our cosmos is life's creation

02 - My last and only aguarela

El Aura Azulado
 To me the Blue Banner Heading on top of this Page presents  Chupícuaro el lugar azulado, que son hogares de Nuestro Dios Viviente Sibú    Auras de Seres Vivos Celestiales”.

Click for LARGE Cosmic  Embrion  V838  Monoceros
Like a Cosmic Embrion

Global festival to inner light
coincide with light festival Costa Rica 2009. How about if we celebrate world wide on new years day.
light festival on 24 Dicember 2009

1 - This is the aura of cosmic Life

and the halo of the living.

2 - This page is dedicated to Life, the creator of the cosmos.

Everything on this page has reference to the replication of a nano-size double helix molecule called Life.

If I say Life, I refer to the life

 with a capital “L”

the intelligent creator of all, as Bio-Logica.

Life is God, as God is Life, the living god,

 the Only One.

Genetic seeds with a tail to swim.
Can you imagine the Electron Guidance System involved

3 - Life with DNA code and double helix structure has always been there.

Life  recombines, re-creates, in a very ordered fashion,

changing all the elements of the universe (Baryonic Matter) at atomic scale

into double helix life structures,

atom by atom, known as dark matter.

LIFE changes the elements of the universe into living structures

 under control of life and the living. 


Light bearer - a sacred knowledge you can have for free
Light is the symbol of inner light and life we share.

4 - Life is an energy form with intelligence.

and knows how to apply and concentrate this energy.

This energy should not go to waste.

Intelligent, objective reason must re-create

 the whole order of the universe

atom by atom according to Life's laws.

From the very small inside out,

comes the second big bang of re-creation:


Like seeds to come to flower in tomorows dawn
the story of man in flowering words

The way I saw it before Hubble came
The way I saw it before Hubble came.
My only atempt at watercolors 25 yrs ago

5 - My first and only Acuarela image on top... 

I started to discover the shades of blue,

always my favorite color.

You can make infinite shades in blue while painting.

From my inner eye I saw emerging

 images with auras in blue

sneaking up from way way beyond ...

translucent ethereal auras of real living creatures

This is a molecule
Like spacial Auras if Life in shades of blue
Like Auras in Cosmos

6 - My mind tries to express through my hands:

to etch on paper in so many colors what is

in the visual memory.

Or rather, that is what I see up yonder.


7 - In the foreground, are the symbols of frustrated dreams

and my impotence to express in paint

the difficulties of reflecting the light

on creation in the making,

creating the world around us, as we wish.

Thanks to Hubble
Just Dark Matter, to me, I see the Halo of the Living
Like so many Auras Floating

Observe Dark Matter
Observe Dark Matter which is Alive in the foreground
Venus in Conjunction Haiku

 8 - These are the likenesses between the abortive forms

of the creative imagination

and the impotent forms of the will.

All the best efforts of man,

end up like dust blowing in the wind.

Olmec head piece
Olmec head piece

9 - All the dreams and labor of Man

 are in the dust of time.

The dark shadows along the road to our destiny

are the saints – whose words bear witness of man’s past.

Our forefathers have etched the history of life

in the book of time

 The story of man's wisdom

Imagine all those worlds out there
Just Imagine, this is how it should be
Just Imagine, this is how it should be

 10 -  Now let us speak of our future,

the future of the living.

Everything must change,

to serve the bigger whole,

 by the reasons of Bio-Logica.

In my eyes the aura of the living is blue.

Lakshmi is the eternal mother
The perfect mother image lakshmi angkor
a godess of Angkor

11 - The very old, search the pages

in the book of dreams - to hand it down,

but nobody has the time to listen

it is only empty words:

the symbols are lost in the wind.


12 - One day ... he too must remain behind ...

to become only a memory,

his words like dust blowing in the wind.

Thanks for a nice presentation by "the full time poet"

A thing only exists as long as it is remembered,

therefore it is written
13 - "Don't look for my grave here on earth
because you will find it in the hearts of men".
Our dearest pets or friends
continue to live inside of us
long after they are gone ...

Blue scepter of authority
Blue scepter of authority

He belongs to LIFE.
This Child belongs to LIFE
To growup to adulthood with the infinite Patience and Persistance of man

14 -  The future of the newborn

The very young look at the world the way they came into it,

 upside down.

15 - On the horizon they see the light

of the new dawn.

16 - That light gives mothers, the strength and faith

in their hopes and dreams for the newborn.

They see the promised future of man.

They have faith, in the dream of time

and have the vision of the promise

to see our cosmos Idrea and the eternity of life.



Click on image to see in BIG
Light Bearer brings light into the darkness
The bearer with the light of knowledge

17 - The genesis of man, continues only through her.

She teach the importance of words.

She plants the seeds

 of words that flower in tomorrow’s dawn.

In the future of the newborn


18 - Hidden images are in words and symbols

to be remembered and echo through time

in the minds of those following behind,

words engraved in the rocks of time.

It is the history of humanity

the story of all of us.

Click to see in LARGE
Life will change this rock until they become One
Like a Love tangle, Life will change this rock until they become One

19 - There is a light on the new horizon:

the inferno of the burning city,

and the burning temples of man's creation.

Smoke paints the sky ...  ashes scourge the earth:

To add to the dust of man's history,

to remain only as long as another memory.

Imagine for a moment how many People worked here
Temple Rajasthan
Can you imagine how many man hours

20 - Ordinarily, thought expresses itself in words,

feelings,   gestures, cries, interjections and change of tone.

It finds its complete and classic expression in music.

The symbolists want to transfer the role of sound into words

to make of them the instrument

for translating and suggesting emotion through sound alone


21 - Words have to act not as signs,
but as sound symbols of logica
 flowing with the music

              "musical notes in the service of an impassioned psychology”.

22 - The creative mind of man stands beyond it all.

He sees the Light of the cosmos Idrea

on a new horizon.

The new era of light

is the creation of our ideal reality,

 the cosmos of Pythagoras the Greek.

Broken leaves on a jadetree
You can only apreciate this, if you atempted it yourself

23 - Let us dream once again, and reach for the stars.

Life must ...  and will ...  continue to grow.

It is the only law by Bio-Logica,

engraved in the crystal structure of all (DNA)

To share in creation now is the choice of Man.

24 - He plans and controls the mutual destiny of all.

He weaves the eternal structure of our Cosmos.

And he must take responsibility.

for this power to change what happens tomorrow:

to control the air and cultivate the oceans.

DNA double helix life sprouting
This is the beginning of a new life - protein formation

25 - All Life merges to grow in unison

in a mutual dream ... to continue forever,

growing better and stronger everyday.

It is the law of Life, the only creator.


26 - We are the crystal temples of this creation.

Life is my space ship now.

Today man has the intelligence

to take responsibility and control,

of this (unseen world) microcosm all around us,

We must program and link the food chain together,

by Bio-Logica.


The only Temple Left
The last Temple standing

27 - The code and instructions for this gene

all fit in one super computer we already have today.

In the immediate future we must  

control global events with the aid of images

to program food production

and control ocean currents and temperatures,

 (See details elsewhere)


28 - Seeding and cultivating our land and seas,

herding the schools of whales and fish to their fodder

with selective hunting,

and to be completely in control of the world climate.

Every sequence carefully planned

so it will even bring water to the desert lands.

Yes, the progression of Life, is first of all.

Life is the center of our cosmos.

Everything else is relative to the living. 

Everything is logical and crystal clear.

Click on image to see in LARGE
Dipavali  Coventry England
Light Festival in England

29 - Even if you cannot see the double helix of Life

you can surely smell, taste,

feel its presence and hear its myriad voices.

 You must have insight into what it is, as a concept:

a flame that should never go dark.

  30 - Our living God, is very fragile, infinitesimal small

Because it is al in a DNA particle smaller than light

and subject to corruption from everywhere. 

Click on image to see in LARGE
Click for LARGE   Hubble   Eye  in  Space
Man have came a long way to get here

31 - Yes the double helix feeds on the living.

Life recycles the living of inferior importance in the name of progression.

Intelligence is on top of this pyramid,

and the lowest is fodder for the evolution of the living.

Click to see in Large
The Gift of Knowledge is  Inner light
The Gift of Knowledge is Inner light

 32 - As on the other extreme

we have a gigantic hungry black hole devouring everything into the nada.


33 - The measure is always: what is its importance in relation to

the progressive evolution of living.

Therefore, if an organism is not beneficial

it should be removed and recycled

every herdsman knows that.

The progression and evolution

of a healthy sane Life, is first of all.

Life is delicate - just like a small flame in the wind

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Ancient Timemaster
Time is directly proportional to the growth-rate of LIFE.
Ancient Timemaster - to tell LIFE-time left.
Idrea looking at the Future
Look at the future of IDREA

Promise of IDREA
New Life with the promise of IDREA

Dreams for IDREA.
Atributes of Life in Cosmos

this text link for details on the Festival to inner light - Tico.

Festival de la Luz San Jose Costa Rica 2010
Enlase a "Festival de la Luz "
Festival de la Luz San Jose Costa Rica 2010

This is the Aura of Cosmic LIFE.
This is a foto image. not a painting.

Blue Auras intertwined
Mixed Auras of LIFE span many many Galaxies
Auras of LIFE flock together to span many many Galaxies

Guided Targeting
This Order is called Motion, meaning to push into place

In the beginning LIFE starts producing Protein
Nano World - DNA Double Helix Life everyone unique Fragile but Resilient to Survive - in this image repairing damged strands.
Double Helix code creating Order and Harmony

The hard labor making all the many gods of man,  over many ages, is still the standing evidence.
Finaly everything ends up as dust in the wind.

Civilization of Angkor Wat
Our Forefathers have etched the History of Life, In the book of time.
the civilization of Angkor Wat long gone leaving only their gods

The social fabric of the Living is Ordered

Angkor Wat
Words engraved in rocks of time, is the history of man.

The World of Vision

Decor  Sculpture
Decor Sculpture

The Sacred Knowledge.
A small flame as a Symbol of LIFE we share
Worthy of tender care
Morals and Ethics
The Morals and Ethics of our Times

First it was man, than nature but the rock must go
Life and earth in a eternal love affair continue untill only one remain
Nature reclaim his own - life and earth in a love affair

Energy as a Reward or a Right
Energy sources and  Petroleo tied to Money

Zues the biggest God man ever made
Zues the biggest God man ever made
Zues the biggest God man ever made

Guided Targeting
To control our space in Universe.

Transportation Fabric of the Universe

Demeter Mother Earth of the Greeks
Allways been the Image of the Mother Earth, feeds us all.

Democracia Mexicana
Or is this Blind Justice

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