our cosmos is life's creation

48 - Festival of Light in Costa Rica.

Cosmic Embrion V838 Mon
This image presents the Aura of Cosmic Life,

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Festival of the Roses 2010
Carnaval Festival of the Roses 2010

 1 - And all the living celebrate Life

 To the inner light

 also known as our soul:

Let us have a celebration to cosmic life

and the whole of our cosmos celebrates with us

in entering the new era of light, insight and vision.


how much Life time left.
the ancient timemaster was always our Inti our sun god.
our very ancient timemaster Inti

2 - All the living, start acting as One.

Our cosmic being by bio-logica

together we enter

the Era of light, insight and vision

our future together.

Is the internet of things.

Means the beginning,

of the new era of  "ionics".

"Conected to the Matter of things"
 it uses "electrons for processing,
photons for communication,
 and ions for storage."

The book of the Timekeeper


We celebrate the Festival of light

every solar year's end in San José,

Costa Rica, America Central. 

Festival of light 2011
the very young entering the era of light - starting in 2012
Festival of Light, San Jose, Costa Rica.

Celebration to LIFE and inner light
Click for more on history of the festival to inner light.
Dream Cather
Dream catcher is like a lenz bringing together all the Living.
The symbol to unite all the living.

3 - The following is a short insight into its historical tradition.

This scene began six hundred years ago:

 Costa Rica, lying on the Inter-American trade route,

was always a tourist attraction

 famous for it's symbolic ceremonial masks:


4 - images as symbols of all the sages of the past.

Sometimes the messenger would have to hide his identity,

so it was better to speak from behind a mask,

which represented the essence of the idea, he brought.

The world you are acting out - is a role in the story of time

We all try to be admirable.


Artesan's Market
Mercado Artesana

 5 - Take a stand,

for the image you present to be reality

such as when

 "The lapa said someone stole her children  .......".

Mostly ruminating on the subject of tribal history,

Siwá,  touching on the subjects of cosmic justice

 morals and ethics

as reflected by the creatures of the jungle

where everyone have a voice
 and role of importance in the web of the social structure.


Kayapo -  flower of the forest
a forest flower

6 - astounding to observe the presence of love in nature -

As in most cultures,

 the buhu owl speaks with reason and wisdom.

 Among the voices you should listen to, such as the turtle’s

and like the story of how the congo got his voice:


teach from small to be  kayapo

when he tricked the tiger

out of his horn”caracol”

7 - Sibo consoled the tiger saying

"now you can have his coat in exchange"

 because Sibo is fair and just

That is how it came to be,

 the tiger wearing the monkey's beautiful coat.


8 - Tico is the name of our people

because we speak in the diminutive form,

when speaking in that special sing-song voice,

with small children, pets, flowers, nature and "diosito"

 as a show of endearment,

 from a humble people.

Light-Festival-Costa-Rica  -Textil-Peruana

wooden masks - each one  speak,  for a different god.

 9 - Each Tico mask

 had it's name and character.

They were used to teach morals and ethics

 presented in a show,

in the village's central area

(only now, it is the endless tele-novela and live drama).

One person speaks with many voices to tell the story.

The children, fascinated, only see the masks.

10 - Each village had its own artist,

with masks of famous warriors that speak for our God Sibo,

and many masks of surrounding jungle creatures.

It was a world of imagination where every creature speaks

and had a voice.


The  Singer of the cultural history
In Song Tsokorpa kept alive the history

11 - Only now, we do not hear their voices anymore.

Now, it is my turn to wear the mask of the cantor or singer.

Please meet our Tsokorpa – normally a senior female.

Tsokorpa will sing the history of the Ticos

 from the beginning till they were almost extinct for 500 years.

Display of native decorative masks
Display of Costa Rican native ceremonial and decorative masks

12 - True to the culture of the south, popularly called uterine descent, it was the “mamapacha” who dominated and controlled the household. Even to this day - it is the soft voice of the woman who speaks and is in control in the background. I do believe in the future woman will play a bigger role and dominate in world affairs. Maternal power is insight and intuition based on Love and is not materialistic. This is the tradition of the eternal mother earth whom we should care for - "Iririra la nina tierra", who is feeding the world


 13 - They sing the words of the great shaman

 messages during ceremonies and celebrations and daily lives.

They know the history, traditions and legends of their villages

and sing them from memory.

14 - It is the Tsokorpa who have kept alive the siwa of our people

through oral transmission, the culture of the Ticos,

our indigenous native people, throughout time.


Real Andean corn
Real Andean corn or known here locally  as "Ditsú"
Real Andean corn "Ditsú"

Nano World  DNA Double Helix Life Sprouting
This is the beginning of life as we know today.- "Ditsú" sprouting

15 - The Living God.

Sibo with the help of Sula, 

the supreme Artezana

and eternal mother earth that shapes all beings

who will return to her dust after death,

16 - into the infinite and small 


 el centro de la creación"

from where new life sprouts - to grow towards the sun. 


Double Helix Life Replication
Multiplication of floresent Life
Sibú Life growing and multiplying

double helix creation  is the flowering of Life
This is the flowering of Life.

 17 - Sibo is life

The father and creator

of the forest with all the living

 and the fish of the ocean.

He created the people of the forest

 by using corn kernels, disto.

We are all disto ready to germinate

and grow towards the light

 from where we gain insight into our being.

Sibo planted in pairs

giving the origin to the families and clans called a Wak.

Sibowak - the clan of the creater god


a tico sculpture
 Súla the eternal mother earth with her son - Heredia
Iririra the earth child.

Witness the markings of many lives
Súla-Sibú's intimate moment - will continue until this whole rock comes alive
SúlaSibú's most intimate moment -this also happens on cosmic scale.

 18 - Each clan speaks a different tongue

and so each calls their father by a different name.

 So it comes to be we have sibowak, tokuwak, nabuwak....the tribes of Sibo.

The father is the only One and

His name is Sibo the creator.

Nobody ever tried to make an image of Sibo.

You don’t have to.


19 - Just look around, and with all your senses observe the living beauty

in all the brightest colors, standing proud, grooming itself.

The pride of sibo is everywhere.

Everything alive is Sibo

So, if you smell the roses

 you know, you are in the presence of God

 20 - The eternal mother earth 
gives food

 to all her children.

Mamapacha, or whom the Greeks called – Demeter, goddess of the cereals,  the offspring of Cronus and Rhea

out of her flows to feed all the living, just like the river Nile,

 and will continue doing so,

 until Sibo/Iriria become whole

21 - until this rock becomes alive with Life.

Pacha - the mother who gives - to all the living

 Her children must always try

 to keep Her happy and clean.

22 - Sibo cannot bear to see Iriria angry, sad or crying

  for one of her children suffering.

 The lament of the living in pain

like a hungry baby crying in the night

 without shelter  out in the rain,

the futile death of many people from conflict or
when brothers fight for power.

Aztec chaman - fly with the eagles
Usekör feed the condor and the eagle, so they can fly and speak

Volcan Arenal San Carlos
The smell of death makes her very angry and mad, She trembles with rage, vomits in large volcanic eruptions.

23 - The smell of wrongful death

 makes her very angry and mad.

  She trembles with rage,

vomits in large volcanic eruptions

and showers of rain to take many lives.

24 - Therefore we must always try

to keep her happy,

 with a clean face, without tears

 and maintain harmony amongst our tribes.

So she can be very proud of us


25 - It is the deeper concept of the word that carries the weight,

a deeper meaning:

 this meaning is established by the evolution of language,

a product of the evolution of thought

 in the minds of many people over time.

26 - Since the dawn of humanity

The abstract meaning of words is Logica.

"el significado Bio-Logica"


Usekör - title of the spokes persons and words o Sibú-Sura
Usekör - Mask of the spokes persons and words o Sibú-Sura

Click to see Famous wooden Masks from Boruca Tribe
Famous wooden Masks from Boruca Tribe

27 - Usekör is the title/mask of the spokesperson
for the words of SIBÚ-SURÁ,

the highest political and religious leaders and the only representatives of Sibú-Surá. They are great and powerful Shamans and sages, the jaguar people disappearing into their surroundings, masters of metamorphosis: chameleon, who can change the elements, make thunder, and control lightning. They throw dust in the flames and out comes an impressive explosion of many colors. 

They explored Sibó-Súla's most intimate secrets, and so the tribe bring  to life, only healthy and strong children .

 The cacique and cacica of science and technology.

28 - He takes the dead to the high places to feed the condor and the eagle,

 so they can fly and speak to tell him what lies beyond.

Usekor taught us to use fire, to change Gold into water.
Fire to change Gold into water.

Engraved History -  Súla with her children made in Gold
Mother Earth with her children made in Gold

29 - He taught his people how to control and use fire,

to prevent fire - to fight fire with fire.

Fire was not only to purify our food.

But also to give us light in the dark,

 harden our pottery, scale the rock,

and to liquify metal.

30 - Do not eat anything

unless it is passed over the fire (Cooked)

That is to kill all the harmful spirits (Microbes).

and neutralize the poisons. (beans, malanga, amonds, cashew nuts,  haqui,.....).

 They explore Sibó-Súla's most intimate secrets and so,  have only healthy and strong children . The casiqui of science and tecnology.

The living without dignity, the offspring of Kurú (Incest) those who do not  have the respects and admiration of all, was removed and abandoned in the wild. So was he, who kills without hunger.

31 - Usekör speaks. If you must kill to eat today,

 Be like the eagle and the jaguar.

Do it very fast, without causing suffering. (Cruelty)

Do not kill more than you can carry away (Greed)

You should not take more than you can handle (Glutons).

You must keep pace with the group for the task today

(Glutons and deserters are left behind as food for the jaguar).

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If you have to kill, be like a Eagle do not let your prey suffer.
If you have to kill, be like a Eagle do not let your prey suffer.

32 - The waste or playing with food is not allowed.

It is a lack of respect for many hungry ones out there, (200 Million) 

Like the waste of Life.

Very bad Karma, and Life will be subtracted from yours.

Food are living beings - respect the Life you are going to enjoy.

This has been the hunters’ laws since the beginning of time.


Click to see Variations on the origen of Sura
Variations on the origen of Sura.

Click to see -Two meter wide granite esphere in front of High Court
Two meter wide granite esphere in front of High Court

 33 - Time was tied

 to the heavenly bodies.

And they made paintings on large wet stone spheres. Representing the night sky on the inside of a larger bubble. tracing the trajectory of the heavenly bodies on the wet reflective rock face.

First the sun and the moon - to mark the planting seasons.

Lacation and position is Random - They were placed in dark suroundings - Protected from rain not to damage "la mapa".

The water shows the imperfections, to touch up the black back ground.

 years go by, they keep working on it every day

 to make them perfectly round and shiny,

with a water savila mix it remain wet all night long.

Acting as a convex mirror reflecting our starry  "chupicaro"

Click on image to see in LARGE
Click to see many stone spheres to image the sky Maps
Stone Spheres to image the sky Maps hundreds of them

Click to see full investigative report
Click for detail Masterview of the star systems
A local Star Map with the seasons for Costa Rica.

34 - The stars mirrored on the inside what happened out there.

Rolling the stone ball, imitate the movements of the heavenly bodies.

If you rol it forward you go ahead in Time.

Time to plant, Time to harvest the gifts from Sura smiles at you

The year comes to another end.

That very day is always marked by the Sun.

Called the summer solstice

 for us here now.

December 22 every year.

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Petroglyph of the constelation Pegasu and M31 indicated
Petroglyph of the constelation Pegasu and M31 indicated

Click to see in LARGE
Costa Rica Star Map in the constalation Pegasu
Costa Rican Star Map in the constalation Pegasu

35 - The Wise Ones have always predicted

Present Time Era comes to an end in the year 2012.

A new era for light continues now.

The Era of insight and vision into our Cosmos Idréa,

The home of the children of light

that is, when Man is ready to go.

36 - The Living moved their first heavenly body
 from its set course to change the course of destiny.
Free at last, to take control of our Cosmos Idrea now.
Move ahead in Cosmic Time,
 where Life - is the center of it all.
Our living god

Usekor the Singer, Voice person of SIBOSURA
Usekor the Singer, Voice person of SIBOSURA

Click te see the map with remaining Tribal settlements
The map with remaining Tribal settlements

Now, my turn to wear the mask of the cantor. (Singer)

Tsokorpa will sing the history of the Ticos from the beginning.

37 - True to the culture of the south, popularly called uterine descent, it was the mother Sura who dominated and controlled household. Even to this day - it is the soft voice of the woman who speaks and control in the back ground. I do believe in the future, woman will play a bigger role and dominate in world affairs,  maternal power is insight and intuition

based on Love and not materialistic.

The tradition of the eternal mother,
Yes Life is femenin.

Mother and child made out of corn coverings
 We are like corn kennels ready to germinate
Mother and child made out of corn coverings

Tipical Chrismas portal with the birth if Jesus
Tipical Chrismas portal with the birth if Jesus

 38 - SIBÖ with his last breath

 whispered the truth to a girl-child,

sole surviving newborn, a new life, in a small cave.

There was another crypt with a new born,

 the little donkey, the cow and three wise men.

These are the most beautiful stories ever told,

all very good for young minds:

good role models that awaken the imagination and dreams for tomorrow.

  Okay, we adapted the language and all the good customs of the conquerors.
39 - The Spanish language is rich, and ordained for singing.

So we celebrate every 24 December,

 Xmas eve with a candle light.

As a symbol of our own inner light, and all the newborn Life.

A day filled with memories of a child from Bethlehem called Jesús

the father of compassion and forgiveness who taught us to love each other.


The simbol of inner light, handle with tender care
The simbol of inner light, handle with tender care

Light Bearer
A Sacret Knowledge - yours for the taking.
Festival of Inner Light

40 - Like most Christians we believe

that the greatest law   is the first commandment

"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart,

 and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind,

and with all thy strength”.

A total dedication to your God as a way of living

 is the first commandment; and in addition the second,

41 -  "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself".

 These are what Jesus Christ taught

 as the two greatest commandments.

 This memory makes Him eternal.
He is alive and well here in Costa Rica. 
Everybody remembers Jesus for His wisdom and teachings of Love.

Things only exist as long as it is remembered.


The Crucifix used as personal decoration
The Crucifix used as personal decoration

42 - A couple of months after Christmas, with a week of Easter processions, rituals and ceremonies,

this same Jesus comes to a horrible end, tortured and crucified,

 year after year.


43 - And let us remind you that, about the ninth hour,

 Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying,

  “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? in other words,

  “My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?”

It was the moment He realized the God within, meaning Life,

was leaving Him.

 "Father into Thy hands I commend my spirit"  were His last words

so the world can have this sacred knowledge about our living god.

Click to see in Large
Costa Rica celebrate the Via Crucis
Costa Rica celebrate the Via Crucis

Click to see in Large
This is a sin to see and participate
Transportation of the cruzified

44 - This senseless killing is 100% in conflict

with our culture of a Living God.

Where the torture of any living creature,

 since time began, is forbidden.

This cruel memory is best forgotten:

a ritual that belongs to the Roman past.

"For our sins" – that is what the culture of

a community and country’s laws are for.

"To feel guilty", yes,

 for participating in such a barbaric ritual act .

So much so – the resurrection of the Christ is celebrated in Costa Rica, with the attendance of only those few who understand.

 This ritual does not belong in the Americas of the Living God .

45 - The "communion" yes we understand

Recycling of everything

 is SÍBÓ-SURA’s law.

All Life is Sacred and should not go to waste not even human genetic material.

This also means to recycle organs and every usable part up to the skin and even hair for a paint brush.


Usekör  the spokes person of the Living God speaks
Usekör the spokes person of the Living God

Click to see in LARGE
Click - El Santo Padre Benedicto
El Santo Padre, Benedictus XVI

46 - Usekör  the spokesperson of Sibo

 the Living God,

called Life, speaks

with a message to El Santo Padre, Benedictus XVI.

"Please liberate our People from the ritual of the crucifixion,

 this symbol of torture.

Please replace it with a symbol that means Life to us.

Father please give us your blessing on Christmas Eve,

lighting a candle in honor of our living God

and to remember the newborn Jesus,

symbol of all now born children everywhere in the world,

who should not be corrupted.

He taught us we are all brothers and should love each other.

And there will be a light of knowledge in the hearts of all Man. 



47 - And the Vatican,

  symbol of religious pomp in a museum of art treasures clad in gold ...

LIFE is like a Small little inner flame
LIFE is like a Small little inner flame

Rekindle your Life for another year
Rekindle your Life for another year

 48 - To the rest of the world

Wherever you may be on the evening of 24 Dec

Idrea invites you - Just Light a small little flame and join us united in thought for one moment,

lighting your light is to rekindle your Life

for another year.

Awa the maker of dreams
Togetherness now in our festive season to inner light.
insight to enter the era of light yours for the taking.

49 - To be aware of your own inner light

 your effect on the whole.

 The voice of your heart
 bringing us all together as One .
We join in a celebration to inner light.
 In memory of the only ONE. 

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