our cosmos is life's creation

30 - Coding for logic intelligence

Chupícuaro el lugar azulado, que son Auras de Seres Vivos, hogares de Nuestro Dios Viviente Sibú    seres Vivos Celestiales
Chupícuaro el lugar azulado, que son Auras de Seres Vivos, hogares de Nuestro Dios Viviente Sibú

 LARGE Cosmic Embrion V838 Mon
FutureDreams - Cosmic Embrion V838 Mon

This is the History of V838 Mon from bottom
Historia V838 Monocerotis
This is the History of V838 Mon from here going up.

The Sacred Knowledge.
Go to - A small flame as a Symbol of LIFE we share
Worthy of tender care
This image is the aura of cosmic Life,
and the halo of the living.
This Page is dedicated to the double helix molecule,
the creator of cosmos.

Everything on this page is related to a nano size double helix DNA molecule or particle if you wish, called LIFE. If I say Life, I refer to LIFE with a capital “L” the intelligent creator of all.

LIFE is God, as God is LIFE, the Only One.
I had to give this world a name - IDREA
 Standing for ideal reality. Because it is a world planned and controlled by reason and intelligence,
the creation by modern Man is Bio-Logica. 
In IDREA, Double Helix LIFE is our Deity, and creator of all and the only law   
All LIFE is Sacred, and not one should go to waste. 

Nuevos Estrellas pronto nueva Vidas.
From Entropy new worlds will Arise.

You can see the relavance of time laps
Relative Time  Scales - after many many days only the bones of this creature will be  left

My Personal observations regarding V838 Monocerotis  (In the Constellation of the Unicorn.)  First impressions - a great sadness touched my heart - Vision of a disaster to LIFE.

I see a symbolic Cosmic Embrion. A Large  Bubble of Life (Double Helix structure)  ripped apart by a burst from within. This is one occasion where the living made a mistake, and lost control over what's in its heart. A large Life bubble, 7 light years across. (Gravitational Lenz of Dark Matter). A cosmic Chernobyl of some kind. I have the impression the embrion is open and hollow central area.. It seems as if they started to abandon the worst, ahead of time - 100yrs 500 ...1000 ????  More on this subj elsewhere. Yes - Let's take Life into consideration first, in all our interpretations of cosmic happenings. At least place them, on our own level. It is safe to blame all the unexplained, on Intelligent Life".

Cell Structure
Have a real close look at the Cell  Structures for aplication in our IDREA.
Have a closer look at the Cell Structures

Another Cosmic Embrion
Human  Embrion
The progresion of Life

We all know, the dark matter we can’t see out there, is Life. We already know there are dwarf spheroidal Galaxies out there, where more than (90%) of the mass and dust has been changed into Double Helix Life Structures...We can assume there is situations where dire need exist for raw materials. Growth and development comes to a stop. There is nothing left to consume or convert. Hunger for raw materials mobilize space - Make a run for stardust - new worlds new Life. Logica indicate that is what we should do with all the rocks seen in Infrared. Dark Matter out of control. We should gain this control.

Gama Auras radiating from the nucleo of our milky way

Asteroids - our building blocks for a new world
 Asteroids seen in Infra-red. Is dark matter out of control. We should gain this control.
Think about rare earth minerals.

"The Cosmos of Life’s Creation".  
 Life is changing Baryonic Matter at Atomic Scale into Double Helix Life structures - in a orderly and controlled way
(Also known as Dark Force.)
In other words the Replication of the  Double Helix Molecule, (Or Particle, if you wish) 
 I am referring to the ever expanding growth of Cosmic LIFE called Lambda.

View from Our Cosmos IDREA
Our very own milky Way

Life is a energy form with intelligence,
and knows how to apply and concentrate this energy.
This energy should not go to waste. Such as man power.
The dark force is a Life force that does not hold by the universal laws. Life makes his own laws, such as  "anything is possible and can be moved"
Intelligent reason must re-create the whole order of the Universe
From the inside out - atom for atom we must change the state of the Universe to gain control.

Structures of LIFE in IDREA.
 Life is a Energy form with Intelligence

Cosmic Embrion V838 Mon
Cosmic Embrion V838 Mon

Why not  a Gravitational lenz of dark matter, I observe the presence of both, in this unfolding Life drama. Life systems has a charged plasma shield on the outside to protection from gamma blitz intrusion. Comparable to our own space ship called "Helios Sphere" The potential diff in direction of the magnetic field is polarized. But, what if the problem comes from within, the nucleus of your system, A binary star system that go out of control.  If it comes from the heart of your bubble, you are going to fry. Following, - a new law - “Don’t ever,     ever lose control of your solar systems.”

plasma  motor moving large mass against the forces of gravity
To move matter against the forces of gravity

Yes, the Intelligent Living beings are controlling the movements of the heavenly bodies, and change the destiny of all.  Remember, the Cosmic Constant lambda is the Double Helix Molecule (Particle if you wish) Replicating and changing the Universe into Cosmos.  everything is relevant to the
 Progression and Evolution of Intelligent Life.
The Double Helix Life Structures is a Cosmic Energy Form, with intelligence and reason, that knows how to apply and concentrate this energy.
 Or as it has been known, as the directional “Dark Force”.

Life change all the laws of nature, in its own favor.

Life Laws do not align with Universal Laws.

They are called Cosmic Laws.

One of them say; “Anything can be moved”

Guided Targeting
This Order is called Motion, meaning to push into place

DNA with the Double Helix structure have always been there.(Spanpermia)
The Double Helix as a design has been around for 5 Billion years of evolution to get to the information code for an Intelligent Living Organism, with auto recognition and intelligence. That’s where we are today, 25 December 2008. Helix law say, learn something,
don’t repeat the same mistake tomorrow.

Cell Structures  Protein  Creation
Protein Creation in the Double Helix

Like Rebuilding your cities on the flood plains or coastal regions
If you have too - Make them high and strong because now you know why.

DNA Double Helix & information code to replicate
Click to see Model DNA Double Helix in large
Model DNA Double Helix

What makes the Double Helix a God of Creation? The secret is, It can replicate itself. Anything that can use the resources of the universe, to make copies of itself, is Alive.
The Living God. 
The four letter words of the genetic code are the same in every creature – CGA mean arginine and GCG means alanine in Virus, Bacteria, even in archaebacteria living in boiling temp in sulphurous springs. Wherever in the world, whatever animal, plant, or insect you look at, if it is alive it will use the same Double Helix and have the information code to replicate. All Life is One, throughout our milky way it is the Double Helix that reign. (Panspermia).

“It is a truly wonderful fact –that all animals and all plants throughout all time and space should be related to each other” tribute to Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species, 1859


Gravitational lenz      Aura of LIFE
A large gravitational lenz of dark matter

 Life began with the process of star formation. We are made of stardust. Every atom of every element in our body except for hydrogen has been manufactured inside stars, scattered across the Universe in great stellar explosions, and recycled to become part of us. We are all natural Double Helix offspring in the Universe we live in and when Life comes to an end it thange in Stardust again.

As can be seen in the image, the DNA codes for protein formation. In our cells, proteins are the labourforce. It is proteins that get everything done. Proteins make new cells and destroy old or diseased ones. Proteins break down our food to release energy. Proteins organize the transport of useful chemicals between cells.

Click to see in LARGE - Extreme Microbes
Microbes live in extreme environments of cold, hot, dry and acid
Cell Structures Microbes live in extreme environments of cold, hot, dry, acid.

Often, these useful chemicals are themselves proteins. As well as doing things, proteins are the building blocks for most of our body. The ingredients of a protein are amino acids. Proteins are large, complex molecules made up of chains of small chemical compounds called amino acids. Chemical properties that distinguish the 20 different amino acids cause the protein chains to fold up into specific three-dimensional structures that define their particular functions in the cell.

Transportation Fabric of the Universe

sulfur flat Microbes live off of the radioactive deep within rock
Cell Structures sulfur flat Microbes live off the radioactive by products deep within rock

Evolution starts in the food chain.

If you want to describe a now concept you have to come up with a new name for it. If it is not a Word everybody understands it is without meaning and might as well be Greek. I would like to compare the Double Helix, and its encoded genes, With the words in the English language as ‘n code for DNA.

The nucleotides is the four Characters, = two in our digital system, and 26 in the English language.

Codons is the letters making Genes = Words make sentences, or operands

for the instructions of Ideas enclosed in the Regulon =.Paragraph.

All of the Paragraphs together are the Chapter which describes a Chromosome,

for a total of 46 chapters to this book for the code for intelegent Human beings..

The DNA in each human cell is packaged into 46 chromosomes arranged into 23 pairs.

Each chromosome is a physically separate molecule of DNA that ranges in length from about 50 million to 250 million base pairs.


The Codes or instructions = Abstract Meaning  of each word carrying the instruction.

This Abstract Meaning is established by the evolution of a language, and thoughts, of many people over a long time.

Complete folded DNA strand
Helix Creation  DNA Molecule with activation  code
Ready for Replication

 From the the dawn of mankind.

If you do not get the meaning,

it is an empty word without instruction.

The abstract meaning of words is Logica, a product of the evolution of the thoughts, in the minds of many people over time.

 The Intelligent Programmer, is the Global Mind, Now we know it is the Internet - a place where one's dream grow into reality.

Now I speak to you and you see my words loud and clear.


The word God belongs to the time when they caved gods out of rock.

To worship the image from someone’s imagination,

 God the all mighty destructor.


Today this abstract meaning has been corrupted to mean.???????????

An abstraction that can not be defined :

Cell Structures -  full term bebe in color
He belongs to Life the only God

with a Global mind that say:-

God... a being whose only definition is that he is beyond man's power to understand.

"I may go to war in the name of God."

There is so many Gods they war on each other starting on mount Olympus - Fighting for Power over riches..

"The most pitiful among men is he who turns his dreams into silver and gold".

For most people, money is their God.

And they write on each one of them

“In this God we trust.”

This God We Trust

This meaning should change in the

Global Mind, as if it were a Gene.

Now it should be changed to the word “LIFE” in all Religions, Languages and Scriptures.

Would it be easier if we replace the abstract meaning of God?

With the abstract meaning of the word


with all its attributes we know today.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was from Life.

Life is God, as God is Life

The only One

There is no other God but LIFE.

Once upon a time

LIFE started to speak

Writing Words in the book of time.


Man spoke and started to write

The history of time engraved in rock

The story of humanity is the story of all of us

Man have became responsible and very aware of his acts

Meaning his impact on his surroundings

To have honor and pride in his creations

Dna   Research   5million atom viralcoat
Viral coat with 5 million atom protection

To continue on this subject

Heelblou blou hemel.jpg
Algo para la Imaginacion

Dreams for IDREA.
Atributes of Life in Cosmos

intelligence and team work or is it Instinct ???
Intelligent team work

Promise of IDREA
New Life with the promise of IDREA

Cosmic law
Click - The Survival of the fitest is key to evolution.
The Survival of the Best is key to evolution.

Cell Structures   corn stem cell section
Cell Structures corn stem cell section

DNA Stained Blue
Nueronas en Comunicacion
Nueronas en Comunicacion

The social fabric of the Living is Ordered
The social fabric of the Living is Harmonious

Cell Structures  plantcells  hippures vulgaris
Cell Structures plantcells hippures vulgaris

Agarose gels are appropriate for

 separating DNA, RNA and large

proteins. To visualize the results

after electrophoresis, the gel is

soaked in a solution that causes 

DNA to fluoresce when

exposed to ultraviolet light.

Cell  Structures  Growth Factor Receptors
Growth Factor Receptors

Morals and Ethics
The Morals and Ethics of our Times

Nueron Activity
Nueron Activity

The Aura of the Living

The World of Vision
The World of Vision

The beginning of a new Life.

Double Helix protein production
Nano World  DNA double helix Life
Double Helix Life

Energy as a Reward or a Right
Energy sources and  Petroleo tied to Money

neural stem cells
Dna Research / neural stem cells

Guided Targeting
To control our space in Universe.

Splitting (digestion) of the double helix
DNA  Research  Replication
Regenerate daughter strands

The Double Helix with complete information code is the nano particle they are looking for at CERN,
(the Higgs boson or god particle. This same Double Helix is the Cosmological Constant lambda of Albert Einstein.)
The smallest Bacteria in barren rock continue it's function in this food chain.
Recombination of all the elements of the universe into Double Helix structures.

Atom by Atom.

LIFE Re-Create the Universe into Our Cosmos IDREA.

Unwinding and splitting of DNA Strand
Dna Research  Split  DNA  strand

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