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73 - Energy sources & other values.


Corporate  Greed

Energy consumption is directly proportional to the production and development of a Nation.

It is wise for a nation to tie his Currency
 to Energy sources as a reward system.
The Condition is -
you Here we need a Symbol for this God Authority.
For the moment it is OPEC. Or is it the person who set the price at the Pump.
 Who must be in control of Energy and Gains for your Country.
Or the World.
Meaning to control Currency value tied to productivity/Energy.
This way, the goal is  Efficiency - to get more bang for your buck.
Just like Free Enterprise

industrial behemoths

Electron shell of 75
Link here for a interactive insight into relative size
Electron shell 075 Rhenium

The Blacksmiths constitute the socio-professional group that made the tools, the jewelries, and other things, using steel, iron, gold, and other metals. Artezans of their trade.

Today they still make TOOLS that incorporate these jewels in the form of electronics and other Nanotec gadgets, using steel, iron, gold, other metals and ceramics.

To make things to last a life time.

With precious Rare Earth Elements for cooling, like Rhenium 75 in Tungsten Carbide to remove material at increble speeds.They make enormous robots dewauwering rock to change it in dist at mantle temps. Tunneling through the hardest Rock following the trail of a Rare Trace Element through cracks and crannies deep down they go. Yes, we must get it all.


Looking at the Future
Looking at the Future to Create real Wealth of Nations

We think it wise to mention here to all who wish to know.

All the rare earth, minerals and real metals with easy excess will have been extracted in your lifetime. Meaning within the next 50yrs. including easy assessable energy. Following a list of names with links to Wiki for in depth understanding of their makeup. Meaning we must apply them with wisdom such as to give priority to most Utile applications in special Tools - meaning Robotic applications with memory and storage place, as ej. Making the Specialized Life forms we need to handle things out there - Like having  Space Tractors on standby to haul a dead Satellite to the scrap pile. A refueling and repair base and remember - to move the launch pad of our Cerbatana.Undecided

·       Group A..: strontium, silver, antimony, gold, zinc, arsenic, tin, indium, zirconium, lead, cadmium, barium;

·       Group B.. : mercury, tungsten, copper, thallium, manganese, nickel;

·       Group C.. : molybdenum, rhenium, bismuth, yttrium, niobium;

·       It seems Iron extraction will take us to the mid’s of this century.: iron.


By the way we can be sure - many of those asteroid rocks out there is pure old rare earth precious materials. priceless building materials. We estimate it wise to invest in such ventures - Asteroid Hunters - to gain Control of our space in Universe.  More on this subject go here.

Guided Targeting


When Capitalist Free enterprise change into Profit Greed

Global Corporations becomes too big and grow out of proportions because of shameless profit margins....

They become Big Government and buy the power, to rig things their way - buying out politics.

Money Corrupts those without Enkrateia. Self Esteem

Materialistic Bond Tie you down 


Exploiting people, communities, countries and many other nations just like the religion of the Empire .

All the wealth and Power is in their hands - Hoarders of Junk 囤积

Now these pinheads are sitting on their hands, and the money

and the country goes broke because they have it all..

It is National wealth - the Country is calling on you - to be Patriotic.

If they do not get their act together, chip in to bail out with cheaper energy.

Nationalize them.
On second Thoughts - Responsible Central Control is needed when it comes to the creation of money value.
Nationalize - all the Banks and Wall street too - changed for real National Financial Control
because it means to be in control of the growth and evolution of all.
Mammon serving the Living for a change is an alternative
When you place a nett worth on evry Life - receiving compensation for their keep, like a herdsman.

Prices are not determined by supply and demand.

They set the price for a cost plus gains expected.

Remember they have the monopoly

When a Monopoles becomes too big it starts rotting from inside out.

Because the Right coding for a sane Life has been lost.

Growing like parasites without end. They will suck you dry and leave you without money

Neither depend on them for alternative energy sources - conflict of interest.


Ok - they say they have shelled out 40B

As I know Capitalists, they never loose.

They will not write it off.

They will make sure you pay it back with interest to the last cent

We think it would be wise if OPEC get off the US$ Price and quote.
Deal with Nations, Each according to their needs in their own Value system.
Those who control Energy - control the progression of the Living .
It should be the elected Rep's of Nations, coming to an agreement to apply this wealth for Noble applications and motives - Such as Helping a small devastated Island Nation, to get back on their feet with 5 years worth of petroleum energy - they are a very proud people, who would rather parish than asking for help. We speak for Nippon, as IDREA  have many friends out there - See with your hearts 

Energy is the currency of nations.

Per capita income is directly proportional to personal Energy Production/consumption.

Until enough alternative energy is available

This starts in every home - to be productive.

In IDREA all the Technicians Swear the Oath to LIFE our Living God...

I promise to practice my profession for the Progressive Evolution of LIFE with a conscience

respect for the dignity of all the Living 

  and never participate or contribute, in the senseless destruction of the healthy Living, and will make every effort to ensure that this, never never happens. And you say "I Swear" and all the Living around you are witness to your oath.

Now you are in harmony with our IDREA in Resonance.

 Where Intelligence and Reason must make decisions as to the future of all the Living. Where all the riches of the earth shall be applied for the progressive evolution of a healthy LIFE on our mother earth. 

By RR - coment on Gulf oil spil. 
Causing such a Environmental Disaster to happen - is when you 
"Irresponsible and Carelessly close your eyes in the name of Greed and Gain."
When money comes before the safety of the Living.
 If the Cacique speaks for the Life of the Living, he decree. In IDREA this Empire  should go for broke. (Union Carbide should have gone that way too). Now everything  owned belongs to LIFE and the Living. Intelligence must take Charge to run the show.  To the Technical Personal who operate things down below there, We hope you leave all the Control-room recordings and images as a school for the incoming Shift. From an ex-operator - you have my admiration, congratulations, the way to go. Lets make the ROV's and BOT's even better for tomorrow. Under water and space too. The Future depend on the Technical World of remote controlled ROV's going every where,  you are in control of  our  IDREA now, Don't let us Down.

burning money with complete disregard for values such as Energy. Preciuos Energy - All that oil can be recuperated to the last drop.- Finders Keepers.
Oil Burning should Stop

We make a call on all Technical Personal where ever you may be.

To sabotage any attempt on the mass destruction of LIFE anywhere

 and never to participate, or contribute, in the senseless destruction of healthy Life. And make an all out effort to stop this from happening ever again, (such as a nuclear device or germ warfare, the escape of a very bad microbe is our biggest enemy in the future now - and the vanity of man).   The whole Technical World should be

 Ruled by a Pledge to LIFE and double safety first

It is our Hippocratic Oath, we Pledge our Lives.

Every Professional Technician should make this Oath and Swear to our God LIFE.

It is an Artezan's Honor and Pride to say -

"I Stand for the Sacred Pledge to LIFE"

Just like Mollecules of Oil in Suspension
Mollecules of Oil in Suspension

It was known that Wellhead was defective before installation. “You knew it was defective” - it is supposed to shut off. “To save them Money”   Let’s make war on Money - after all - it is only numbers on a PC somewhere – who cares. It is an Artezans PRIDE that is in play. Don't bring us shame. - Now you know - Do not let the cost factor overrule Safety and Functionality. For our Creations, only the Best Materials and Equipment – to make things to last a Lifetime. Let's make the Bots  and ROV's FOOLPROOF and Safe, above all - Prevention. Let's always make Triple sure.

IDREA also means transparency – we are of the opinion today 100730.
What we have in the gulf now is an enormous, and we mean enormous and Camouflaged. A big toxic bubble of oil emulsion that can not be detected by the eye. No Life can survive in that mess. We recommend water sample soundings to determine net oil content. Establish Max Parts/Million. Recuperate the oil by centrifugal separation until required level P/M is reached for Many Tons of Special Microbes to take over.

Thermodynamic Entropy.
Emergence of LIFE in terms of Thermodynamic Entropy.

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