our cosmos is life's creation

68 - Supreme life power as a concept.

El Aura Azulado
The blue banner heading on top of this page presents  Chupícuaro el lugar azulado, que son hogares de nuestro Dios Viviente Sibú    Auras de seres vivos celestiales”.

Mother ship with helpers
They have inter comunication with the mother cell

Moments in Time.
There were moments in time - when this space-ship was loaded with cheering crowds day after day.

flow of time in Idréa

"while we’ve been sleeping - our hearts were beating - so much closer than we ever knew - beneath the noise there’s an inner voice - whispering clear and true" -  in Togetherness is the creative power

1.  Now man is ready to grasp

the abstract meaning of life's,

 beauty,  purpose, purity and even godliness.

It is something that can be observed,

seen and smelled all around.

Everything alive have a radiant aroma

 just like a rose

it is the aura of life,

our living God we call Sibo the Creator

Global net is Internet
Conecting us all - You read me now.
Global net conects us all.

Changing light into Life Structures
Volvox with daughter spheres - Take note the green plankton to capture light.

2.  Every one is unique

and with a very special function

even the food chain  - is bio-logica

consciousness is to have

insight into your place

and function in the biomass

each-one must feel indispensable  and have worth

in the total make-up of our Idréa

the need of togetherness is to care for each other.

3. That what gives weight to love - just like a Higgs boson

Love is that, what brings soul

 to make matter come alive

Just like potter's clay in the hands of an Artezan,

 making our ideal reality

with the tools to sculpt our future, is in our hands now.

 Let us start working for a better day

for all of us in Idréa as a way of living


4. Your aura is, as far as you can reach to change
the extent-ion of an organism’s influence sphere

The extent of her aroma.

The extended reach of control.

A supreme life power, as a concept of creator.

Yes, intelligent life is the creator of all.

We the living here now, must continue with the creation of our cosmos

by the reason of Bio-Logica.

shaking hands to ping
human neuronal cells 6 weeks old

5. Our mission is

To make it happen.
To bring harmony and controled order
 to the caos
the double helix inteligence brings resonance to everything out there - "the elements is our potters clay" - to make it come alive and give it a soul - it is the Matter of life, to be re-created
in a certain bio-logical order  and have inteligence.  We must  make the music - against all odds and resistance - against gravity and laws of the universe - but always in balance - just like "wu wei" - "jin-yang" - since the egiptian goddess of order - Maat. The delicate balance of matter in genetic material - within it's make-up. such as the energy from light spin that is waived into the structure, resonate with the whole story to the visual memory

6. And all the other attributes, that you would bestow on an intelligent Goddess, is bio-logica.

delicate one night flower
not created for human eyes

7. The collective power of life is infinite and strong

Just imagine the collective memory of mankind

the power to will it to be

coming  from the heart

imagination and high dreams,

for the things to be

is the start in the making, of our reality,

called heaven, or paradise, or Pita's cosmos if you wish

The reach of our control

 is the extend of our aura and influence sphere

 our Idrea

Man must learn to derive his nourishment's,

 from his surroundings,

without destroying it heartlessly,

 or out of greed

Sustainable Globalization

Entropy determine direction and speed of growth.
Thermo Dynamics - Rumbo Cristalino

8. Our cosmos is life’s creation

Life is an energy form
with intelligence 
 Who  knows how to control
 and concentrate this energy.
This energy should not go to waste
such as 
wasted man power
without a dream to follow.

Relative scale of things
Yes,  life is translucent and iridescent.
ethereal auras of living creatures

canonball flower

the sacred knowledge.
A small flame as a symbol of the life we share
worthy of tender care

9.  wasted intelligent man power.???

moral decay of the auto-esteem
leads to shameless barbarism.
Life in decadencia.
10. Man has the primitive instinctive need, to follow and serve his God.
To be aware of his purpose and objective
his religion reigns his life
Have a reason to be - feel worth - serving - belong to a group - working as a team - To be masters in what they do - to share the fame... to be the best creator in the realm of the unknown - even on molecular scale, to steer and guide our rumbo in time - like in slow motion.
To have a dream that shine with the brilliance of our sungod Diwo.
Energy as a Reward or a Right
Energy sources and  Petroleo tied to Money

Salmonella Microbes

Helix Creations - Look alike Anthrax microbes

Man built temples to his God 
 in their own images, and
"God shared the pride,
 they have in their great works".
11. Now life is a living temple   and our Aura cristal clear.
Plan and make our cosmos IDREA to perfection. 
 We have to be the creators of our  (Ideal Reality)
 where order and harmony resonate.
Like good music on our ear. Like a Schubert String Quartet.
 In Idrea, double helix Life is our deity, and creator of all 
Our religion rule all our doings
To life, we dedicate our daily lives
To shine with the pride of a creator
The Dreams and Wishes of Iran
Life can be Iridescent and Transparent
Iridescent and Transparent Life as a floating city
Life as a floating city
Life Structures of IDREA
We are all Alive Now, help each other to get along with evolution to come to flower.
Each an Artezan in his own sfere - doing what he knows best - in acordance with the Sacret Oath

 12. In IDREA,  all life is sacred and equal,
not one must go to waste
Life created should not go to waste in vain. Knowledge create continuation and progression through reason - Bio-Logica
This cosmic law, makes all life eternal,  in the cosmos of our living God.
   And those, with the inner light and insight to perceive this
ideal reality 
 are connected to the only one to shine for our dream
This moment now we resonate as one on the WWW.
13. We must speak in one voice
To find perfection in all our creative doing for this day.
From now onwards on, each create his own heaven in Idréa.
Strive to perfection, is the first steps of a creator in an abstract realm.

Machu Picchu
Empire made with man power
Old Cultures of Man.

The Red-eyed tropical frog
We have came, a long way, to here and now 20121212
An old friend of Awa

14. After the big "charla" concerning
the unwanted who disturbed the harmony.
The village elders came to the conclusion
"If man is not busy, creative, or working he starts fighting with his brother over food" 
So they convinced the cacique to apply forced labor 
 "Colmena" service for your daily meals and shelter.
 As a group, doing specialized tasks in the communities.
 Like building a city in the mountains.
interconected by still existing paved roads to this day.
To make pyramids, and build the "trotcha panamerican", in stone.
 around 6000yrs ago - another good law was - you can not own more land than you can work,
 that was around 365 manzanas - a manzana is tarea for a day
dark force is a life force that does not hold by the universal laws.
dreams for a perfect world

In the waterworld camouflaged creatures hide from predators
You must hide not to be eaten

15. Waste disposal, water treatment, recycling and agriculture - greenhouses to plant and germinate fruit trees, hydroponia.
The BioMass makes up the dark force they are talking about.
The dark force is a life force that does not hold by the universal laws.
Life makes his own laws - gods laws
which is not the same as man's laws made for mammon.
Or like, anything can be moved or changed starting with the very small - atom for atom - In real life it happen at a rate of 300,000 times in three to four hours = growth rate of Life = the replication rate of the double helix molecule. 
 "anything you can imagine or dream  is possible"

Spacepics the Rosette
Just try to Imagine all the Life out there in the world within other worlds.

Life on a Cosmic Scale.
Imagine Darkmatter on a Cosmic Scale
Imagine Darkmatter on a Cosmic Scale

16. Yes Life is equal sacred
this does not mean equal opportunity to replicate without limits -
Intellect will determine that, also where and how, most Life forms will emerge from Lab-like conditions. without the ability to replicate,
just like robots,
but able to repair themselves very Life-like. Robots create superior one's out of superior earth matter - evolute
 Everything to last forever.
If the software is out dated they just update on Internet. And the Music goes on.
morals and ethics
The morals and ethics of our times
17. Take control to steer this ship,
with reason and intelligence.
Now man know and see the future of all
by Bio-Logica
Take responsibility for progressive evolution, controlling  the healthy replication of all.
 double helix life structures
  LIFE and all the living is all that is important now, our living god is alive
through out the whole of the universe.

If it move by itself it is alive
Soft Coral - If it move by itself it is alive
Soft Coral - If it move by itself it is alive

The World of Vision
18. Being alive, is the only reality.
Now intelligent life is the center of all.

In Idrea we make the things to happen,

 do not sit and wait, wish, hope or pray,

before your time slips away in a fool's paradise.

Vision - Ganglion of the eye
Retinalcell capture light of a moment in time to be ingraved in the mind´s Momory.
Retinalcell capture light to be ingraved in the mind´s Momory.

19. Faith and Hope

 have changed into Knowledge.. 

Now we know the truth, which is Idrea.

Everything is Cristal clear, can be seen and shall be known.

Idrea is a Visual Cosmos of light

Where eyes communicate with a very silent world around us.

A voice that can be heard only by the heart.

 Even through rock and great distance - You  just know with your heart and soul - they are down there alive and well - in reference to the Chilean mine - their loved-ones just knew

Just like the social fabric of the Living

20.  Compassion with the Living resonate within nature

all in harmony, like good music to our ear.

The symphony of Idrea.

Replication of a Species
She call him over vast spaces with a tacky tract
Sometimes it takes two, to share a moment to replicate.

21. Do not pray for food,
you know to make it grow.
Do not hope for rain,
make the water go where it is needed.

Knowledge makes you free, just like intelligence, makes transparency, everything must be known, and seen, and know where the money goes - remember we are a very visual world, we see each other - to stick together, like sticky rice

22. This power, is called love 
A Sticky, tacky  attractive force stronger than gravity.

Love communicate by vision

 as the way to the heart is through the eyes of the beholder.

"The warm light shining from her loving eyes,
 felt like a place where I could stay forever".
Dreams for a better world 2010-IDREA

Banana flower
Each fruit starts as a flower

23. We are all alive now, we help each other to get along with evolution,
to come to flower in our cosmos Idréa.
Each an Artezan in his own sphere - doing what he knows best
 in accordance with the sacred oath to Life.
And there will be only one law 
Life's law, is the living god's law

Green anemone vancouver island

24. We serve only LIFE
Strain and strive to do only, what is good for the Living
We strive for Perfection.
Now if you want to call it Sharia Law - you are welcome 
 but one thing must be clear 
Gods Law,
 overshadow any law made by man for Mammon's sake.
There is only One Living God to serve, by all of us.
Muslims rightly believe, Sharia is God's law,
 Dictating how money should be aplied..
Transportation Fabric of the Universe

Bird of Paradise
Desert Flower after the rain
Desert Flower

This is the Aura of the Living
Aura of the Living
The blue is the halo of Life

 25. And when there is a plague of cats, Prairie Dogs, horses, camels, roes or rabbits

All make good eats

if past over the fire

"Live genetic matter should not go to waste"

There are those who know, how to prepare for good eats

Like neutering, fattening

 change of taste to give it saviour flavor.

Like Pet Food

Intelligent communal farming techniques

The remains of one is food for another

Living food-chain

26. Usekor the spokes person of Sibo our living god spoke
Do not eat inless it is passed over the fire”
And man started to eat iguana
“Do not Drink water inless it is passed over the fire”
And man learn to brew beer and herbal teas to cure many ailments
And there was a population explosion of great proportions
The river people in Egipt Africa, south east Asia’s as the natives of the Americas
Because man have discovered the perfect food
This beer also had Oxitetraciclina, terramicina to heal all ailments
 Aware you are in charge of creation here now
We create Idrea as a concept of a perfect Dream
Yes, to shine for our reality is to became a Karma Jogi
Growth-rate of Life.
Life is the reason why the universe is expanding, = Growth rate of Life, = the second Bbang of Re-Creation.
Dark energy expanding our Cosmos
Monarch like the flame of Life.
Now Life is a Living Tempel and our Aura Cristal Clear. Future Dreams for our Earth
Our Aura standing proud and beautiful, the essence of Future Dreams
27.  The blue aura of life and the living

Life’s aura and influence sphere spans beyond, and engulf many many galaxies and star clusters, Thousands of light years across. It is the structures of intelligent life.

 the cosmos of Pythagoras the greek

is pushing space out in time.

 Remember his words  "The creation of a divine cosmos by the living".

 Life is the reason why the universe is expanding, =

Growth rate of life, =

the second big-bang of re-creation.

See everything as Bio-Logica

from the infinate small ion by ion

"electrons for processing, photons for communication, and ions for storage."

And they just float off in a breeze one by one
the meaning is obscure today, but will open like a flower in tomorrows dawn
Something to dream about

 29 - And to the students of Wisdom.
 "Find the Knowledge of all"
Look at the old teachers and the lifestyle of the oldest and biggest Democracies on earth. 
What happened to the despised caste ???
A world with animal Rights. ???
What is the solution to the Uncontrollable.??? 
 Two options, Recycling or chained Forced Labor - Electronic chains adjustable to 5 meters - Meaning as long as you generate good  you keep on living. Where Recycle mean, Going back into the foodchain in a alternative Life form. Genetic material should not go to waste. Since Dino times the meat eaters have ruled the world. Leading to higher evolution. Native law "Be humane to your prey, don't ever torture him", and the blood.???? 
 Only in compassion you will find happiness

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