefertiti and her husband were known for a religious revolution

in which they worshiped one god only

  Aten, or the sun disc - from where radiate life giving energy

light is  life's energy - we are the children of light

as everything we eat comes from light-spin energy

 The "Hymn to the Aten"

Whom have taught your ways and your might.

Those living on earth

come from your hand as you made them.

When you have dawned they live.

When you set they die - the only constant we can count on

True to live image
To the honor of the lady of the two lands

You yourself are lifetimes, one lives by you.

All eyes are on your beauty until you set.

All labor ceases when you rest in the west

then when you rise again

 you stir everyone for the Lord,

and the great Queen whom he loves,

 the Lady of the two lands,

Nefer-nefru-Aten - Nefertiti, living forever

Man with the Owl
Man with the Owl and the burning sapling Oak
Mourning by the ashes of the creative force

Oxyrhynchus papyrus

And the kingdom of heaven is within you

and he who knows himself shall find it

Seek therefore to know yourselves

and you will know

 that ye are the sons of the Father

 and that ye are in the City of God

and that ye are the city.


Imentet and Ra from the tomb of Nefertari

so now we know the truth 

the only sin in the eyes of God.

is the creative force, going to waste

like the death of a sapling Oak

the going to waste, of healthy strong creators, standing idle.

not knowing whom to follow or serve


the call of man is to serve his GOD.

which is the Liaf of all the living.

let there be light - light in the mind

 of the living who is reading these words

to see our future very bright and clear

 as clear as the eyebrow of Aten

the aura of Helios is the thriving of the living on planet earth.

Hunger Ethiopia
haunting images we wish not to remember - y prevent from happening
Hungry moha children far away


If you are going out to harvest your crops

 but find nothing to eat.

2011- As in Somalia Africa.

All your efforts and labor of planting and caring for your herd

all in vain.

African historical evidence indicate a 7 yr cycle since egyptian times. The spirit to survive, drive enormous migrations of all the living, too find food, which never comes for free and many have sold themselves into

 slave labor for food only 

This history of man, repeats it self.

So many many pleading hands.

Therefore - as rule of thumb 

if you produce you will have to eat

just like a free-enterprise

"If you feed them, you own them"

meaning you are responsible for

their well-being in every sense of the word even healthcare.

as a treasure trove of human capital 

the creative force that make things to happen

have very simple needs, to resonate in harmony.

Oak seeds is called acorns
30 min long  narration about a man who planted Trees.
A Story about a man who planted Trees

Needs coordination of this human energy, that makes up 80% of all man 

the followers, soldiers, the workers, just like the ants.

they work for food and keep only, dreaming to have toy's to play with

 like an Iphone 5.

the living redirected to serve the whole - bring technology and know how into their world

to prevent repetition of the mistakes known before..

Teach them to steer their ship - lead with intelligence and smart reasoning.

Like a league of african nations - to care and look out for the minor tribes

Above all, the "people of the forest shall not be eaten - or sold - dead or alive.

unless you raised and took care of this food".

And don't you dare, cut one more tree - unless you have planted five

the lazy Buda


On the other hand - Jobless people are people without a dream,

god and money

Without hope and faith for a better tomorrow.

Waiting for a hand out,

or to follow someone else’s dream - to work for.

People without a dream do not dedicate their energies.


Vegetating their time away in the land of plenty.

 normally obese,

reserves,  just in case harder times lies beyond. Many as result of living insecure in  poverty.

waiting to be fed, just floating with the tide,

 going for a ride

 This is a cultural flaw 
to belief, that we owe you a living
as a hand out, to vegetate your time away in a fool's paradise


Remember when man was thrown out of Eden and lost his innocence - He was doomed to earn his food with sweat on his brow and blistered hands.
This culture stands in most of the great nations on earth today.
The most nobel act is to serve mankind with a responsibility.
To belong to the chain of command. - sharing a high dream.
With Holistic Education the basic three R’s are education for:
relationship, responsibility and reverence for all life.
Something that starts in community known as "Cultural values", to find your place in the spiraling chain of an industrious  community - to be aware, feel and show your  worth from small - also if you know something is wrong to make it right - defending those, who can not speak for them selfs

A Live ant digestive system for refueling
A Live ant digestive system for refueling
Nectar for wary co-workers

The basic rights entitlement have to be re-defined.
Basic human rights is the right to be alive....
depending on your usefulness, beneficial in Life's  creation to deserve a reward and remembered with honor.

rewards must be tied with energy consumption & utility to the whole.

"By the weight of your heart you will be judged"
makes us wonder what happened to the dreams of Crony Capitalism - Serving Two Masters? 
What happened to individualism, free enterprise, entrepreneurs?
Liberty, egalitarianism, populism and laissez-faire capitalism  
It was a mistake of the Supreme Court  giving money the same voice and power to vote as man - Money corrupt - meaning unlimited $ from unknown origin is buying votes from those who wish to sell out for a few silver pieces to the Super Pacs.- greed, hoarding and shameless corruption is the ugly face we wish not to see, as our future do not depend on money for healthy political choices.
Nothing wrong to make money, with fairness

Festival de la Luz San Jose Costa Rica 2011
Enlase a "Festival de la Luz "
Festival de la Luz San Jose Costa Rica 2011

Awa the maker of dreams
There is only one life to give, with honor and pride.
Togetherness - to share in our festive days.

How about clever deductive reasoning

United we stand for Idréa.

One American Nation as a friend of the world, to work in peace and harmony with all our neighbors
We wish to invite all the tribes of earth including the tribes of Islam to join us in thought this year's end, during our annual
Festival to Inner Light - Deepavali - Hanukkah - Kwanza........
To celebrate the beginning of  Idréa
together we enter the  new era of light, 
 insight and vision starting in 2012 as predicted by the prophets
our forefathers and mayas long long ago.

Qu Yuan the Poet
He warned his superiors of widespread Corruption that toppled the power-structure.
Qu Yuan the Poet and Honest Statesmen

How about real social democratic capitalist values

for Idréa just like a tribal family based on "trust your own"

Where one man have one vote regardless of sex, race, tribe, color, money or favors he will earn.

Vote for someone who can best present the needs of the living - not the most populous. From experience we can recommend you this - Do not vote for the treacherous war-mongers,  and chicken hawks

We are only one human race - first of all - the life of all man, and all the minor one's first.

under one only god named life.

The life of all, is ONE


We should Care and respect each other - Just like a Big Tribal Family

Standing up for each other - like brothers should.

Discover the Power of Love.

Self Sacrifice for the good of the Living

is the most Noble act of all

to be remembered with Honor

We remember Qu Yuan - demonstrating what happen if you flowwith the current of corruption

His Message  There is only One Life to give with Honor and Pride.

To better, the LIFE of All.

In IDREA you can be what you want to be.

As long as you stay in harmony with our ambiente.

The world of my imagination is  my world

as opposed to the world of our understanding

which is the world we share with all our fellow creatures.



Job creation  is creating new dreams

To make war is not the solution, better go for community service.

Soldiers in an ant group, stands guard to protect, and teach about our Cultural Treasures
to teach,  preserve and propagate the Collective Memory - The soldiers dedicated to reconstruct the ancient origins of our past.

Guardians of our culture to work in peace.


To be creative is a calling as in many cultures of the past - and can be observed in nature everywhere - To feel your worth by throwing in your weight.

To belong to a creative group, like rock-painters or a nation growing food.

Empires reign by right of conquest, not by birth, and after all

The naked truth - You belong to the Tribe where your heart is.

That Community just like a Cell structure,  to whom you dedicate, willing to defend - take a stand - swore alliance to a cause.

 Tribe is a close nit community dedicated to the same cause - Like a family with a Head or Artezan Guild -


Flute player

Now I am aware - patriotism is dead

Nationalism is out of bounds and have a violently bad history

I have made a grave mistake.

unless, we can feel patriotic about our cosmos Idréa

as a world dream - to be one humanity - with One only God - with many many flags as in Tibet.


skilled artisan potter during the production of a vessel of clay
We form and shape matter

Also too unfair - CR is a Tico nation with 5 million -

against the nation of China with billions.

How about the Americas with all the tribes united as one nation with one voice

"viva la evolucion Bolivariano

Do we dare to have this Dream - after all - we are all living in America.

resolve the conflicts with private enterprise is to have limitations

OEA el Salvador 2011
Maybe they should speak in one louder voice.
41 looking for Identity - do not loose our Latin Friends.

The United States of all the Americas.

One american nation as a friend of the world to work in peace towards a mutual goal,
We are all together and equal under One Only God. And the three sovereign rights of man
"Life, Liberty and the pursuit of love and happiness to share with your tribe"


Nation also tend to inflame violence even in sport over an unfair goal or arbitrage.


How about we compete by weight, age, height, size......

Fut-ball by Club's, Canton, Province, States, Countries limited by numbers,

or colored flags

Very important to know which team best dominate the ball.



Representing the presence of man

"Nation, Religion, Race and Sex is out of bounds".

Do not exist - Meaning all related Symbols, Public advances, unwanted attention, gestures or references are off limits. .

Rituals and related tribal customs o ceremonies in private


We are one Human Tribe

We must speak in one Voice - Together We can Do Anything.

We are all one family, the whole world is our only garden
We are Creating our Ideal Reality called IDREA.

A Culture that starts in every home is reverence for Life.

Take care of this Oak
Take care of this Oak

Remember supply and demand – wages must go down - like two for one.

for most Work for Food only - I know of Seven billion - 50 million in North America only

Who is willing to take on this offer "For board and keep you own me"

"I will give you my very best all the time" Together we Create a New World.

Culturally idleness must be branded as undesired -  rejection of laziness and obesity,

To be useless and Hopeless is  to vegetate

Oak acorns
Following a narration about a man who planted Trees. 30 mins long.
True Story about a man who planted Trees

It is noble to be creative as a group 
to belong to the creators of Aw
As we say in our Costa Rican national anthem.
Salve, oh patria!, tu pródigo suelo,
dulce abrigo y sustento nos da;
bajo el límpo azul de tu cielo,
¡vivan siempre el trabajo y la paz!
 Hail, oh fatherland, your prodigal soil
 Sweetly gives us food and shelter - It is all we need
Beneath the clear limpid blue of your sky,
Live always work and peace.
Always Live for Work in Peace.

cherry blossom painting

To be in Harmony with our surroundings.

It is Noble to be Creative in your community

to work or dedicate to the well-being of each other.

“El calor humano Velando por todo los Seres Vivos".

Therefore you need Dream Makers and the Creators

Leaders and followers - the hierarchy of command


The Creative Power of the Mind must focus on Creation

Concentrated on clear objectives for the better of the whole.

Starting in every home - community - Basic Human values and needs.

New role models

Conflict of what is Noble Values

Man have the rooted need to feel and show his Worth
 to feel he Serve a Unique Purpose - is Only - Special & Indispensable.
He wants to dedicate to a Higher Purpose……………to a God.
How about Dedicate to the LIFE of all the Living
The most Nobel Act dedicate to the Living God of IDREA. 
LIFE is ONE & Only.

20111012 - Just had a successful coronary stent procedure - wish to thank the medical team of the Clinica Biblica.
For a while - Page for Educational links experimentation with movements, movie clips and sound as
Demonstration of concepts included in this writing. such as Colmena, electrons, photons, Cosmic clouds,
 included somewhere - demo of the lingo of the eyes.
Click to download (around 75 seconds with broadband) - If you get stuck, click a step back, to get back to us.
I hope we do not not get separated - by the technology.
Enjoy and understand relativity of space, movements in relative densities and time. To bring some magic in our scene.

To Dominate the Ball is your Calling
To Dominate the Ball coming your way
Juggling Kids

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