our cosmos is life's creation

61 - After thoughts on 2010.

Man with the Owl
Man with the owl by the burning sapling Oak
Mourning by the ashes of the creative force

Festival de la Luz
Link for Images Festival de la Luz Costa Rica
Festival de la Luz Costa Rica 2010

Inner light, to see your future bright and clear
We wish you light

welcome to our ideal reality.
 looking back at this year
before we are going to enter into the first year of Idréa 2011

To our readers and friends out there.

nocturnal virgularia
life tend to blend into it's surroundings - observe the eye

We wish you all,

only the best in joy.

and inner light to see your future

bright and clear.

please, we want you to know, 

 that if you have for a few moments

during  this last year        

shed a tear         or two

for another life

out there.

rest assure – you are in our ideal reality

Where shedding a tear, in the name of another, is no shame

as in sport,

where we, with many a brave athlete, win or lose

come to tears for the triumph of man.

a serious power with explosive force, that belong to the passion of living

to maintain total control, in every crisis, is the making of a winner.

keep this flame alive
It is always very hard to keep this flame alive - especially in a procession
Is like a sacred knowledge symbol of LIFE.

To control this adrenalin flash is culturally cultivated from small
throwing a tantrum in public is a no no 
it is to bring the biggest scandal on your parents, and your peers 
who turn their backs on you in dismay
Do show dismay at the sight of the brutal destructive force in contact sport 
wwwrestling - blood splattering video games - where the object of creation was money only

The brutal killer - destroying and wasting the flowers, petals, buds, leaves and all

violence  is a bad gene, that must be straightened from small

looking at our Future
Idrea looking at our Future

Enkrateia  is the artful inner strength to live by self esteem

It is a frame of  mind

will-power to be humble and yet, dominate

to handle your spaceship to perfection, with agility

Never exit the aura of graciousness.

to concentrate this energy in creation in harmony - instead of violence, lost control

Worst of all, just floating along , oblivious of your existence, in a vegetative state - as a victim of greed

following the person in front of you

The queue in the line-up to no-where.

Ostap playing the bandura
the music will always be there

premio de creatividad
festival de cine

to live in the real sense of the word
Is to recognize - it is coming your way
In the game of life
you're a player,
 or the spectator
The winners are mere participants,
They have a total committed to their goals
They do not look for excuses, called cows not to win,
 because they know that their friends do not need cows
and his enemies would not believe it anyway.
whatever your cow
there is a way to kill the cows of mediocracy
 by action.

Cristiano Ronaldo
No greater honor than to be crowned as the best
for agility in every sense of the word

To capture that ball
to empower and have  dominance of every move

waving through the masses at incredible speed and complete control

"And the fut-ball player is carried on the voices of the crowd, a curve towards the goal and             Score."

pure adrenalin and the “crown” on man's intellect and physical abilities.

it is agility in every sence of the word - that is worth gold.

only now - we are referring to asteroids – ...

to come in from behind synchronize and take control.

to make things happening in an abstract realm

It is all about timing the sequence of happenings -

we are creating the future

neuronal cells 6 weeks old

nebulas in orion
Horsehead and Orion Nebulas

DNA replication mean

Life is a bio-logical being
 feeding on genetic matter all around
 observe the sprouting of double helix life everywhere. 
intelligence makes things to happen, in an abstract world
just by thinking it to be - by the bio-logica  
just like in a game of chess
molecular visualizations of DNA
not only create things - but also means maintain under control
take note - it only takes one strand of hair to bring together a rebellious beard

Ball Juggling Kids
So many things they should know
Upbring starts with a ball

eye-speak and face reading
African art - eye speak
Nobody can do it better than african mothers

The realm of the heart we share is sometimes called

instinctive reaction - going back to Dino times..

That is true - if you enter into a dark cave 

you can feel the presence of the living.

Yes, you can see with your heart

Wisdom of our times

Here further down the signatures of Idréa

- to clearly know where you are -

you will find and see it in the eyes.

Those worlds of comunication

way beyond words and vision - just knowing by heart.

living is all about sharing a passion and emotion,

a realm belonging to compassion is a

"Power to comunicate, unite over large distances" -

to penetrate many many meters of the hardest rock. (Chilean mine).

someone may need to have a certain amount of empathy - insight

before they are able to feel compassion.

We are usually brought up with certain values, and even though we cannot justify them, ultimately they will be "our" values without the opportunity to know other options.  One of these is "brave men don't cry,         only cry if you have lost money   - make them belief they must have a gun to be a man.   Just take what you want if money can't buy it  - or just scare and terrorize them to hell."

Inner light we Share

Festival de la Luz San Jose Costa Rica 2010
Link to "Festival de la Luz "
Festival de la Luz San Jose Costa Rica 2010

On the eve of christmas

please join us - to light a candle once again.

in celebration to inner light .

our most precious gift to you.

is the sacred knowledge of Life

the inner light we share, makes us aware, of all life out there.

That what you feel and know by heart without words

The power of love can rule our ideal reality

.Where the love for Life is the law of the land

A Symbol of all children and the father of Compassion.
The birthday of the newborn Jesus

Gathering of many Auras.
That what you feel and know by Heart. tie us together
Togetherness is in the genes of Life

Leonardo  Madonna   and Child


25 December we celebrate Christmas.

Also the birthday of the newborn Jesus

A Symbol of LIFE to all children everywhere

and the father of compassion.

We celebrate the birth of a new Life.

gratefull praying hands
thank you for another year.
we thank god for this Life.

 He taught us - "To love each other, as brothers should."
Correction - "love each other, as thy own self"

"and all life is sacred, do not let one, go astray

If they do, do not hesitate to bring them back in line 
forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing

The good Shepherd
All Life is Sacred, do not let one go astray. Love each other, as brothers should.
All Life is Sacred, do not let one go astray, Love each other, as brothers should.

And let us remind you that, about the ninth hour

Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, 
 'Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani' in other words,
 'My God, My God, why are you abandoning me’
Was the moment he realized
the "God Within" was abandoning him.
Meaning "LIFE"
 "Father in your hands, I entrust my soul."
His last words,
So that the World can Share and Know
These Sacred Words is knowledge of LIFE,
 as our Deity and Living God. 

Today His memory is still with us and many await his return to LIFE.

He is the Symbol of LIFE and Rebirth - therefore - a Living God.

Things only exist as long as they exist in Memory.

See the light, bright and clear - We are all Alive now


Togetherness like a Tribal Family – where you can trust your Own

Man's word have worth - not his signature on paper.

Always was the Cultural soul of the Americas

The lowest stoop is the cheat and liar begging for food

Yingluck Shinawatra
Kami berharap Anda hanya yang terbaik - Selamat
Leader of the Thai Nation


So now we know the truth -

the only Sin in the eyes of God.

Is the going to waste of the creative force

the wasting of healthy strong creators standing idle.

Not knowing whom to follow or serve


The call of Man is to serve his GOD.

Which is the LIFE of all the living.

Let there be light - The light in the Mind

of the living reading these words

"Kami berharap, untuk melihat masa depan

Anda yang sangat terang dan jelas"

To see your future, very bright and clear as the brow of our Ra - The aura of our Helios.

Inner light of all the living

Snow owl

snow owlet

Start looking the world in the eyes – without staring,
which is rude even in the animal world.
Staring makes a critter feel captured by eyes,
in the cross-hairs, you see panic, intention of flight,
incredible pain that goes with panic entering your heart.
 There are levels of suffering in the silence 
"Angustia", Sorrow, Mourn the death of a loved one, "
Then there is Mourning and broken hearts.
For three days she mourn the lost of her young
I find it very disturbing to see and hear.
The Lament of mothers mourning their lost.
Days on end - as sorrow of a lost Love is deep rooted in the Dino brain
To care for your young with the same pain to bring them in the world - like an enormous egg.

Highest Honor
Highest Honor is to be dressed in colors and flowers - crowned as the best

An elefantīs greatest reward
notice how they treasure these colorful honors

The proud inhabitants of Idréa.

You can be aware of them   

  if you can observe the radiance from their eyes.

They have passion in what they are doing

so they are oblivious of objectivity .

learn to read peoples eyes

there you will see the naked soul.

Cultural values -  conformity breeds mediocrity and in turn,

complacency perpetuates mediocrity.

It is indeed a vicious self-destructive circle.

The great danger is - that mediocrity is not unbearable,

This state is livable and result in the stagnation of growth.

on the other hand,  utter misery, failure, down hearted,
forces you to take any action,
and when you're in that situation,
any action is better than inaction.

Do not let life pass you by,

as those lives who - can only remember with regret and sadness all missed opportunities.

concerns, worries, fears, and doubts are merely cows, trying to steal your dreams

cows that keep you tied to a life of mediocrity.

I invite you to take the challenge to live a life free of cows

a life where every dream is possible and the only limits are those you impose yourself.

Accept this challenge and I assure you that soon you and I'll see you at the pinnacle of success.

Dr. Camilo Cruz 

My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all.

One evening around the fire an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.

He said,

 "My son, the battle is between two wolves inside all of us.

One is evil -  It is hate, anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, lies, false pride, ego, to be called a cheat or liar.

The other is good -  It is joy, peace, love, serenity, humility, empathy, compassion, kindness,  generosity, truth,  and faith that what you do, is good."

The grandson thought about it for a long while and then asked his grandfather:

"Which wolf wins?"

Slowly the old Man replied, "The one you feed."

Most of the wisdom was handed on, around the fire, which was a lovely Scene of the hearth and warmth of the clan.

O’Donohue - In the Celtic tradition,
The last blessing at night was a blessing for the soaring of the fire.
most of the wisdom was handed on, around the fire
 which was a lovely image of the hearth and warmth of the clan.
 The coals of one night’s fire would be the seed for the fire of Tomorrow. In the Celtic realm of  the Anam Cara, it is finding the other half that you have been missing. In coming into the gift and grace of friendship, you enter into your own fullest completion. You are also being gifted with a dimension of your soul that was hungry and lost, and is now found. You are whole. That kind of attraction, passion, affinity and belonging is a profound experience
of birthing one’s own identity like in an orgasm

Anam Cara
Recognize those who shed a tear for a Friend as a virtue not a shame

Crocodile tears
 One of the loneliest things is to encounter somebody whose longing has been numbed. The fire in their eyes goes out as the tears and ability to cry
Their hearts consumed in adoration of another god.

Recognize those who shed a tear for a friend as a virtue, not a shame

 Passion, even if you cry for yourself – we understand, you feel very alone against so many 

reason and intellect provide objectivity.

Knowing the truth makes you strong and free.

Recognize those incapable of the truth and tears as our enemy

devoid of love, with a frozen heart.

they do not see or fathom the same reflection , our counterparts.

 Their hearts consumed in adoration of another god.

And there are many gods.

Learn from small  Flower homage to Remember once a year.

Compassion can be transmitted through many forms of words and actions.
We recognize its energy when we feel that certain swelling in our hearts,
for it is the heart that senses compassion.
It is the language of the soul transmitted by vision.
When compassion touches, we feel nude in the eyes of the other.

A very intimate moment  shared.

Light Festival of Hanukkah

Portador de la Luz
Inner light is Symbol of a Sacred Knowledge - your's for the taking.
Celebration of internal light, meaning celebration to Life

Compassion is also the ability to feel pity for another which is not always good... Therefore it was always said

 Love is blind

can not distinguish a parasite and freeloader from among the needy.

 Compassion is the ability to enter into a world that may be totally different from you, in an imaginative way, and feel what the other feel, sometime hidden by a personal pride. Such as "Rather die before begging for water".

It is an emocion directly related to justice.

IRIS Nebula

A lot of evil happens because of

ignorance and of numbness towards the living.

Meaning the inability to cry, to look at life with a poker face,

Where the name of game is all about money.

In blood war there is no tears - only passion that can change into rage..


Compassion is one of the forces that invites and permits us to step outside our own complacency and see what LIFE beyond our own skin is like.

Gives us the ability to imagine what it should be... Love is a power to overshadow money, even if love do not exist, in the eyes of the Law.

46 - Dream Child 2010

molecular substances
Substances and their effects on human nature
Brief Insight into the World of Substances from Nature .

Monumento to Life Manhattan usa
Who ever made this - Thank You.

“There shall be only one God in this World – His name is LIFE”.

And only one Law Compassion - and bygones shall be bygone.

Forgive and Forget – Now we know - we have another chance.

There is only Tomorrow, a well planned world as a better place for all -

 where harmony resonate like good music to our ears

Age old Subsistance
Together we make a living is an age old Subsistance

The Cosmos of our Ideal Reality...

The voice of one Mind with clear objectives. - Where are we going from here?

First step – Speak one voice – Love for all the Living

Yes - We must look out and care for each other.

Recognize Our common enemy

 The destroyers of LIFE. Yes let's make war on them.


Blue Rose - To the Friends of IDREA en China - Thank you for the Aroma.
Blue Rose

Nuestro Condolencias
It is devastating if you loose your partner.

Yes compassion is intimacy.

Compassion is the ability to vitally imagine

Very intimate experience what it is like to be another Life, Cosmic Life.

the force that makes a bridge from one Aura to to the island of the other.

It is an ability to step outside your own perspective, limitations and ego, and become attentive in a vulnerable, critical, and creative way with the hidden worlds of other Critters and people – resulting in greater insight, knowledge and wisdom to apply on our own lives.

Awa the Dream Maker.
Wishing you togetherness during our festive season  to Inner Light
Insight to enter the Era of Light - 2012

“If you are planning for a year, sow rice;
if you are planning for a decade, plant trees;
if you are planning for a lifetime
Teach your people to dominate and control our earth” 

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The Dragon Boat races mimic the heroic efforts of the fishermen who furiously raced in vain to rescue him.
Dragon Boat Race. To work as a team.

Dragon Boat Festival.

The festival of Qu Yuan (屈原), to remember an honest Statesmen and Poet of Chu 2500yrs ago, is a public holiday in all of China.





It is to  celebrate the heroic death of Qu Yuan who drowned himself in protest of a very corrupt government who later came to a fall

A symbolic act, to demonstrate what happen if you allow yourself to go with the flow - of corruption

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Qu Yuan the Honest Statesmen and Poet of Chu
To remember an honest Statesmen and Poet of Chu, Qu Yuan

Click for LARGE.
Zongzi special rice for the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival
Zongzi special rice for the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

“The poetry of the south”, refer to the indigenous songs and ballads he wrote in the Chu area. In the dialect of his region bring homage to local Gods, the customs and sayings of his village. Yes, history seems to echo in time. collective greatness comes from individual effort.
 “The great Chinese dream, is the road to revival”, “the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”-
The Chinese Dream (simplified Chinese: 中国梦;
traditional Chinese: 中國夢;
The Dragon Boat races mimic the heroic efforts of the fishermen who furiously raced in vain to rescue him.- symbolic lesson, cooperate in hard times. In many is the power o in unity is the strength. Stick together as a group. Zongzi.

Sticky Rice dumplings for the Dragon Boat Festival.

Click for LARGE
Zongzi Rice Dumplings
Rice dumplings for the Dragon Boat Festival.

Rice Dumplings in the form of pyramids is made for this day, is a custom 3000yrs old, very much like our Tamales here in the Americas they used sticky rice.

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names - name things right so everyone understands


The sacred oath to Life our living god...

I promise to practice my profession for the progressive evolution of Life with a conscience respect for the dignity of all the living and never participate or contribute, in the senseless destruction of the healthy living, and make every effort to ensure that this never, never happens. Intelligence and reason must make decisions as to the bio-logica of matter. Always make triple sure things go right. Three alternative escape routs too, like the corners of the Zongzi.

Such as a nuclear device, or Biolab escape, microbial Genocide as happened before - is our worst enemy for the future - and the vanity of man.

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