our cosmos is life's creation

40 - atributes of cosmic life.

El Aura Azulado
 To me the blue banner heading on top of this page presents  Chupícuaro el lugar azulado, que son hogares de nuestro dios viviente Sibú    auras de seres vivos celestiales”.

Like floating soup bubbles
Just Imagine for a moment all those many worlds out there

nano world  beginning of a double helix Life
deoble helice life is the origin of all the living

This is the aura of cosmic Life

and the halo of the living.

1 - This page is dedicated to life,

 the creator of cosmos.

Intelligent life is the power to change the state of our cosmos Idréa

Everything on this page is related to a nano size double helix DNA molecule (particle, called alive) - life.

2 - If I say life, I refer to Life with a capital “L” the intelligent creator of all.

Life is God, as God is alive, the only one.
Life with DNA code and double helix structure has always been there.

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Cell Structure as model for real comunities in IDREA
Cell Structure as model for real comunities in IDREA

3 - The double helix molecule as a design has been around, in evolution for Billions of years, to get to the information code for an intelligent living organism, with auto recognition (consciousness), and the ability to reason and learn new tricks.
 That’s where we are today  25 December 2008  Helix law say -

"Life can learn something new,

 and don’t repeat, the same mistake tomorrow".

Vision of dark matter
Conjunction Haiku
observe double helix against the stars
The double helix with complete information code is the nano particle they are looking for at CERN, the Higgs boson or god particle. This same replicating double helix is the cosmological constant lambda of Albert Einstein.)
This same double helix life is the dark matter detected everywhere in the Universe. It is also known, not all Life is compatible. Such as left-handed and right-handed double helixes, Life is busy digesting the elements of the universe, changing everything into:-

 "The cosmos of life’s creation".

Life is changing Byronic matter at atomic scale into double helix Life structures - atom by atom.

Life is a energy form with intelligence,   and knows how to apply and concentrate this energy.

The dark force is a Life force that does not hold by the universal laws. Life makes his own. Like, "anything is possible and can be moved")

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Click for - AURA of our Mother Earth
AURA of our Mother Earth, Understand her tantrums and control.

 By reader demand.

“Define our earthling cosmos”

Cosmos is everything alive around you including the trees, the birds, the flowers and all life in the oceans

Everything controled by life and the living is cosmos.

This moment we have  a very small cosmos,  less than 1% of earth mass. (Only the greens are a spec of  Life). Now that we know what it is, and where we are going, it will start expanding at a faster pace. Basicly it is a food chain starting at rock level. We must link together this foodchain and control it’s growth and outcome. We must gain control of everything you see in this image, the ocean currents, the climate, the rains and the winds, even the growth rate..

DNA Double Helix & information code to replicate
Click to see Model DNA Double Helix in large
Model DNA Double Helix

What makes the double helix molecule a God of creation? Its secret is, it can replicate itself. Anything that can use the resources of the universe, to make copies of itself, is alive. Called LIFE

The four letter words of the genetic code are the same in every creature – CGA mean arginine and GCG means alanine in Virus, Bacteria, even in Archaebacteria living in boiling temp in sulphurous springs. Wherever in the world, whatever animal, plant, or insect you look at, if it is alive it will use the same Double Helix and have the information code to replicate. All Life is One, throughout our milky way it is the Double Helix molecule that reign. (Panspermia).

“It is a truly wonderful fact –that all animals and all plants throughout all time and space should be related to each other” tribute to Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species, 1859

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Click - Unseen Nano World  cytoskeleton
Unseen Nano World cytoskeleton

Life began with the process of star formation. We are made of stardust. Every atom of every element in our body except for hydrogen has been manufactured inside stars, scattered across the Universe in great stellar explosions, and recycled to become part of us. We are all natural double helix offspring in the Universe we live in.

Life is like a candle flame
Like your own Life treat them all with tender care
Please handle with very tender care

In the beginning was the word,

and the word was from Life.

Life is God, as God is Life

The only One

The sacred life in all the living

 all God's children of light

because all we eat is alive, with light energy

 And there was light in the mind of man

The time have came to define the abstract meaning of God.

To give this God (Life) an identity.

Real qualities, and needs, that everybody can understand and identify with,

 and so, you can be aware of LIFE our God, with all your senses, all at once.

If you smell the roses - be assured, you are in the presence of God

Life is very small, fragile and delicate, just like an aroma or

like a very small open candle flame
even a warm breath of air can make it to stop and die.

Just like your own LIFE - Life is the heartbeat of man - listen to his music

If you can smell the roses
The Red Rose of LIFE
If you can see, touch and smell them ....


When you smell the roses, you know, it is the fragrance of life.
If you can see and touch them, you are in the presence of God,

even if you can not see the the double helix structure.

This LIFE, have to its disposal al the money and richness of our earth, should be protected and safeguarded by Man.

And all the Riches of our mother earth shall belong to the Living, to make this a better World for All.

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Social structure morals and ethics for LIFE.

Helix Creation Swineflu Virus
Virus of Swine Flu in blood stream

Protect against all disasters unimaginable.

From anywhere – above all, from space.

 If this flame goes out.

LIFE on this planet seizes to exist, it happened before

There is an asteroid out there with our name written on it.

We better go out there to find it first.

Find all of them, to see what they are.

Like space pelicans (Very large spider webs) colecting space junk first. (china is working on it.)

Bunch them together like a planet, with a double helix population.

Ganglion of the eye
Retinalcell Ganglion
Retinalcell combining Photons e elements to ingrave in the mind

The retina cells receive light impressions, which are translated to electric pulses and sent to the brain via the optic nerve. A special section of the brain called the visual cortex interprets the pulses to color, contrast, depth, etc., which allows us to see "pictures" of our world. Incredibly, the eye, optic nerve and visual cortex are totally separate and distinct subsystems. Yet, together, they capture, deliver and interpret up to 1.5 million pulse messages a milli-second!

The light of knowledge, enlighten the dark matter, all around.

See the magic world of the Living throughout the Cosmos.

Be enlightened in our era of light and vision.

 All LIFE with the double helix structure is sacred.

Observe and see his Presence all around. There is only one God, his name is LIFE the sacred creator of all.

The Living God

The only One

    Demands total dedication to the progression and evolution of intelligent Life on our mother earth - as bio-logica

Perfect Harmony & Control
Love Like a Electromagnatic Force Unite the Living
The Auras of the living stick together to form Molecules

To avoid implosion and to gain control we have to speed everything up.

Put some directional energy into the system

It is the Intelligent LIFE behind the,

controlling force (dark force).

That is moving large heavenly bodies around, against the natural laws of nature.

LIFE move things, in defiance of gravitational forces, over large distances and maintain control.

To make our cosmos into an orderly, harmonious, Life system of many living beings.

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For more detail on Replication of the DNA Double Helix Molecule.
Detail on Replication DNA Double Helix Molecule.

Cosmos expands at the speed of, the replication of LIFE.

LIFE is the only reality, and in control of the universe.
Everything is relative only, to the state of the living.

Life move things against the forces of nature
Shuttle blast off
Move against Gravity.

To gain control we have to apply directional Energy.

This small force speed things up and keep under control

 In ref to the Asteroid belt – An asteroid on collision course has to be accelerated ever so slightly in a different new planned course.


If we start pushing one of the rocks in the inner ring from behind. Slowly but surely it will start catching up with others ahead and accumulating in a large mass, to form a new planet in a short time.

With this first acceleration we start moving out of the doldrums ahead in time.

Man is free, at last, from the embracement of destiny 


 Yes, intelligent living beings are controlling the movements,  of the heavenly bodies, and change the destiny of all.

 Remember, the cosmic constant lambda is the double helix.

 Everything is relevant only to,

 the progression and evolution of intelligent life. 

Time is directly proportional to this (change). this acceleration into Time.

Movement into the future we have yet to create. Only life can bridge time and void - just look at our nervious system the Internet. We can see things happening or make it happen everywhere.


The collective power of Life is infinite strong.
Anything can be moved including the sun.

Complete Printed Circuit Board
In control up to one atom at a time.

Image of Real Graphene
Image of Real  Graphene

Nanotechnology is very diverse, ranging from extensions of conventional device physics to completely new approaches based upon molecular self-assembly, from developing new materials with dimensions on the nanoscale to direct control of matter on the atomic scale. Nanotechnology entails the application of fields of science as diverse as surface science, organic chemistry, molecular biology, semiconductor physics, microfabrication, etc.

The attributes and characteristics of

intelligent cosmic Life is the power (Energy) to change

the world of baryonic matter all around,

 right down to the nanoscale

and maintain a control over its functions, over vast distances.

(dark matter, robots, computers, spaceships, satellites, memory chips. Etc)

From right here, our mother earth

Waterworld - Translucent  hydromedusa
Maravels of Life all around

Life rearranged and changed the elements into the invisible

crystal structures of life, called cosmos Idréa

The food chain right down to bacteria converting rock.

into double helix strands.

Life is capable to engineer the world of matter to atomic precision

every atom where we want and need it to be

(molecular nanotechnology or MNT).



Like a Star saphire
Perfect Gravitational Lenz of Dark Matter
Perfect Gravitational Lenz of Dark Matter

We the Living, rearranging the elements of the universe,

 the building blocks into Life’s Structures, called Cosmos.

Only Life Re-Create the nature of matter into a harmonious order,

a complete plan, and information code, for an Intelligent living organism in Delicate Harmony just like music to our ear.

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The Recycling of the Living in our Ideal Reality.
The Recycling of the Living in our Ideal Reality.

269693main macsj0025
Hubbel image of a Life Aura spaning many galaxies
The Aura of LIFE spans many many Galaxies under control

Gravitational lenz is the Aura of LIFE
Gravitational lenz is the Aura of LIFE
Enormous Grav Lenz spans many galaxies

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Future Ideas

Control mean Guided Targeting

The Blue Concentration is the DNA Double Helix
Click - Nano World  Flowers of LIFE in the very small
The Flowers of LIFE in the very small small

The flame of Real Life
Nano world Real Image of the Flowering of Life
Like a flower in the nano world - Cell formation

Dudley “It is quite easy to recall to the memory a painting in a distant location and see the various colours chosen by the artist. OK let’s call it the inner eye. One can ‘see’ these colours in the imagination without the involvement of light waves”. Isaac Newton in a letter to Harry Oldenburg wrote:”… to determine by what modes or actions light produceth in our minds the phantasm of colour is not so easie.” 

Structuralproteins Man have a clear image of it's workings.
Man have a clear image of it's workings.

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More Detail and imaged description of The DNA Molecule

In Idréa we call it the Power of the Imagination. Is a creative force in the mind that interprets images engraved in the memory, and through intelegent reasoning project images in the imagination and you can see the moments in history. Like interpeting a space rock with impact craters. Like when you smell esters o pheromones, the vibs and charge of just a few molecules make you recognize what it is, and where you have smelled it first - ping with one that is there – smell brings back an image to memory by association that is a creation in the mind

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Is also connected with taste. A wine taster has a filing cabinet to classify comparative Tastes, Aromas, and Colors. A Chef is a master who knows how to combine these molecules in culinary dishes, to the envi of the connoisseurs. Personally I find Wine with the taste of ironoxide a very annoying after taste. Like fruit tasting like can. With age imagination improve, thanks to a large data bank of image Information – With practice every sence becomes sharper, you instinctivly know.

Waterworld  jellyfishbeauty
If you want to find food, you have to move

Vision and memory are the most precious gifts of evolution.


The time will come when we will be able to see,

Three dimensional, cosmic life structures, etheric auras of living creatures

 against the microwave background.

The Visual Brain and Memory goes back to Dinotimes. A very highly developed Attribute of LIFE.

But first we must all learn to see our own small Aura

Feel the warmth of all the Living

Everyone must find his place in Cosmos.

Too best serve LIFE.

The only law.


Vision and memory are the most Precious Gifts of Evolution.

The Visual Brain and Memory goes back to Dinotimes.

A very highly developed Attribute of LIFE.

Vision and the Memory of all.

Eyes from Dinotimes
Tokay  Gecko
Dino eyes

Long term memory,

 consist of a chain of captured photons that left an engraved

 image of a moment in time.

This image is engraved in the double helix structure,

 of neurons in the occipital lobes of the brain.

We can have access to this image, at will,

Even after seventy years.

How I wish I could share all these  images in memory with all. 

I have memory of my first light ray,  through a slit in the curtain of a steamy, and smoky kitchen on the African highveld, on a winter morning.

I remember the woolly dust particles floating around inside this ray. Absolutely fascinating, even for an adult nowadays. These floating wolly fabric fibers repel each other, spinning and turning in the moving cloud of smoke.  Stick to the steam, form drops to fell to the ground. In this first ray of light I also see our future.

Human eye - such a waste, if you loose the memory
Into this dark hole disapear the most beatyful images, to be ingraved in the Memory
Into this dark hole disapear the most beatyful images, to be ingraved in the Mind

The retina cells receive light impressions, which are translated to electric pulses and sent to the brain via the optic nerve. A special section of the brain called the visual cortex interprets the pulses to color, contrast, depth, etc., which allows us to see "pictures" of our world. Incredibly, the eye, optic nerve and visual cortex are totally separate and distinct subsystems. Yet, together, they capture, deliver and interpret up to 1.5 million pulse messages a milli-second!

Exploring and Collecting Space Junk
Exploring and Collecting Space Junk.

I have came to the following conclusion,  as a first priority for our future on this planet,  we should, mobilize technically on a massive scale.

Explore and dominate our surrounding space.


Send many many eyes out in the sky,  to see what is going on out there. At near light speed with Franklin Chang's plasma pushers to all our neighboring stars, to see what they have. Blast them from a platform out there by cañoñ.  Once on speed they fold open and go plasma for a year or two. 

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More detail on Recycling Water and Biomass
More on Recycling, Water, genetic material and Biomass

The small plasma pusher with eye should be stable enough. 

To take a explosive launch from a launching Mass, (NickelIron asteroid).

Or blow them out like a Serbatana.

 (Soft Controlled Acceleration then plasma takes over.for a year or two.

Only this way can we get closer to light speed

Now time is running backwards in our expanding vision.

We can see in future time - forever expanding horizons

Our life specie is all about vision and memory.

Right here in "Colmena Idréa"

Go to the Maker of Dreams for a better 2010

Birds eye view
international space station
We should have Eyes everywhere in the sky

Life must control his space, remember that is our aura in time.

We must expand the influence sphere under Life’s control

It is called progression and growth, or evolution if you like.

LIFE is the first of all.


Vision and memory are the most precious gifts of evolution.

This attribute of Life belongs to the creators now.


Transparent and iridescent LIFE, Etheric Auras of living creatures
Etheric Auras of living creatures

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The Flowering of Life Everywhere
The Flowering of Life Everywhere

Gravitational Lenz of Dark Matter
Like Water drops in Space
Like a drop in space

New star field by Hubble
See many Auras with the naked eye.

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