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58 - Festival to inner light in Costa Rica - details

Festival de la luz interior 2011
Para la nueva generacion - La vida floreciendo en nuestro alrededores
Festival de luz, San Jose, Costa Rica.

Small little flame simbol of inner light - Life
Light a small little flame and join us

We are entering the era of light,  insight and vision - 2012

1 - And all the living celebrate Life

And pay homage to the inner light

also known as our soul.

Let us have a celebration to cosmic life

every year’s end starting the second Saturday in December

and the whole of our cosmos celebrates with us

entering a new era

Together we enter the era of light insight and vision
making our future together
brillan con la luz de todos - shine with the light of us all

Central Valley by night during the light festival
So that Sibú our living god can see, and count,  the multitude of our light - see our brilliance
The central valley and lights of SIBÚ.

Our best wishes for inner light.

light to see your future bright and clear

Light Festival Costa Rica
Mucho  Gente
People in a side street from the Main Artery


2 - Do not even try to visit us during this festive season.

One Million people in the streets is a crowd 

(and that’s just the local residents). 

If you do not speak the language

you get isolated and very lost.

Having fun might change into a personal nightmare.

And if it starts raining, or you could get sick with swine flu?
As this is not an invitation
more details are further down.

Rekindle your Life for another year
Rekindle your Dream for another year.

3 - Wherever you may be

on the evening of 24 Dec

Just light a small flame and join us

united in thought for one moment .

4 - To light your candle's small flame

is to rekindle your own life for another year,

to be aware of your own inner light 

in the universe within

 the very beat, of your heart,

 join the music.

We join in a celebration to the light of knowledge.

Rejoicing in the one and only life we share.

Tamales nativo
Light  festival   -   tamales as a gift

5 - Tamales can be traced back to as early as 5000 BC

Those were the times before money existed.

 You could not buy food you learnt how to feed yourselves.

 On their long exploring missions

 tamales served as a nutritious and portable food

  for Aztec, Mayan, and Incan warriors.

San Jose Costa Rica
Festival de luz Dic 2004
Light and colors everywhere

6 - Large festive gatherings to the waterfalls and thermal springs, 
                        to camp and party for a while on fermented beverages (beer)
and later for a few days on the beach.
From border to border, masses of people in transit,
 walking on the 10 meter wide stone paved,
public road - Interamerican Highway

that still exists to this very day

 overgrown by jungle, yes,

because there are no more people left to fill these roads.

Calzada Guayabo - Interamerican high way for pedestrians.
Pre Columbian interamerican high way for pedestrians.

7 - As the last days approached,

 transit became more intense

 day and night they walked.
Reach your destination in time, (Planned day-trips).

aguas termales
Aguas Termales Tabacon San Carlos
Warm water springs as a gathering place

8 - Start bright and early

to be back before the afternoon rain,

to welcome a new day from a high peak

 to watch the rising sun.

And all the children of Sibo

 open their arms to embrace the Sun Diwo.

Even the flowers open their faces and give perfume,

 to greet the sun and call the insects to a feast.

9 - And Iriria the girl, is happy and smiles

 and the sun dries her tears,

called the morning dew.


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Click to LARGE Tipical scene amerindio live style
Tipica scene amerindio live style

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Sunrise in the mountains
Sunrise in the mountains

10 - Normally around Dec 22,

 the rainy season comes to an end,

and dry summer months lie ahead.

Fire under strict control,

 was only to purify our food,

and celebrate years end.

Sura's fire to burn our trash,

and give back what belongs to her.

Time to light the fires to honor the Creators

So they can see all their children, to count, 

and give us light for another year.


Awa the dream maker.
Wishing you togetherness during our festive season to inner light
The gift of insight to enter the era of light, insight and vision - 2012

Inti dios del sol
 The only constant source of energy we can count on
peru inca adorando a inti - dios del sol

11 - Inner light to dream,

to clearly see what we should do

to make Sibo-Sula happy

in this new year.

So they can be proud of us.

Because it was the era
 when man had honor and pride in his word.

The result of the supremacy of objective reason,

 is Bio-Logica.
12 - Therefore if you speak for Life

you dictate with the voice of a living God..

Speak for Idréa - our Cosmos,

with conviction and authority

to shine with the brilliance of all of us

in togetherness.

ceremonial wooden masks
Many masks - each representing a different God.
each representing a different God

13 - Awa dons the mask of Usekór

the symbol of the spokesperson, of Sibo,

the living God of the Tico Tribe.

It does not matter who is behind the Mask

"In the name of the living decree".

14 - “Do not eat unless it is passed over the fire”

and man started to eat iguana.


Usekor mask
Usekor  - Spokes person of the Living God.
Usekor Spokes person of the Living God.

15 -  “Do not drink water unless it is passed over the fire”

And man learn to brew beer and herbal teas to cure many ailments

and there was a population explosion of great proportions

in the river people in Egypt, in Africa and Southeast Asia

as with the natives of the Americas

because man have discovered the perfect food.

                This beer also had Oxitetraciclina terramicina to heal all ailments.

Ripe and alive - strawberries

16 - all life is equal and sacred

Not one should go to waste

let the speaker of the truth build in words

and picture a new world in the mind of man

around Life our living God

 as the center of all.

 live and let live

now immerge many many new laws

for money, about love and even animal rights.

17 - before eating to bow your head for a moment

ask forgivenes in respect for the living you are going to enjoy.


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All LIFE is Equal Sacred and not one should  go astray. Love each other as Brothers should.
All LIFE is Equal Sacred and not one should go to waste

18 - And let us remind you that, about the ninth hour,

Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying,

“Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” meaning,

'My God, My God, why are you abandoning me’

This was the moment he realized the god within, meaning Life,

 was abandoning him

19 - These were His last words:

“Father in your hands I deliver my soul”

So the world can share and know

 these sacred words - as knowledge of Life.

Today His memory is still with us and many await his return to Life.

He is the symbol of Life, meaning, a living God.

We are all alive now.


20 - A true teacher of Life says farewell to money

because teachers of the knowledge

 carry that knowledge in their hands

for the living wherever they go.

The true curandero will heal both body,

 and soul and not charge a cent.

Everybody dedicated to Life

has no bigger reward than

the pure knowledge of it all

it is like a digital debit card without limits.

Knowledge opens all doors,

 overcomes all obstacles: 

the power of knowhow

After all,

by "native law."

 you only have, what you can carry away with you

kayapo mother
You only have what you can carry away

Now listen carefully to the Magic Words.

Please, in the name of life and the living

It is a petition that cannot be refused.

A petition that is without reward

you only have 3 things to do

like 3 wishes.

Please give to life and the living

grow and make food for the world 

give a full belly

just imagine, a kitten contentedly asleep.

Food brings contentment, harmony and peace. 

Beaty is the amount of gold that  hang from your ears

Make it an art to know how

 to live in peace - with your neighbors  

and with nature, without destroying it.

Share with all - it is evil to be a hoarder 

of space and things

you are not even going to enjoy.

Hoarder of gold to hang on your ears!

Join us everywhere and light us a candle

all these evenings until year’s end 

in a celebration to Life

and the inner light to see your future very clear and bright.

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Muni anounce program for years end
Muni anounce program for years end

Continue details of events nation wide
The Municipality of San Jose announce every year with great fanfare the program for the festival of light. Starting around the second saturday of Dic.
In the streets of San Jose Center.
This is the beginning of a party that will last until the first work day of the coming new year
 meaning sunday of Jan 2012
Now we are entering the era of light
insight and  visión into our future

Where dominating the ball is like religion
Special tribute to our National Under-20 Football Team

 Lights  take over the capital to give way to what is considered the most anticipated holiday event for the Costa Rican family in which eight parade floats, 10 bands and 12 cheerleading groups participate. Special tribute to our  National selection and under-20 Footbal Teams, which recently won fourth place in the World Youth Soccer Championship, played in Egypt, also awarded the golden glove as best goal keeper world wide.
They  all will be honered riding the lead float.

Festival of Light in San Jose Costa Rica.

Insight and detail on our nationwide celebrations, as I am not inviting

just a brief verbal insight of happenings -

with links for images and detail

Click on picture to see in LARGE
Lincey von Wiellgh graduacion Kinder
Everybody Graduate and Schools close

Earning their keep
The Ticos just love bright festif colors.

Beginning early in December with homes and businesses putting up decorations, lights and "Portales" (Nativity Scenes) which are always unique and colorful. Competition for best Portal runs through Dec. 22. The Schools, Colleges, and Universities all close for years end, around the second Friday of December. For the next two weeks it is a Carnival with many sub stages.

Click to see in LARGE
Chrismas candles everywhere
Just like Chrismas anywhere in the world.

Every evening the young ones take to the downtown streets to sing and dance and join the candle parade in a
celebration to inner light.

This party continues until “El Tope” the (horse parade) on 26 and “Carnival” 27 Dec. with floats and lots of color. From then on everybody disappear to the beaches, and other holiday resorts to be back home for new years eve for a big midnight fireworks display that might last until 0200hrs.

Light Festival - Decorated Dinner table

.“Fiesta de los Negritos” week of Dec. 8

Personajes negritos Huanuco

Held in the Indian village of Boruca, and ancient Indian ritual is combined with honoring the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, with extravagant costumes, music of drum and flute, dance, joined Nationwide with Fireworks

Click on image to see in LARGE.
Allways call for atention
Male and Female riders.


Click on the images to see in LARGE
Bull riding and clowning with the bull
Riding the bull

“Fiesta de la Yeguita” (Little Mare)- Dec 12

Held in Nicoya. Bullfights and riding the bull, with a parade followed by a party in the Parque Central of Nicoya with food, music, concerts and fireworks, and the children have lots of fun. It is all for them in the true sence of the word.

Click to see image in LARGE
Basilica De Los Angeles Cartago CR
Basilica De Los Angeles CR

Misa de Gallo (literally, Mass of the Rooster). At midnight Dec 24.Catholic Churches celebrate “Las Posadas”in the residencial areas, begining Dec 15, carolers go from house to house and are treated to refreshments. 

Light Festival Dipavali Coventry England
An explanation for those who wants to know -  "Diwali" is a contraction of sanskrit "Deepavali" , which translates into "row of lamps". Diwali involves the lighting of oil lamps to celebrate the triumph of good over evil - light over darkness is insight - Shibani Joshi
Light Festivals everywhere

“Festejos Populares” (Year-end Festivals) - Dec 25 until 31

San Jose, concentrated in the suburb of Zapote. The fairground is transformed into amusement park with tons of rides and food, bullfights (No killing, mostly clowning around with the bulls playing chicken), and evening fireworks.

Click on image to see in LARGE
View from a side street
View from a side street

“El Tope”.Dec 26

Held downtown San Jose. (Right down the main street.)

A horse parade and traditional ox drawn decorated coffee carts, all proudly displays the equine traditions and unique Criollo breeds. We have some excellent Tico horses here.

Click on image to see in LARGE
Festival of luz  floats in the streets
Festival of luz floats in the streets

Click on image to see in LARGE
Carnaval floats San Jose streets
Carnaval float San Jose Costa Rica

Carnival 2008 - Dec 27
Once again, downtown San Jose is the scene of a huge parade with incredible floats and music. That brings to an end our “Festival de la Luz”. San José's week long festival of lights, marked by lighting displays and concerts every evening after dark. Carnival includes 15 floats, Vintage Cars, 14 bands, and thousands of lights and is one of the most important events of the festive season in Costa Rica.
Please take Note. Expect traffic delays and crowds of over one million people gathering in downtown San Jose. Don’t even try to drive into the fiesta like a spectator tourist. Walk just like everybody else, you will meet the people, participate and be Carnivaling.

Light festival Costa  Rica
Teatro Nacional San Jose

This is the image supposedly painted on the dome of our National Museum  many years ago.

I think it show the spirit of the Ticos to

Celebrate to Life once a year


Samara - Ticas dancing folklore with national colors
Ticas dancing folklore with national colors

famed dance group - Nayuribe







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