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Idrea the Cosmos of Life's Creation.
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Cosmic cell structure
 Maybe we should have a closer look, in the very very small for future planing
Maybe we should have a closer look for future planing

By reader request.
 Define our earthling Cosmos
1.  Cosmos is everything alive around you including the trees, the birds, the flowers and roses,
and all life in the oceans 
right down to the last microbe
we are all alive now, is bio-logica.

everything controlled by Life and the living is cosmos Idréa.

This moment is our moment - we have  a very small cosmos,  

The biomass is less than 1% of earth mass - originated from stardust and sun's energy

Also good to know, that the iron flowing in our veins as haemoglobin. Is iron atoms scattered through the universe from exploding stars, that came to an end

our Cosmos now.
Only the greens on land and oceans are a spec of  Life

Mother Cell
We the Living are the Children of Light, as all we ingest, comes from light energy. Our Sun.

2. We the living - are the children of light

as all the genetic matter we consume and eat, comes from light energy - our sun.

everything as clear and bright as the eye-brow of ra.

Meaning understood to the depth of the origin of this expanding powerhouse.

Life is our deity and only god

3.  We must gain control of everything you see in this global image. The ocean temperatures, and currents effects the climate, the rains and the winds,

 even the growth rate.

Everything is interconnected, and dependant on us

to change and control, as need to be

intelligence must find the way by bio-logica.

Main warm and cold sea currents
Main warm and cold sea currents

4.  Now that we know what it is, and where we are going, it will start expanding at a faster pace. Basically it is a food chain starting at rock level. We must link together this food-chain and control it’s growth and outcome. 
Reader inquiry -. yes I know it was mentioned here about floods in Mexico and neighbouring countries - I took it off together with the gulf-oil remarks because I omitted to say -  "the whole world" - lack of definition render this insight worthless - Pakistan,  China, Australia, Brazil, Europa and many places more
not even mention the Tsunami in Japan. My heart have many roots anchored there on that coast.
And now 20110515, floods in Mississippi USA and surrounding low lands lasting until June. comes august and there is draught in Texas and midwest - Isn't there a way to syphon/get that water all the way to Arizona...Undecided

Like veins brining cold water from the deep.

5.  Universal thermodynamics predicted

from entropy and disaster

 order will come forth - brought about by the living.

Out of chaos there came order, without a name,

and it was alive and resonate in timeless harmony.

Our cosmic being, through reason of the bio-logica

intelligent objective reason must continue to

re-create the whole order of the Universe

synchronize movement to create order in harmony.

We the living must bring order to our cosmos Idréa.


6. Yes we must gain control of everything out there

starting with our space debris and world climate.

First of all we must control our ocean temperatures.

Stir up the top layers with cold water from the deep to lower temp, and evaporation

We can apply wind energy to do so - but in the doldrums even the wind stop blowing,  and the ocean becomes like a mirror at 40 degrees C

A slight upheaval of the current from the deep should do the trick to spread a cool calming effect

Sphagnum Living Sponge

Ring of Fire on world wide scale

7.  We can imagine

See possible alternative methods.

The oceans with veins bringing the cold from the deep,

or just flaplike divert flow to surface.

all the many ways making updrafts from the depths.

By suspending a netting impregnated with just the right DNA

These sea creatures take over all at once

Lets give them 25 years.

Imagine diatom structures of transparent cristal clear glass.

Coral forming large tubes and artificial reefs at the right spots from the ocean floor  from where up drafts and the venturi effect transport water from the depths with temperatures at 4C

To control ocean temperatures and currents, is to control the climate.

Make the water go where we need it to be in our deserted lands


 Imagine - forming reeflike structures to deflect the flow

Cold water upwell from the deep.

8.  Imagine enormous wave pumps with rubberized connection to stretch saves a lot of energy.

Like a enormous jellyfish swimming downwards

a continuous controlled flow to surface - Laughing

Up-well as can be seen when a whale dives down to the deep

As a first priority - the Gulf of Mexico needs a spinning action to refresh and change the water. How about a tunnel or two to emerge on the pacific bottom,  water nice and cold to enter the gulf with a cyclone effect for mixing.

 Second thoughts - maybe a large shipping channel north /south at Coazacoalcos is the best option, with a curtain to force up-well of the cold waters from the deep.

 It will stop 80% of the gulf hurricanes. Think about this


9.  At the same time let us have a look at alternative energy sources such as geotermic, the wind and water

Marshall Hydrothermal Recovery System
The Marshall return line should discharge upward for Venturi Effect.

Multiple vents from the ocean floor at 340 degrees.

Marshall Hydrothermal Recovery System Findings:
83 MW energy producible
Energy density (83 MW/area of 31 cm pipe)
roughly 1 MW/10 cm2 pipe area, or about 3.3x106 more intense than solar radiation
>100m/sec (218 mph or 360 kph) steam velocity at surface
30 KT/day steam (25,000m3)
Useful surface temp 340o C
Useful surface pressure 70 bar (1015 psi)
25,000 tons/day delivered to surface
25-35 kg solid/ton
25,000 tons x 25-35kg solids/ton = 625,000 kg- 875,000 kg solids per day

Now we can assure you - this 83MW of energy can move a lot of ocean if correctly applied. 
Fast sedimentation at the point of temp transfer/change is a major problem. Would be ideal to work with fresh water closed circuits - Like the do in Iceland is the cheapest and most efficient systems

Mars deserts
desert Devil trails

10.  Imagine somewheres near the atlantic divide in the heart of the doldrums -

A few large straws stuck in a cave in the earth mantle (Useful application of nuclear explosion)

operating just like a geyser.

 Fast sedimentation of the cave  is a problem.

Cold water rushing down controlled, comes to a stop

Then with the pressure of steam at umpteen Kg/cm2

blow out this column of water one meter wide all the way to the surface –

The Marshall return line should discharge upward for venturi effect.

In its wake follow water from the deep like a small tsunami,

 the up-well flow out , to form a blanket of nutrient rich cold water to cover many kilometers wide.

Like an enormous mushroom spreading out - a garden of living creatures


Share Precious water
Water world colors and lights
Double Helix and Water

Life is always Watching and witness all
Everything shall be known.
Rainforest Red eye frog

11. In Idréa, 
All life is sacred and equal, not one should go to waste - Life created, should not go to waste in vain. 
Knowledge creates continuation and progression through reason is Bio-Logica
This cosmic law makes all life eternal  in this cosmos of our living God where we are all alive now.
And those, with the inner light and insight to perceive this
ideal reality 
are connected to the only One - LIFE by the vibrating strings of our hearts
We are all alive now, help each other to get along with evolution, to come to flower.
To make Life - To give Life - To dedicate my LIFE.
To the Only One - whole heartedly

The codes for DNA
Scientific discovery of all time  the ultimate key to all life forms - DNA
more on the key to all life forms - DNA

Digitized Global net
Global net working like Internet connects us all.

Click - Desert Flower
Desert Flower

12. Take control to steer this ship, with reason and intelligence. Now man know and see the future of all - Take responsibility for progressive evolution, controlling  the healthy replication of all the double helix Life structures
  Life and all the living is all that is important now,
through out the Universe.
 Being alive, is the only reality.
Now - intelligent life is the center of all.

In Idrea, we make the things to happen, based on reason derived from the truth

meaning, by Bio-Logica

 do not sit and wait, wish, hope or pray, before your time slips away in a fool's paradise.

If it move by itself it is alive
Soft Coral - If it move by itself it is alive
Soft Coral - If it move by itself it is alive

Precious water
Water world colors and lights
Double Helix and Water

13.  Faith and hope have changed into knowledge.

 Now we know the truth.

 Do not pray for food, you know to make it grow.

Do not hope for rain, make the water go where it is needed. Knowledge makes you free, just like intelligence and transparency,

Everything must be known, and seen - remember we are a very visual world, we see each other - to stick together just like sticky rice,

This is called love, an attractive force stronger than gravity.
Only in compassion you will find happiness
Awareness is that what you feel with your heart, see with your eyes and recognize, as a sacred knowledge.
It is Alive - It's Alive.
We belong to the one and only reality.
"Dreams for a better world".
Go to  "Dreams for a better world".
"Dreams for a better world".
Codes for intelligent genetic logic
Codes for intelligent genetic logica

Real graphene at atomic scale
Real graphene at atomic scale - perfect base for layered moleculer structures.

camouflaged creatures
camouflaged  creatures
You must hide not to be eaten

14. Life is changing
all the elements of the universe, 
into the cosmos of the living.
And the intelligent living takes over and control everything on universal scale.
Bio-Logica - objective reasoning and planing,  the ruling force

Ganglion of the eye
Retinalcell capture light to be ingraved in the mind and Momory.
Retinalcell capture light to be ingraved in the mind and Momory.

A Transperant Magic World
Water world a jellyfish beauty

15.  Life goes on with the re creation
It is a food chain. The living feeds on live genetic material whose digestion and secretions is vital food for other species
Recombining all the elements of the universe into double helix structures called Life
 right down to nanoscale, or  the genoma humana
(Atom by Atom)

More Info on this subject - Click for the following page.

And they just float off in a breeze
Soulstour of many worlds
Something to dream about

16.  LIFE is the only Creator,

The double helix relocate the elements of the universe into life structures.

LIFE change baryonic matter into “transparent” cristal temples,

right down to the nano scale,

and maintain a control over the functions,

off this cosmos, you call dark matter.

The preservation of Life, is first of All.

More about Soul, Aura, Morals, Ethics and Reverence for LIFE
more about Soul, Aura, Morals, Ethics and Reverence for LIFE



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