our cosmos is life's creation

70 - Dreams for a perfect world

Let's start with a blank new page for this year.
Let's build tempels to Life

On this page you will find the words of the

"maker of dreams"

for a perfect world called Idréa.

As all dreams are, they are floating on thin air

reach far and wide.

make landfall, where most needed.

Dreams and wishes go hand in hand. - One’s dreams, are the wishes and desires of others - even in another realm.

"Words are like seeds, some fall on fertile soil and grow to become enormous,

like a mustard tree, from the smallest of the seeds" (Jesus)

straight talk on world affairs 2010.
this is a link to straight talk on world affairs 2010.
Smell the roses - it is alive
If you can smell, see and touch them, you are in the presence of God
Without water Life will stop creating aroma and admiration

2011 Nobel Winners for peace on earth

If your dream is love
 for life Wink

You can fly on the wings of the dream goddess.

soul is your inner light, making you aware of all life around you.

living souls communicate by vision.

the communication of souls, just like love, speaks without words

but read and interpret that what enter through the eyes

soul is your life, just like a flower

aura is the extent of your invisible perfume

smelling the aura of the roses.

Is to be aware, and assured of another life out there.

smile, you are in the presence of god

Malia Shasha Michelle Obama with Mandela
We thank you for so many many things

Mother Cell with offspring

This knowledge, is cosmic awareness

of the same and sacred life we share

to be aware of  Life out there,

even if we can not see the micro details

you just know - the aura is there - just like faith

is a sacred knowledge - called the wisdom of the inner light

listen and hear the voice that speaks to your hearts .(Thanks MH)

trust the voice of your heart - it is the voice of the inner God  

We have six senses to detect the workings of Life

remember, if we make use of them, they become sharper and keener.


All come together in our only god
native american dream catcher to unite all the living.

We remember your cheering so loud for our Dream.

Idréa see our future
Idrea looking at our dreams for the future .

 To round off, and explain this page,
We must make reference to the mine story.
In Chile - It is all about love for, and amongst the living
Life comes before everything - biocentrism
 as it should be in our ideal reality called Idréa. 
 A perfect example of native american unity driven by ties of love for living.
above all - love each other, as brothers should.
Viva la evolucion bolivariano.
“Viva Chile, donde reina el amor por la vida y no el dinero.”

Cheering for LIFE.

beautiful demonstration of a world, driven by human emotion. Where love and compassion unite a nation – and the world. To feel responsibile to your fellow man –

and that reasuring knowledge -

"Someone cares about me" "they do care what happen to us". "they will move heaven and earth to save us"

 it is love at the roots of faith

united, can move a mountain,

 driven by a promise to keep.

To stand by your word. Without giving money a second thought.

Sebastián Piñera – Sí, tu eres un buen jefe de estado – y con palabra, digna de escuchar...  
Gracias por un ejemplo de calor humano
para todo el mundo, de nuestra ideal realidad - llamado Idréa...
Donde el dinero está al servicio de los seres vivos. así será.


blue anemone electrifies
A peek at our future in time
Idréa is a place where people care for each other.
To all the technical personal, once again, our admiration. We are very proud of you all. Personal sacrifice, nights without sleep, and so many other things without name, we know it is not only money. Things beyond the call of duty. Dedicated with so much pasion in getting to the goal - To save 33 Lives. And the most beautiful fact of all, it is live, realtime, visual scenes on digital tv.  Real demonstration of human faith and love . Our best reward – to watch it happen, not ashamed to wipe a tear or two... To the truimph of LIFE and the living. Yes we care for all of you, out there - not only humans - all the living souls.
relativity of concepts - depends on point of view - perspective
Angela Merkel World Economic Forum
Yes Cultures can blend and unite - that moment they realize - They have the Same and Only God. Which is Sacred LIFE - the same as Alla.

Yes – Free market capitalism drives innovation – the way it should be.
 because it is done by very dedicated people  

just like religious fanatics

Always dedicated to make it easier for all the living.
It’s beautiful to see when religion becomes alive.
Money doing something useful for the living for a change.
Be aware of vampire capitalism.
 Gaint multinational corporations or GOV's

Moral capitalism is the realization

It is not money alone, which makes the world go around

there are many rewards money can not buy - such as honor

Live to be the best, and let live   -    not to be sided out.

You must be a winner, to be able, to give.

"Taget" objectives

Yes we discriminate against bad habits - they get sided out, exiled to a underworld.


recognize the smirk of a bully if you see one

Our religion is, the law of the land
we look at the aplication 

All the riches of our earth, belong to and serving Life

Everything in line with our dreams for Idréa.

The wealth of a nation is his human capital

The nett-worth of the spirit, and driving force to reach goals

by nature people is industrious to feel worth.

"this is capital humano" is skilled and trained technical personal

Those operating, do programing, and controlling complex operations in remote places.

To control happenings in an abstract realm is the future of man

Specialized to do, what they do, to perfection,

to the precision of the atomic scale in a 3D printer.

zealously devoted to the task - we are all in the service of our living God.

Social-Democrat Helle Thorning Schmidt
Idréa  share your dreams and aspirations - we are listening.
We listen to wise words.

To be the best artezan - that is true fame

To have superior agility in every sence of the word

To be in control of matter from the atomic scale

meaning to control from the inside out.

The time will come when we control single electrons

to flip flop binary super computers at speeds of 100Gigas/sec

let's be content with the molecular scale first.

leayered molecules, stacked to become alive.

Passion to do the things you belief is right and best for all 

 not thinking in the gold or honor  you are going to gain. Vanity.

Passion is giving your all - the very best, all the time.

If you  speak for the Living - you speak with conviction and authority

The spokes person for life and the living

Bio-logica decree, with the voice of our lord.

The voice of the living-god - our religion - is the law of our land.


Now, please take note and be very careful - Sometime sponsored innovation is used to make life go away.

Used, to make it an art - to destroy the living.” enormous armies

trained to kill, without respect.

Brainwashed to belief his friends are enemies and he must have a gun to defend himself - it is all about to whom you give your money

This waste of everything should stop. It is a war you can not won only loose.

To invade, empower or defend, the riches and energy of our earth - remember Avatar.

Yes – Let’s spend the money, not to conquer, but to control and dominate our mother earth.


Or let us invade the space instead

empower of the rocks and asteroids out there

 Yutu with markers and signal beacons just like icebergs to keep tract - to guide on in our near spacial map

exploration robots like the mars rover or Yutu the jade rabitt

We will find many rare earth minerals out there - to make precious tools and building blocks in our cosmic structure.

we must come to the realization - we can be in control of all the kinetic energy out there.

 In imagination we push things into place - we know where it should go by bio-logica.
Welcome to Idréa

Simbols of Tradicion

Reader request:- Also speak for the USA.

Sincere words from an immigrant to the Americas, who wish not to be named..

I don’t think you are ready for these words - hope we are still friends afterwards.

 Let us start calling things by their right names.


Words on the  "Election Home Stretch".

 The love for money have no place in Idréa
adoracion a mammon

It is very clearly all about religion,

you are going to vote on ethics,

North American traditional values,

 something to believe in

like to have a dream.

The ladder and hierarchy of relative values and symbols...

Most of all, it is a vote to redefine 

your religious fabric and framework down to the very

 nucleus - meaning your deity and god,

 that  what is at the hart and core of your nation

That thing, around which - everything spin

 to make the system work.

an eternal war between compassion and

mammon - the dream of wealth

Mammon also describes a wicked spirit
that operates through money.

 It causes people to bow down to money, worshiping it.

People replace God with money

 by allowing it to rule every aspect of their lives.

corrupting the minds of so many with it's brilliance.

awakening the dream of a egoistic and selfish power trip - to be in the focus of atention

 The love for money have no place in Idréa unless

mammon kneel, to serve all the living 

meaning the living  LIFE is above all

Fat cat Tradicion
Mammon in all his glory and bliss.

World Economy

You are going to vote, please make sure,  you know what's it is, all about. Innocent

because you are going to vote

 for the future God of the USA.

What will it be - the choice is clearly yours. Money mouth

."Mammon      or       Life"

Money or the Living

 Who are you going to vote for, to be in control of destiny USA?

By the way - as mentioned before - define the difference between givers and takers. Such as freeloaders well defined by JS. Do not award the lazy sitting at home waiting for a handout. Idleness ... ...

It breeds parasites in communities  Reward is proportional to the contribution of responsibility  in the form of professional services to the whole.

Each an artezan in his field to make things to last a life time.

Yes individual free enterprise with digital reward system. global networking keep tract of all.

It is the comunication of ideas that count. and not the spelling of words.

Ostap playing the bandura
man like to play with the things he likes best because it resonate with his surroundings

where, in the pursuit of happiness

love is the first in the book of laws

love is godliness

 to be admired in all the living creatures

loving care is the essence of creativity

so many creations to please another

This music is the heartbeat of the living

doing what you do, the best – to excellencies

man like to play with the things he like best

because it resonates with his surroundings

he is inspired by the applause

you do your best, to enjoy the admiration




Conservative means going with the tradition  where money reigns over a heartless cold world. If you can not pay for the ride you stay behind

The world of greed - where everything goes to the most shameless of them all - where they apply Draco's Law's to protect mammon's money to one cent, without compassion for the living. Ej. Throwing American families out of their homes, to have the houses just stand there, without people. When laws place money before the mothers and children of your nation - you know there is something wrong in the core. When 25% of the children goes hungry - while 50% is considered obese. When you have 50 million souls living in poverty and in tents.

You are going to make a choice with open eyes selling your soul for gold.

Be very sure money will make a beggar out of you - especially if you owe ten years of your life -

you have been spending what you do not have.

money is a cold world, devoid of compassion.

It is better like a debit card - you know for sure it's covered – no more bad credit

Together we build the future, on the worth of a man's word

called our culture, is our ideal reality - Idréa


Stupid people are those, who adore money, more than their own Lives
Eat your Words in the Fools Paradise

 And there will be chaos in the mind of man -
until he have the right perspective of his place in the whole
the government of a long since vanished community

 unable to adapt to the changing circumstances of human evolution

questions arise as to - who is in charge of the social order by tradition

is it a constitution that puts patriotism above piety
which makes the army, rather than the mosque,

into the guardian of social order.


Do not concern yourself about Islam,

 because Islam have to make the same choices

Islam  have yet to define Allah as a living god.

Find to be green, you have to bring Life into your world.

Define love for life - to liberate the mothers of your nations


There is no other God but Life.

Now you can recognize your enemy - it is called big money, starting with the

war machines and all the arms and bombs to kill and subordinate people.

To empower by force and conquest, as can be observed every where

 maybe  it is time we are looking at space -

to conquest and empower of all the asteroids out there -

out there, takers are the keepers,

only this way, we can be sure it will be exploited the most efficient way.

or, maybe it should be used for tunneling here on earth. That's where the money goes.

guided targeting
More on this order -  called Intelligent motion - meaning to push into place by shear willpower
Very clear objectives to empower.

Man forget 5000 years of Culture in one moment, rushing for Gold.

If youwant America back” go with LIFE

Money in digital form should be wisely applied to

serve the living.

Life should always be placed above - and before riches.


    Invest wisely in the Living.

Teach and re-educate your people in the crafts and sciences to become masters in their field.

 Knowledge brings insight and know-how into creativity - It is the wealth of a Nation  

A nation with limitless dreams to pursue is our Idréa.

To care for all Life as your very own

I must mention it here

Once apon a time I met a very special person in Texas. Who believe she only have to touch something, for it to belong to her, in memory and even turn it into gold by imagination at a wish.

Life is priceless and infinite precious

  it belongs to a different reality - you can not buy it - only make a copy, to care for it as your very own  it can not be exchanged for matter or Gold,

Do not even mention paper money. We are not against a reward system – only cash money - those who see it, look with desire to OWN. The root of all evil. There was a saying once - "that what you can not see, do not hurt your heart or stir desires." - referring to woman and not money. The lust for money can corrupt a health innocent bystander

Zakaria speaks with wisdom from India - words worth consideration.
"Invest in Innovation" RD
Find knowledge of all, leads to control.

Our last answer to quick economic cure is to devalue your currency 50%

Making your products a bargain, spur instant world demand. But remember imports is double expensive. so is imported energy - like crude over exploited by greed... Logica tels us - natural gas is the only way to go for the moment, to last a century.

Yes "smart people are the new rich"

Bald Eagle See himself without feathers
Vanity must look in a mirror

Life sticks together by its own free will, where the sun shines the nicest, over all.
The North American Rosette Nebula

And don’t you dare call this socialism.

 (by RR - define socialism).

Or how about a social democracy - Is a place where state capitalism reigns.
Where 5% have leadership roles
Where 20% are the Ind. producers.
Where 80% is dependant and happy to work all their lives for food only - such as a technical labor pool
 They do not want to be beyond operator of a robot - the biggest reward - ....
To be famed as the very best.
This is human capital the net worth of a nation
Now if you give them food as a handout – they do not even have to move - stagnant human capital going to waste.
Even better if the handout is worth more than they can earn, is a better reason to stop motion and productivity.
This 80% include the military, teachers, and all those in public service on the welfare state payroll
Human capital is the integrity and quality if human morals.
"El alma y conciencie del pueblo"

Billy and Ruth Graham

Billy Graham's Prayer For Our world
Current Age: 93 .  on 20111204
'Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance.  We know Your Word says, 'Woe to those who call evil good,'

 But that is exactly what we have done.  We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values. We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery. We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare..  We have killed our unborn and called it choice. We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable.  We have neglected to educate and discipline our children and called it building self esteem.  We have abused power and called it politics... We have coveted our neighbor's possessions and called it ambition.

..  We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of expression. We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment.  Search us, Oh God, and know our hearts today; cleanse us from every sin and Set us free. Amen!'

With the Lord's help, may this prayer sweep over the world and wholeheartedly become our desire so that we again can be called 'One world under God,

Straight Talk on World Affairs 2010.
Link to Straight Talk on World Affairs 2010.

Our cosmos have the name. Idréa...

Do not be ashamed to speak the name Idréa, it is the best effort of intelligent man in his strive to perfection -

You are welcome to share our ideal reality.


No diamonds or jewelry can buy a Life or make it happy.

Life sticks together by its own free will, and the presence of love communicate by vision

 To love and behold - and find a place where the sun shines the nicest over all..

Island  Singapore

Kwa Geok Choo with Harry Lee. Her Gift - to paint in words that come alive. We will remember you.
As a team made a Vision come True.

Allow me to mention here a very special experience.

Independence of Singapore - a small Island off the coast of south East Asia.

I was there the day Harry Lee cried, making his passionate speech, and I cried with him.

Came to the following conclusion,

“this is a man that can change the world”, and they did.


Singapore at  night

Because you must follow your dream, your vision of perfection, with such profound conviction. His words -
"Show some passion for the things you belief
to be right and just". 
 Determination and total dedication, is all it takes to make a Dream come true.  Now after 50 years I would like to focus attention on the results of Lee Kuan Yew’s Vision of the Future. What makes it click in harmony. One important observation - A Country must have an award system for the ladder of the hierarchies of responsibilities. Where every post is continuously in dispute of who is doing the job best - it is not the reward that is important -
it is the titles of public officer.
 Best qualification and know how to apply your specialty.
 Functioning like a living organism.
 A symbiotic complex where every cell vibrate in resonance with the music of our colmena..

Merlion Singapore Simbol

Here a very brief summary of a small Island Nation.
Singapore is the fastest  growing economy in the history of the world. - And one of the the richest Industry comp.- no oil.
 Has a reputation for overly focusing on order and is known for its draconian laws.

"If I have to shoot 200,000 students to save China from another 100 years of revolution and disorder, so be it." - Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew evoking the ghost of Deng Xiaoping whilst endorsing the Tiananmen Square massacre, Straits Times, 17 Aug 2004

  "... If you can't think because you can't chew, try a banana". Lee Kuan Yew was responding to a BBC reporter who suggested that Singapore's draconian laws (including the ban on chewing gum) could stifle the people's creativity.

 "He picked up from me a certain way of thinking, certain logic, certain cut of mind. He has got from his mother a facility with words and a certain intuition." - Lee Kuan Yew on his son Lee Hsien Loong, Straits Times, 22 Jun 2004

Buettner’s study shows - Experienced happiness peaks at an income level of around S$75,000 for a family, Above this level, time spent on activities like volunteering, social interactions, or a hobby will yield more happiness than higher earnings. “In America what’s important is freedom of expression, in Singapore it is marching in step,” he elaborated, adding that for Singaporeans having the 4Cs ( credit card, condominium, car, and club membership) is the drivers of happiness.

Click for Imagination
Go to the Dreamcatcher - We are All Americans - That is where we live.
Symbol of Native American Unity Natives of our Land.
The first laws of Draco in the times of Athena. Best soldiers in history. When honor, order and auto esteem reighned. "A healthy body is home to a Healthy Mind".
Death was made the penalty for every tiny crime, even the stealing of an apple from an orchard.
Draco is said to have declared “Now you know right from wrong – Thou shall not steal - If you do, you will die… you only have possession of something if you care for it, like the orchard or things of your own making. 
 The rest belong to other people called the State... Of this grim Code of Laws, men said that they were "written in blood," and the word "draconian" remains in use today as signifying a rule unflinchingly severe. Ej If you corrupt minors you get castrated.

H-Bomb Explosion

massive nuclear explosion

Reader request:- Your stand on Nuclear Energy. As mentioned many times - We trust the Technical Personal - the oath and triple safety.

We are very concerned what happen to the leftovers and storage.

I agree with Dudley. We should send it to the Sun. I am very sure we will find it have a very soothing effect on the 11 year tantrum.

IDREA's answer to Iran.

Women African Savannah
Women African Savannah

In Idréa -  all life is sacred, and not one should go to wasted
Life created should not go to waste in vain. 
this cosmic law makes all life eternal 

Life is an energy form with intelligence  and knows how to apply and concentrate this energy, to control the herd.

Intelligence should manipulate, direct, and control all the living. Life is a energy source without limits.
Intelligence should place the objectives and direct to maximize efficiency or stop growth if needed -
our cosmic being must to be controled by objective reason is bio-logica.

Click to see in LARGE
Click - Boa Boa Tree of Life
Boa Boa Tree is a very special tree in Africa

Intellect and reason must take charge of the unconscious living life -
to channel them in an appropriate role of productivity by the laws of the bio-logica.
Life is energy that should be task oriented,
a mutual dream established.
Just look at the pyramids - monumental constructions of man, fed with beer.
Come to an agreement - by debating the issues that counts - dialog is what is needed
 First, good food for all, and no waste
remember 80% of mankind is willing to work for food only, they don't want to be more than serfs, like bees or ants. Happy workers with good food in a sane community makes harmonious music. They have simple needs, and do not want more in Life than to be esteemed as be the best role model, ignorance is bliss.

The herd have been susceptible and manipulated by the media propaganda who set the standards for herd behavior - such as, what to eat, what you should buy, what stuff to have to be "Elite". How to smile.

Observe - those who make a food-chain and controlling it,

have the power to channel the flow of energy

we are Dependants of our eternal mother earth  we must liberate ourselves from this chained destiny, dominate and control our earth as a team.

The progressive controlled evolution of our ideal reality

In Idréa, double helix life is our deity, and the creator of all

 Where  all life is sacred, and not one should go to waste. 

recycling morals and ethics.
 more on recycling  morals and ethics

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