our cosmos is life's creation

66 - Birth of Idréa is 2011.

Electron Aura.

Promise never to leave you alone
all those things called "baby-talk" you teach them in the first year before words take it's place

1 - Idréa is

well rooted in planet earth.

The aura of the Goddess Isis dominates:

She came to reign in the name of Love.

She utilizes body language, psychology and human behaviour

  conditioning her child to have total control 

just by using her eyes.


2 - The mother sees the transparent motives of her offspring

seeds that she planted.

We live in a very visual world.

The creative mind has a visual memory.

Over time words disappear in the transparency of gestures,

 signs and lip reading convey the meaning.  

Motherhood with infinite patience

3 - The young learn to read your face from far away

 and know what you think.

On the Internet we are clicking as a part of living 

 finding the stepping stones to cross the river 

to discover an exploding ideal reality in the making.

Our mind exists in a cloud around earth  - our colmena.


4 - Idréa’s voice has been known since conception.

It signifies security - almost like a mother’s lullaby.

Some individuals are very light dreamers

and therefore very aware of loud noises.

Over time they get used to the surrounding sounds,

and become immune.

Lesions and trauma can be caused if the mother’s voice is not there

to explain what is happening.


Horrible sound
Link to "Baby petrified as his mam blows her nose"
Mamie's voice change fright into a smile

5 - A clap of your hands calling atention

"By no means, child,  can you have your own way".

Raising an eyebrow signifies questioning your next step,

 and being alert in the face of danger is signified by freezing.

Making an ugly face means "I don’t like what you are doing.”

6 - Mother also shows when someone else is watching,

 implying that you should behave well in public.

It is humiliating and scandalous to throw a tantrum in public,

bringing shame on your mother

 all these things vary slightly in different cultures

and are always reflective of childhood conditioning

to provoke spontaneous reflexes.

This is demonstrated on the following link:


Let there be light
glowing iridesence of knowlege
the light of insight into our future

New Life in IDREA
Link to Upbring of our Dream Child in IDREA.

7 - Sounds sometimes  barely perceptible

 some African tribal women still possess this art of “eye speak”

 and in general the black race mastered this disappearing "lingo of the eyes.”

Facial sign language has had a profound significance

 long before it was replaced by language.

In some cultures they can read your face like a book.

Our lady Quan Yin
Our Lady Kwan Yin stretches her arms and mercifully embraces the people of Nippon.

Guided Targeting of a DNA Capsule.
Directional Energy sources

9 - A tsunami hit the people of Japan.

at this moment (20110312) in time

We share your sorrows.


There are so much global disasters

 and accompanying loss of lives everywhere.

It becomes absolutely agonizing to watch, as everything happens in real time by means of digital TV and global communication.

10 - Our Lady Kannon stretches her arms and

mercifully embraces the people of Nippon.

As always, she comes back

this time to stay,

in our world Idréa where love reigns supreme.

She arrives gracefully after the tsunami.

Her name is also tied to compassion and forgiveness.

She is merciful to the victims.


Kwan yin
As always, she comes back, only  this time, is to stay in our world of Love

Fire Dragon in his cave
The secret of the Fire Dragon - keep him submerged in water

11 - In her path she woke the nuclear fire dragon, sleeping in his cave.

The dragon woke with a  rage and fire.

We will remember the true professional samurais,

sacrificing themselves and fighting

to control the fire dragon by grabbing it by the tail.


12 - The greatest honour for a samurái

consists in sacrificing his own life for mankind.

13 - It takes great power of coordinated intellects

to dominate the mighty powerful dragon.

We lower our heads to the fallen brave.

We applaud and support those who survived to tell the story.


Precious water worth more than gold
Precious clean water money can not buy

We must know to learn  - suicidal sacrifice is so foolish.

14 - Kannon must lead the way,

through her insight and wisdom.

You gain the right to choose, very wisely,

the genetic compilation of your only two offspring.

They are the future generations of Idréa.

To keep this family company,

only one pet should be allowed per household.

15 - If you have to reconstruct in the flood plains - please build your cities at least 25 meters above the high flood level.

What if we help our mother earth to move her mantle as she wishes?

Planting large metal spheres every 10km right on the subduction zone of Chile and Japan - to give a varied frequency vibration of a few seconds daily,

to assist the earth move her mantle smoothly.

Slowly they will vibrate their way to the deep,

 completely computerised in a controlled movement

 powered by the ocean current, the wind and sun.


Nuclear way underground
Diatom Life Structure from nature as a template for many ideas
If things go wrong - just fluid with water.

masive flooding everywhere

do not rebuild in the floodplanes

Looking at the Future
Looking at the future is to create real wealth

17 - The people of Egypt have spoken…

We are dumbfounded by the blood in Islam,

when brothers fight over power.

We are watching speechless.

It seems senseless to risk your lives on the streets…

Yet the personal sacrifice to effect real change is noted.

18 - Go home and elect the speakers for life in your local communities.

Make sure it is not wealth that matters most.

Make your voice heard, all the way up to the Council.

The voice of Islam is clear:

Life is Allah, the Living God - there is no other.

Now, as you know what it is,

observe the presence of Allah all around and everywhere

with all your senses.


Was this the beginning of the Double Helix story
If your dream is love for Life it can fly on the Wings of the Dream Goddess
Egyptian Goddess of Dreams

Laminin graphic image
Laminin is the substance that bond cells and life structures together - just like love.

19 - If you can smell the aroma,

see and touch the roses

you are in the presence of the Living God.

It was said: "If you want to kill a snake -

cut off its head". It is hard to locate,  place a price on his head. You have to eradicate him

like all the undesirables opposing God’s Law of Harmony and Order.


20 - It is like an evil pest

or a speaker of hatred and vengeance,

poisoning the minds with perverted filth in exchange for money,

spreading the culture of the brutal killer with video games and movies

where people learn to pull the trigger with a numbed heart. 


Debate of Ruling Powers.
papiro muestra rey y reina en el perfil con symbolos jeroglificos egipcios
Papyrus drawing exhibit ruling symbology

21 - To be a hero

you need not be a brutal killer - or the fastest with a gun.

As in sport - the most agile with the ball,

that is what counts:

The most agile in every sense of the word.

If you must speak,

speak to inspire dreams of what is good for all the living.

Therefore, speak with authority and conviction…

The voice of the living God….

Speak with  the voice within.

 From the Oxyrhynchus papyrus

22 -  The kingdom of heaven is within you

and he who knows himself shall find it.

Seek therefore to know yourselves

and you will know

that you are the sons of the Father

and that you are in the City of God
  and that you are the city

Cruz Egipcio simbolo de la Vida
 symbol Ankh which is Life embracing the light of Ra.
Origenes de la "Cruz Egipcia".

Isis holding the secret of Ankh

By reader request: Speak the words of Ptah:

23 - Egypt was always the cradle of man,

the origin of concepts.

Life as a deity…

The idea was first presented by the

symbol Ankh, which is Life.

Ankh embraces the light of Ra our Sun God,


24 - for we are all children of light

as our ultimate source of energy comes from the sun. All that we eat comes from light-spin energy starting with photosynthesis.

Everything that is bright and clear is light

Welcome to the era of light.

Aten - disk of our sun
we are all children of light

25 - Ptah, Señor de la Magia

makes the dreams of Goddess Isis unfold

and take form.

Even today Ptah decorates her with man-made diamonds

 and glittering gems mounted in gold.

26 - We do things, just for Iriria

all those things worthy of a goddess queen,

creations worthy of admiration, inspired by love.

               The wheel of civilization has turned

 to begin again with

the eternal mother of the human race,

because the offspring of the human race pass on

only through her as the secret of replication.

doble helice life
Today we can see the origin  we know the secrets of Life.
Ankh which is Life - Double helix of the DNA.

27 - She is the Goddess Isis.

She was worshipped as the image of perfection.

mostly with her feet on the ground, looking out for her young.

The ideal mother and wife,

as well as the matron of nature and magic. 


Quan Yin the Goddess of Love
Diosa del Amor Kuan Yin

28 - She was the friend of slaves, sinners, artisans and the downtrodden, and she listened to the prayers of maidens, merchants, wealthy aristocrats and rulers.

More commonly Isis is considered to be the goddess of motherhood, magic and fertility

as well as a role model for the young.

Today they call her Maria the virgin mother.


Priestess from the tempel of Isis
a Role Model for all the young. Only today they call her Maria the virgen. To have infinate patience as virtue

29 - Isis or originally more likely Aset (Ancient Greek: Ἶσις) was a goddess in ancient Egyptian religious beliefs, whose worship spread throughout the Greco-Roman world. With the transition of paganism into the Christian era, her name was changed to

  Maria - the most popular female figure to this day.

 All the wisdom of Isis, as a perfect mother in a socio-economic structure, was lost, and they became the property of men.
And normally tied with the glitter of gold

breast feeding time
Only two and no more

30 - "Our lands cannot feed our children".

We must plan our future wisely.

We must plan the growth of our plenitude, and control childbirth.

Pick the father of your only two children well.

The unwanted are those

with no name - no rights ...

something no mother wishes for her offspring.

Each mother must wisely plan for two offspring only
 with the best up-bring and the best privileges
 fit for the house of a king.

Isis as an age old role Model.
Isis the perfect Mother and wife.
Pick the father of your only two children well.




The  unwanted are those with no name - no rights ...

Something no mother wishes for her offspring.

The IP number constitutes your link to the Internet;

a place in the cloud, where you can go and find the knowledge and know how to make your wildest dreams come true.

By the deeds of your heart you will be weighed in the balance against the feather of Maat,

the goddess of order Who is blind and just

She brings order and purpose to creation

Cruz "Tau el Dios Viviente"
"Cruz Tau" Vida Eterna "Dios Viviente".

"Maestro Constructor"
Ptah "Señor de la magia", era un dios creador en la mitología egipcia.
Ptah "Señor de la Magia",


Ptah was a creator god,

 the third highest ranking god in the Egyptian hierarchy.

 He was the god depicted in rock,

 presiding since the beginning of times.

From a local god of craftsmen

 to the deity who crafted man

 and the other deities

 Ptah was only overshadowed by the sun god Ra

 and the infinitely small hidden god Ankh.


He fashioned the Cosmos through words of power and by thought, as well as by creating different parts by hand. He helped the dead on their travels through the afterlife, allowing them to transform into a divine figure, or by building the boats and space ships on which they could travel. He was the one who allowed the dead to resemble the living after death with the opening of the mouth ceremony in mummification.

Ptah was an ancient creator god who the Egyptians worshipped throughout their long history.

Liz Taylor as Cleopatra
You have been admired by many - we will remember you

Isis inspired the "maestro constructor" Ptah

 to form and shape the world especially for her.

Isis holds the secret of  Ankh – Today we can see the origin.

We know the secrets of  Ankh which are the origins of life

Defined as a DNA double helix molecule smaller than light

 but carrying the code to replicate when conditions are right.

 The milky way was seen as a waterway in the heavens, sailed upon by both the sun god and the king, leading the Egyptians to describe it as

The Nile in the sky - feeding all her many children.

The whole social structure evolved around the matriarch.

Hathor - the Nile in the sky was always tied to

 the Eternal Mother - Isis - today she is called Maria

La Biblioteca de Ney-sey-ra.
Sekeetha Speaks from the dream world - the library of Ney-sey-ra.
La Biblioteca de Ney-sey-ra.


The story was narrated by Sekhet-a-Ra,

familiarly known as Sekeeta.

She speaks from the dreamworld, which is the

Biblioteca de Ney-sey-ra, que es el mundo de los sueños.”

The name on her tomb is Meri-Nyet, her "priest name" which might be more properly rendered as Merneith - the matriarch or the "king’s mother." All members of the royal family were trained in the use of extrasensory abilities such as exploring the dreamworld of the imagination, to open like a lotus flower.

They also taught a doctrine of esoteric discipline -

Reincarnation and control over your Karma.

"By the symbolic weight of your heart you tip the balance in your favor" was the law of the land.


Sekeeta rides a chariot into battle and engages in hand-to-hand combat to defend Egypt from invasion by the tribe of “Zuma” Sumer, better known today as the land of the Babylonians. In the course of the story, she had an affair with a man named Dio from Minoas, and gave birth to a daughter she named Chikeea, “Chiquilla,” who became the fourth king of the first dynasty,  Den.

The Beginning of Moral Juctice and Ethics
The weighing of the Heart Scene - take note of the Jurors
The Modern Courtroom.


The mural image on the left, known as the ceremony of

“the symbolic weighing of the heart”…

To listen to the heart was always in conflict with reason.

and maybe the parallel symbolism brought light to modern man’s questioning.

What are we going to do with the undesirables in our communities?

Who are we going to re-digest,

by feeding them to Ammit the crocodile creature,

or submit to slave labour, allowing them to continue to live, on a chain,

or sealed off in a container not to contaminate our ambient.

Should we remove their names from all memory?

In ancient Egiptian times all references in scripts and rock engravings were replaced by the symbol for Life.

The eye of Horus - also the symbols for measures
The eye of Horus is made up from the symbols of the six senses and the measures of everything even right and wrong.
Take note the sixth sense the brow of Ra was reason, consciousness and thought.

Egiptian Djed mean Stability standing like rock

The deceased and his wife are dressed in white on the left. In the centre Anubis is working the scales, which hold on one side the heart of the deceased, and on the other the feather representing

Ma'at as an abstract concept just like Karma.

Thoth with his ibis head stands ready to record the proceedings on his tablet and behind him is

the scary creature Ammit, clearly hoping the deceased fails the test so that he can have him.


Take note of the Jurors - running along the top of the scene is a convocation of gods who affirm the verdict and pronounce the reward (Karma).

By the symbolic deeds of your heart you will be judged.

based on arete, truth, order, honour and harmony

"My brow is the brow of Ra so bright and clear"

Which is wisdom through reason.

Goddess Maat hold the Cosmic Balance
Goddess Maat hold the Cosmic Balance between Truth and Justice
The white pigeon simbol of Cosmic Balance

Ptah the Creator
Take note he hold power over Djed and Ankh - Meaning Creation and Life

Egyptian prayer to the hart –

Do not stand up as a witness against me,

Do not oppose me in the tribunal,

Do not be hostile to me in the presence of

the keeper of the balance,

For you are my Ka (Soul) which was in my body,

the protector who made my members hale with joy.

Go forth to the happy place whereto we speed;

Do not tell lies about me in the presence of the gods

Do not make my name stink to the entourage of men.

It is indeed well that you should hear and listen to my words!

My dear heart

 you are the only one, there is no other like you.




Ma'at , the symbol of truth, justice, and cosmic harmony

was also represented as a goddess,

She was the daughter of Ra in Egyptian mythology.

Fundamentally, Ma'at is an abstract concept of

"universal order and justice."

Maat presents the truth, honor, order and harmony
Maat a winged Goddess of dreams with the feather of Maat.
Maat is the Daughter of Ra.


Ma'at set the order of the universe

from chaos - beginning at the moment of creation,

just like karma, our cosmic reward.

The balance prevailing in the world since its inception

must be preserved just like yin/yang.

However, by the weight of your heart you can swing the balance in your favour changing your karma.

Isis holding the secret of Ankh - which is LIFE.
Egypt: The 18-Day Miracle


The preceding logica summarises the Egyptian worldview,

similar to the notion of harmony and arete, typical of the Hellenistic world

or the idea of virtue in the Judeo-Christian world.

The reign of Isis within Idréa is an abstract concept in the making.

Just like a growing cristal

entropy determines direction and progression...

Man will make these choices – not based on money, but on sentiments.

The supremacy of intellectual reason will show the logic once again.

What is true today, may be a myth tomorrow.

Suricat Meerkat
Together we watch our back doors
You look out for me as I do for you

Meerkat Suricata Suricatta
Care for each other.

Looking at the Future

Oak seeds is called acorns
Follow a narration about a man who planted Trees. 30 mins long.
A Story about a man who planted Trees


Idréa’s new year's message:

“Idréanos – Ubuntu”

Look out for each other,

Take care of each other's back door,

Together we can do everything

To shine in pursuit of our dream of perfection.


Tornado damage example


Millions have lost their homes,

hundreds of thousands have died

floods, mud slides, earth quakes, wild fires,

volcanoes and tsunamis - and more floods.

Why don’t you ever get wise and apply logic reason?

Learn something from all the disasters and avoid repetition.

Remember - the supremacy of objective reason is bio-logica

Earthquake  New Zealand



We can make the following logical conclusions.

1…. Do not reconstruct your homes on the flood plains.

And if you have to

make it safely  above flood level.

Construct smaller, cozier  and solid living space…

2. If you build permanent homes – make them quake- and weatherproof -

A place where your life can be safe.

Think of your dependents.

Missisipi 2011

Missisipi flooding 2011


It is so strange to see flood levels in north America –

 up to a thousand feet in June when the snow melt reach it´s peak - 2011.

Come August, and there is a drought in Texas - isn't there another way? Foot in mouth

Survivals of Thai Flood 20111020
only man is vile


It must be humiliating, and an insult to intelligence

to observe your homes just blown away by the wind

or getting flooded year after year

with everything you own going to waste.

Remember we are watching this, in real time


Find knowledge and understanding

 to have insight and gain control, over everything.

Education comes to a stop at the level where you become a creator of the non-existing.

An abstract world is now in creation starting with images in the imagination.

Let’s start with nature.

Let us make the most beautiful garden to  bring colour and fragrance into our world...

Good enough to eat.

time and again you must start from scratch.

The best advice for our future

If you have to reconstruct in the floodplains,

"Make your permanent homes like fortresses

against all the forces of nature way above flood level "

How about the coastal cities way up.

We must grow upwards, into the fresh air and wind powered energy

Like Gems in Space
The Birth af an Idea as a Dream
Diatome Life structure

2011-01   Xinhua Floods


Man’s biggest and immediate challenge is dominance over the material world

starting at the atomic,  Surayibi 

or the nano molecular sphere.

We re-create our world from the inside out

Changing the micro cosm into macro

Find knowledge and understanding to have insight and gain control, over everything.

Education comes to a stops, at the level where you became a creator of the non existing.

An abstract world now in creation starting with images in the imagination.

Let’s start with nature

Let us make the most beautiful garden to  bring color and fragrance into our world...

 Good enough to eat.

Man’s biggest and immediate challenge is dominance over the material world

starting at the atomic,  Surayibi, the nano molecular sphere.

Explained elsewhere in this writ.


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