our cosmos is life's creation

53 - In compassion, you will find happiness.

to show reverence for Life and the Living.

reverence for Life and the Living.

The Earth is the home off all living beings, which is our cosmos and aura. We should be proud of the beauty of our earth and all the creations of man, we all share a reverence for Life, the source of all being. We are members of a community of interdependent LIFE with a magnificent diversity of cultures and forms. All that is part of an evolving cosmos named Idréa. And our aura, reach way beyond "Chupícuaro”  our place in blue.
Today we know how to make things happen in an abstract realm such as Mars

Compassion, just like true charity and love

have nothing to do with money.

It means to give the best of yourself
in dedication to life and the living.
 Without thinking about getting reward, compensation or thank-you.
a culture of giving your all, like in an orgasm
strive to do your very best, towards a shared destination
keeping your nose on the grind stone all the time diligently
achieve the mutual goals of Idréa
To shine for our dream


Attention and decor in colors
is the best and most treasured   honor - as a reward
a measure of gratefulness

The whole idea of compassion is based on a keen awareness,

 of the interdependence of all living beings,  which are all part of one another, tied together by strings of love

 Caring and all involved in one another, filling a need.

Share a ride. The living creatures of nature recognize each other by sight over vast distances. Vision is the communication of intellect. Interpretation of the total significance of what we see. Such as intention. Observe the small dino species - lizards and birds -

if your gaze freeze on them, they take flight.

The gathering of species is not  always instinct, food, or sex.

 To harmonize is a sentiment deep rooted in the soul of beings,  just like music on our ear.

 Love makes life grow faster, closer and stronger

Allways been said - in unity is the might.

Stand up for each other.

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Click - Give to Life and the Living - Try not to expect any reward
Give to Life and the Living - Try not to expect any reward

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Click - Interdependence of all living beings
Interdependence of all living beings

Compassion have a bad offspring called 
Pity,  breeds parasites in communities.
parasites feeding on bleeding hearts -
living off people's grieve and sorrow
it is always best to find and look for admiration
 and not pity to bring shame to the human race
Give to life and the living, your love and time
 Try not to expect any reward, as this is true giving.
You can see greatefulness flowering from the eyes
Most people see only money - money,
Nothing to do with sentiments.

a show of endearment with tenderness
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The Living respond to all Life

All the living effort (strive), must contribute to

the better of the whole.

You can and must give to life 
wisdom, compassion, inspiration and courage to continue 
to recuperate, re-coil, persistence, second breath as a last effort
the three positive moral qualities of men.
all major religious traditions carry basically the same message, that is
love, compassion and forgiveness

this last one must have limitations, such as

 “I will forgive you twice only

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Click - Life do not have a second chance
Life do not have a second chance

Life do not have a second chance
If not wisely applied
this "forgiving" have a negative eroding effect,

 on the evolution of  a healthy live system,

such as our cosmos

 As all genetic forgiving tend to infest like a plague

by inteligent reason must be removed surgically..

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This flower is from a rootsystem older than 10,000 yrs
This flower is from a rootsystem older than 10,000 yrs

By reader request:- Define ethics in very few words:
"live and let live"
Live and let all the living life, come to flowering.
With this moral, follow - reverence for all Life
These flowers on the right is from a root system older than 10,000 yrs.
In my dreams I wish all the oldest living in every village,
have a human guardian on payroll, and should be declared
Living monuments to Life.

Highest honor, is to be decorated on colors and flowers

It is good to dedicate and further Life it is bad to damage and destroy life.
Good consists in maintaining, promoting, and enhancing LIFE (Albert Schweitzer).   
Destroying, injuring, bound and enslaving life is evil. Such as a cancer or being a parasite living off the blood and sweat of others,  Just taking a ride with the group,  take what you want. Is a parasite or "freeloader" excellently defined by JStossel.
You must loose a lot of pride and auto esteem to stoop for a handout.
He who poison the minds of man, breeding hatred, or the doom speaker to panic peaceful people - is another evil to identify.
If you must speak - say something to inspire high dreams and aspirations -
or shut up..
Observe - those who scare people, have money in mind.
Or to sell them videos and weapons - it is a scam

Link to DNA.
More detail and images of DNA Molecule

Human cancer cells in culture
Human cancer cells in culture

Budai  Hotei    The Big Fat Lazy one.
The Big Fat Lazy one.

It is bad not to generate

anything good

for life or the living

Just using and wasting more than you generate is parasitic 

an unobserved uncontroled evil amongst you.

 should be identified and removed for reincarnation as an alternative Life form, create a purpose.

or forced labour in this life now.

everybody should  generate - what is good for life and the living.

 This ethic, profound and universal,  has the significance of a religion.

all life is sacred, not one should go wasted.


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Click - We allways shared everything
We allways shared everything

Some one share the long long way to the light
Share with your best friend

Until we extend the circle of compassion to all living things

 man will not  find peace.

fundamental principle of moral harmony

If I am to expect others to respect my life,

 I must behave in such a way

as to invoke respect and admiration

means, to have self-esteem.

Leonardo da Vinci  Mona lisa  la  Gioconda

 The Greeks have said:

 "A serious lack of enkrateia."

 It's the virtue to have inner power and strength

for self-control  in every sense of the word.

Also how you handle your vices

 such as gambling your life.

So light and gracefull as feathers in the wind.

Wisdom is the central part of virtue, and to me, the controlling power of the cosmos. The essence of this power is love. 
with self-esteem you have - to give.

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Mask of Evil, Was used to scare children to behave properly
"If you do not behave the Devil will get you."

The smell of life in decadence”.

When the people of a nation is without honor and pride.

When they show no reverence for life or the living.

killing everything that move, or gain and over power, by brute force

When money comes first of all.

When greed takes over.

I think the representation of greed in Cameron's Avatar.

Is an excellent reflection of present moral values 

an ugly mask that should change.

Pity the nation that despises a passion in its dream, yet submits in its awakening. Pity the nation whose statesman is a fox, whose philosopher is a juggler, and whose art is the art of patching and mimicking. Pity the nation that welcomes its new ruler with trumpetings and farewells him with hootings, only to welcome another with trumpetings again. Pity the nation whose sages are dumb with years and whose strong men are yet in the cradle. Pity the nation divided into fragments, each fragment deeming itself a nation.

Khalil Gibran. The garden of the Prophet (1934)

What happened to self esteem?

It is all about self esteem and national pride

obesity should be branded as a social crime.

it is something to feel ashamed off.  Greed is a bad and evil habit and disgusting to see.  
somebody is taking more than their share. just like the hoarding land, properties, values and living space.

Click - Euphorbia Obesa baseball  plant
Euphorbia Obesa baseball plant

When locked up undesirebles on the inside,
have better living conditions than we, on the outside.
Human basic rights  must be redefined have limitations - such as the right to live - they have lost theirs???? .
When you have 50% untapped human resources getting paid to sit at home doing nothing useful or good for life or the living (wasted energy starts to rot). All the inmates should be obligated to generate something, to contribute to the progression of the living. Found guilty and sentenced to generate so many Man-hours. What is wrong with forced labor? 12hrs a day to earn your food and keep, and hours extra to pay back a dept to mankind. Reference to "The egiptian scene - the weighing of the heart" - By the deeds of your heart you will be weighed against the feather of Maat.


This is another wish for the New Year
We should have a world marketplace.
Where strategic materials is controlled by intelligent minds.

Through the internet, everything electronic,

all connected, to all the knowledge created by man.

Click - Connected, to all the knowledge created by man
Connected, to all the knowledge created by man

A central world bank “the brain” to keep control and track

Of the symbolic movements of values - between nations and people

To avoid speculation, detect hoarding and fishing out the greedy


Yes Big brother is watching over you.
Yes Big brother is watching over you.

Our life species is all about

vision and memory.

right here in "Colmena"

We should have cameras everywhere to keep track of all the living - Life.


You look the camera in the eyes and you tell him to pay for dinner.

As long as I know I produce and give more than I take - meaning a debit card no credit

A central brain keeps track of every personal detail.

Yes nothing is wrong with big brother watching

Remember life is controled order in harmony, and can reason.

Recycle al the living Biomass.
Recycling chain goes on for ever like reincarnation
Recycle everything

Now lets have a look at bad for Life and the living.
Any critter that bring harm or indignity to our living God
Meaning to be pitiful, not respected as a proud example of the human race - not digno to continue.
Should be removed and recycled into an alternative life form.
It is easier if you make them belief it is reincarnation,
in fact it is, if you are being eaten you continue for ever in the system.
Life forgive anything -- It is harder to forget.
You can not make it up with money to those who have been castrated unaware. What they need is, a chemical induced mental orgasm once a week - See their smile.


If you make decisions over life and death, do not do it with your heart, but by reason of the bio-logica.
as long as you feel assured, "it serve the best for LIFE" dedicated wholeheartedly
 always do that what is best for all.
I know the technical personal,
I trust my life in their hands every time I go for a checkup,
I trust their discretion and awareness in judgement
most of all, I trust their compassion and
reverence for life
In ref -  "victims of castration" - no money can't make it up.
But, how about a cemical induced mental orgasm once a week -
It is good to know your own inner workings - find inner knowledge, it is a virtue to fine tune your organism's chemistry.

The good shepherd
The good Shepherd is our symbol of compassion
not one should go astray

And let us remind you that, about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying,

  'Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?' in other words,

  'My God, My God, why are you abandoning me’

This was the moment he realized the God Within was abandoning him.

meaning Life -

"father in to your hands I deliver my soul" -  was His last words.

So the world can share and know - these sacred words is knowledge of Life.

Today His memory is still with us, and many await his return to Life.

He is the Symbol of LIFE meaning,  a Living God.

We are all alive now - a memory is shared by many 

We must have a center for recycling as a science
Put everything to use, it is only chemistry.
Finely our food will be mostly in liquid form
Instead of beer maybe they will call it Peptide or Soyen Green

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Click - Cared for others more than ourselves.
Cared for others more than ourselves.

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Click - Do it with the wisdom of intellect, not your heart.
Do it with the wisdom of intellect, not your heart.

Compassion fatigue is what we feel,

when we've cared for others more than ourselves.

Caring for others and not ourselves is martyrdom.

 Caring for ourselves and others is the most healthy balance of loving,

If you have to make a decision of Life and Death,

Do it with the wisdom of intellect, not your heart.

 Let us all try to say "To Death, With Dignity".
We have only one Life to give - with Pride

Mother Cell

"Blessed are the poor in spirit;

 for their's is the Kingdom of Heaven."

Meaning it is a place where suffering comes to a end.

It is heroic to go to the recycling center to be reincarnated.

self-deliverance, the moment you come to the logic conclusion.

"I am worth more as pet food"

“The right to choose to die is the ultimate civil liberty of man”


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Click - Can you imagine what this Garobo is thinking.
The Dino eyes of a predator.

predators are driven by the instinct of a primitive brain.

It is dino eyes that see only food, and instinct react to set the trap.

Do not expect the presence of compassion. 

If not careful you get swept away by these predators. 

If they have caused multiple human deaths

They lost that privilage to be free

acting against the cosmic law.

anti social redicals do not have human rights

If you want human rights - act like cultured human.

First of all, respect all life, and the living


Codes for logic intelligence
 the codes for logic  intelligence

Festival to life.
Festival of light
Festival of light

our dream child.
Future of our dream child
Wishes for a perfect future.

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