our cosmos is life's creation

3 - Introduction to Idrea

Logo IDREA Diatom Life Structure

Click to see LARGE Cosmic Embrion in V838 Monoceritos
Cosmic Embrion in V838 Monoceritos

our cosmos of life’s creation

 Life is recombining, re-creating, changing all the elements of the universe (Byronic matter) at atomic scale into double helix living structures. Also known as dark matter.)

LIFE change the elements of the universe into living structures. Also meaning, the living have total control over these structures over incredible distances.
Intelegence control the happenings in an abstract realm 

The biggest and oldest life on earth.
6000  Ton root system is around 80,000 yrs old
Pando the trembling giant - is a clonal colony of a single male Quaking Aspen

Life is an energy form with intelligence
and knows how to apply and concentrate this energy.
This energy should not go to waste.
In Idréa, double helix life is our deity, and the creator of all
It is only creations by the living that counts.

Awa the dream maker
Wish you insight  to enter the era of light
Awa's gift for 2012

More about me "El Artezano"

My thanks to Dreams-time who's images makes this possible

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viral protective shield
it takes 5 million atoms to form this viral coat
it takes 5 million atoms to form this viral coat

Foreword and introduction.

Everything I am saying on these pages,
 have been said before, by someone.
I am not telling you anything new.
It is all words that echoed through time and in so many tribes.
So they echo through the inner chambers of my mind like so many voices.
I must write them down before the echo fades away

This is the beginning of double helix life
The outo repair of a double helix life molecule awakening
It starts with protein production

 I will try my best to say things so you understand in simple everyday words,
though I am not a man of letters, spelling or verse,
 please forgive my mistakes everywhere.
Another thing to remember, do not trust my names, numbers, dates, and times. 
They are concepts that have no place in timeless dreams,
 to me personally, they are not important, 
Only when dealing with promises to people's affairs

Trabecular with DNA stained in Blue.
Trabecular with DNA stained in Blue.
Images like these are the flowers of the Double Helix

 I know I have been stealing images and info, shamelessly off the Internet. If I used your pictures and images please feel honored. They are the best, and have something very special. To me, they speak a thousand words. If someone feel offended or left out, once again, please forgive.

I seriously promise not to make money with them.

In my dream world money do not exist, and can’t buy a dream.

The WWW is the only information and image source

to demonstrate.

To you, that the double helix cosmic life molecule exists everywhere.

Life is the only reality and the creator of all.

Live is God as God is Life.

The only One.

Click to see image in LARGE
The Hubble is our eye in space.
is this really our future in space.

My sole motive, is to teach and inspire the new generation, to better and bigger dreams,

for the progressive evolution of all Life by rules of the bio-logica.


And finely and lastly,

 I am writing for the younger generation, my grand children, family and friends, and all those who wish to share my dreams.

 It is all I have to give. I am a maker of dreams.


Everything starts with a dream for the future in the ideal reality for tomorrow.

Life's Cytoskeleton cover DNA in blue.
Life's Cytoskeleton  cover
Cytoskeleton cover

Images say so much,    much more than words.

The way I see it, the Internet is the nervous system of a global mind. Consisting of many nucleus, and  many overlapping influence spheres. Minds that think alike gravitate together. To advance a mutual objective, or to become a controlling force in a very specialized field in the world of the living. Scientific communities should have clear well defined goals, for the future.(get your act together).

Connected grid of neurons
neuron networking is the first thing Biological systems do, for communication
Something like the World Wide Web.

 Coordinated and directed, to contribute to the max, in the evolution of the living Life.

Ej. There are  250 Milion hungry  people out there, willing to work for their food and daily keep only. Have you got any idea how much matter they can move to the right place in one day.?????

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Nuerona the key to comunication
The key to comunication

We must make and take control of the food chain

Meaning to use some intelegence in this natural process like chemistry

The going to waste of genetic material is intolerable.

Please consider life first, just for one moment, in all your calculations.

The smallest double helix molecule - called bacteria in barren rock is the begining of this food chain.

That will continue until this Rock comes alive.

IDREA is a Cosmos of Life's Creation.
Logo IDREA Diatom Life Structure
Double Helix Life Structure based on Silicon.

Diatom and rodbacterias
Diatom and rodbacterias
The Food Chain starts here

Recombination of all the elements of the universe into double helix structures.

atom by atom.

Life re created the Universe into cosmos.

Only Life can change

the natural laws of the universe for its own purpose and objectives.

”The wellbeing of all Life, is first of all”

The replication, progression and evolution of all Life,

is the only law by bio-logica.

 Life, the only reality.

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The solar system with all the planets belongs to us, the human race. We Should take control
Heliosphere the spaceship of man

The solar system with all the planets belongs to us, the human race.

We should take control to make our heliosphere a part of our cosmic galaxy.

double helix laws rule our cosmos.

The double helix is a cosmic energy force, with intelligence and reason.

fibroblast cytoskeleton structure
observe the bio-logica of matter.
I am sure what we are seeing in this image, also exist on a cosmic scale.

Or as it has been known, as the directional “dark force”.

Life change all the laws of nature, in its own favor.

Life laws do not align with universal laws.

They are called cosmic laws based on the bio-logica

One of them say; “anything can be moved, only to bring order in resonance”

Life is the only reality, and the creator of all.

There is only one life – the life in all

life is God as God is Life

The Only One

Share with me the double helix creations and wonders all alive - Our Idréa.

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