our cosmos is life's creation

72 - The flowering of our dream child in Idréa

new life with the promise of Idréa
the responsible blessings of us all.

The Origin is something evry Child should Know and Understand.
revealed endocrine concentrations

1.  Let it be known
 and plan it such:
Every child born is holy,
and is a child of God
Because every newborn 
carries the divine gift of God,
which is sacred Life,
the inner light which shines from the heart.

2. We must make sure that every

newborn is planned.

Yes, let us call it a planned responsibility.

Enculturing good habits so they becomes instinctive,

like a "tiger mom" until they can feed themself's

3. so the children can grow up

worthy children of God,  with the promise of Idréa.

These are the responsible blessings,

from us all,

to ensure a brighter future

for our young, coming to flower knowing.

4.  "virtue and worth is sufficient for happiness"

symbol of motherhood
symbol of motherhood

“We promise, never to leave you lonely, all by yourself,

To be always at your side,

 when you need us

day and night.


New Baby Smell sticks with you
That  special smell from a healthy,  happy baby oozes serotonin pheromones. Baby-smell is the expanding Aura of a Healthy Soul
I want a baby so I can smell like this all the time...

5.  To create wealth

we must invest wisely in Idréa.

The education of the new generation is

where we apply money to promote

a healthy sane society,

6. Where money serves the living,

as a reward for personal worth.

Where every new life deserves to have,

 as a promissory bond,

our word in a promise to love and care for it.

Then, at her coming of age,

gaining the “Diploma de Madurez”,

only then, is a daughter to take charge of this capital 

Have a family of her own 


7.   Link  to video - what every mother should know - about raising a baby in Idréa.

Motherhood with infinite patience
Link to "What every mother should know"

8.  Mother teaches you to follow your heart's delight.

deep rooted, sound, and very alert.

The voice that is known since conception means security,

to switch off with confidence and go to sleep.

9.  The very young sense evil - until we show them to trust!

So we have to teach them to be discerning.


Mothers hone your instincts and makes you aware

of loving affection.

10.  Mothers teach in a silent world of vision,

with strings tied to the heart,

Look into her eyes

as she is pointing

important things out with a quick flash.


clasic mother and child

11. The language of the eyes is expressed without words:

"Look who is coming!"

So too body language: gestures become a special sign language.

Include lip reading:

forming the words without sound

let there be light
glowing iridescence of knowledge expanding in time

12.  Lifting one eye brow is questioning your next step in behavior

raising both eye brows, in surprise or as a warning.

Monosyllables - small and nearly imperceptible -

all tied with strings to the heart.

Maria and Child

13.  Cupping your head - "Stop crying, here I am."

 is like a blessing.

Slightly raised hands mean "Come to me",

ready to steady you if you stumble and fall.

This same stance later in life means

"What happened to you?" or

"Why are you doing this to me?".


Amakeia saggies nuerie

14.  Like that moment when she says "Yes" with her eyes.

Or she speaks silently

with her eyes, "Vea",

when pointing to a butterfly.

With her eyes she points to where to find my food.

Native Central Americans point with the chin

indicating a general direction.


African Art
African mothers speak with their eyes - reminds us of HF with gratitude.

15.  Certain African tribes master

this communication to perfection

also including many variations of vocal sounds not words,

Monosyllabic sounds barely audible

with profound meaning,

in just a clicking sound.

Or such as the sound of disgust and spitting on the ground at the smell of decay

 somewhere between taste and smell

triggering an immediate instinct to spit out

... what is known as flavored opinión ...

eternal mother
eternal  mother

16.  The aptitude for perceiving

 the delicate and subtle nuances of speech,

in words, feeling, gestures and signs, cries, interjections,

changes and subtleties of tone.

Meaning all those things, called "baby-talk"

That special diminutive tone,

adults use to speak with endearment to babies,

and other living creatures like flowers, pets and trees.

A special vibe that resonates naturally:

that special sing-song voice to speak only with her

as the center of admiration.

Guided Targeting of a DNA Capsule.
Directional Energy sources

Silencio mi hermanito esta durmiendo
Teach them from small to observe harmony and to be considerate
Shhhh - my little brother is sleeping.

learn to read
learn to read
17.   Through gestures and monosyllables, even clicking sounds,
to teach them rhythm and rhyme in the first crucial year.
observe them understanding music,
long, long before words take its place at around 20 months.

18.  Words take concentrated brain power:

for many it is very hard to speak in logical terms,

and they may never learn to.


masai mother and child
masai mother and child

19. Mother wakes up all their six senses

engraving everything in their being, like good habits:

"Before you eat,

always wash your hands".

20. All those things to plant, deeper in our Dino brain as reflexes, moving muscles ...  

remember the first time with a bike?

Therefore these things have no names, and are hard to remember,

and are only called instinctive réflex

21. Be assured it is the combined memory of all six senses

that make up intellect.

The range of your awareness and insight


kayapo - family communal affair to raise children

22. Take note, all this is before words or numbers.

Observe: children understand actions and gestures

long before these things have names,

in sign language, rhythm and rhyme.


At first they find the origin of a sound with their eyes

recognize the sound of happenings

 like water filling their bath-tub.

Eye Speak
Eye Speak is like so many colored Butterflies - each one knows, where to go.
eye speak is like so many colored butterflies


learn to trust
learn to trust

23. As mothers know,

 in this very first year is when the nature of their being is shaped and formed.

Also the origin of many phobias and automated reactions to the outside world.

She is the only one with this patience, called mother love, to teach.


24. And growing up in her arms and awakens

all their senses slowly

to a very agitated world filled with shocking noise.

African mother and child
African mother and child - always by his side day & night.

25. Your-first baby steps ...

Teach them agility in every sense of the word

 not just learning to walk.

Finally touch-sense memory takes over

so you can do things instinctively and fast,

without thinking.

26.  Where you mentally plan every move into the future to perfection.

The sense of touch has a memory for timing that becomes

automated controlled physical agility to perfection.

Flower children
Flower children

27. Mother's gestures and sounds to control behavior

Are imperceptible, just like a butterfly going by.

Amm ... is hungry, eating and enjoy.

She teaches him to respond to her call

"Come to my arms" is the reward.

The first reactive smile happens at around 45 days.

Mmma - and  normally his first sounds become his own name for a while

kayapo way to be
teach them from small to be kayapo

28. They learn, follow with their eyes

And follow the sound of her voice as she sings and hums,

sometimes without words,

"tula tula babani, hmmm humm"

"duermete con lo mas lindos sueños".

“Mami esta siempre cerquita, velándote...”


show the colors of your tribe

29.  In Idréa, mothers take care of their young

until they are able to speak,

master toilet and can eat alone,

around age three.

To ask for agua or say nini,

 later to become orinar,

identify their physical needs and what to do about it.

30. How to clean themselves, and keep clean and dry.

The most practical, as in many places out in the wild,

they grow up nude

because desechables do not exist and are not needed,

 only to sleep at night.

Mami is the best  link to the fast expanding world, 

where it is easy to get lost.

Face painting artfully
Face painting artfully

hindu mother

31. The true meaning - uterine descent:

your mother is first of all,

and your only friend

to obey, defend, and care for when she is old,

never ever bring her to shame.

Living souls communicate by vision.

Souls, just like love, speak without words


32. We promise to try very hard

to keep you from crying for the need of loving

or attention.

Support you to find your footing in a shaky world.

33.  Now we can have a look at the vocal world,

of sounds and many words.

To communicate and convey ideas by sound.

breastfeeding mom
The problem -some men never get wheened

34.  If you combine eye speak with lip reading

you will find 90% of words to be empty

just like birds chattering.

She teaches this skill, lowering her voice,

just forming the words with her lips.

Certain cultures are very loud and bombastic,

very shocking to those lovers of harmony.

Later more on another page somewhere.

Lao Family
The older must care of the younger ones
A family care for each other

35.  With holistic education

the basic three R’s are to educate for:

Relationships, Responsibility and

 Reverence for all life.

36.  It is a philosophy of education based on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in Life,

through connections to the community, to the natural world,

and being exposed to humanitarian cultural values,

such as to be sharp, useful, courteous, sharing, grateful, gracious, noble …

towards all Life around me

“atento en tu forma de hacer, como metas”,

"Con chispa, astusia y agilidad en todo sentido"

Right moment to speak to them
This is the right moment to speak, so they know, someone cares.  Olen agria,  sucio y orinado.
you better be there - this is the moment to speak

sculpture in stone
sculpture in stone

37.  Worth demonstrated through pride in your work and peacefulness.

Something that starts in community known as your niche,

meaning to find your place in the spiraling chain

of an industrious community:

 it is your apprenticeship in the real world,

to be aware, feel and show your worth from young.

38.  Also, if you know if something is wrong,

to make it right – not leave it for someone else to do.

And in defending those who cannot speak for themselves.

We expose you to the world to evolve as fast as you can,

to discover, to control the power within.

39.  A five year old has completed brain development for abstract thought,

has the agility to play chess, make music and sing soprano.

Only experience, and content are needed.


maiden kayapo
eyes speak

40.  At your disposal is all the knowledge of Man.

The Internet is the school of the future and

even the games of mental agility count as credits.

There you should find all the good things important to know

for your adventurous voyages

and discoveries through the time and space of Idréa


41.  These are a few physical skills

that every child should learn to master from the age of six:

Know to spin a top, how to skip and ride a bike:

Timing and force.

Know how to dominate the ball with all four extremities

To keep the ball in the air for an hour.

And like in football, direction of force,

timing and speed, to perfection.

Combine this with chess for abstract thinking

and we have a winner.


Common Chemicals
To have profound understanding in make up and powers at  play.

Different style three ball juggler

42.  Know how to juggle with 8 objects to qualify as

a master of physical control.

Or juggling five and running

is a door to enter complete physical dominance.


To dominate the ball

is the highest dream of youth everywhere.

To live in the real sense of the word

is to recognize

the ball is coming your way,

in the game of life


Four ball juggling

So many things you have to know

43.  To capture that ball

to empower and have dominance over every move

weaving through the masses at incredible speed and complete control

"And the football player is carried on the voices of the crowd,

a curve towards the goal and  ...  Score!"

Easy three ball juggler
All the young are fasinated with movements  and colors



Learn to be kayapo from small
la bola es algo tan especial
Dominate the ball

44. Pure adrenalin and the “crown” on a man's intellect and physical abilities.

Agility in every sense of the word - is worth more than all the gold.

To abide by the rules of the game, no matter the presure

meaning a clean game, without violence.

is to be a winner.


Female world champions 2011
champions for dominating and controling the ball

45.  The important thing in life is not the triumph, but the fight.

The essential thing is not to have won,

but to have fought well.

Competition can be severe but you should always

first look for joy when practicing any sport.

You should never forget about fair play even in the heat of the fight.



dominating the ball
Costa   Rican  nacional sport is futball
Domina la bola

Ten ball Juggler
Mastering perfect timing, force, direction and spacial insight

Juggling Kids
Juggling Kids dominating the ball.

46.  The voice within - is known since conception, means security,

to switch off with confidence and go to sleep.

Some are very light sleepers

- very aware of sound bangs -

loud screaming voices,

pressure changes such as when a door opens very fast.

With time they get used to the surrounding sounds,

it is immunity to the danger of violence

which can leave lesions and trauma

as demonstrated by the shortest scene of a horrible frightening sound.

2014 world cup logo

47.   No nooo means you can't have your way – a slight clap of the hands –

The sound meaning pauw pauw.

And there is a sound for ‘Be alert’ or  ‘Freeze!’

Making an ugly face means

"I don't like what you are doing"

48.  or "I can't breastfeed you without covering you from other eyes."

Also it shows someone else is watching:

The implication is you should behave well

when other eyes are watching you,

because it is humiliating and scandalous to throw a tantrum in public.

German Champions

The crown for best agility in every sence of the word

the shame when you loose
the shame when you loose

49.  All these things vary in cultures

and are always reflected in childhood conditioning

to provoke the trained reflex

Too often the evil in perpetrators results in an

incredible numbing that happened at a time

when the children were most vulnerable.


50.  Very afraid - lost and insecure – crying too often -

many concerns, like autism, failure to concentrate or relate to others

all can be helped, some even solved with the Internet

Special touch-screen where they can find images,

make things happen like moving things around,

play games or  make the music

51.  Once they have been  identified,

the internet of things keeps track of progress

through a spiraling information bank without limits - the memory of all - in the Matter of things

the knowledge of man throughout history to this momento.

Horrible sound
Link to "Baby petrified as his mam blows her nose"
Mamie's voice change fright into a smile

52.  Now let's face it, the Internet is the school of tomorrow.

It is all about connecting the links in the right order to make things happen.

Just like a genetic instinct

 electrons for processing,

 photons for communication,

 and ions for storage

 Is to know where the stepping-stones are,

 to cross the river

monkeys macritchie
If mother do not give the older brother attention be sure he will become jealous

53.  Observation of primate communication is a very challenging study field

that can bring a treasure trove of insight

into human primal instincts,

 making them more transparent.

Yes, in the first year of their lives

the young also grow up in the loving arms

of so many aunts, uncles or grand parents,

who shower them with approval and applause 

when they take their first steps to walk.

Look who is coming
You do not have to be beautiful to be Loving.

54.  All the members of the matriarch’s troop

 lend a hand in the chores

of caring and holding and aware if she starts crying.

Every one is speaking "baby talk":

the special way you speak with babies in every culture is the same.

Endearment shown lovingly in a small sing-song voice in diminitif form.

Mamie is the only link to the fast expanding world where it is easy to get lost.

55.  Great pain sometimes numbs the soul

and quenches the potential for compassion

with resentment against an unknown,

a dammed up rage looking to explode.


56.  Violence has been admired by many since Roman days

and we show it to children everyday on Television

specially tailored for maximum impact on viewers.

Shame on those who are making money out of violence



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