our cosmos is life's creation

22 - Ideas for future dreams.

Cosmic Embrion V838 Mon

A cosmos of Life's Creation
Logo IDREA - Diatom Life Structure

1210081224 - Subject of this writing is 
 “The cosmos of life’s creation”.
 .Where cosmic life is the only reality.
I had to give this world a name -

Meaning, our ideal reality.

Because it is a world planned and controlled by

reason and intelligence, the ideal creation of intelligent man.

The result of the supremacy of objective reason is bio-logica

With the transparency of our American Dream

Actin Nucleo
Just like in space,  this is the flowering of Life.

Double Helix coded for protein production
In this Image as Life awaken to replicate or repair itself.
DNA Double Helix Molecule called LIFE.

In Idréa

double helix life is our deity

where we all share a reverence for life

the source  of all being

and only creator

where all Life is sacred

and not one should be wasted.

Life created, should not go to waste, in vain.

this cosmic law makes all life eternal.

Life is an energy form with intelligence, and can reason

and knows how, and where to apply, and concentrate this energy

to make things to happen in an abstract realm

always, maintaining the harmony in delicate balance - like bio-logica.

We have to be the Creators of an IDREA where Order and Harmony Resonate like good music to our ear

Idrea looking at our future.
Our dream for the future in 2011

In Idréa all effort is applied for the progressive evolution of a sane and healthy Life for all.

We have to be the creators of an Idréa

 where order and harmony resonate like good music in our ear.

It is like a World Dance of many cultures


A Mother Cell.

Listen to the City.

The sound of the colmena.

Take note - it is a place where everybody is working, and if you close your eyes, you can hear the city.

A wise force is needed to make things fall into place.

And the music goes on.

Now intelligent life, have the power, to control Idréa's destiny.

Meaning here on the Internet, our nerve system is the place where dreams are born, to become real, in tomorrow's dawn.

Each must find his own, a dream that will be your creation - heaven - paradise - logo - (aura), becoming an organ filling a need

your bubble with in our ideal reality by Bio-Logica

 Auras expand - just like electrons catching a photon spin expand its influence sphere to the next level. So the story of that reflected photon spin, remain engraved to the memory. Insight can re-arm these photons, into an interpretation, of a visual, ethereal image at the speed of thought - This image exist in a inner eye, we call imagination - hippo-campus - like when you close your eyes and keep on seeing this screen now. Try it.

Each must find his own,
 a dream that will be his logo or aura, his bubble within Idréa

This is the Cosmos of Man.
Click to see  the IDREA of Man


Idréa’s creed.
The earth is the home off all living beings which is the aura of our cosmos Idréa. We should be proud of the beauty of our earth, and all the creations of man - we all share a reverence for life,
the source of all being
We are members of a community of interdependent life with a magnificent diversity of cultures and forms.
All that is part of our evolving  cosmos, named Idréa
 And our aura reach way beyond "Chupícuaro”  our place in blue.
In Idréa, double helix Life is our deity, and creator of all 
Where all Life is sacred, and not one should go to waste. 

Awa the maker of dreams
Togetherness now in our festive season to inner light.
2012 Insight to enter the era of light

In Idréa all the technicians  swear the oath to life our living God...

I promise to practice my profession for the progressive evolution of life with a conscience respect for the dignity of all the living,  and never participate or contribute, in the senseless destruction of the healthy living, and will make every effort to ensure that this never happen again as so many times before.
And you say "I swear" and all the living around you are witness to your oath, now you belong to our ideal reality called Idréa. Where intelligence and reason must make decisions as to the future of all the living as bio-logica

Aura of Zen is the Oneness of Life
This mystical experience in recognizing all Life as Sacred

Diatom Life Structure
Link to Life Structures

The Sense of Oneness.

By connecting with the divine energy within ourselves, empower us in a way described by mystics of all traditions. We sense our oneness with  all the living out there and this enable us to encompass all with love.

This mystical experience, in recognizing all life as sacred

 is the key to overcoming conflict in the world,

and it is available to everyone.

to nurture the mystical within and find your energy to be a creator

allow yourself to be filled with a sense of love,

in giving to Life, your everything - your very best - as in a orgasm - all the time.

Living your life with passion in your doing

compassion is the secret to happiness and the center of our being,
which is from the heart.


In IDREA, Double Helix LIFE is our Deity, and Creator of all

In Idréa life rule by decree, you speak for the Living. And the Cacique  decree - "Do not dare to cut a single tree, until further notice, or a very special permission - Because if you do, you will loose everything you have - Wisely seed and replant the face of our Pacha - Mother - "and remember to plant lots of fruits and nuts too".

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Now books is For museums and collectors
Now books is for museums and collectors..

Not for firewood, paper-making or permanent houses to be wasted in the wind. It's the end of the book, newspaper and mail, all books worth knowing must be available on the Internet, our nerve center, memory, and knowledge bank like Wikipedia.  Intellectual property belongs to LIFE and all the living beings and with holding it, is a sin - sold your soul for gold. Now your book is worth much much more as a collectors item.

Replication of the Double Helix Molecule
LIFE is the GOD of Creation, Recombining, Re-Creating changing all the Elements of the Universe (Byronic Matter) at Atomic Scale into Double Helix Life structures. (Also known as Dark Matter.)

DNA Double Helix Structures

If we say Life, we refer to life with a capital “L” the intelligent creator of all, DNA with the double helix molecule have always been there. The double helix molecule as a design has been around for 5 Billion years of evolution to get to the information code for an intelligent living organism, with auto recognition (consciousness) and the ability to learn something new

Etheric Auras of living creatures

That’s where we are today.   25 December 2008, date 20081225.  Helix law say - "Intelligence is the ability to learn something, don’t repeat the same mistake tomorrow". It is that ability to recall images in all its colors from memory and convey this information to others like a code. The ADN double helix molecule  with complete information code is the nanoparticle they are looking for at CERN, (the Higgs boson or god particle. This same double helix is the cosmological constant lambda of Albert Einstein.) No body have ever tried to explain the replication of this molecule on a Universal scale - Have always just been called - dark-matter which is
ethereal auras of living creatures

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Photo luminescence image of Ancient of our Days, Man made at atomic scale
Image in Nano Scale of the Ancient of our Days

blessing and honor,

 glory and power be unto the ancient of days

from every nation, all of creation,

 bow before the ancient of days

His name is life -  He's alive, He's alive.

laminin grafic image
laminin is the fabric that tie cells and Life structures together just like Love.
the fabric that tie cells and Life structures together

Every tongue in our cosmos
shall declare your glory and speak your name.
Every knee will bow at your throne in worship,

You will be exalted, oh, God and your kingdom will not pass away,

Oh, ancient of our days

Because you are the only One - LIFE in our cosmos now.

And intelligent Life, create living creatures, Called ROVs that goes everywhere man can not - want not.

And man send a photon to knock Mercurio out of course

to come and join Demetre in her orbit around Helios..

in the golden zone

In Idrea we call it power of the imagination. Is a creative force in the mind that interprets images engraved in the memory, and through intelligent reasoning project images in the imagination and you can see the moments in history. Like interpreting a space rock with impact craters. Like when you smell esters o pheromones, the vibes of just a few molecules make you recognize what it is and where you have smelled it first -  ping with one that is there – smell brings back an image to memory by association that is a creation in the mind.

Flame of Life look back in time

Space Pelicans
Like space-birds overtake everything to the size and speed of a bullet . We should catch all of them, to have a closer look.
Collecting space debri

Russia thank you.
You are welcome to lead the pack. Yes lets go and get them. Get all the asteroids
Like space-birds overtake everything to the size and speed of a bullet . We should catch all of them, to have a closer look. Seed them with signal beacons, to keep track, just like icebergs. Every month around 10 pass close enough to catch
We need near earth a massive launching pad from where we can shoot out, to send many many small little plasma driven eyes, to all corners of the heliosphere.
Lots of eyes beyond that, to our nearest stars, at near light-speed they go.

Plasma Thrust.

 In ten years – I hope to be alive too see everything dimensional speeding toward us. Meaning - extension of our vision - we can see in future time.
The small plasma pusher with eye should be stable enough.

To take a explosive launch from a launching mass, (nickel-Iron asteroid).

Or blow them out like a serbatana.

Soft controlled acceleration then plasma takes over.for a year or two.

Plasma Motor
Only this way can we get closer to light speed

Now time is running backwards in our expanding vision into detail

We can see in future time - forever expanding horizons

Our life specie is all about vision and memory.

The ever expanding light, of insight into the unknown

We should have cameras everywhere, to keep track of all the Living - Life.

You look the camera in the eyes and you tell him to pay for lunch.

A central brain keeps track of every personal accounting detail.

Yes nothing is wrong with big brother watching

Life is controlled order, in harmony, and can reason so everything is known by Bio-Logica

Structures of LIFE in IDREA.
 Life is a Energy form with Intelligence

Another Cosmic Embrion

 personal observations regarding V838 Monocerotis 
 In the constellation of the Unicorn.
I see a symbolic cosmic embrion being fried from within. This is one occasion where the living made a mistake, and lost control over what is in its heart.
A large bubble of Life , 7 light years across.
A gravitational lenz of dark matter
 A cosmic chernobyl of some kind.

Development of V838 Mon

V838 Monocerotis
Future Dreams  Cosmic  Embrion  V838  Mon
In the Constellation of the Unicorn

“In all our interpretations of cosmic happenings. It is safe to blame all the unexplained, on intelligent Life.” We all know, all the dark matter we can’t see out there, is Life. We already know (80%) of the mass out there is double helix Life structures... a gravitational lenz of dark matter, I observe the presence of both, in this unfolding Life drama. 

 Remember, the Cosmic Constant lambda is the Double Helix; - everything is relevant to the progression of Life. Progress Stagnate in Time, Doldrums.  Our solar system has been in the doldrums of Life for millions of years. Everything is in equilibrium and time has stopped, and this can continue for many millions of years more. Unless the living start changing conditions in its favor. . Life is controlled order.

Let us try to imagine what are the options to prevent a System to grind down to implosion. In order to go forward in time and control we have to speed up certain things...

Yes here in Our Own Milky Way
Southern night vision of our celestial sky.

An asteroid on collision course has to be accelerated ever so slightly in a different new planned course. In ref to the Asteroid belt – If we start pushing one of the rocks in the inner ring from behind. Slowly but surely it will start catching up with others ahead and accumulating in a large mass, to form a new planet in a short time. With this first acceleration we start moving out of the doldrums ahead in time. Time is directly proportional to change, everything is always relevant to the Progression of Life.

How – We need a Pivoting VASIMR plasma pusher. Just like the linear accelerator they have at CERN. Each one of those magnets is a Pusher that can handle a fair size rock. If heavenly bodies can be magnetized they can be pushed with plasma. Changing the frequence of this Magnet you can melt the iron core  of an asteroid.

The magic of the unicorn
The magic of the unicorn
blowing unicorns

The Unicorns became extinct in Noah’s time.
 When called to board the Ark,
they preferred to play in the rain.

Observations regarding V838 Monocerotis 

(The Constellation of the Unicorn - the mistical creature.)

I wonder if it is coincidence – the logo below on the right represent the pink unicorn, the atheist emblem.
 Is it not the people who do not belief in any God, not even in Life.?


Monoceros is positioned in the sky sneaking up on Orion. Because it is a unicorn, considered a magical creature, Orion has not heard it approaching. Actually, the history of the "Unicorn in the Sky" is not as old as the other mythological creatures it surrounds. The first known reference to Monoceros is on a 1624 star chart. Monoceros is located directly east of Orion, spanning almost the entire height of the great Hunter. It is a star-poor region that is surrounded by many great stars, including the stars of Orion, the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, below it, and Procyon to its east.


the Aura of the living
Gravitational lenz is the aura of the living
Enormous gravitational lenz spans many galaxies

Life’s Aura and Influence Sphere spans beyond, and engulf many many galaxies and star clusters, Thousands of light years across. It is the structures of Intelligent Life, the Cosmos of Pythagoras the Greek is pushing space out in time. Life is the reason why the universe is expanding, = Growth rate of Life, = the second Bbang of Re creation.

Asteroids out of Control
Kinetic debris is our building blocks in our Spaceship Helios.

By popular demand I must elaborate on the subject of our

mesocosmos the Solar System, Asteroids, and Meteorites.


The total content of our Solar System belongs to us, the human race. The only intelligent organisms in this solar system. We have to take immediate control, and plan our future. The future of all.


We must get organized globally, and step up space research. Take inventory, of what we have, where they are,  and what  they are made off.  As a first priority remove all the dangerous and closest Rocks. Bunch them all together on a safe orbit close to earth, To be used as a garbage dump for all the space scrap. Eventually the dump will became a sister planet, With a molten iron core, magnetic field, and atmosphere.

 “To ask how life started would be the same as to ask when and where
did the first wind blow that quivered the surface of a warm pond.”
And to arrive at a Intelegent Organism with reasoning power,
took 5 Billion years of evolution.
That is where we are today 081225.
 Life is a natural process occurring everywhere given enough time, (and conditions).
Life is capable to engineer the world of matter to atomic precision
every atom where we want and need it to be,
 (molecular nanotechnology or MNT)..
 We the living, rearrange the elements of the universe,
all the building blocks into Life’s structure, called Cosmos.
Only Life Re-Create the nature of matter into a harmonious order,
a complete plan, and information code, for an Intelligent living organism.
DNA with the information code for the genes is LIFE   the nano particle they are looking for at CERN
Life is a Energy form with Intelligence,  
and knows how to aplly and concentrate this energy.

Life structures of IDREA
Life structures of IDREA

This is the history of V838 Monocerotis

It is a Gravitational Lenz of Dark Matter, I observe the presence of both, in this unfolding Life Drama.

Plasma jet
only intelligence can apply this force to displace mass

This is a trace of a plasma impulsor. Consisting of a giant spinning donut shape magnetic field like a magnastar with a electric charge. With two tails in opposing directions it is not going anywhere, with one plasma beam escaping the magnatic confinemant it is pushing a star or heavy body in the opposite direction. Out of a system, or towards a destination, Or to speed up a star to change its orbit. Like a giant VASIMR rocket it can push large masses to obtain incredible speeds.



In all the Hubble gravitational lenzing images I see the most beautiful Blue Cristal clear auras of Cosmic Life
This is the Aura of Cosmic Life, the halo of the living. Etheric Auras of living creatures  (I see them in Blue) The Double Helix DNA Molecule replicate. Replication of Life on atomic scale is changing Baryonic Matter into Life Structures called dark matter, and maintains control over its functions, over vast distances. The extend of this influence sphere is called The Cosmic Halo of Life, or just Cosmos comparable to a enormous drop of water floating in Space, completely mobile, and changing shape, with a protective shield that correspond to the magnetosphere our HelioSphere with a tremendous highly charged deferential Voltage between North and South poles, (also highly susceptible to other HS),  Interaction between two Result highly charged Gamma Rays, (Static Transfers) .  . Super Gamma bursts is unpredictable and devastating to all Life over vast distances. It is due to the continues creation that is going on, a BigBang somewhere, in the universe every so many years. Resulting in Baryonic material for a new galaxy and its equivalent singularity or Black Hole.

Loose Thoughts.

Do not be surprised if you find the living in control of gama burst. Maybe there is undesired live colonies that should be surgically removed. or the creation of a habitat every 20 min's. That 20 mins is the heartbeat of our milky way - if there is somewhere a silicon sun, what should we do to make an enormous glass bubble and floating it off into space. Maybe the desert sands is good for something after all. Numerical controlled laser system o plasma beam, we can control hardness, color, transparency. outside cover incorporate with a solar panel, it is invisible. The nearest gravitational microlens is a life colony, revolving around a sun as if an enormous planet or  like a do-nut

There is no life around violent regions or near black holes, only in those peaceful, tranquil, controlled systems such as fossil systems.

Water world translucent hydromedusa
Link to a world of the best images of transparent  Life

It is my desire to bring the good news now in this festive atmosphere of year's ending celebrating our festival to inner light here in Costa Rica

to enter the new year with the knowledge that we are part, of a cosmos teaming with intelligent life.

to make our Cosmos idréa into an orderly and harmonious live system bt the laws of the bio-logica

  so this day called Christmas will always be remembered as a celebration to cosmic life,

and we are part of it.


The day intelligence came to realization that all life is sacred,

 and we  are the gods in the creation of our cosmos

There is only one life - the Life in all


The wellbeing and progression of Life comes first of all.

Life over all, to fill our Solar system, and our cosmos inside and part of our milkyway.

the law that rule the universe as bio-logica.

there is only one Life – the Life in all

life is the only reality and creator.

life is god as god, is alive.

the only one we share

Nanotechnology is very diverse, ranging from extensions of conventional device physics to completely new approaches based upon molecular self-assembly, from developing new materialswith dimensions on the nanoscale to direct control of matter on the atomic scale. Nanotechnology entails the application of fields of science as diverse as surface science, organic chemistry, molecular biology, semiconductor physics, microfabrication - all based on the principal of 3D printing principals - placing the things where you want them to be - this way, you can create anything - even life without water

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