our cosmos is life's creation

13 - Life and double helix creations

El Aura Azulado
 To me the blue banner heading on top of this page presents  Chupícuaro el lugar azulado, que son hogares de nuestro dios viviente Sibú    auras de seres vivos celestiales”.

Cosmic Embrion V838 Mon
Cosmic Embrion in V838 Monoceritos

Swineflu virus in the blood stream.
Swineflu virus in the blood stream.

The aura of cosmic life

and the halo of the living

This page is dedicated to

Life, the creator of our cosmos.

1.  Double helix life

 is the GOD of creation

and all the wonders alive,

 out there,

everywhere you can see.

She is alive, is alive! Yes a living God.

Also called "the Ancient of time".

Is female and verymuch alive today


Life is the God of creation.
Link to exploring the cell and DNA with the music - Theme from cosmos
This is the beginning of double helix life protein production

A flower on a very small scale
double helix creation - the flowering of life
The flowering of life

2.  Our cosmic being as Bio-Logica

Existing everywhere

in the form of  DNA replication

 as a bio-logical being

and you can touch her

consisting of many many microcosms

 right down to molecular scale,

making up cells and organs in harmonious order,

 serving a purpose in the whole,

with the ability to learn and have a memory.

Also more commonly,

a form of bio-mass arrangement with intelligence 

feeding on matter all around. 

Double Helix
targeted nanoparticles cancer

3.  Life incorporates genetic material

therefore deeply ingrained in our being

the instincts like

“Make sure you are not seen as food, before you trust”

and when first alert changes into empathy. 

 Observe the most beautiful demonstrations

 of eternal love in nature,

the demonstration of caring,

sharing and grooming in most creatures

which have nothing to do with food or sex.

 We share the same living space

Life's  aura of love.


A cosmos of life's creation
Idréa -  a diatomic life structure

4.  Know how to discover your identity in the whole

"I am" this thing I am grooming, taking care of my life 

it is my responsibility - only that way I can serve you best.


5.  Advanced life in live systems is legion,

 just like the ants with a collective memory,

behaving like a liquid mass or molecular cloud,

 identified by an ordered sequence of happenings

 just like coincidence and magic - cause and effect.

Macroworld  Iris

6.  Observe the flowering of the double helix life everywhere.

This same double helix life is the dark force detected everywhere in the Universe.

It is also known that not all life is compatible,

such as left-handed and right-handed double helix molecules,

 busy digesting the elements of the universe, replicating and changing everything into

our cosmos of life's creation called Idréa.

Life recreated, recombined all the elements of the universe

 into the cosmos of living beings.

Conjunction Haiku
Observe the presence of dark matter in the foreground
Venus comes together with the turtle

space junk is so precious for collectors

the aura of Idréa right now

7.  Our heaven is here on our eternal Mother Earth.

We are the creators of our future here and now.

"Karma yoga" means - creators of our destiny.

Life is a form of energy with intelligence,

and knows how to apply and focus this energy on a cosmic scale.

In Idréa, life with the double helix is ​​our god, and creator of all living things.

All life is sacred, we should not waste a single, microbe 

which is a very, very small universe in our cosmic being.

8.  Evolution starts in the food chain.

Yes, we must alter the genes to reap the benefits of superior food sources.

Life is a Bio-Logical being feeding on all genetic matter.

Observe the sprouting and flowering of double helix Life everywhere you look.

Intelligence makes things happen, in an abstract world. 

Our mission is to gain control - off all matter out there 

make it come alive - change it into living structures - See the Bio-Logica.

9. Life recreated, recombined al the elements of the universe into
the cosmos of living beings.
Our heaven is here on our eternal mother earth - Iriria the fat little girl.
we, are the creators of our future here , now
"karma yoga" means - creators of our destiny
Life is a form of energy with intelligence, and knows how to apply
and focus this energy on a cosmic scale.
In Idrea, life with the double helix is ​​our god, and creator of all living things.
All life is sacred, we should not waste a single, microbe.
 a very, very small universe in our cosmic being

life stretch over time and space to communicate natural

10. If you want to describe a new concept, you have to come up with a new name for it.

If it is not a word everyone understand

it is without meaning and might as well be in Greek.

Too many empty words impair communication of vital info.

Change into bird chattering - only noise, no meaning

Life must evolve in harmony by means of a certain order called Logica.
Bio-Logica is like coding for a gene

Double Helix and information code to replicate
Model DNA Double Helix Molecule larger
Model DNA Double Helix Molecule

11. If you do not get the meaning,
it is an empty word without instruction. (Very much like a miss-spelled word)
The abstract idea of each word is the abstract meaning   
each word  carries the image of what it is going to be.
I would like to compare the double helix, and its encoded genes
with the words in the english language as codes for life's laws.
By the supremacy of objective reason - as bio-logica

More on Social Fabric, Ethics and Reverence for LIFE.

12.  The nucleotides is the four characters, = two in our digital system,
and 26 in the English language.

Codons is the letters making Genes = Words make sentences, or operands

for the instructions of ideas enclosed in the regulon = paragraph.

All of the paragraphs together are the chapter which describes a chromosome,

for a total of 46 chapters to this book for the code for intelligent Human beings..

The DNA in each human cell is packaged into 46 chromosomes arranged into 23 pairs.

 a double helix molecule, or particle if you wish, with the code to replicate itself growing into a living being

Helix Creation - Growing a cover
LIFE Structures

Complete folded DNA ready for replication
Complete folded DNA ready for replication

13.  Each chromosome is a physically separate molecule of DNA that ranges in length from about 50 million to 250 million atom base pairs. Replicating at a speed of around 200,000 times an hour – Other words, for an explosion of life. .

The genetic codes or instructions 

abstract meaning 

 of each word carrying the instruction.

This meaning is established by the evolution of a language,  
profound thoughts and meditations over a long time.

Click to see in LARGE
A virus with 5 million atoms as coating
A virus with 5 million atoms as coating

14.  From the the dawn of mankind.

If you do not get the meaning

It is an empty word without instruction.

The abstract meaning of words - is Logica

The product of the evolution of thoughts, in the minds of many people over time.

Is Bio-Logica

(the global mind is the intelligent programmer of our future in time.)

The mind of all intelligent life.

the internet connects them all, as in a cloud.

The neuron communication of man bring together in communities like a cell

Generating components in and endless stream to fill a dire need to gain control over matter.

To make it come alive


The living beings left engravings everywhere
Apolo one of the man made  gods carved out of rock. And man created his gods in his own Image.
Apolo one of the man made gods carved out of rock

15.  In the beginning was the word and the word was with God.

The word “god” belongs to the time when they carved gods out of rock,

to worship the image from someone’s imagination.

And man created his gods in his own image.

 God the almighty - we make them to perfection.

Today this abstract meaning has been corrupted to mean ...?

 "I may go to war in the name of God.???"

Today the “god” of man is an empty word,

 with a global view that says

God: a being whose only definition is that he is beyond man's ability to comprehend or imagine. 

There are so many gods, they war against each other, starting on Mount Olympus
fighting for power over riches.
"The most pitiful among men is he who turns his dreams into silver and gold".

For most people, money is God.
In this God we Trust

16.  For most people,

 money is their God.

And they write on each coin

and every bank note

“In this God we trust.”

This meaning should change in the

global mind, as if it were a gene.


Now it should be changed to the word “LIFE”

 in all religions, languages and scriptures.

Would it be easier

if we replace the abstract meaning of God?

With the abstract meaning of the word

"Life" our living god

with all its attributes we know today
Including the laws and codes of the DNA double helix particle which is Bio-Logica.

Mitotic human cells microtubules kinetochores and DNA
Human cells microtubules kinetochores and DNA

17.  Which means, Life is a harmonious order in resonance with all the living out there
 The iron that gives a person's blood the color red, have been made by supernovae explosions of stars.
 Changing a concept have infinite consequences down stream in Life. 
one gene re-establish the right order
 of value systems  
18.  Like any evolution there will be chaos in the mind of man to condense in cristal clarity
as our sun Siwo
And in the beginning light come to the mind of Man
 2012 mark the beginning of this
 "Era of Light, insight and vision"

new era of "ionics".

Where life and matter comes together

 "The Machine",

 "Where electrons is for processing,
 photons for communication, interpretation of light
 and ions for storage - meaning it is the memory." 

19.  Light has dawned in the minds of man.

He see the inner God we share.

  Life keeps on with creation.

Changes all the elements of the Universe into Life.


20.  The cosmos of life's creation

The sacred life in all the living,

 is what we share in common.

We are the offspring of this creation.

Every cell of our body is part of the living cosmos.

because we are alive now

this very moment, in time.


21.  Therefore the only law
everything is relevant only to the progressive evolution of intelligent Life.

We serve only our living God.

This means all effort and energy to improve the quality of all life,
and so, bring harmony and order in the cosmos of our creation.

Click on image to see in LARGE
Image of cortex neuron activity
Image of cortex neuron activity

22.  Intelligence only propagate through knowledge

If you know yourself you know LIFE

We must find knowledge and understanding.

trough investigation and experimentation.

To find crystal clear transparency

So we can clearly see the best route Life should take

for a better future of all

Life is like a flame
To handle with very tender care, just like your own
To handle with very tender care, just like your own

23.  The time have came, to define the abstract meaning of God.

To give this god an identity - as a living god

with real qualities, and needs, that everybody can see,

 understand and identify life as Bio-Logica.

So we can be aware and care for our God

Life is very small, fragile and delicate,

 like a very small open candle flame.

 just like your own

even a warm breath of air can make it to stop, and die.

The Red Rose of LIFE
If you smell the roses - you just know, it is from Life. If you can see and touch them, you are in the presence of God.
The Red Rose symbol of LIFE

24.  This Life, have to its disposal al the money

and richness of our earth.

All those coins, with his name on it too

Every cent should be spent on the progression and evolution of life


Life should be protected and safeguarded.

against all disasters unimaginable.

from anywhere 

 above all, from space - watchout for those coming at us from around the sun.

 If this flame goes out.

our living god on this planet

will stop to exist

it happened before

 everything relevant, comes to a stop.

Life have to go back millions of years in time,  to start all over again, to get the new flame of intelligence and so -

25.   start to shape our future consciously.

HIV virus invading a cell

HIV virus invading a cell

Our God Life is very fragile, and subject to invasions from every where..

 Ej. mad cows disease, is caused by a prion that signal the genes to fold the proteins in a different way,

not compatible with our system - we do not have the antidote.

An ebola virus is a very small double helix structure, or just sequences.

can cause the death of all mankind.

I live in a space right now where 99% of the native central american population has been eradicated over the last few centuries.

by foreighn invading diseases, alien to this part of the tropical world.

Life move large masses against the forces of gravity
Life move large masses against the forces of gravity.

There is an asteroid out there with our name written on it.

26 - We better go out there to find it first.

Find all of them to see what they are.

Bunch them together in the Golden zone

 with the right composition for  a planet,

with a double helix population.


27 - Start moving our first asteroid,

 we start moving ahead in cosmic time.

Making things to happen in real time

Time is directly proportional

 to this movement ahead in time.

To look out in space, means to look back in time.

We make the future from this moment on.

Move the universe to go ahead in Life's time.

Strive towards the light - the light era

Move creation away from the gaping black hole against gravity.

The nano world of man
Man made Creation  - nanotechnology
Man made Creation - nanotechnology

28 -  The basic principle of sacred equality does not require humane equal or identical treatment, it requires equal consideration for all the Living. Weighed against the feather of Maat
Do not torture the Living to death.

Or in a very few words.

29 - Everything is relevant only to the Progression

 and Evolution of Intelligent Life.

30 - The Second Life Law – All effort, and energy should be dedicated to the progressive, evolution,

 and to improve the quality of all life, and so, bring harmony and order in the cosmos of our creation.

Do not loose your objectivity.

Let us assume all double helix material is invisible.

Even for us here on Mesocosmo where we are now,

99% is in the form of dark matter particles.

(Viruses, Bacteria, Protozarios, Prions, Fungi, and Worms.)

31 - Only 0.01 of one percent, have intelligence,

and is in control of happenings.
95% of the biomass is not conscious of its own existence and, just like the ants, follow the leader routine, by instinct, day after day, for the rest of their lives. Generating energy is directly proportional, to the food intake.
75% of the Humans are absolutely blind to the existence life
of double helix life             LIFE.
32 - They see the creatures of nature only as food, 
or just a critter, to be killed without hunger
See not, their life - halo - or the God within.
there is no compassion.

The Aura of the Dragon - he is waiting
Your Aura is your home, and your influence sphere beyond that.
Your Aura is your home, and your influence sphere beyond that.

 33 -  Pity is degrading and cultivates parasites in the community of bleeding hearts. 

Such as those who profit from grieving people

One’s death is the living of another

"La vida es digno".

The pitiful should be avoided and removed for recycling since egyptian times inless they find the weight of your heart

"by the weight of your heart against the feather of Maat"

34 - Life must always strive for

perfection and admiration.

It is the essence of great deeds and evolution,

not to be confused with living nor quality of life.


35 - Yes, Life feeds on the living.

It is a food chain right down to the bedrock.

The light of knowledge,

enlightens the dark matter all around.

See the magic world of the living, 

 All Life with the double helix structure is sacred.

See its presence all around you.


36 - There is only one God, her name is Life.

The sacred creator of all,

the Living God

the Only One.


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