our cosmos is life's creation

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Thermo dynamic horizon
Thermo dynamic horizon

Right here on our mother earth
John Doe looking at you and remembering your face.
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Dedicated to life

The double helix creation

 and the wonders of everything


This page is dedicated to cosmic life.

"We are not alone and this is how life began"

a place where new stars with new worlds are born


 The driving force of life’s origins in terms of

thermodynamic entropy

our insight and conclusions  as to the emergence of life

  20091106 as a result of expert statements further down, namely:



1. Out of chaos there came order

2.  Plans were laid for replication and reproduction

3. Information molecules with memory and reason

Right here on the Internet our nerve system is at work – you read and understand my words now…

Our own Milky way
View of our southern sky

Even the Bible refers to this: Rom 8:21: For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be
 liberated from its bondage to decay.

The all important concept

and ground stone in physics is entropy

which has its roots in thermodynamics.

This abstract concept is described in various ways, e.g:


states of matter
Thermo dyna pressure enthalpy diagram containing all thermodynamic properties
pressure enthalpy diagram


The third law of thermodynamics,

formulated as the Nernst heat theorem, states that if one could take spheres to absolute zero temperature, all bodies would have the same entropy. In other words, a body at absolute zero could exist in only one possible state, possessing a definite energy, called the zero-point energy.

This state is defined as having zero entropy 

It is the point where everything comes to a halt.

As the entropy of a substance approaches zero, its temperature approaches absolute zero. In between, comes a stage with super liquids, possessing strange properties. Thermodynamic entropy is central in chemical thermodynamics, enabling changes to be quantified and the outcome of reactions predicted.

  •  The second law of thermodynamics states that entropy in the combination of a system and its surroundings  (or in an isolated system by itself) - increases during all spontaneous chemical and physical processes and can reach explosive dimensions.

Thermo dynamic presure, volume and temperature.

 Entropy, historically, has often been associated with  the amount of order, disorder, and/or chaos in a thermodynamic system. The traditional definition of entropy is that it refers to changes in the status quo of the system and that it is a measure of "molecular disorder" and the amount of wasted energy in a dynamical energy transformation, from one state or form to another = change.

rankine   cycle schematic

       An important law of physics, the second law of thermodynamics, states that the total entropy of any isolated thermodynamic system tends to increase over time, approaching a maximum value; and so, by implication, the entropy of the universe (i.e. the system and its surroundings), assumed as an isolated system, tends to increase.

But all imply a spontaneous decrease in entropy (i.e. an increase in order) and are therefore not possible without an external driving force, such as intelligent life.

what is thermodynamics

In general, according to the second law of thermodynamics, the entropy of a system that is not isolated may decrease. An air conditioner, for example, cools the air in a room, thus reducing the entropy of the air. The heat, however, involved in operating the air conditioner, always makes a bigger contribution to the entropy of the environment than the decrease of the entropy of the air. Thus the total entropy of the room and the environment increases.

       Entropy is a measure of the unavailability of a system’s energy to do work, as well as a measure of disorder. The higher the entropy, the greater the disorder  

Arrows of Time
Thermodynamic Entropy determine direction Cristalino

The birth of new stars and new worlds

       Entropy is the only quantity in the physical sciences that "picks" a particular direction for time, sometimes called an arrow of time.

 As we go "forward" in time, the second law of thermodynamics tells us that the entropy of an isolated system can only increase or remain the same; it cannot decrease. Hence, from one perspective, entropy measurement is thought of as a kind of evolutionary clock.


 We are not alone and this is how life begins

Cosmic Embrion V838 Mon.jpg

direction of growth
Direction in entropy in 3D

by Staff Writers  Boston MA (SPX) Aug 20, 2010: Space  War

A revolutionary series of discoveries ushers in a new paradigm in our understanding of how life began. In this month's issue of the online Journal of Cosmology, Dr. Michael Russell and colleagues, of NASA, JPL, and the California Institute of Technology, have detailed a bold new theory, supported by considerable evidence, demonstrating how life emerged in the tempestuous water-world that was our planet four billion years ago.

 Dr. Russell's work receives near unanimous support from 12 independent scientists who report on the evolutionary stages taken by life, right from its emergence in a warm and bitter submarine spring spewing hydrogen-rich waters into a carbonated ocean, through the process of metabolism, onto the RNA world, to the first viruses, and bacteria to animals, humans and consciousness. Something we call evolution, once intelligence takes over, we call it progressive evolutionary expansion. The second bang of re-creation into Cosmos - life willfully taking control of matter - to make it come alive.

nano world fibroblast cytoskeleton
link here to see an interactive size of things we know
I am sure what we are seeing in this image, also exist on a cosmic scale.

This is double helix Life
Link to exploring the cell and DNA - Music theme from Cosmos
It starts with protein production

More recently,

eminent scientists have concluded that the DNA make up of even the simplest of cells is so complex,

 that it is almost beyond our imagination to conceive of how even proto-cells may have formed.



Images like these are the flowers of the double Helix

In order to understand this age old problem we shouldn't ask what life is,

 but what life does.

What life does, is to take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or the ocean and to cause a reaction with hydrogen gleaned from water to produce waste products such as methane, acetate and, later in Earth's history, oxygen.

Life can push a planet like ours closer to chemical and physical equilibrium,

and here is the key clue to the emergence of life:


Out of chaos there came order, and it was alive

One volt diferencial polarity

Very small sub atomic particles
The Atributes of Fermions in the World of Matter
Fermions in the World of Matter

More specifically, carbon dioxide from volcanoes, and the hydrogen emanating from the Earth at hot springs or produced by photosynthesis, are out of equilibrium. They want to react, but are inhibited from doing so by the symmetry of the carbon dioxide molecule.  Life is the catalyst that encourages and quickens their interaction.

If carbon dioxide were to have easily reacted with hydrogen there would have been no call for life - chemistry would have done the job. But the early earth had a very rich carbon dioxide atmosphere indeed, perhaps the equivalent of ten atmospheres.

How to resolve the chemical tension and approach equilibrium?

Life was the solution or the catalyst to change…

Diatom  and rodbact
The Food Chain starts here

The advantage of a submarine spring for life's hatchery is that all the requirements of life are delivered on site by convection currents of electrochemical energy (up to 1 volt, commensurate with what life is currently driven by), hydrogen, ammonia, phosphate and all those trace metals that make up the active centers of the metalloenzymes to this day.

Microbes live in extreme environments of cold hot dry acid

What was missing were organic molecules but making those was proto-life's first job.

Life did not emerge as life, but evolved into life, and life's intermediary was cell-like proto-life which began as a series of compartments almost identical to those fashioned naturally in undersea thermal vents such as the romantically named Lost City, to this day.

under sea thermal vents such as the romantically named Lost City
under sea thermal vents

The steps from inorganic to organic and proto-life were rife with difficulties. Pathways were beaten from hydrogen plus carbon dioxide through formate and formaldehyde to a methyl group and thereby to acetate and pyruvate as well as to other carboxylic acids. Some of these organic acids were probably aminated with hydrothermal ammonia to amino acids in reactions encouraged by the alkaline conditions obtained in the hydrothermal hatchery.


cell structures
mitochondria and free radicals

Conected grid of nuerons

Something like the World Wide Web.

Yet, to get started, the vehicle of life had not only to be inorganic but also cell-like to take advantage of the energy available from gradients building up across the cellular wall gradients of pH, redox and temperature as well as the hydrothermal delivery of that best of all fluid fuels, hydrogen. Compartments form naturally in undersea vents and these compartments were able to hold in the organic products from reactions between the carbon dioxide, the hydrogen, phosphate, ammonia and sulfide, catalyzed by the transition metals.

Made by very small Life
Nano World - Diatom Silicon Lifestructure
Double Helix Life Structure

Click for Large
Nano World  big  cytoskeleton cover

The prototypes compartmentalizing vehicles of life were therefore hybrids, driven by electrochemical as well as chemical energy. The exhaust effluents were acetate and methane.

Only once the vehicle's engine had been fabricated could the system be regulated and the plans laid for reproduction.

 In other words metabolism had to be preceded by replication.

Molecules in Shades of blue

Hydrogen bonded Self assembly

The RNA era was the next evolutionary development.

And how did this RNA world arise? As detailed in the same edition, lifeless viral particles may have served as mobile RNA-worlds which interacted with Russell's compartmentalized catalytic proto-cells to kick-start life. Viruses may have later provided the direction which guided the trajectory of what would become replicating life. 



Viral Protective Coating
5  million atoms makes this viral coat
5 million atoms viral coat

 So what played the part of the first enzymes in the absence of direction; how did these entities take over from mere catalysis? Once amino acids had formed within the cell-like compartments they could be induced to join up as short peptides driven by energy available in di- and tri-phosphates



like a space ship
Mosquito larvae 100x
out of this world

phage as a machine
Replicating inside microbes and virus

 As is now known, these are promoted in alkaline conditions. Once this energy was spent the phosphates could be recharged by the proton gradient acting across the walls to the compartments. At the same time the short peptides could wrap themselves around the phosphates, protecting them from dissolution and crystallization. A synergy between phosphate and peptides was born.

Cell-Structures - sulfur flat microbes live off of the radioactive by products deep within rock

Dna Research  DNA  mod

The peptides could also enfold the metal sulfide clusters involved in electron transfer, hydrogenations and reductions; vastly improving their catalytic activities and approaching the activities of modern enzymes. Moreover the peptides could begin to take over the role of membrane and cell wall while still retaining the inorganic elements that quickened the slow geochemical reactions.

However, certain organic ring compounds could have acted as catalysts or coenzymes too. Indeed, RNA molecules themselves such as ATP of which we all produce our own body weight every day, are vital to metabolism. In other words, early RNA had jobs to do before they became organized as information molecules.

Mitotic human cells microtubules Kinetochores and DNA 1000x

microbes - algae and diatoms -10x
life brings together, to share the same space

These RNAs operated first rather like retro-viruses. They could travel between the cells making up the hydrothermal hatchery and those particularly adept at replication (through a convective polymerase chain reaction driven by the thermal gradient acting across the submarine hydrothermal mound) could survive to make DNA which in turn produced RNA which made proteins to take over from the simple peptides.

Click on the image to enlarge
The key to comunication

Click to see image in LARGE

Our future in Space.

These peptides could also play a part in maintaining homeostasis in the cell through an ingenious mechanism suggested by John Allen in the same edition, involving feed-forward as well as feed-back that afforded the cell a means of controlling its internal environment while adapting to the outside world.
Evolution as a search engine for commensurate energy and nutrient niches was now possible, evolution as the survival of the most fitting on this, or any other wet, rocky and sunlit planet and in any galaxy.

What this means is: we are not alone, and this is how life begins.

I know I have been using images and info, obtained on the Internet.

 If I used your pictures and images, please feel honored.

They have been picked as the very best, and possess something unique and special. 

To me, images speak a thousand words.

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For more detail on the DNA Molecule
detail on the DNA Molecule


If someone feels offended or left out, I beg forgiveness. I am not interested in monetary gain.

In my dream world money does not exist, and it cannot buy you a dream.

The WWW is the only information, image and communication source

to demonstrate.

To you, that double helix cosmic life exists everywhere.

Life is - the only reality and creator of all.

life is god as god is alive.

The Only One.

Awa the dream maker
Observe how one strand of hair can bring together a rebelious beard - Togetherness is the Power.
A whole hearted gift to you.

My sole motive is to teach and inspire the new generation,

to reach for better and bigger dreams,

to enhance the progression of all the living  Life.


 I am writing to my grandchildren, family and friends,

 and to all of those who wish to share my dreams.

 It is all I have to give.

I am a dream maker.

Everything starts with a dream for tomorrow.

Dream 2011
Personal Tomograf of time.

yes -  images say so much, much more than words. The way I see it, the Internet is the nervous system of a global mind consisting of many nucleus, 

 and  many overlapping influence spheres.


Minds that think alike gravitate together. To advance a mutual objective, a focused group, community or to become a controlling force in a very specialized field in the world of the living    - our religión is our way of living together.

Globalization of comunications
Globalization of comunications


There are  250 million hungry  people out there, willing to work for their food and daily keep only. Do you have any idea how much rock they could move in one day?


We must take control of the food chain

The waste of genetic material is intolerable.


We must consider Life, just for one moment, in all our calculations.

  After all, the smallest bacteria in barren rock began this food chain - it is good to know bacteriophages are feeding on bacteria and other viruses.

Life is the recombination,

 of all the elements of the universe into double helix live structures,

atom by atom.

Life re-creates the universe into cosmos.

Life is glowing with iridesence
Life is glowing with iridesence


Only Life can change

the natural laws of the universe, for its own purpose and objectives.

”The well-being of all the living, is first of all.”

The replication, progression and evolution of all LIFE,

is the only law. Life, our cosmic being, is the only reality.


The double helix is a cosmic energy force, with intelligence and reason,

Or as it has been known, “the directional live force”.

Life changes all the laws of nature, in its own favor.

Life laws do not align with universal laws.

They are called cosmic laws.


One of them says “anything can be moved.”

Life is the only reality, and creator of all.

There is only one Life – the Life in all,

Life is God as God is alive

The Only One.


Therefore all life is sacred, and not one should go to waste..

Observe the double helix creations and wonders of everything alive


Life on planet earth
Life on planet earth

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