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55 - Recycling waste water


Recycling starts at Molecular level.

Fresh Water is the most precious substance of our immediate future.

All life is sacred, not one should go to waste
Life created should not go to waste in vain. 
This cosmic law makes all life eternal 

Life is an energy form with intelligence

  and knows how to apply and concentrate this energy - focused application

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Nature is full of examples for Man to See

Intelligence should manipulate, direct, and control all the living
Life is a energy source without limits. intelligence should place the objectives, and direct to maximize efficiency or stop growth if needed. Intellect and reason must take charge of the unconscious living life - to channel them in an appropriate role of productivity - in our food-chain. Life is energy that should be oriented to a task, a mutual dream established
Like the bees and ants - above all to protect and defend our home

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Yes Intelligent Life is the Gods of Creation. Man must be a Responsible God   You have the Laws of LIFE in your own hands. Take Control
Time have come, we must help Nature to do things easier, understand Life's needs to come to flowering. Do everything better, for Us all.
No, we are not born all equal, the propagation of most Lifeforms must be planned and controled as a food chain - That is what we are.

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Recycling  Drainlike veins
Perfect drainlike system from nature.

By reader request -
 "Talk more Serious about Recycling".
It is very similar to Plain Chemistry.

Al the drains  in IDREA flow together like veins in a massive organ. From every home, eating place, and bath room.


On the other extreme re-appear the same water, nice and clean and food to feed the whole metropolis. In the form of Proteins, like Crustaceous, fish, meat .and all the other food and veggies and fruits you can imagine. Only now genetically manipulated to taste better look and smell more delicious. All this without loosing one drop of water

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Recycling like Veins  and Arteries
Fresh water in - waste water out - without loosing a drop

Every person is responsible to dispose of his own waste and droolings.

It Starts in every home, with order and cleanliness, called Good Habits...

Observe this rule in all spaces shared with others.

If your Cave is invaded by pest, insects and plague.

Be assured it’s because of bad habits. Keep your Lifespace Clean,

It is your Aura - Remember.

 Personal Hygiene is the beginning of Order and Control, is Godliness.

To know the exact location of everything that you might need.

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Food for all

Classify Waste in three groups and please do not mix.

Manmade (metal, glass together with all the plastics and packaging Without the food.


Rain water should not mix with the waste water. Every city should have large well planned and controlled underground cisterns covered with public spaces, to capture this water just like Roman times for emergency use. The overflow goes to rivers and holding ponds for agricultural and other use.

Waste water  First importance is the water suply and drainage of any community where ever you may be. We must be in control of water and use until the last drop. It requires several professionals to spend time and make a science of the matter, underground if necessary. Dedicate to maintain healthy and good Habits in our homes.

In IDREA our goal - Starts in every home. Where all genetic remains, vegetable leaves, peels and shells, and other left overs are nicely diced and everything goes with the water from the Kitchen and Bathroom and nice and fresh reach the open mouths of many creatures in the hour, or two . Where 85% is converted into edible protein - in the form of crustaceans, fish, poultry and pork, not to mention vertical terraced gardens and nurseries. This system produces 5,000 kg / ha per day in fish. Very lucrative and automatic. The Secret - the water should not stop flowing and sagnate - and finally roots that filter and clean up the last.

Other brief tips - Rainwater must not be mixed with water laden with food.
The organic material too contaminated, is digestion into Biogas in huge plastic sausages.

Sort the trash into two groups and please do not mix.
Return all artificial man made  - and metal, glass, together with all
Plastics and packaging     
 without the food.
The food will not go to waste, throw it where it will be eaten nice and Fresh within the hour

By reader request
Recommended Basic Rules for all organic and other genetic waste.:-

 Every head of household must make sure his home is connected right, and responsible for the garbage disposalin the right place....  Do not mix the Rain Water with Waste Water, which should have water traps, no leaks and safety system against backup in low lying areas. No pumping to cloud the waste, no waterfalls, nor allow stopping along the way to start the rot. – Our goal - Continues fast smooth flow to its destination in the open mouths of many creatures waiting. Within the hour or two.

Think about vertical stacking of the veins, in existing contaminated river beds and natural rainwater drains, now rainwater flow overhead, or between the two sides. - For control, separation, stratification, and final distribution. Think about Terraced Farming – keep the water flowing downhill – plant root systems clean and purify. Keep track of manmade medicines – like  Quemoterapia, Norfluoxetina, Difenhidramina, and Carbamazepina  - This water is good for industrial cooling and recycling etc. Industries should not be connected to drink water supplies.

Heavy bulk can be converted into Bio-gas – Long synthetic (Techo Vivero) Salchichas packed in ditches to support the sides. We must seed them with the right microbes to speed up process. Beware of air introduction keep 15cms water pressure, Liquefy for storage. 

I agree with Ingrid no animals in cages let's put humans there instead. Ingrid Newkirk’s book Making Kind Choices for more tips on dealing kindly with insects and for other ideas on animal-friendly living.Yes we must  Spay and Neuter our Pets.
So we must change the nature of things to avoid the suffering of a conscious intelligent Mind Like that of a pig. First option is to switch off the Mind. Or we have to create a digestive system like that of the pig with the brain of a larvae or a larvae the size and taste of pork sausages. Our native law still stands to this very day after thousands of yrs "nothing is forbidden to eat as long as it is passed over fire” (meaning cooked or sterilized with steam). Here in CR they took it one step further “Lo que no mata engorda”. Meaning “if it doesn’t kill you it will make you fat.” Normally said after you took the bite, to find out the fruit have a guest.

Yes, Life have been thriving on Genetic Material Since beginning of time. Now we know, food and things are much more Beneficial if eaten halfway digested to make for easy recombination into our own organism. We are back to beer. Which is cooked to sterilize before fermentation starts. We can control this recombination into the building blocks of proteines, changing the microbes. What we need is sections of Special Chromosomes instead of alcohol for easy recombination and uptake. Or do we need enough alcohol to keep it from spoiling.??


Let's use some examples:-

Off our coast there is a enormous whale cow in the shallows hiding out.

She is to old to give birth, have arthritis and don't like to move much

because “all her bones hurt”.

80Ton of good eats – should not go to waste.

and not to mention the precious oil

The wild horses over populating the  high plains.

"passed over fire you don’t know the difference".

well planned Breeding is what's needed - to farm and cultivate our Oceans Intelligently. Ej. That shark out there with bad habits patrolling the beaches terrorizing the humans have to be picked out for consumption. Yes, Make Intelligent Logic Decisions.


Yes bulls, boars and stallions can not be eaten –

but we know what to do about it.

All the big Mammals Should be identified tagged and tracked by

 Keepers on a Global scale. (get organized)

The unwanted is removed and auctioned off –

and make for good eats.

Yes, Intelligence and reason should breed them

 and adapt them where needed.

So every Life can come to Flowering - does not mean the right to have seed or offspring.

Admiration for your attributes will decide that for you.


Was this the beginning of the Double Helix story
Egyptian Dream Goddess
Egyptian Goddess - Spanspermia,

The Microcosmos and Macro Cosmos.

To a certain extend I agree with the Martinus cosmology

Humanity is on its way, according to Martinus, towards an entirely new way of understanding the universe. This new understanding consists of the idea that the universe is built out of a manifold of living species within living species. The Milky Way thus is a living being, that is a macro- cosmos for all the living beings of which it is composed, such as the solar system. The solar system with its many planets, is in its turn macro- cosmos for the earth, that again is macro- cosmos for humans, animals and plants. Successively this continues down to organs, cells and atoms from which each is built.

Microcosmos, mesocosmos and macrocosmos.

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