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20 - About me "awa el artezano".

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Real   Graphene like a sheet of paper but one Carbon Atom thickness.

Awa the Maker of Dreams
Togetherness makes us strong
To enter the era of light yours for the taking.


An artezano is a person who

can control atoms on a molecular scale

to make things happen in an abstract realm

such as in  crystal structures, genetics, chemistry as perfumes, pheromones.

In ceramics there is a tool with attributes to fulfill many needs and temperatures

to remove metal or the hardest rock at incredible speed.

Imagine all the atoms in metal alloys. The crystal structure of steels,

indestructible yaws tunneling into the hardest rock, day after day, our goal is

"To construct and make them to last a lifetime".

Meteorite - Microscopic view of a dissection slice
1954 - first impresion convinced it came from intelligent origin - today it is called Pentium Plus Digital processors
Layered tecnologies on molecular scale


Awa is the native title for a retired professional

 from now on,  I wish to use "Awa" as a pseudonym.

 Awa  was raised as a small child by an "Aia."

Awa has the greatest admiration for "Amakuni" the maker of the samurai swords.

Made by a blacksmith who was a thousand years ahead in time

who knew how to control the crystal structure of the molecules on the cutting edge.

 Next in line as Awa's hero is Leonardo da Vinci.

 He also resonates with Ludwig van Beethoven's moodiness and outburst

his theme song - is the 9th symphony - you can enjoy "Ode to Joy"

 Schubert’s string quartets create ambience and bring joy and humor.

Vonnie von Wielligh
wonnie von Wielligh
Lavon student years

Cedula Dorado.


Lavon von Wielligh le Roux

Citizen of Costa Rica - IDcard/Cedula # 8-0056-0408

The image of him on the left shows him as a student more than 60 years agowhen he started to earn his way working with his hands.

In those years his nick name was Wonnie. All his school friends called him Won. For more detail on  Wonnie's klein jare - Click here.

His full names on his old South African passport were. Johannes Lodewikus von Wielligh le Roux. Die “JL” naam geskiedenis

Click here for "Ou vuilbaard se verhaal".  It is written in Afrikaans, his mother tongue

Google translates fairly well into most languages

Goedehoop Bethal
Wonnie en Boetie
hoëveld on the high plains

Short Autobiography of Lavonn. 

Southern night vision of our celestial sky.
Yes we are here in our own Milky Way

   He was born and grew up on the Highveld, the central plateau of southern Africa, where you have the most beautiful starry nights, and of course, the Southern Cross.   

Now he lives in San Jose, Costa Rica, America Central, and they just call him

“Don Lavón, el viejo artezano” -  now on

"Awa the dream maker" - as a last wish towards the end of his days

That you will find a dream to belief  in these pages

The blue Aura of Cosmic Life
Observe -  The blue Aura of Cosmic Life
Please take note, only one nearby Star

Wonnie in 1944


He lives in a very visual world. His memory is a chain of images of all the important things, right down to the first ray of morning sunlight, through a slit in the curtains of a smoky kitchen,  one winter morning at sunrise, on the African Highveld plain.

 “Here now, if I close my eyes, I can still see very clearly the images of floating  dust particles mixed with the fabric fibers from my blue baby blanket, no more than 10cm from my eyes suspended in a ray of light

 against the back ground of smoke and flames. Sparks are coming from the big cast-iron stove where Aia is poking the fire.

Camp fire

The magic of fire

Revier  toor klippies
Magic whishing stones to cast your future


My first experience in relativity, objectivity and perspective - wow - what an impressive world!

He was a loner who spent many starry nights sleeping outdoors, just looking, joining so many shepherds everywhere.

 In daytime, the Highveld  sky is so blue 

with variations beyond imagination,   

  You can even imagine the stars shining blue. Today we know there are blue stars – blue galaxies.

On a very quiet night the smoke from the campfire goes straight up, to meet the full moon.

A rare moment – a night of magic on the African plains

 with total silence -  as everyone watches in awe.

Wonnie se skool jare

Lavon explorer student days
spend a lot of time on comparing layers of sediments - concluded - It is a tomograph of an infinate long time
Weekend explorations in the mountains of SA.


School years – long, dusty bus rides … there were diseases such as German measles, small pox, chicken pox, polio. These were warded off by the “knoffelsakkie” around his neck.

During the short span of his student years he loved to explore the mountains over weekends

 He always wore a white shirt, even when exploring in caves.

 He started at school with a white shirt. It was a challenge to keep your shirt clean, It had to do with self -discipline, agility and self-pride. As a hitchhiker, many times at night, he found that nobody drove past a white shirt without giving him a ride. In those days it was also still possible to ask any police station for a place to sleep. Most of the time the police officers would even share their coffee and breakfast “as ‘n gasvrye Boeregewoonte”.

Elke berg het sy geheime
Berge teen blou
Every mountain have his secret.


He was fascinated with rock layers that you could read like a book.

 Incredible vegetation had grown for ages out of bone-dry cracks.

 There were Bushman cave paintings, and stone tools strewn around as seen in Oribi Gorge.

Zen against a blue sky
Zen stones against a blue sky

    He even got involved in stone cutting  and polishing for a while, and concluded:-  

 “You must love what you are doing, and have infinite patience, and lots of time, just to make them shine after you have found them.

For many it is an artful pastime that turns out incredible beautiful creations of reality - worth much more than their weight in gold,

created out of the hardest rock that  weathered many ages.”

Middle East - Life in the desert lands.
Lavon von Wielligh

old Sage from Africa
an old Sage from Africa


He travelled the world extensively for many years,

 starting in Africa, Japan, Hong Kong, the Middle East, all of Asia, South East Asia, Australia and the Americas.

 He got to know many beaches and rainforests, and found mountains where he whistled very loudly and waited to hear the answer.

He liked to go native, and blended in with the river people as a way of living, impressed by the cultures of  Vietnam and the Mekong where the women row with their feet whilst cooking the most delicious soups with “nukmam”.  A floating street vender


the beauty is simple


He spent lots of time in Japan, because he highly admires and loves their culture, based on “beauty in simplicity  as reflected in their everyday life. Artistic expression is tradition, and can be seen in Japanese music, food, poetry, pottery, the tea ceremony, flower arrangements, zen gardens symbolizing harmonious life, and tray gardens, called bonsai, which is the art of miniature trees.

Honor, pride, respect - very frank, honest and sincere people.

 These are all values he personally holds.

Zen stones
Delicate balance

Age old subsistance
age old life style


  There are great memories from Hong Kong, the center of Oriental art treasures -  their cultural mix, handcrafts, artwork, jewelry, and the most beautiful carvings in precious stone. He spent many years in Singapore, as his home base, hating to be in the Southern Chinese sea - which gets very rough at times, working as field engineer with oil explorers. He gained experience with drilling platforms, large watercraft, shipbuilding, dry-docking, working on enormous steel structures with a whole city within.

The flower of pasion


After a short visit to South Africa to fix a back injury

 he took off for the Americas.

He spent two years with the "Bushmen" in the rainforest of Central America. He came out of this experience with two beautiful daughters and the following conclusion:

"Now I understand why these people can live out there in the forest, for seven thousand years without change, nor writing. They don't need that. Nature destroys everything but Stone - so history is past on by word.

It is a perfect lifestyle, as long as you harmonise and blend in with the natural flow of time, and become one with your surroundings - to resonate, is a better word

Beginning the Life as single parent
Lavon and Canet von Wielligh


 Not owning anything, nor wanting to know or own what is on the exterior, being able to turn your back on civilization.

When getting there, your tracking of days disappears, later weeks. As in Africa, time is measured from full-moon to the next one, then by the rain and the dry season. You become one with nature, the wild creatures become part of your household and family, the small children hand-feed the orphaned young from the wild.”

He eventually decided to settled in Costa Rica and to take on the responsibility as a single father

around 1985 after a last visit to South Africa.

 .that changed his perspective. .Link here to “ou Vuilbaard se storie”.

Lavon changed to "Lavonn" el Artezano
Lavon von Wielligh Imagen Oficial
Around the time he settled in Costa Rica


Is here in Costa Rica  where he has lived ever since – strolling through his garden, hands behind the back, watching the children play, just like “Oupa Klasie.”

It was also Oupa who  mentioned once  

 “‘n Von Wielligh werk nie vir ‘n baas nie.”

For the first time, he started to work under Lavonn, his own professional name. It started with 

 "Asesoria Tecnica Industrial",

Admire this determination and persistance.
determination and persistance is a joy to see.


 Because of high demand and increasing pressure for recycling, industrial equipment

 he eventually ended up making the key components at home

We make the things you cannot buy anywhere.”

 He always says: “The dreams of fertile imaginations are the creators. If you can see and form something in your mind it is called a dream. If you try very hard with determination, you can make it happen.” The whole world of man started out based on the dreams of a few improvising creative minds, from the time of the stone age, "pica piedras" and cave painters, to the macaco opening seeds in the jungle with a rock.


Lately he has been focusing mainly on the hard facing of certain vital components for industrial robots, such as the design and building of extrusion and injection sets  for the polymerization of plastics and reinforced fiber industry and 3D printers.

He understands fire and knows the secrets of thermo-mechanics.

He plays with fire everyday

and just loves to work with NiCr bases laced with his own “nano-technology” such as  boron carbides and  cubic boron nitrides,

WC, tungsten carbide microspheres,  carbon60,  and now nano diamonds.

 “Always try to make things better, that will last longer.”

 "We can build indestructible mechanical robots working 365 days straight,

Or like larvaes tunneling around in the depths of a strange world,  following the veins of rare metals."


In the technical field, one word is the law (binary) 

as in cyberspace - everything comes to a stop awaiting a sound judgment:

"go or no-go," good or bad -  (there is no in between. only black or white).

niche in my gardin
niche in my gardin


Short-tempered and explosive of nature,

 if  disturbed, when in delicate harmony,

 concentrating on making something, like working with fire

in a delicate operation

 the timing of hammer strokes to form and give shape is important. 

But when patience is needed, with the grandchildren

he allow his two year old Nani to take his hand and lead him away

to show him something with the need for explination

or just because in her eyes, this is  a thing papi should see

he share in the games they play in his indoor garden

very calmly, with infinite "grandpa patience"- even if they leave his favorite belongings in tatters.

If only they could understand, that leaf folded open long before their birth…

“They are not perfect or pretty – but they have been my companions and dependents for the last forty years

We share many memories of  joyful screams, over three generations.

Lavon with Tito
Lavon with a blue eye after his great fall


 In Oct 2005 – he survived a “paro cardiaca” due to stress.

His doctor, Fanny Rojas Robles, recommended a change in lifestyle.


"Remove all the causes of stress and mental discomfort."

So change meant

Changing the way of living, doing only relaxing things ,

No more driving, no interviews, no cellphone or direct communication,

No more on-site inspections or dealing directly with the clients.

Truthfully there is  no need ever, for leaving his home. And he only does so once a year for a medical checkup.

 "The idyllic dream of a Esquitso."     “Hermitaño the caveman.”

"Always finding a pretext to avoid people and crowds".


As his heart belongs in nature - preferred to being with people -

he started to bring nature into his home in the form of an indoor garden in the heart of the city.

 Yes, you guesed right - his home have a glass-roof

from where he can see the stars at night as if it were on the African plain…

Here below his two youngest daughters, and some grandchildren in the garden

Evi and Chi his daughters
Evelyn and Liseth von Wielligh
Very proud of his youngest Daughters.

He is not a person of many words – always very brief and to the point -  in Spanish "tajante." He writes the way he speaks

 saying "tact is something that belongs to politicians and merchants."

 "It is facts that count - short, sweet and to the point" - “al grano.”

 "The most important aspect is to have credibility, then even the bank doors open.".

 " Be a man of your word, and never take things that do not belong to you,

or is not of your own making, or planted.”

Lavon 2010


Lately, he has been very grumpy, and believes in "no more people"

 "I am not going to allow them to make a spectacle out of me

 no interviews or telephone calls”.

 He delegates  members of his work crew of five  to handle “people things”

he also made a call on everyone to keep his ID and whereabouts confidential.

Only in delicate harmony can he write on this page at the end of his days.

You could call it self-imposed house arrest. Or you can  call it autism or Asperger syndrome if you wish

"But I can asure you it is a gene - a feline gene of behavior and life style to avoid cofrontation interaction

makes them indepandant loners - avoiding atention, the eyes of people

 seek to climb high places for a birds eye view

other animals recognize them, knows when they are not on the hunt or hungry

just keeping their distance, unafraid of the lion



Unos Nietos gosando
The most beautiful sound is the laughter of happy children
Even prouder of his smallest grandchildren
Mother in law, Doņa Maria Mora with Tito Lavon
Proud Great Grandma with her great grandson.
Proud Great Grandma with her great grandson.

He does not establish permanent ties outside family responsibilities. By family he refers to the people surrounding him on a daily basis - consisting of a chain of children just like a kínder - streching over three generations.

 Assistants, like family,  have been working and living on the premises for the last 25 years. If asked when he left Africa he always answer "25 years ago". not taking in acount his eldest daughter Evi is 35 yrs old


Numbers, dates, time, names and faces have no importance and meaningless.

 (the eyes yes - intention - many times haunting - desperate eyes - hollow hungry eyes - pleading eyes - greedy eyes etc.)

Money has no value and he never handles it but delegates the task to someone to take charge - "La Caja Chica.".

 He certainly does not need it, everything he touches turns into gold.

Now they call him Lavonn el Artezano
Determine to dominate the PC.

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Jason von Wielligh with Fea y Mia
Jason von Wielligh


He finds writing in any language very hard and speaks only Spanish at home, refusing to use English.

As letters are spatial, they float and turn, the d changes into a b or  p,  even now in old age he gets confused and mumbles to himself.

“Old burros  never learn to write.”

La Von is a dreamer who fantasises among the stars of his Idrea, “Ideal Reality”.

He lived up to the name as the “Dream Maker”.

Everyone must have a dream, a goal, a challenge, a “Light on the Horizon”.

Growing towards the light


he always tried to inspire others to find their dreams, and to help them to make it come true, down to earth dreams, within easy reach.

 “Don’t ever let your feet loose grip of Mother Earth.”

 Once their dreams are underway to become real,

he goes his own way.

Delicadeza exquisite


He admires all good visual images, "Todo lo estetica y agrada la vista",  good photography from nature. He greatly admires the work of National Geographic,

and spacepics from Hubble, and the best of all, images of the microworld under the EMS and the most beautiful of them all,

the flowers of life,  awakening.

like here futher down on the left.  The biggest surprise of all - to find that genes repair themselves, continuously.

A Flower of awakening LIFE
Actin Nucleo - A Flower of awakening LIFE.

 “The progression and evolution of life, is first of all”

called the will of the cosmic mind, the unwavering power of the living.

 Just imagine a cosmic food chain, on a web scale

Life recycles the double helix in all its forms.


This is all the future world of our Idrea - where ROV's and robots do the things we cannot or do not want to do. 

This means we have to create all these things under our control to fill the needs of the living.

Re-creation is to demolish this rock, to start reassembling everything in a ordered harmonious way into structures for the living.

 Programmable and under control by imagination and hand held tools we have today - such as an iphone 5.

This is the cosmos of life's creation called Idréa


Lavonn Retired Profesional.

Numbers, dates, time, names and faces have no importance.

 (the eyes yes - intention - many times haunting - desperate eyes - hollow hungry eyes - pleading eyes - greedy eyes etc.)

Money have no value and try never to handle it. Delegate someone to take care "La Caja Chica". Certainly don't need it, everything he touch turns into gold.

Letters are spaceial, they float and turn d change into b or  p,  even now in old age he get confused and mumbles to himself “you will never learn to write”.

Lavon is a Dreamer that fantasize among the stars of his Idrea, “Ideal Reality”.

He saw himself, and live up to the name as the “Dream Maker”.

El Artezano at work
Lavon aplicando Micro Esferas
El Artezano in delecate harmony doing his thing.
Aplying local Nanotec on a feedscrew

“Make things to last a lifetime.”

Graphen Molecule with one Atom thickness

He take on challenging projects of making mechanical things that is very hard to get. Dedicated mainly in hard facing of certain vital components for Industrial Robots. Such as design and building of Extrusion and Injection sets  for the plastics and reinforced fibers Industry. He understand fire and know the secrets of thermo mechanics and work with fire everyday and just love NiCr bases laced with his own “Nano Technology” such as  boron carbides and  cubic boron nitrides, WC, Tungsten Carbide Microspheres, Carbon60,  and Nano Diamonds. “Always try to make things to last a lifetime.” "With Fire you can build indestructible Mechanical Robots, like lavaeas Tunneling around in the depths of earth   folowing the veins of Rara Metals". To dominate and create with fire is a Don that goes back to the Neandertal.

Lavonn sculpture
Compounding screw for Rubber Extrusion
Rubber compounding screw



Sequence of events
V838 Mon Film
Connect to a Lavonn Page

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Comunication  Web

He always compared the Macrocosmos,(everything out there) with mesocosmos, (where we are now) and Microcosmos all around us that can not be seen, such as “Acaros, Germs, Spores, Viruses. The unseen Dark Matter.
The Milky Way thus is a living being, that is a macro- cosmos for all the living beings of which it is composed, such as the solar system. The solar system with its many planets, is in its turn macro- cosmos for the earth, that again is macro - cosmos for humans, animals and plants. Successively this continues down to organs, cells and atoms from which each is built. Once again the Atoms are solar systems. The Universal laws to keep them stable are the same. “Now we know how to control them all... and that is the Cosmos of Pythagoras, one of the wise men from Greece who said. “Cosmos is a Divine, Harmonious and Orderly Creation, by living beings.” We are part of an enormous cell, a huge blue star sapphire.” For the imagination there are neither borders nor limitations. If you can imagine it, it exist, because all life’s creations starts in the Mind. . If all Minds think alike with mutual cosmoc objectives, such as:- “The Progresion and Evolution of Life, is first of all”, it is called the will of the Cosmic Mind, the unweavering power of the living.Just imagine a cosmic food chain, on a web scale, Life recycle the double Helix in al its Forms. 

Denyse Tessensohn.
Denyse Tessensohn.

De,  my dear dear little girl, you have been like a daughter. Remember all our discussions and your many questions. Always in your perfect english.  It is all like Yesterday.

A nice hug for Birthday, some where beginning of May. And for future years all the 8 th of May’s. Happy birthday, I wish you many more.

You have two lovely talanted boys, I am glad you are very proud of them, I know they will never let you down. Hope you soon have lots of grand children to cuddle and spoil, for me.

Denyse Tesensohn and her Fam.
Denyse Tesensohn and her fam. on Xmas eve

You have left me with the most beautiful memories, the most beautiful pictures you have send me every day. You are such a faithful friend - such a long time.(Is it 40years??) I just want you to know -I do believe we have a cosmic conection. So many many times at all times, I receive your zaps - and think about you, and you come through to my presence - like right now .

Thank you - for thinking about me - for being there, and so many other things. 

The Cosmos of Life's Creation

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