our cosmos is life's creation

49 - Images - festival of light in Costa Rica

costa rica festival of lights 2013

Light Festival 2008 with many Colors
Light Festival 2008
Light Festival 2008

And all the living celebrate to Life

and to the inner light

also known as our soul.

let us celebration to cosmic life

every years end starting the second Saturday in December

and the whole of our cosmos celebrate with us
entering a new era
together we enter the
era of light
 insight and vision
 into our future together
"brillar con la luz de todos"

Festival of roses
Enlace a el Sitio Festival de la Luz 2010

Festival de la Luz
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Festival de la Luz Costa Rica 2010

Festival de la Luz San Jose Costa Rica 2010
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Festival de la Luz San Jose Costa Rica 2010

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Light Festival 2008
La Señorita San Jose

costa rica festtival of-light 2013 ad

Imagenes Festival de Luz año 2008
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Light-Festival-2008/2a261909_0.jpg Light-Festival-2008/PC135143.jpg Light-Festival-2008/picture18dg0.jpg Light-Festival-2008/picture15kl6.jpg
Light-Festival-2008/picture14vv5.jpg Light-Festival-2008/picture13xn3.jpg Light-Festival-2008/picture12vy4.jpg Light-Festival-2008/picture7vw8.jpg
Light-Festival-2008/picture3va4.jpg Light-Festival-2008/picture2vf7.jpg Light-Festival-2008/picture1vi9.jpg Light-Festival-2008/pc135359.jpg
Light-Festival-2008/pc135276.jpg Light-Festival-2008/pc135206.jpg Light-Festival-2008/PC135078.jpg Light-Festival-2008/PC135003.jpg
Light-Festival-2008/pc134985.jpg Light-Festival-2008/fotoprincipal20dn.jpg Light-Festival-2008/6827760-lg.jpg Light-Festival-2008/festival_de_luz_2004_picture_3b.jpg
Light-Festival-2008/6788178-md.jpg Light-Festival-2008/6798924-lg.jpg Light-Festival-2008/6788143-lg.jpg Light-Festival-2008/6788136-lg.jpg
Light-Festival-2008/6788135-lg.jpg Light-Festival-2008/6788134-lg.jpg Light-Festival-2008/6788132-lg.jpg Light-Festival-2008/6788131-lg.jpg
Light-Festival-2008/6787758-lg.jpg Light-Festival-2008/6785688-lg.jpg Light-Festival-2008/1pc135323.jpg

Light Festival of Hanukkah

Light Festival 2008

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Click Image for Google Images Festival 2009.
The double helix creations and wonders
 all alive
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