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46 - Dream Child 2010

Straight talk on world affairs
Straight talk on World Affairs
Many won't like the truth.

by a reader´'s request
 Straight talk on world affairs 2010.
From a humble immigrant to Central America, a senior citizen, on the outside looking in, who wish not to be named, tweeted, voted for, or followed in a popularity contest - because he do not need the fame or fortune, and least of all, bash in the light of the media - losing his privacy and serenity for ever.
And please, as in all cultures, the household and offspring of this matriarchy is off limites

Symbols of Might and Power
Pandora Conseptual  art.
All about Greed very well presented

I only see one aggressor worldwide with troops on foreign soil.

Maybe it is time to listen to the council of the elders. Only Paul  had the guts to honestly challenge America's role as a de facto empire . He courageously observed that conservatives enjoyed spending money,  only "on different things.
They like embassies, they like occupation,  and they like the empire.

They like to be in 135 countries with 700 bases."

Defence against space invaders ???? or is it ...... money  - in the form of arms to kill people - to make more money

To make people believe in the lie - if you repeat it often enough until even the dummies believe

"you can only be saved with more arms and must have it"


understand what Jesus meant when he said "You can not serve God and mammon"

in the sense to be enslaved to the love of money - hoarding things you can not even enjoy.

Tradition of power to invade, take what you want.
 Fallen brave Warrior
It is time to fall back soldier, go home.

All because of greed, and a show of power (Pandora).

It is all about money, weapon sales, black gold and forbidden substances under the mask of patriotism

leaving a river of blood of 48 thousand people in 5 yrs

right to your border.

Just because you can not control a bad habit at home.

You can not ban traditional agricultural products (5000yrs) ,

feeding many families in the Americas

 The price is controlled by supply and demand on the world market. All the demand seems to come from the north., the tougher the control, the higher the offering price. The only way out and cheapest -

buy all the production and destroy if you wish.

Arizona bird of paradise
Arizona bird of paradise

Think about legalize and control at home. 

It belongs to Health-Care. Or State

It is bad only for the greedy abusers without enkrateia, self esteem.

 An age old virtue since Socrates the Greek - on its way to disappear with history.

 recycle them, with all the victims of greed, together with the fat cats, alcoholics and the very obese vegetating their lives away.

Make sure Berny the snitch is earning his keep, and extra hrs to pay back what he owe. Serving LIFE is the way to go,

 and means, doing something beneficial for all - before you die.

 The most heroic act, is to turn yourself in - to science and technology,

for experimentation and recycling for the good of all.

We must explore every avenue, turn over every rock, stone or asteroid to discover all the secrets of LIFE. String together the food chain - everything under control.

Bald eagle sees himself - without feathers
vanity must look in a mirror

Swallow your pride.

Give up your bases in the south.

 everybody knows it is about drugs and oil.

Chavez gets nervous and wasted Billions on military equipment.

This was wrong - what a waste - "Viva la evolucion Bolivariano"

Also wrong to sell arms to Taiwan - very provocative  - Do not wake the Tiger in his year of honor.

anything to destroy Life - is wrong.

I wish nobody waste their time and money, on arms to kill the Living.

But it is good to know how - if it comes your way, you know what it is.

 Shame on the  culture where they live by the rule of the gun - engraved by video - where the best killer survive in a barbaric game.

link to Dreams for a better world - Idréa 2010

Female world champions 2011
The worlds best in dominating and controling the Ball

Nobody in the Americas needs an army.

Just a quick action taskforce, yes
coordinated and representing the Nations of our region.
For sixty years CR exist tranquil without the need for an army.
We have always been proud to say, we have more teachers than soldiers.
Thanks to a visionary by the name Don Pepe Figueres.
Latin America is healthy and nationalistic which is good.
nobody ashamed to be called "indigena" or "nativo"
we are all very proud to follow the american dream

National pride and bringing honor to the country where you are a guest.

Competition is very good for progress, sport, “Fútbol” or like the olympic honors,

National Pride and Honor is in the play
All about dominating the Ball - the Best.

Cristiano Ronaldo golden globe award
the greatest honor - to be crownd as the best with the ball
to be crownd as the best with the ball

The new generation grow up with new values - now admiration is

To those who dominate the ball to perfection - with agility and speed

never stretch beyond the Stadium - to start a war.

to live in the real sense of the word

Is to recognize it´s coming your way – to control movement of that ball in future time.
To intercept and capture that ball and have complete dominance of every move,
waving through the masses at incredible speed and complete control
And the Fut-ball player is carried on the voices of the crowd, a curve towards the goal and score.
Pure adrenalin,
and the “crown” on man's intellect and physical abilities.

Agility in every sense of the word worth gold.

To pilot your own spaceship now.

Football champs Celebration

national pride and honor 
To be patriotic at the wrong time, can start a bloodbath.
Our best advice to set the record strait. 
If you are in Rome you do as the Romans do,
honor their flag, their culture and laws.
Anywhere in the world you go, be prepared to be asked to identify yourself many times, entering buildings, using your Master-Card, or just driving on the road.
It is called order and control - and starts in every home.
 Everywhere you go many eyes observe your every move and you must be aware of this - do not dishonor any flag - esteemed symbol's of man.
Our world of vision must be transparent.
everything known and always honerable and worthy as a being.

In many cultures shouting do not exist, not understandable and is rude,

therefore frowned on, as mentaly disturbed.
Public displays of affection and drunkenness are frowned upon.

All are Equal Sacred and can not be owned
All are Equal Sacred and can not be owned

mesh face 3d model
 Do not be offended if the official ask you, to take off your headgear for a Biometric scan
Biometric Scan

 Do not be offended if the official ask you to take off your headgear
 so the camera can see your face and ears
ID not much to go on,
 so keep your faces in clear sight, not hiding behind your un groomed hair.
You are our guest
so always look your best
Respecting the laws and help to maintain order and harmony in our Idréa. 
Here in CR,  you can not enter any building or bank with  out identification, shades or cap, and  it is good to know that if you seduce a minor (18yrs) you go to jail for a very long time – think twice before fishing for sex in the school going crowd. They are of limits until they have their "Diploma de Madures".  If you are out on revenge for a distant vengeance, it is better to go home where you belong.

Link to big money

Opinion on Middle East.

The Middle East – another Viet Nam.

guerrilla warfare can not be win,

Your enemy is not even there.

withdraw to home base and secure your borders.

Make sure to take all your arms with you

 But first you have to solve the drug frenzy and make a deal with the drug lords, or take cash out off circulation.

Yes control is order, therefore we must go digital

we want to know where the things go.

Idréa is transparent. everything can be seen and is known.  

We can always make a call on our panamerican neighbours to look out for each other,

our common enemy - exploiters and destructors of life

selling arms and the lives of the living for money.


Global Networking
Global Networking of all energy resources

Times of "Big Brother" is here,

Life is ordered control in harmony

this is Godliness.

fight your enemy at home and within.

Responsible senior citizens on the outside will always inform you of

 festering resentment. (hatred)... 

They always pull the strings so things work out right.

Listen to their voices, even Islam is listening...

New Dawn for another day
a New Dawn for another day

Let your guiding light always be the following

holy cosmic words

that all life is equal important and sacred,

not one should go to waste

rewrite your constitution, to echo these words.

our religion, should be the only law of the land



together it is called an action forces

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Click - Melt down all the armor into plow shears and something handy for the Living.
Melt down all the armor into plow shears and something handy for the Living.

This is the end of armies and conventional war. Melt down all the armor into plow shears and something handy for the living.

 There should be a

International Task-forces

on standby to act within an hour, to deal with terrorist, natural disasters, crowd control, hooligans and vandals on a spree.……etc.

Everything goes to the greediest
Instead - Speak for LIFE and the living

This tradicion is wrong

 Words on the economy.

It was wrong to bail out the

hoarding fat cats.

Look careful at the unions, to powerful,  they demand and breed parasites, receiving more than their honest share.

Put a cap X on greed. (debt ceiling)

There should be a limit on what somebody can own

"Adoption of upper limits in individual wealth as "a solution that would make the world a better place".


Put a limit  X on the amount of money

a person can handle, hoard and own.

(Defect of Capitalism - everything goes to the greediest, such as those big fat one's, controlling the energy.)

Everything more than belongs to the living.    (super tax)

The choice is clear, mammon as your god, like vampire capitalism.
or life and the living.  - you can not have, both.

Only if - Mammon is serving life and the living. 

And the battle is long and fierce. Mammon must come to his knees 

surrender all the worthless paper money - so you can not spend what you do not have and stop taking, what is not yours, to continue in an imperial fools paradise.

Man must derive his nourishment from his surroundings without destroying it - sustainable globalization.

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Click - Desert Flower.
Desert Flower

link to Dreams for a better world 2010-IDREA

Give back to our God Life all the money with his name on it.

The rest and small change too, all belong to LIFE.

 Apply all your money on healthcare, education and life services, only.
Another alternative - is to change currency and just go digital.
After all, it is only numbers in a machine (Think about it.)

The Rule(1) Only for the progression, evolution and well being of all LIFE on earth.

(2) Eyes and dominance in space to safeguard this Life

No we do not need bases on the Moon, yet. We can do everything from earth -  as our center of intelligence connected to Life structures out there, We still have to create the life forms for the future, life without water, controlled by intelligence (Robots). It is lifeforms operating where man can not, such as great depthts below. Robots must go to do space exploration and intercept asteroids, to plant beacons as we do with icebergs - everything controlled from mother earth, home base of mancalled Idréa.
We sincerely are of the opinion - There is a million reasons why man do not belong in space for exploration - Surely cheaper -  Recreation is OK - We must create Life forms like robots - Mother-ships to carry spares and to recharge, refuel, maintain, catch, move, position, or mine things out there. everything controlled from here our blue marble home - Man have evolutionized Billions of years to adapt to our Mother-Earth and nothing to do with the Void out there

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World Economy
For less than this you get killed

Conversion should take around 5 years even to farthest corners of the Earth.

Money (cash and small change) is a health risk number oneIf a germ spread, can wipe mankind of the map. These words should not even be whispered. It is hard to get rid of bad habits. Everything must be Connected and Controlled Electronic. The Identity of everyone by Scan. You look the camera in the eyes and you tell him to pay for lunch. A central brain keeps track of every personal detail. And when that day come you can't pay for coffee with your card - it is time to look for another that is respected.

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Click - Money the root of all evil and Health Risk number one
Money is a Health Risk number one - for this money here you can get killed




The choice is clearly yours,

 Mammon or Life as your deity and God

The ideal is, to put

Mammon to serve  the living

 as the only God.

Money - Cash, is the root of all evil, should disappear from the face of earth

money is a health risk number one

eyes that see only money

 True charity have nothing to do with money.

It means to give the very best of yourself in dedication to others.

Without thinking about getting reward or compensation - or thank-you

Just make sure you give more, than you take from the Living.

Like your debit card - you can spend when needed - because you know it's covered.

You honestly can look the camera in the eyes and say "pay for lunch".


Mask of the Singer
Sing the old Hunter laws.
The Singer of Holy Words.

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Click - Africa Induna - Wisdom comes from a very diffrent School.
To know about Life you must be close to Mother Earth.

The ethics for the evolution of a healthy Life.

Ancient Cosmic Laws from the beginning of time, still very valid to this very day.

Usekör speaks on the very very Old Hunter Laws.

"If you must kill to eat today, do it very fast, without causing suffering. (Cruelty) 

 So fast your prey should not even know what happened, (Like the eagle). 

without loosing one drop of blood".

The only just sustainable economy is a local economy, the answers nest around the same central theme:  
Man must derive his nourishment from his surroundings without destroying it
 sustainable globalization

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Clic - You only have what you can take with you even your fire
You only have what you can take with you

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Boesmanne - Humans have been living like this for thousands of years.
Humans have been living like this for thousands of years.

Do not kill more than you can carry away (Greed)

You should not take more than you can handle (Gluttons).

You must keep pace with the group for the task today.

(Gluttons and deserters are left behind as food for the Hyenas).

And today, as after thought - In Idrea you only have, what you can carry with you.



The waste or playing with food is not allowed.

It is a lack of respect for many hungry ones out there, (200 Million)

Like a waste of Life. Very bad Karma, Life will be subtracted from yours.


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Click - The fruits of Life to enjoy
The fruits of Life to enjoy

Go to Social Fabric, Recycling in IDREA

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Click - Yes they are living creatures, bow your head before eating.
Ask forgiveness before enjoying

Food, are living beings - respect the Life you are eating.

You lower your head to ask forgiveness.

This has been the hunter laws since the beginning of time.

The biggest sin of all, is the waste of LIFE

Yes, Life feed on the living – It is a Foodchain right down to bedrock.

 And nothing should go to waste.

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Click - Gladiator to please Ceasar and take the aplause
Gladiator to please Ceasar and take the aplause

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Click - Man Standing Proud
Man Standing Proud

Now our God Life needs new house rules, new role models...

The biggest honor in the past history achieved by a man.

The gladiator/soldier who stands proud, with dignity, taking the applause

Stood alone and single handed killed so many many innocent souls.

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Click - Vietnam Soldier Memorial
Vietnam Soldier Memorial

breastfeeding mom
Same men never get wheened

“To be a Man”

It is a simple imperative, repeated over and over to men,

starting when we are small boys. The phrase is usually connected

to one man’s demands, that another man, be “stronger,”

which is traditionally understood

as the ability to suppress, emotional reactions and channel that energy

into controlling situations and establishing dominance....

“When we become men”

masculinity - a mask to which we should conform

we exchange those aspects of ourselves that  make life worth living for

an endless struggle for power

 that is illusory and destructive  not only to ourselves but to others

Happiness is reverence for Life. Remember -

 "By the weight of your heart, you will be Judged"

With the Ballance of Maat


 Honorable the show reverence for Life and the Living.
Reverence for Life does not belong to war.

Time goes on, the Soldier today.

To defend and fight, for home and fatherland.

An honored sample of the human race. 

To stand Proud and being Admired by all,

 is dignity that belong to all the healthy Living.

That is the Flower of Life

To lower your head and humbly bow

 As a Symbol  of Honor and Respect to all LIFE.

You humbly bow, to taking the applause of the living.

It is the essence of great deeds and evolution.

Towards a perfect world.

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Click - Life always strives for Admiration
Life always strives for Admiration

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If you can smell the pine, makes 3 Auras in Resonance

Life always strives for Admiration

What happened to Wisdom, Courage, Life Standing Proud.

Until he extends his circle of admiration and pride,

 to include all living things, man will not find peace of Mind

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Click - The calling of the Flower.
The calling of the Flower in all the colors

Admiration it is the basics of replication, the calling of sex, leads to evolution.

The Calling of the Flower.

I have known and admired many a human flower neer perfection. I must make a bow of admiration to the Beauty of our Human Race.

Jacques Yves Cousteau
To have the admiration for a lifelong dedication to Life and the living.

Today 1-01-2010 it is that person who stood alone against all odds. To have the admiration for a lifelong dedication to  Protecting Life, and the living.

(Endangered species should have Human guardians on payroll).
Dedication to life and the living is the only thing right to do.
Someone must also remove the bad apples and recycle them.
Lets Breed a Perfect World full of beautiful creatures.
Responsible Intelligence must Control our future.
The future of all the living.
Then you do not need Laws on Animal Ethics.
I trust the discretion of the Technicians.

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Click -They have learned to care for their young
They have learned to care for their young


75% of the humans are absolutely blind

to the existence of double helix Life


They see other creatures of nature only as food, and sex.

They see not their life - halo - or  the God within.

They are the living without a soul

Recyclers of dead bodies, find pleasure in doing so.

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Click - Awareness of the interdependence of all living beings
Awareness of the interdependence of all living beings

The whole idea of compassion is based on a keen awareness,

 of the interdependence of all living beings,  which are all part of one another,  Caring and all involved in one another, Filling a need.

 Not always the food Chain.

It is Love that makes Life grow closer, and stronger


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Brain washed and compassion burn out
Brain washed and compassion burn out

The world suffers from Compassion fatigue,

 also known as a Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder,

 is a term that refers to a gradual lessening of compassion over time.

Or in a shock, such as burn victums or a Child subject to live sexual mutilation. (Africa y Islam) 

          Leaving a scar so deep, it removes any trace of compassion and love.
This is a Practise of cruelty that should stop.
It should be done in a clinic by a profesional.

 Because of an overdose by the media

The Masses get brain washed, and compassion burn out.
The bad and ugly sensational scandal is repeated umteen times.

Something sad change into ridicule.

We should have,  Just one channel dedicated to transmission of disasters world wide.
 Say something only once and stop. Full the empty spaces with sense, educative,...... 
the beauty of nature or just Music. First of all I myself should follow this advice, repeat less.
the privileged just go on the Internet - without commercials. 

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National Flower of Costa Rica.
Guaria Morado

Personal Thank You List
Today's Specials
Must mention Jimmy Wales (Wiki) Special honers for a monumental Creation for LIFE.

My Readers from Mainland China - especially the friends of IDREA - Thank you - You have made up 80% of my readers this last year - If you look carefully you will find everything in the Wisdom of the past. Happy Year of the Tiger and Festivals of Qu Yuan.

Thank you to Google who make all this possible.

James Cameron - I saw Avatar, congratulations for a piece of Art dedicated to Life. Showing so clear, the greed of our human race. Just maybe, open some eyes. Thank you.

Thanks to Natgeo and Discovery for excelent presentations of Life.

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