our cosmos is life's creation

67 - Light is the energy of the living

Globalization of energy resources
Energy that belong to all of us

Out of chaos there came order, without a name,

and it was alive and resonate in timeless harmony.

Our cosmic being, through reason of the Bio-Logica

If you want to see LIFE do not look in the sun

Find the reflections from the makings of the living

like in a rose

the composition of life is in large consisting of light energy

energy derived from light spin

So, all the light out there is the total story of it all

 we are the children of light

The brilliance of our reflection is our Aura

marine light Noctiluca
The smallest light source from the living in nature - bioluminescence of Noctiluca a dinoflagellata
A strange sun in our oceans

enter the era of light, insight and vision
era of light, insight and vision

At the roots of life - the dark energetics
meaning an invisible power source.

our readers have came to grip with the fact that

our personal aura as an influence sphere is

centered around the beat of our hearts.

our prime objective

to keep that pulsation going, in healthy harmony and resonance - called love

As the purpose of Life, have to be understood in biological terms - as bio-logica
energy to change...
to be in control - to create order
 through intelligent planing and coordination of the sequence of events
happenings to reach and bring harmony, in resonance with the music..

The smallest Aura,  Is the Influence sphere as defined by a probabilistic cloud, centered about atomic nuclei called Electron

Electron probabilistic cloud
Influence sphere is defined by a probabilistic cloud, centered about atomic nuclei called Electron...

The smallest aura
Is the influence sphere as defined by a probabilistic cloud, centered about the atomic nuclei
called Electron... 

higher energy electrons are created

initially via the capture of photons during the process of photosynthesis

which is a controlled conversion of light energy

(i.e., that found in photons) to chemical energy

(i.e., that found in stable high energy electrons).


link here for an interactive insight into size and space
the smallest energy package photon spin

Gama ray Auras of our milky-way
Confined Energy Discharge from the nucleus of our Galaxy

These high energy electrons

are stored within carbon compounds,

Relative stable        such as most typically carbohydrates.

It is good to know. The two types of radiation are now usually distinguished by their origin: X-rays are emitted by highly exited electrons outside the nucleus, while gamma rays are emitted by the nucleus at very high energies expressed in electron-volts. such as the dense instable nucleus of our own milky way y the analation of positrons.


Water molecules

Electrons capture a photon spin and incorporate this energy.

In doing so, the shape of the aura
(probabilistic cloud they occupy changes in seven jumpy increments of 10 angstroms of energy.) 
 to an aura with a more extensive influence sphere.

 (entropy becomes bigger, if you wish)

more energized electrons exist at a greater average distance

from its associated atomic nuclei

live energy is influence sphere under control 

distance is the extend of the power bubble - aura.



Time  Growth

Molecular visualization
Aura Molecular
molecular aura

the energetics of Life is the process of using captured energy

 photons to form high energy bonds,

e.g., reduced carbon compounds, plus the converse breaking high energy bonds to liberate stored energy.

Usually this process of creating and breaking high energy bonds is done in well controlled, enzymatically catalyzed, in discrete steps such that minimal energy

(about half is wasted, mostly lost as heat).

ultimately, the majority of the energy in our cosmos

  (our biosphere Idrea  all organisms living and dead)

 found in high energy bonds can be traced back  to photons captured during photosynthesis.

Much of that energy is lost to inefficiencies in storage

the processes involved in the synthesizing of fuel for our organism.

adenosine triphosphate = ATP from ADP and Pi.

The Mitochondria are sometimes described as "cellular power plants" because they generate most of the cell's supply of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), used as a source of chemical energy. More detail further down

Molecular Train
Molecular Train transport the elements

Xray  demolition of a  nitrogen atom

During the conversion of ATP back to ADP and Pi.

This latter reaction supplies much of the energy driving anabolism.

That is, most of the ATP is used in the production of new cellular components (carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, etc.).

This production is a continuous process in cells, and, in general, is faster in prokaryotic cells than in eukaryotic cells.



In this brief script we consider the nature of that energy which is stored in bonds of reduced carbon compounds.





Atomic Spin components
Spin components

Lighting display.
Enormous electrical discharge - Atenas Greece

endergonic reaction products:

High energy elections can be found in high energy bonds with atoms.

In other words, to add an atom or group to a molecule often requires energy input (endergonic reaction) and the electrons that make up those bonds, like the bonds themselves, are considered to have high energy.

A typical high energy bond is the one found between a carbon atom and a hydrogen atom

(i.e., a reduced carbon).

A typical low energy bond is one between a carbon atom and an oxygen atom (i.e., an oxidized carbon).

Note that an anti-intuitive consequence of the syntax (language) employed to describe these bonds is that

a high energy bond is actually not as strong as a low energy bond

(Because it requires less energy to break).

Massive electrical discharge
Massive electrical discharge - Shinmoedake Japan

Plasma Globe

stable energy storage

defined as those which require a reasonably high energy of activation.

That is, it may require an input of energy (activation energy) to set in motion steps leading to the loss of the energy associated with a high energy electron  

(meaning, return to the probabilistic cloud shape associated with a lower energy electron).

hence, many high energy bonds are capable of displaying long term stability.

such as, the high energy bonds found in the fossil fuels (natural gas, oil, and coal)

have remained stably intact for hundreds of millions of years.


A single graphene molecule
Graphene base for future layered electronics for vision out of this world
This makes the backbone of layered tecnologies

Electrical Activity in the retinal cell
Retinal-cell  Ganglion

Transfer of stored energy [electron transfer]

The stored energy associated with a high energy electron may be transferred away from that electron

(in discrete steps—thanks to quantum mechanics).

The electron itself may be transferred from the molecule (atom, ion)  it occupies to a new molecule (atom, ion).

In doing so the energy associated with the high energy electron is partially transferred

(partially because some energy during any energy transfer is lost to the environment typically as heat).

Transfer of electrons from one substance to another is called

Chains of oxidation-reduction [redox reactions] which are linked.

Remember - reduction is the gain of an electron,

oxidation is the loss of an electron,

and in order for a substance to be reduced (e.g., substance B)
 another substance must be oxidized  (e.g., substance A).
Oxidation-reduction does not occur unless the energy associated with the to-be-transferred electron is sufficiently high that the to-be-reduced substance is able to accept it. To interchange you must be in harmony. To step up or down to comunicate. To resonate in cosmic harmony is bio-logica.

Moving in on target
Navigation  over large distances

Energy to activate
Energy to activate and start the fire.

Unidirectional chains of transfer:

One may envisage chains of oxidation-reduction in which substance A transfers a high energy electron to substance B (with some loss of energy in the process) which then transfers the high energy electron to substance C (and with some loss of energy) which then transfers it to substance D,

This process is not reversible.

Because in each step energy is lost.


Mitochondrial  propulsion of DNA to it's objective. Can you imagine the guidance system
Take note - one single Mitochondria provide propulsion

Chains of oxidation-reduction are means by which energy may be diverted from reduced compounds in a controlled fashion.


Oxidized to produce ATP:

Carbohydrates are then systematically oxidized whereby the stored high energy electrons are passed from one compound to another and the energy liberated during individual reduction steps is diverted toward the production of ATP from ADP and Pi.

In other words:

6CO2 + 12H2O + light = C6H12O6 + 6O2 + 6H2O

C6H12O6 + 6O2 + xADP + xPi = 6CO2 + 6H2O + xATP + heat

(the first reaction is photosynthesis; the second reaction is aerobic respiration; C6H12O6 is glucose)

Mitochondria convert the energy of food molecules into the ATP that powers most cell functions.



Organelles de una celula.

About 60% of the genes in a human nucleus originate from the primeval archaea (A genome) the remaining genes having a bacterial origin (B genome), which in the nucleus are delegated by the bacterial symbionts that have survived up until today in all human cells as mitochondria (on average 1,500 per cell).

Mitochondria are the cellular organelles that are responsible for manufacturing ATP. They can be likened to a power plant that burns sugar using oxygen (oxidative phosphorylation). The mitochondria posses their own DNA, and for this reason are believed to a relative of ancient bacteria that evolutionarily merged with the cellular unit during endosymbiosis.

Endocrinologists have traditionally classified hormones as anabolic or catabolic,

depending on which part of the metabolism they stimulate.


Power in Cubic


Anabolism is the set of metabolic pathways that construct molecules from smaller units. These reactions require energy.

One way of categorizing metabolic processes, whether at the cellular, organ or organism level is as 'anabolic' or as 'catabolic', which is the opposite. Anabolism is powered by catabolism,

 where large molecules are broken down into smaller parts and then exhausted in respiration.

 Many anabolic processes are powered by adenosine triphosphate (ATP).


Anabolic processes tend toward "building up" organs and tissues. produce growth and differentiation of cells and increase in body size, a process that involves synthesis of complex molecules. Examples of anabolic processes include the growth and mineralization of bone and increases in muscle mass.



Unhealthy cell undergoing apoptosis about to be cleaned up by a macrophage

Under certain conditions where the cell cannot intake oxygen properly, the mitochondria can dissolve their symbiosis with the human host, and no longer function in harmony with the cell. This is called mitochondrial dysbiosis, and is a serious indicator of cancer, as the cells revert to ancient survival mechanisms in which they use

fermentation to make ATP, rather than oxidative phosphorylation.

Cancer is a result of the functional degradation of a cellular photon absorption pathway that is basic to the production of ATP, the cellular energy molecule. Tumor cells merely execute an age-old survival program they retained from the time of unicellular existence.  This new hypothesis of cancer causation, spells out why some cells all of a sudden start dividing to form tumors, and how that urge to sustained growth could likely be 'switched off.

Mitochondria and Free Radicals

Plankton Tide bubbles

What is Endosymbiosis?

Endosymbiosis, meaning “inside symbiosis”, is the fact that the cellular unit is actually a product of the ancient merging of multiple separate organisms. It is confirmed that early Eukaryotes (organisms with a cell nucleus) were formed from the

Encapsulation of Proteobacteria by Archaebacteria.

These early cells did not use oxygen, instead making ATP by lactic acid fermentation of sugars in the cytoplasm. Later on, the proto-mitochondria were encapsulated, which gave the cell the advantage of being able to use oxygen to produce some 20 times more ATP.


Antarctica micro-plankton
Micrograph of a micro-plankton - Observe skeletal remains of Diatoms.

In a similar way, plants developed their plastids

(photosynthesis organelle containing chlorophyll)

From the encapsulation of blue-green algae.

It is good to know the Mitochondria have its own DNA Double Helix.

 Now if we do something similar on a large scale where the cells auto repair and regenerate.

I can imagine green gel chlorophyll electrolyte with carbon nanotube Electrodes – where nature and man meets to convert energy.

To the point not allowing one photon to escape. becoming a black hole.

Doble Helice DNA molecule

The Replication process is "like digital photocopies" in that each strand of the original double-stranded DNA molecule serves as template for the reproduction of the complementary strand. Hence, following DNA replication, two identical DNA molecules have been produced from a single double-stranded DNA molecule.

Cellular proofreading and error-checking mechanisms in the form of those three proteins, remember, they ensure near perfect fidelity for DNA replication.

Shown here is DNA ligase repairing chromosomal damage.
The three visable protein structures are:
  1. The DNA binding domain (DBD) which is bound to the DNA minor groove both upstream and downstream of the damaged area.
  2. The OB-fold domain (OBD) unwinds the DNA slightly over a span of six base pairs and is generally involved in nucleic acid binding.
  3. The Adenylation domain (AdD) contains enzymatically active residues that join the broken nucleotides together by catalyzing the formation of a phosphodiester bond between a phosphate and hydroxyl group

rosetta nebula.
Food for Imagination

For evry new Life a star is born.
Many young blue stars

The whole story of creation is the total story of every reflected photon in existence.

But they are not the only ones, also those stored in memory by hydrocarbons.

On demand we can reproduce a moment in time from the memory of reflected photons.

Life is light energy.

We are the children of Light - ethereal auras of captured energy.

Besides - all that we eat comes from light energy entwined in the genetic matter.

Enter content here

On planet earth

If you can see and touch them, you are in the presence of God.
When you smell the roses, you know, it is the fragrance of LIFE.

By perception??, association???. remember perspective - we can recall, see and smell that red rose off life by activating that photon in the ganglion of the mind's eye

we can reproduce the origin of those reflected photons charge and frequency and link it up with the molecular charge and frequency of its smell - pheromones ..

All this is basic computer  operation. – like a ping with one that is there, like comparing images – finding similar genes.

Imagine if every photon preserved in the hydrocarbons becomes visible in relation to its place of origen in a genetic chain. .

Hubble Ultra Deep Field diagram

Stellar  Evolution

Now we are piecing it together The Whole Story by means of the Hubble telescope.

 From the very distant past – sometimes at the rate of one photon per hour.

 From the beginning of time, each tells his story and contributes to the whole...

We piece  together the story of the universe - photon per photon.



coma cluster

Observe only two Nearby Stars in this image

We have a long way nto go

Now if we flip flop these photons where we want them to be - we can re-create- the state of MASS.

From the inside out.

Starting in the very small.

after all

 Life do start on a scale, smaller than light.

(Size nm DNA Particle)

Bring ordered harmony
Intelligent reason must re-create the whole order of the Universe

Star in NGC 6357

Energy fall into the black hole that eventually becomes so massive - as to the equivalent of all the surrounding Mass.

 Logic tells us that we the living with intelligence, have the obligation to get everything away from that hole.

That hole is our counterpart - nothing but Mass

To do that we have to speed things up

this mean,  to be in control of our Universe

That is the reason why we have to gain and maintain control of every planet, asteroid, meteorite, rock or ice block. Every Newton of kinetic energy out there. – must be under control and directed to our advantage.

Intelligent reason will indicate where they should go by the order of the bio-logica.

water comparison
all the water on Europa compared to earth
to bring mars together with her moon

Such as speeding up planets improve spin,

 ad nucleus to improve magnetism.

intelligent reason must re-create

 the whole order of our cosmos Helios

synchronize movement to create order

Now we think about planet Mars

If we combine it with all it's watery moon Europa

it will become earth like, teaming with life, with lots of water.


Nueronas en Accion

Nueronas en Accion

Mitochondria convert the energy of food molecules into the ATP that powers most cell functions.

 Can be expressed in terms of a differential polarity of so much Ev (electronvoltios.

It is all about the interchange of electrons- in the neurons of the mind  the know how, to flip flop where we want them.

Substances with names such as neurotransmitters  epinephrine, nor-epinephrine underlies the fight-or-flight response, directly increasing heart rate, triggering the release of glucose from energy stores, and increasing blood flow to skeletal muscle

Nor-epinephrine can also suppress neuroinflammation when released diffusely in the brain from the locus ceruleus



Fabric of Space

Dark Matter Map in Galaxy Cluster Abell 1689

 All these cell functions have to be defined on a global base by the rules of the bio-logica

 our one big living biosphere called Idréa.

One big living biomass as a endosymbiotic  entity ?????

A visual object, engraving al the making from the beginning.

A world of vision

Our cosmic eye - looking out

  The eyes of love is lucid.
In a world of love there is no gravity - one only nervous system – Internet.  
 One global failproof power grid - to make things happen.  


Light is Life's energy
Should we go to nuclear energy or not

This place us on the cross roads right now - do we need it ????.


Let us imagine an alternative society
 Where energy = kilowatt is our currency instead of money.
The net energy gain is our reward as units in our debit card.

 Everybody have energy – that makes each one of us a millionaire

the objective – to get it on your debit card – no credit or freeloading.
to convert that energy in the most efficient way.
Individual free enterprize
To place that individual human energy to the disposal of LIFE in selling to it to Idréa to get it on your debit card.
utilities for industry or enjoyment such as connectivity....
To convert all light and movement into electrical energy 
to combine your energy with another’s for max effectiveness.
  This mean, looking in from the outside, life can be a black hole where all light disappears.

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